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hey! i know you're a big marvel fan and i was just wondering if you could explain the 8 years time jump. it wasn't supposed to b that long right? since it takes place a few months after cw (around 2016) and the battle of ny was around 2012

oh boy, I have watched some video on youtube with people trying to explain this, and here’s what I understand:

Homecoming is set right after Civil War, the car scene with Tony is 48 hours after Siberia, and the rest of the movie happens a few months after.  It is also confirmed that Homecoming is taking place in 2017. (because at one point in the movie when Peter looks at Donald Glover’s character profile, it says he’s born in 1984 and he’s 34)

So, the battle of New York according to Homecoming is 8 years ago, 2017- 8 = 2009, and not 2012 what we all originally had assumed (we have to remember that mcu timeline is not necessary parallel to movie release date). 

In Civil War, Vision has said, ‘In the eight years since Mr Stark announced himself as Iron Man… the number of known enhanced persons has grown exponentially.’ Civil War takes place roughly in the second half of 2016, so according to Vision statement, 2016 - 8 = 2008, it is confirmed that Tony announced himself as Iron Man in 2008

That means all the phrase one movies, Iron Man 1 & 2, Hulk, Present day Cap, Thor, The Avengers, ALL take place within a year, between 2008 to 2009. 

I think that makes sense, IM2 happens 6 months after IM1, Thor (New Mexico bit) happens during IM2, and at the end of Thor we already see Loki on Earth mind controlling Dr Selvig, so the Avengers happens closely after Thor, and they find Cap not long before Avengers. 

Also when the Avengers is set 8 years ago, given that Peter is only 15, so he’s born in 2002, he would be 7 years old when Avengers happen which fits that age of the little boy at Stark expo in IM2. 

So it actually makes sense I think? 

10/10 would date (pt.2) -spideychelle hc - part 1 - part 3

aight let’s goooooo, this is super angsty btw (read at ur own risk)

-so you know after the whole scene in the cafeteria

-michelle wasn’t really satisfied w her revenge but whatever

-and it’s not really helping that she’s developing a crush on parker

-and she’s going all soft now


-and peter’s even busier than ever

-with all the fucking aliens deciding to take over planet earth for some reason

-like honestly?? why not mars or jupiter or something

-they’re so annoying

-apparently starting a full blown battle on the streets of ny is a regular thing now

-well anyway

-so peter is ditching all these decathlon practices

-and it’s even worse than when liz was captain

-and the team members are genuinely getting pissed off at him for letting them down

-but like whatever let’s take a look at peter now

-what is my smol going through

-he is trying to juggle a secret identity, aliens taking over the godamn earth, and some scientist turned lizard?? apparently like wtf??

-oh and he’s in love w mj

-yea just casually throwing that out there

-also he kinda knows why michelle was pissed at him

-he has discovered that michelle knows about him being spiderman

-he always had his suspicions

-you know, that she knew

-and he confirmed it by telling her that she was spiderman’s type


-it was all a test on his part actually

-but surprise, surprise mofos!! mj is spiderman’s type

-so he figured that she’s prolly pissed that he didn’t tell him

-but she’s nicer now and she’s always smiling at him

-so he figured that she wasn’t pissed anymore

-aight back to michelle

-so peter is really doing badly at decathlon

-and even mr. harrington agrees

-now, she’s pressured to cut him from the team

-but she knows why and she knows he doesn’t deserve this

-and she’s given him SO many chances but

-so she happens to cut him from the team on a very particularly bad day that he’s been having

-and he can’t believe this

-bc he thought they were friends

-but he’s angry and mad and frustrated so he lashes out on her

-and she takes all of it, because she knows he doesn’t deserve this

-which is so unlike her btw

-but then

-”you’re doing this just because you’re pissed at me for not telling you that i was spiderman, aren’t you. god, michelle. i thought we were friends! is this your sick form of revenge?!”

