battle hymn of the tiger mom

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could someone help me out with responses to when/if non-Asian/white people say "tiger mom" was coined by an Asian woman so it's not racist (I mean if it's actually not racist please tell me). Similarly can someone give me a succinct response to ppl who try to argue that they don't have a certain viewpoint so they're "not racist" or abettors to racism/anti-blackness. Thanks!

“Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” is at best a sensationalist book designed to play into xenophobia and racism, and at worst it’s just Amy Chua bragging about abusing her daughters and how well they turned out. It should be noted that the Mandarin version of the book is simply titled “Being a Mommy in America” rather than the aggressive “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” designed to evoke images of mystical Orientalism in white American readers.

The term itself is inextricably tied to East Asian cultures, particularly Han Chinese culture. It was created to invoke the Yellow Peril and scare Americans. It’s racist as hell and Amy Chua should be ashamed of the way she’s profiting from stereotypes that hurt everyone in the East Asian community, especially abuse victims and children who are not allowed to fail simply because they are “smart Asians”.


Models: An Essay

Hi everybody -

If you remember, a few weeks back I published a survey with questions about what you all think about the issues facing Asian Americans today.

I just wanted to say that I never expected such sincere, honest, and thoughtful responses.
I really appreciated your submissions.

The survey was published to help me write an essay about stereotyping. I myself have Korean parents and have grown up in New York City, so I wrote about stereotyping through the Asian American lens.

I hope my words will make you think more deeply about race, the culture that surrounds Asian Americans, and all of our roles in society. 

So without further ado, here is the final essay (sorry about the delay in publishing, it went through several drafts).

P.S. It would be amazing if you could reblog this post! Hope to reach a lot of people :)

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Dear Tiger MOM and MOMS

The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has become more than a book, it’s close to becoming a bible. It has spark more debate and controversy than let’s say demarcation of the Palestine’s border. This is a lady whose regimented ways of bringing up her children, both daughters have made many guilty, others ashamed but a handfull like me go “are you crazy????" 

Here we have a mother who called her daughter lazy, cowardly, self indulgent and pathetic. My God, how do you teach your daughters about courage, humility and humanity when you disallow sleepovers, television and friendship!!! How do you teach your daughters not to be self indulgent when you allow yourself to indulge fully and totally in them. How do you teach them about life if they can’t see and live it for themselves.

Here we have a mother that will tear up a personally made birthday card because it was not good enough. What does that teach them except humiliation, shame and worthlessness. If you really think that will teach them to try harder, then you are not as bright as I thought! Though I have to admit you look remarkably intelligent!!!

Here we have a mother who probably gave up everything for her daughters. (I know she is Yale law professor.) Yes sacrifice we must but sometimes by sacrificing all for our children we end up placing all our dreams and hope on them. We must live our dreams and that itself is how we teach our children!!!

Now we have 2 beautiful young ladies molded by this mother. They in their designer wears and self assured mannerism. But to be human, where do they start? Have they learnt to be sympathetic, do they have empathy, will they know love, and humility; can they differentiate sincerity??? Most importantly CAN THEY SAY THEY HAD FUN!!!! Coz despite all the grooming and pushing THEY ARE JUST KIDS!!!