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Overwatch Heroes and their Pokemon: Orisa

*wheezing* *coughing* ..Dude, robot centaurs are hard to draw.. 

Previous Heroes:

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things i need in the sinnoh remakes:
  • mega azelf, uxie, and mesprit that have a fairy typing
  • more rotom forms
  • mega porygon z
  • updated sinnoh underground
  • more rotom forms
  • megas of the new pokemon/evolutions in general
  • more rotom forms

game freak please give me more rotom forms i beg you for my life

Kirishima & Kaminari: Exorcist!AU

-“Did you get your teeth all sharp like that to look more demon-y?”

-The only reason Kirishima is a demon in this au is because of his teeth. (Ok, maybe not the ONLY reason, but…)

-Kaminari is in the same level that Izuku is in. However, he is much clumsier. It’s kinda hilarious, actually. There are times when he’s actually pretty formidable in a fight and he gets good grades on his exams. However, he is also the one most likely to trip over his own feet or accidentally hurt himself in a fight.

-A professor had an electrified whip made especially for Kaminari in his weapons class. It took him two minutes to electrocute himself. He rarely uses it now, because he needs more training, poor boy.

-Kirishima was the second demon Kaminari summoned in his Summonings class. The first one had been pretty low-level and more beast-like than human. Kaminari was shocked and excited when he found that he could summon a human-like, upper level demon….until he learned he had to exorcise it.

-Before he could start the exorcism in class, Kiri looked the little human over and asked, “you wanna make a deal?”
Entire class: “SAY NO.”
Kaminari: “Yeah, sure!”

-The deal: Kaminari will not exorcise Kirishima and will help him get around in the human world. In return, Kirishima will not kill him and sometimes helps on exorcisms of other demons.

-Deal=marks.Kaminari and Kirishima have similar demon markings like tattoos on themselves. Kiri’s is on his hip, hidden because demons don’t like to show that they’ve made contracts with lesser beings like humans. Kaminari’s is on his collarbone.

-Kiri rushes into battles like they’re intensely fun games to him and it makes Kaminari both amused and little terrified. The first time Kiri saw Kaminari fight, however, with those electric whips crackling all around him, he couldn’t help but feel impressed. They got along pretty well after that and even started looking out for each other.

-After a while, they hardly cared about the Marks anymore. Now they stay together because they actually care about each other.

-The most serious fight they’d been in almost killed Kaminari. Kiri was so afraid that he’d lost his little human, he begged for Kaminari to wake up. The minute his eyes opened, he mumbled a groggy, “Eijirou?” and that was when Kiri kissed him for the first time.

-During nightmares, Kaminari accidentally summons Kiri to him in his sleep. Kirishima doesn’t mind.


Weekly 60-minute Challenge
The theme was “Magic in FF world”
So I picked Reno’s skill “Pyramid”
It was a horrible skill at the moment because you might easily end up as “Game Over”

Sorry for bad quality of scanned image and poor handwriting.

Overwatch Heroes and their Pokemon: Sombra

I’ve been in Japan for the past few months, so I haven’t really been able to do much digital art, but I HAD to make an exception for this.

Thanks to everyone who suggested Rotom! 

Previous Heroes:

{ Tracer, Soldier: 76, D.Va | Junkrat, Reinhardt, Widowmaker | Bastion, Symmetra, Lucio | Mercy, Pharah, Reaper | Zenyatta, Roadhog, McCree | Zarya, Torbjörn, Winston | Mei, Hanzo, Genji | Ana }


(( Suzie Q is a local Garden Witch, specializing in flowers. Lately, there’s been rumors that the flowers she sells are especially good for use in floral fortune-telling… Regardless of whether those rumors are true, her business has definitely picked up, so she’s doing pretty well for herself.

When she’s not having her market time monopolized by a certain (egregiously persistent) Electric Witch, anyway… 💖 ))

parted, and never parted || kiribaku week 2017

kiribaku || 4,100 words || sfw || @kiribakuweek2k17

Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. 

space / fantasy au / nightmares

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My Beloved - Part 1

Summary: Dr. Lillian Zane has been with the Avengers for two years. Her life has been safe, and ordinary until a certain Asgardian God shows up unannounced making demands.

Pairing: Loki x OFC

A/N: This story just wouldn’t let me be. My OFC, and her chemistry with our favorite Asgardian God demanded to be written. Definitely going to be a multi-chapter. I’ve already plotted out history and future for this story. Enjoy! Your reviews are not only welcome but much, much appreciated!