-that’s when she loses it

-she felt sorry for him at first but after taking all of this, that’s what he thinks of her??the lil bitch

-she’s hurt. she’s hurt and she’s angry

-anyone who knows michelle would expect her to go beserk and literally kill him for saying that to her but

-she’s creepily calm and collected as she tell him this

-”i was hurt about you not telling me about your secret identity, yes. i wasn’t even pissed, i was hurt. because, you both, you and ned know that i’ve tried so hard to be a good friend and i’ve really only opened up to you guys but apparently, i can’t be trusted with this. that was fine, really but then you come along and you think that after taking this much of shit from you, that cutting you from the decathlon team -which i know means so much to you- is just my revenge. i’m sorry peter, but you brought this on yourself. good luck.”

-wow that was angsty i gotta chill

-right so she leaves peter and ned alone and  l e a v e s

-she tells herself that she isn’t going to cry and she shouldn’t cry bc she doesn’t deserve this

-but then she starts to wonder if she’s really that untrustable

-or if anyone’s going to ever accept her

-and she’s a sobbing mess

-right so in that moment, peter parker knew he fucked up

-ned is like ‘dude what did u do’

-peter kinda really wants to apologise like right now

-and he also wants to kick himself repeatedly

-because fuck

-she looked so sad

-and he never wants to see that look on her face ever again

-but the fact that he caused it

-makes him want to rip his heart out and stomp on it repeatedly

-he’s emo asf throughout the whole weekend

-tony even goes so far as to confiscate his suit bc the boy clearly isn’t in the right headspace to be fighting villains

-ned is constantly by his side telling him that

-”she’s going to come around”

-but she never does

-and it hurts so fucking much

-he wants to go and hug her and never let go bc she looks so sad

-and so sleep deprived

-she’s avoiding him too

-and she’s successful at that bc he isn’t even at decathlon anymore

-they’re both very sad and they’re hurting

-the whole fucking decathlon team is genuinely worried for michelle

-flash knows that this has something to do with parker

-and even if he’s a jerk, he’s always secretly thought of michelle as a lil sister that he has to protect at all costs


- and he really wants to kill parker jfc

-so one day he sees peter and ned and walks over to them

y’all gotta wait for part 3 oops!!! thanks for all the love btw !! and keep sending me s’more requests for headcanons !!

BATTLE OF THE BASTARDS. . some thoughts and questions

Season 7 is almost here and since I have already watched, lost sleep over, analysed and over analysed the trailers I decided to watch one of my favourite episodes from GOT: The Battle of the BASTARDS. And since I am in this over analysis mode please do forgive me if most of this is just tinfoil.

I don’t know if this has been discussed before (Let me know if it has) but during my re-watch I suddenly noticed, correct me if i am wrong, that only Jon and Sansa’s storyline in the north and D*ny’s Mereen storyline are shown in the episode, both of which had a war/battle plot to it, with two different leaders at it’s helm. I can’t help but wonder if this was done on purpose.

So, one the one hand we have D*ny who’s city is under attack from the masters. Her first reaction after observing the masters attacking her city is to burn all the ships, kill all the masters and return their cities to dirt. It’s because of advise from Tyrion that she agrees to an alternative approach. One wonders if she would have really gone along with her original plan in the absence of a Tyrion Lannister.

On the other hand, we have Jon and Sansa rallying forces to take back Winterfell and save Rickon. Again we have two negotiations/peace talks scenes with the enemy in the same episode. One in Mereen. And the other one in the north outside winterfell. And Jon Snow, in contrast with D*ny tries to avoid a battle by putting his own life at stake for a one on one duel with the enemy (He says later that it was a part of his strategy to get Ramsey angry, Sansa almost rolls her eyes at this point, but he would’ve done it had Ramsey agreed). Again, I wonder if this was to show us the difference in the leadership styles between Jon and D*ny.

