battle jake

list of things Caliborn has done:

Exploded planets into a black hole for his Game

attempted to trick jane into letting him insult her by saying that was how cherubs flirted (what a fucking idiot)

Stole Jake’s Name because he was impressed by the fact that Jake English managed to hurt him during that final battle-Yknow, Jake English, the guy named after Lord English to taunt HIC. The name english is a fucking time loop

Chewed off his own gotdam leg to get out of chains instead of just breaking the stone around the chain 

Cheated at Godsnake Puberty (that’s why he doesn’t have wings)

actually got sort of good at drawing? 

Brute forced his way through his version of Sburb

spent like 30 minutes shooting gamzee when they first met

dressed as Jake for Halloween, a holiday he probably only knew about through snapchat


DAVE: i think thats enough memery for now


Here listen to this it’s rlly good

So, what I thought was the final version of this was not actually the final version of this. I added some foreground tentacles and colour balanced a little more. Now I officially declare I am not going to touch this picture again, and this is its final form.