Present Day.


Dr. Lillian Zane and Dr. Helen Cho made a remarkable team. Dr. Cho, the senior of the two was renown in her field of medical sciences and tissue generation. Dr. Zane on the other hand was relatively new to the scene but was the former’s quick to learn apprentice. Together, their work benefited the Avengers in not just advancing their research but in healing their agents after a particularly tough mission or two.

“It’s just a graze,” the redhead being examined by Dr. Zane insisted. “A cute little bandaid and I’ll be good to go, Lil.”

“I think not,” Lillian said stitching up the gash across Natasha’s arm. “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes.”

There was a brief lull in the conversation that was punctured by Captain Steve Roger’s laughter. “Did you just quote Taylor Swift?” he asked, his blue eyes overtaken by mirth.

“Of all the people to get a pop cultural reference, it is the man out of time,” Lillian remarked, grinning back.

She stepped back to observe her work on Natasha’s wound while Steve was being ribbed for knowing Taylor Swift songs. It was pretty decent needlework if she said so herself. Still, she wished her friends didn’t need so much medical attention so often. For the past two years that she’d been at the Avengers Tower, she’d gotten pretty attached to the team. They were an awkward bunch with quite diverse personalities that often tickled each other the wrong way, but they were family. It was easy enough to see. She was glad that she was part of something for once that was of her own choosing. This was the family she chose, and a colorful bunch they were indeed.

Helen looked over, examining Lillian’s work. “Good job, Dr. Zane. Soon enough, we won’t even have to touch any of you to heal you. With our research, you’d be healed and ready to go in just a matter of seconds.”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t happen too soon,” Steve said smiling. “Or I’ll miss these nice little moments in MedCare.”

If his eyes lingered longer than necessary on Lillian, Natasha was the only one to notice. She couldn’t hide her smirk. Of all the people for Cap to finally fall for, he had to pick the most oblivious girl in the tower.

“Captain Rogers, Agent Romanoff, Dr. Zane, and Dr. Cho, please do not be alarmed,” Jarvis electronic but familiar voice interrupted, startling everyone in the room. “Mr. Stark requires your assistance downstairs. We have visitors.”

Natasha hopped off the chair she’d been sitting on. Steve reached for his shield, instantly alert. “Stay here,” he instructed the doctors, as he stepped out to investigate with Nat trailing right behind him.

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Raikou, Entei and Suicune are now available in Pokémon GO’s Raid Battles

  • Raikou, an Electric-type Legendary Pokémon, can be battled throughout the Americas.
  • Entei, a Fire-type Legendary Pokémon, can be battled throughout Europe and Africa.

  • Suicune, a Water-type Legendary Pokémon, can be battled throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

It will be available until September 30 in the areas mention above.

zephyrinxvoid  asked:

Hi! I was just wondering- Is MTT's magic actually yellow, since he can use electric attacks, and the pellets don't hurt him? If it was all an act, and Alphys was unaware of the 'plot twist', how did her pellets still work, if they were hers? In addition, don't think Alphys WOULD attack at all during the EX fight- So how come at the end, MTT isn't a part of the monsters caught, and there are electric attacks defending Frisk? Do they share magic? Can MTT mimic attacks? or were they man-made?

(undertale spoilers)

Her pellets never worked! MTT is just that great of an actor, as he proclaims.


No, Alphys definitely did not attack during Mettaton EX’s fight. After all, Alphys was locked out of the room before the fight. However, unlike Mettaton, Frisk befriends Alphys. The pacifist ending is only achievable when Frisk becomes friends with:

  • Papyrus, by hanging out or dating him
  • Undyne, by hanging out with her and not killing anyone
  • Alphys, by dating her and helping her comes to term with what she has done in the True Lab

Mettaton was a boss to defeat, but not a friend Frisk made. While Frisk did help Mettaton realize that he shouldn’t leave his fans (and family) behind in the underground in search for stardom, Frisk and Mettaton didn’t have a chance to hang out and become real friends. 

Now, during the end, the electric attacks can’t possibly be from Mettaton. While he does make a quick appearance (or more specifically, his leg does), he isn’t present when Flowey captures Frisk’s friends. 

This means this electrical attack must come from Alphys. This is further confirmed when you fight the Lost Soul Alphys, who uses two of the same attacks Mettaton uses.

There really isn’t enough for us to make a conclusive evidence, but it’s possible that Mettaton’s attacks are thanks to the robot body Alphys made for him. Perhaps the body runs on Alphys’ electrical magic.