In Mereen we see D*ny going dracarys on an enemy ship. She rides into battle alone, very much like Jon but on a mighty dragon and with a plan. Jon on the other hand (foolishly) charges into battle with no plan and nothing but long-claw. In spite of that he stands his ground and faces the enemy fearlessly. D*ny’s might is nothing without her dragons but she is a political player and listens to good political advice.Jon’s the best swordsman in all of westeros and a good commander probably but is politically immature. Again, I wonder if it’s a coincidence that both these comparisons can be drawn in the same episode. Jon Snow needed a Sansa Stark (who made a necessary deal with the devil) to save the day/win the battle, just like D*ny needed Tyrion to avoid a battle. It’s amazing that D*ny starts out with a plan of destruction but ends up avoiding a battle with minimum colateral damage and achieves what she wants too because she heeds Tyrion’s advice. Jon starts with trying to avoid a battle but gets entangled in one of the bloodiest battles because of a series of mistakes he makes starting with not listening to Sansa.

If these two battles and the way they were dealt with were given to us in the same episode, are we being shown the differences between two leaders/power centers, their contrasting personalities in positions of power and the people they are influenced by/are learning to trust? Is all this just pure coincidence? Or is it because we’re going to them clash in future?

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honestly any kind of dad!tony and peter would be the best thing ever

Author’s Note: I don’t know how old Peter was during the battle of NY and I’m too lazy to do the math.

Peter didn’t remember a time before Tony Stark was his father. When he asked his daddy who his birth-parents were he stiffened and said that he’d tell him when he was older. Peter was okay with that. He loved his daddy, even if he wasn’t his biological father. Peter also knew that the tabloids were wrong. Even though his daddy was a superhero he was still the best daddy ever.

Peter was 7 when the battle of New York Happened. He was 7 when he saw his daddy fly into a portal in the sky, and he was 7 when he saw his daddy fall out of the sky and almost die on national television.

He was 7 and a half when the Avengers moved into the tower.

Peter was 9 when his dad got palladium poisoning. He was 9 when he almost lost the only father figure he remembered for the second time.

He was 11 when the Mandarin came after his father and he almost lost his father for the third time.

Peter was 12 when the Ultron event and Civil War happened. He was only 12 and his father had almost died on him 6 times.

Peter was 12 and a half when he broke down and begged his father to retire. He burst into his father’s room at midnight and broke down crying. He begged and begged and Tony held him against his chest and allowed him to cry out all his emotions. When he fell asleep that night his father silently vowed to never but his child through that again.

It took Tony 6 months to get everything in place to retire. Rhodey who was almost fully recovered, would take over Iron Man’s role, and Tony, while he would still work for Stark industries allowed Pepper to take on more responsibility and to hire help should she need it (the help of course had to pass thorough inspection, but that’s besides the point).

Peter was 13 when his father retired, and while they still lived in the tower in NYC the most hectic their life got was when it was science fair season or when they made the occasional small explosion. Peter knew that it may be lame to be 13 and to have his best friend be his dad, but Peter also knew that there was nobody else who he’d rather spend time with.

So I’m watching the AoU trailer where Thor’s showing off Mjolnir and Clint’s just like “It’s a trick, man” and I’m laughing and shaking my head at him.

And then I remember…

Clint and his brother ran away from an abusive home and

Joined. The. Circus.

Hawkeye isn’t being a moron. He’s seen this stuff before, all the time, and you just know he was the kind of kid to watch the magician’s act from backstage. He knows the tricks and he knows how they work.

And, like, how much do you wanna bet he was fighting his rational mind through the whole battle of NY? Like “It’s mirrors, it’s gotta be mirrors” *shoots another chitauri* “No, not mirrors. Projectors then. Hallucinogenics? That would explain a lot…”

So now I just have mental images of him constantly teasing the other Avengers about their “impressive party tricks” and never taking them seriously.

if i was battling with ny sword and a guy pulls out a shield i would lose my shit because fyi a shield is a sword’s natural enemy

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D*ny doesn't want to be judged by her father's actions, fine. How does she want to be judged by her actions now after that massacre? I can't believe some people rooted for her in that battle.

