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Magic the Gathering- Zendikar- Hedrons

Part of Wizards of the Coast’s Zendikar storyline for their popular Magic: the Gathering property, Hedrons have become an iconic element of the franchise. Created by the lithomancer Nahiri with the help of the spirit dragon Ugin, these gigantic stones cover the entire plane of Zendikar, ranging from small to massive, and direct energy from laylines into chaotic and twisted paths. They mess with the fundamental aspects of nature, and all in order to form a massive power network capable of containing ancient, unspeakable evils from beyond the physical ream- the Eldrazi.


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  • almost like dating a kid
  • he’d be kind of clingy, like he’d always have an arm around ur shoulders or around ur waist or he’s holding ur hand
  • he just likes the comfort of knowing that you’re there next to him
  • piggy back rides when ur tired!!
  • if the heels ur wearing hurt ur feet he wouldnt hesitate to bend down so that you could get on his back
  • he’d walk you all the way home without complaining
  • he’d love to meet ur siblings if u had any especially if they were younger
  • hed challenge them to pokemon card battles, video games, everything he’d be their new best friend
  • he’d buy cute matching disney phone cases for u two
  • lots of couple items in general
  • lots of pecks!! especially when u arent expecting them like you would be talking to him and outta nowhere you’d find his lips on yours
  • and after he pulls back he’d just giggle
  • lots of park dates where you guys can hang out and play games 
  • when ur date is almost ending he’d pout and literally attach himself to u 
  • “do you really have to go?”
  • he’d make sure to walk u home and wait until you’re safely inside
  • one day you decide to invite him in for a cup on coffee before he goes
  • he accepts the offer in a heartbeat, excited that he gets to see the inside of where u live in. he sees it as a new step in ur relationship
  • when he leaves he forgets his wallet on the kitchen counter and ends up having to come back the next day
  • when he does come back again u ask him if he wants to watch a movie
  • and he lights up when he suggests to watch zootopia
  • this ends up being a routine, where he comes by your house almost every week to watch a movie (mostly animated LMAO)
  • for your anniversary he’d buy couple rings with ur initials engraved into them
  • lots of adventures!!!  more than often he’d stop by your house unannounced and asks if u want to check out this new thing he just found out about
  • lots lots lots of cuddles
  • if youre sitting on the couch he’d throw his legs over yours and lean his head on ur shoulder
  • when you guys are waiting in line for something he’d back hug u as he rests his chin on the top of ur head
  • cute texts when you two are apart
  • mostly asking how u are, checking in to see if youre okay
  • he also asks if you’ve seen this new cool animated thing he just found out about
  • like he’d be so excited to share something he found cool with you
  • sending selfies of himself to u
  • like when u ask him what he’s up to, instead of sending you a worded reply he’d just send u a picture
  • like if he’s eating he’d send a photo w him and the food
  • watching fireworks together and then laughing bc the loud sound scares him
  • having to go clothes shopping w him because he’s a known fashion terrorist
  • more than often he’d fall asleep at your house, probably while cuddling with u bc being with u makes him feel so comfortable and at home
  • in the morning you’d wake up first to find him still attached to you
  • asks u to cook him dinner, and when u cant reach something from the top shelf, he’d get it for u bc hes a giant
  • he’d love u a lot like so much and he’ll show it to u thru his cuddles and spontaneous kisses 
  • speaking of kisses he’d always shower u with them
  • i feel like his kisses would be slow and tender, with a lot of feeling
  • if you’re working late he’d show up outside the building so that you guys can walk home together
  • bc he sees u as a fragile person that must be protected at all costs!!! 
  • before he leaves for work he’d pout a lot
  • muttering about how he doesnt want to leave u
  • always going on food dates
  • bc who doesnt love food
  • generally he’s a giant excited child who wants to do everything w u and shower u w his love!!!

The absolute worst thing is that we never got an Arc-V game for the 3DS, or even an Arc-V game that was translated. They also didn’t even translate that shitty Ultimate Card Battle game nobody wanted. Even Zexal had that Duel Carnival game.

Now if we get a new game, it’ll likely just be a VRAINS game that only lets you use the new rules, or a DM game with VRAINS rules or speed duels.

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eyy my crush is actually a (new) friend of mine! he's a total nerd but also a jock ?? at the same time?? on one hand he's really big on football and hopes to go to uni on a scholarship but on the other hand ??? he loves those magical battle card games and plays video games competitively ?? also he's soft and good af ??? he's leaned against my shoulder a couple of times and ?? i feel blessed?? super sweet honestly he listened to me talk about strange but good animals and sent me a pic of his dog

u know he’s a good™ soul when he sends you a pic of his doggo tbh

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So on 15 May, Inoue Masahiro got casted as Tanaka Gundam for Super Dangan Ronpa 2 the stage.

18 May (today), he tweets that he’s going to buy SDR2 and meanwhile starts playing the app game dangan ronpa unlimited battle hoping to get a Gundam card.

After the tutorial he heads straight to the cash shop.

9800 yen later he has a total of 183 medals.

50 medals later he has 10 new cards; no Gundam.

“30 pulls on gacha. Tanaka Gundam… didn’t appear…”