battle of kinsale


Kanturk Castle, County Cork, Ireland

Construction on Kanturk Castle was started in 1609 by by Dermot MacDonagh MacCarthy, who having been captured after the Battle of Kinsale in 1601, was eventually pardoned by the government. It was never completed, and remained a shell without a roof for the ensuing centuries. Either MacCarthy ran out of money, or a suspicious government terminated its construction - perhaps wary of its intended purpose.


Sail #23

Close ups of Raheen castle.

 I didn’t hang around too long, as it was fairly apparent I was in the bottom of somebody’s garden, as the grass between the bracken was cut! You can see the pockmarks from the cannon balls in the font wall of the castle. These date back to around the Battle of Kinsale, which was in 1601. 

Back then small force of Spanish soldiers had landed at Castlehaven and were in control of the O’Driscoll castle at St Barrahanes at the mouth of the harbour(now no longer standing). News of this prompted an English fleet to sail from Kinsale, to deal with the Spanish threat.

Raheen castle above was an O’Donovan castle. Despite this it was also targeted by the English fleet which entered and then promptly left Castlehaven, due to a barrage of cannon fire from atop battery point, which is at the mouth of the harbour. Before the fleet left though, they managed to sink the Spanish flagship, the Leon de Oro.