D@ny is evil, Anon, she killed Ed Sheeran…

Sorry, I just needed to make a joke to shake off some idiocy I’ve encountered today. I promise you’re getting a serious answer.

I already answered a similar question here.

Sadly, Anon, we’re not allowed to judge D@ny’s actions, because that makes us bad feminists and possibly even misogynists. D@ny is only being dragged for doing the exact same thing as all the men who came before her, just because she’s a woman, right?

Not really…

I’m not denying that there are people out there who are more critical of her because of her gender. But for me and for most other people I know who share my opinion, that’s not the case.

You see, it’s possible to love D@ny as the complex and interesting character she is, to admire her strength and her qualities, her accomplishments and her good intentions AND still acknowledge that she has done morally questionable things, horrible things even and that she might be a bad person.

I’d also like to address the point that D@ny is being judged more harshly for the same actions male characters have managed to get away with. This is not true, simply because we haven’t seen any other character murder people on such a large scale and in such a horrible way before. I think the outrage over the Field of Fire 2.0 is completely justified.

The only incidents which seem comparable are:

1. The Red Wedding. I’ve never seen anyone trying to justify it to be honest. Tywin tries to do so in-universe, but I’ve already explained why his logic fails.

2. Hardhome. The White Walkers aren’t even human. I’ve never seen anyone seriously rooting for them.

3. Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor. Though she didn’t kill as many people in one go as D@ny, I still believe she deserves an honourable mention here.

4. Tyrion using Wildfire to blow up Stannis’ ships. Even if he was somewhat more justified, because he was defending the city against an attack, his actions were still cruel and morally wrong. He killed a lot of people in a horrible way, helping his family to maintain their position of power, despite all their crimes.

People keep bringing up that D@ny is at war. True, but she’s the one who started that war. She’s invading a country and trying to conquer it. I just think her actions are showing that she’s not the right person to rule that country. I also don’t believe that winning the Iron Throne would make her happy, but I’m digressing.

Let’s focus on the argument at hand again:

D@ny has done morally questionable things, as have nearly all other characters on this show.

D@ny has done horrible things, as have many other characters on this show.

D@ny has done good things, as have many other characters on this show.

I think we can all acknowledge that, but where do we go from here?

First of all,  I think there is no point in trying to make a list of all the good and bad deeds a character has done in order to put them in a ranking from bad to worst. It’s not a competition and pointing out that other characters are equally as bad or worse doesn’t make your favourite any better. 

Similarly, fighting people who are worse than you doesn’t automatically make you a hero.  

Thirdly, the good doesn’t erase the bad, nor the other way around. Jon banishing Melisandre was the perfect example of this philosophy.

I would like to add a caveat though: if the balance is starting to tip in one direction, I do believe it’s time to question a character’s actions and the consequences of what they’re doing.

An argument I often see people use to defend D@ny, is that she has good intentions.  I believe she definitely used to, right now I’m not so certain anymore. But to be honest, I don’t care how good your intentions are if the result is that thousands of people die a horrible death because of them.

My judgement of D@ny is still the same: she was justified to move against the Lannisters after they’d attacked her allies. BUT the way she went about it was over the top, cruel and unnecessary. She could have spared more lives and she could have saved the supplies to feed her armies and the people she’s intent on ruling.

Do You Want Your Usual?

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Requested by anonymous:

“Steve Rogers saves the reader from a coffee shop she had (in the battle of ny) and a year later he finds out that she rebuilt it and he goes over there everyday just to see her, idk. And in the final, they kiss, or something?”

Warnings: fluff, injured reader

Note: ahh yay my first avengers request (and it’s steve my baby) and I love this request it is so adorable!!!! xx

“Behind you Cap!” Nat shouted.

“On it.” He replied spinning around and letting go of his shield. The shield sailed through the air and smashed into the alien causing it to drop to the ground. 

“Good job soldier.” Natasha smirked as he yanked his shield from the lifeless body. 

