battle bikini



Oh look, Liz got me a bingo. And Mordred was soooooo close.

I decided to do some Female Armor Bingo for my least favorite designs in FGO. I don’t think it’s really worth it to write any pieces on these armor selections because I don’t wanna tire myself out on something no one else is going to read, so this is a much simpler way of venting my opinions.

For the ‘no head protection’ bit, I just went with ‘the character has stuff in their hair that serves no purpose as armor’, rather than ‘they aren’t wearing a helmet’ or anything like that (or, in the case of Mordred, ‘they used to have a helmet and now it’s gone). Liz should technically have that, but I don’t know if her horns are decoration or not, so I decided  might as well leave that be.


if i told you this music was from a spongebob game before showing the picture in the video you wouldn’t believe me


New gear, happy people. People keep calling our matching gear “adorable”. Hah.

Not the most flattering photos from tonight, but it shows off our new armour well so that’s what matters. We’re both 110% exhausted - it was a night of hard fights, and we’re still adjusting to wearing so much armor! I’ve been out of the game for a few months, and Kieran is used to wearing minimal stuff, usually little more than a gambeson.

After Pennsic I decided to start designing a set of armor. I wanted to make something with unique etching, and is both beautiful and functional. What I’m wearing here is kind of an alpha version of what we might end up selling on, especially the breastplate and gambeson. Field testing is going well so far, I’m finding the breastplate is a bit restrictive around the arms compared to other breastplates I’m wearing, so we’ll see if we can work on that.

You’ll also notice I have a sword *gasp* in this photo. I didn’t put my shield in any of the photos because it’s still unfinished and needs more paint, but I’ve temporarily retired the halberd to try and gain back my shield skill. It’s pretty scary being out there in the wall, feeling so noobish. I got back into the swing of things, though. I put away my trust Calimacil Long Novice sword to try out their Rob Sharp, which is bastard length. It’s a super attractive sword with decent balance and a more realistic blade. I’m not a fan of bastard length for sword and buckler, but in the shield wall with my heater I really enjoyed the additional length. More tests to come I suppose.

You’ll also notice my other new friend, Calimacil’s Percefer. It’s a tiny, realistic cavalry hammer which fits our 14th century time period! I love it already, it’s my new favourite weapon. It’s not the most useful of offhands, but it looks excellent and is generally a beautiful piece. I’d love a full length warhammer in the same style, but hey, I’m happy.

If you’re confused about my change in fashion, we’re running with a new group: Chesterwick, the same warband we ran with at Quest. We’re looking at the possibility of recruiting soon, so if you attend Swordcraft and dig our 14th century style, stay tuned 😎

Another amazing photo of my LARP kit photographed by Industria Creative! I realise how complicated it all looks together, so I have a video coming soon of what it’s comprised of/ how I put it all on. Grand Marshall Erin Westwood of Averland at Swordcraft Battle Game in Melbourne, Australia.

Just getting back from Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016. It was absolutely amazing - we did a soft launch of our new warband, The Royal Court of Chesterwick, which is based on 14th century England. We had a fabulous in-character camp and looked great. No dramas. Huge success.

I was working the whole event so didn’t have a huge amount of free time for fighting, but managed to sneak away and armor up for the final battle (pictured).

So many great moments, I don’t even know where to start! Time for a long sleep in a soft bed (and not a gradually deflating air mattress).


Seriously, this harness fits. Like. A. Glove. I can’t wait until I can meet the boys at the smith and shake their hands, they’re doing amazing work!

Look, it’s fair to call me biased. I work for ArmStreet and I love everything that is designed and produced, I think it’s brilliant. But honestly, I chose to work with such an amazing company because of the excellent products they create. I was wearing it long before ever talking to anyone from the company, and have always shouted praises.

Anyways, just got home to Melbourne and started looking through photos of our trip to Brisbane, and was really excited by the awesome fit these photos show and wanted to share.

This is ArmStreet’s Western Style Leg Harness in stainless steel, I’ve taken them for a run or two but have yet to face any heavy combat tests.

No, but guys, picture this:

A retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin story…

…Where the reason she’s got the Bikini of Power is that the Amazons sent her out into the modern day to ‘fit in’, but they looked at pop culture and our media first and just assumed ‘really unrealistic bikini armours’ are just how our female soldiers dress.

And when Wonder Woman finds out it’s not, she goes and finds herself some pants.

…I think I’m going to write this at some point.

Another video game wallpaper! This time, the PlayStation 2 (one of my favorite consoles!)

This was also lots of fun, and I know I left out a bunch of other great games, maybe volume 2 soon?

Be sure to credit me if you plan on using this image please!

Hail Averland! Another amazing Industria Creative shot of my garb/ armour.

Not pictured: Kieran standing behind me making my cape go whoosh.

Leg/ Arm Harness: ArmStreet


As you can see, this is a very serious matriarchy.

Las Granadas Venetas, Swordcraft’s all female warband. Some of the best people I know, was a pleasure fighting together on Friday.