battle comp

Y’all really think production put in all that time and effort into a 1/12 chance twist that doesn’t even make it into the game? The posters, departure board, literally the whole house based on different locations is connected to the round-trip twist.

Also, the schedule requires another houseguest to stay another week or come back later in a comp battle, which would be even more work for producers, especially after the pre-jury buyback. You know they made this for the sole purpose of keeping a popular person in the game, which in this case is the one and only Da’Vonne Rogers.

BBCAN4: first 3 evicted were girls

BB18: first 3 evicted were boys

BBCAN4: Pre-jury buyback, house guest vote

BB18: Pre-jury buyback, competition

BBCAN4: the girl everyone wanted to return, didn’t

BB18: …

Tiffany Rousso confirmed to win the battle back comps and reenter the house.


SSVi / Battlecomp by Triple Bravo
Via Flickr:
with 10-8 Performance for 11-21-16