“All in a days work.” Steve replied sarcastically. Nat was about to reply when one of the huge aliens smashed into a skyscraper near them. 

Steve’s face fell as he watched the building begin to collapse, all the floors windows shattered. At the bottom of the building he recognised a coffee shop he had walked past a couple of times. The girl who worked there was beautiful.

“Help!” A strangled voice screamed from inside.

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It Only Took You To See Me Nearly Die To Realize That

Fandom: Marvel → Avengers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Plot: Requested: Anon: Can I have a Steve Rogers one shot where she’s an agent of shield assassin and she’s on a mission with the avengers. She and Steve fight a lot(actually have crushes) and one day he insults her really bad and she leaves. Then she fights along with the avengers in the battle of NY and gets badly hurt. Steve finds her unconscious and carries her to safety telling her how much he loves her and she hears him. She confronts him in the hospital and fluff? Thanks!

Changed it to battle of sokovia for the sake of timeline J hope it’s okay darling!

Warning: language, violence


“I have eyes on the target. I’m standing-by for the final green.”

“Stand-by agent. We have a problem here.”

“Standing-by sir.”

You moved your eyes from the target and looked at the city around you taking in the cold breeze of winter. Your intercom buzzed and your eyes went back to the scope.

“Final Green. You are go. Repeat, you are go for Final Green.”

Your finger pulled the trigger and started to quickly disassemble your sniper. Years of training and field trips made this process like a second nature. You were gone in a second and there was no trace of you left on that rooftop.

“Rendezvous point at 484 9th avenue.”

“Copy that.”

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Happy Birthday, Jimmy Fallon! 

“Everyone looks so much better when they smile.”


AN: Sorry that I’ve been missing for a week or two, I hope to get back to a regular schedule. And what better way to get back into the swing of things than some Steve angst? Thank you anon that sent this in! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: One-shot (or series if you like) request for Steve Rogers :) the reader is an avenger and steve’s girlfriend since a couple months after the battle of NY. The two get along very well but lately with everything that happened and all that stress, there’s a tension. neither of them is right or wrong, they’re just angry and angsty for no reason, that is until Steve accidentally calls (Y/N) “Peggy” or “Sharon” by mistake and doesn’t even realize what he just said.


“Old Flame”

“Would just listen to me for a second? Don’t walk away– hey, Peggy!”


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The Killers performing ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ (Live from the Artists Den) has been added to The Killers VEVO channel on YouTube.

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but the movie starts with the 2012 ny battle then jumps 8 years... that would make it set in 2020??? im so confused

yeah but infinity war is supposed to take place in 2018???????? and didnt it skip like 2 months after tony drops peter off, and the civil war stuff was 2016 lmao maybe they just cant do math 

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Hello! Might you have any fics of Steve feeling restless without the constant battle of WW2? Like during peace brigades alien attacks and NY battles, he gets restless and maybe nostalgic in some sort of way? Sorry this is super vague

I hope I’m interpreting this right, but try our Steve’s PTSD tag.

Be With Me

AU where Loki realizes what he’s done before the battle in NY is over, and goes back to Asgard to the girl he’s always loved

Master List

Everyone thought Loki was too far gone. They told me that he had become power hungry and would kill anyone that got in his way. The truth is, they can only see what he’s done. I’m the only one who has looked passed that. To me, Loki isn’t bad. He went through hard things without anyone to talk to. You see, we were best friends since childhood. We weren’t supposed to be - I wasn’t good enough for a Prince of Asgard. At one point we even told each other of our feelings for one another, and planned to make a way for us to be together. When we were found out, we never got to say goodbye. They kept him in the palace under lock and key, with no hope of friendship from others.

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Okay, you may be thinking to yourself “Alter, what the hell happened to your team?” Well I’ll tell you, the story about how My Zubat proved himself MVP in my Ruby adventure.

So I decided to play Pokemon Ruby on my trip to New York just to get excited for the remakes later this year. You may be asking yourself “What the hell happened to your team?” One word. May. I was heading up the route under cycling road up to mauville. I knew the rival fight was upcoming. Thinking i was well prepared, I ran right up to her, skipped all the text, and started the battle. First up, a shroomish. Simple enough right? I used my combusken’s peck to take it out just to conserve pp, and shroomish decided to be a jerk and activate effect spore. Combusken fell asleep. “May is about to send in marshtomp.” Well shit. I switched out to whismur, thinking uproar could do a decent amount of damage. It doesn’t. It hardly does any damage after I barely survive a mud shot. Whismur faints and I go into ralts. I know its cheap, but its my only option. I used double team to give myself a better chance of lasting longer. Marshtomp misses mud shot. Booyah, time to attack. Confusion does about as much damage as uproar. Ralts fails to dodge any more attacks and faints. I send in combusken, hoping to wake up first turn and double kick, which didnt happen. Zubat comes in, barely does anything, and faints to a water gun crit.

I wiped, leveled up my team to about 18-19 and challenged her again. Nothing special, all that changed was that I realized combusken’s double kick barely did any damage either. Then I realized something. Ralts and whismur both evolve at level 20. I grinded whismur and used a rare candy on ralts. Their stats looking much better this time around, I healed up, made sure combusken was leading, and started the battle. The first part was simple enough, I used ember on shroomish, making sure not to touch it, doing a fair amount. I think may realized I knew not to touch it this time and had shroomish use stun spore. Knowing she wouldn’t use stun spore twice in a row, I used a paralyze heal, even dodged a tackle, and took out shroomish with full health, so at least combusken could stay healthy in case I needed him. Marshtomp time. I sent in loudred, now with much better stats, used uproar, and got a nice chunk of damage out of it with a few uproars before fainting. Kirlia’s turn. I sent her in and used double team, hoping to get lucky. However, marshtomp promptly ignored that and hit kirlia with water gun for more than half and knocked out kirlia with mud shot. Combusken came in, and outsped it using double kick bringing marshtomp to 1HP. UGH. Combusken lived a mud shot by barely anything, got the speed drop again, and died to a water gun.

Well this is great, huh? Marshtomp got his torrent ability activated and water gun is the only thing that can hit zubat, my weakest team member. I was sure that my loss was secured. I reluctantly sent out zubat. Ready to lose, I just clicked astonish and waited for the worst to come. Zubat actually LIVED THE WATER GUN with 5 fucking hp to spare. Astonish took down marshtomp. After freaking out for a few minutes and recovering from slight shock/excitement, I finally pressed a and saw that zubat gained a bit over 900 exp and leveled up to 19. The only reason I didn’t level up zubat for this fight was because i didn’t think i’d be using him in this fight, but look where I am now.

Then, I felt a dreadful feeling as I realized that May still had one pokemon left. Numel. First thing I did was use a super potion on zubat, hoping i’d be able to take an attack well enough to be able to stand a chance, which i do. Ember does well under half allowing me to use bite. My strongest move, despite being special based, does a fair amount of damage. I figured I could rinse and repeat biting and healing until i won, which did seem cheap, but it was my only hope of not wiping out for the third time. I used bite and what do you know? Numel flinched! The tables had turned, this was my chance! I managed to flinch it 3 times in a row, getting it to red hp. The flinch streak broke and it hit zubat with another ember bringing me to 10 hp. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed something, ember burned zubat. I prayed to Arceus not to die from the burn damage. The burn takes zubat down to 5 hp once again. And in that moment it dawned on me. I’m faster than numel. I wouldn’t take burn damage next turn if I killed numel. I joyously hit bite, knowing it would kill, and watched numel fall. And as the victory theme played on the last turn, zubat finished the battle burned with 5 hp and all his other teammates knocked out. And that is how zubat kicked ass, took hits, proved his worth, and won the fight for me. I am definitely using Zubat in Omega Ruby when it comes out.  tl;dr My Zubat is the best one throughout all of Hoenn.