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Hey, I was just looking at that rule 63 Power Girl, and it got me thinking. Why do people, when they make these types of rule 63, focus on the primary sexual characteristics, and not the secondary? If you were to make a rule 63 of the rule 63 Power Girl, you would need to give her a huge clitoris/vulva.


Whether something classifies as a primary or secondary characteristic is mostly only of interest to biologists and people involved in medicine.   The classification refers purely to biological matters and development during puberty.

If someone were to make a Rule 63 of the Rule 63 would look like Power Girl, because massive genitalia is not what society considers “sexy” in women - but massive boobs are.

What’s really interesting to me is the disregard for all the other aspects involved.  For example, Power Boy’s lips remain full and kissable but his upper body is more bulked than Power Girl - but not as ripped and chiseled as conventional super heroes are.

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more about false equivalence on BABD

From this:

Canadian digital artist and photographer, Mike Roshuk put together a collection of Disney Princesses reimagined as warriors. As usual, with fan art like these, the ladies do not have much going on in the armor department. It just doesn’t seem like a smart idea to go into battle just wearing underwear, but I have to admit that Ariel with a trident is pretty fucking bad ass. Sigh… Internet…

(Since this is just fan art, it’s not going up on Escher Girls.)

But *sigh* -_-  Why is it when “women” and “warrior” go together, everybody thinks metal battle bikinis.  And what’s the point?  THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.  You can’t tell what their role is on the battlefield by their armor or anything, it’s all just battle bikini and shoulder and knee pads. e_e  And they’re wearing garters too. -_o  (I know it’s a remnant of him using lingerie models for the base, but you’d think you’d remove those.)  Plus, belly button chains are a terrible idea for combat.  Get it caught in something and… riiiiip.  Ouch. >_<

I mean it would be really cool to re-imagine them as warriors, and you’d think this would give you a chance to be really creative in their outfits, armaments, armor, and making cool designs that fit their personalities and classic outfits, but instead, as usual it’s a bunch of same-bodied models with the same sort of expression on their faces and battle bikinis. -_-  How boring. :\

There’s so many things that confuse me about this image.  Is that vest made out raincoat plastic? If so, shouldn’t she cover up that bodypaint Medic armband?  Why does she wear her belt on an angle like that when it’s adjustable?

Apparently this medic is so beloved by the creators that they’ve made multiple images of her… in the same stance.

Call me cynical but I can’t help but think that the kneepads are there more for the sake of dirty jokes than actually protecting her.

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Thea submitted:

I see these ads popping up every couple of months - different game, same offensive warnings and “armour”.

Oh wow, they’re recycling Wartune ads for other games now. xD 

For those not familiar with the publisher of Wartune and the way they advertise their games, claimed to be rated 18+ by the ESRB, and use ads with stolen art, check out the Wartune tag.

The MEN ONLY tagline always interests me about what salaciousness these games must hold that us women must be kept away from.


ursa by len-yan

i like drawing young, attractive female characters as much as any other person but this time i wanted to mix things up a bit. have a quick portrait of Ursa, a female warrior who survived long enough on the battlefield to reach the middle age. i’m curious to see how the community will receive her.

I can’t speak for everyone. But I like it. I like it a lot.

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Bebop in a battle bikini, take two! I really like how this design came out a lot better, so much better that I actually gave her a half assed background.

A little info about Bebop: she has a sword and she can use it, but she’ll just magic you to death instead. You’re not worth working up a sweat.


I decided to make my inner 9 year old self happy by drawing my first OC, Torean. (Brace yourself) she was the 14 year old daughter of a goddess, became a warrior and saved the entire world with her friends, then became possessed by a demon named Star who took over her body and she only had control of herself on the full moon. Idek. 

So I drew her and let me tell you, that hair was not easy to figure out.

MMO Logic by RandoWis

I like this particular comic because it truly captures the absurdity of when you play this games and that actually happens.  Particularly if you’re a mixed level group, and you get to watch the lower level guys in actual armor get knocked down by attacks that ping off another character exposed buttocks.

- wincenworks

Bikini armor is for Strip clubs, not for battlefield

Do you know the one thing that annoys me the most with games and movies? The fact that the males get all the fancy plate armors, and women get BDSM-styled chain bikinis. 

Seriously, there isn’t anything more out of the context than going to war while wearing outfits to make dicks hard. I’m a soldier myself, and for all I can say is that there’s a reason why lady soldiers go to battle carrying the same combat gear as their male counterparts: because it works!

Seriously, in battle, you jump, you run, you fall down, it’s extremely dirty, you sweat and usually, war is an all-round shitty place to be in. To wear suits that show cleavage or going to just in your underwear ruins camouflage, exposes skin to all sorts of bruises. Seriously, one single rush to cover and your arm is filled with wounds. Normal BDU-uniforms can prevent this. 

Do the game makers even know the difference between female and male combat gear? If they don’t, the answer is here: there’s no difference. In Finnish military, women are given exactly same material as the men are. (Yes, it includes military underwear, a.k.a thousand balls boxers)

 Practicality aside, dressed for bedroom and not for battle takes away all credibility for female characters. The fact that they are there only to suit male viewers need is a fine way of saying “Look, we girls are here only for fanservice”. Does’t work that way. If we’d have a movie with Strip club Protection Force made out of prostitutes, then hell yes, it makes even some remote sense.

But wearing a battle bikini to a goblin cave? Hell no! Again, practicality aside, for me, those hooker armors aren’t even remotely hot.  Quite the contrary: they’re quite the boring ways to dress characters. It takes away all the personality, all the good unique qualities and reduces the character to the same level where pornstars lie:only good for eye candy. Goes to the same locker as credibility problems; best ways to ruin otherwise good characters is to make viewers think “Why the hell doesn’t she even look like a soldier/warrior”? 

Being sexy is also a matter of brain, not just how much naked skin can be shown before the banhammer strikes the game as porn. For me, good warrior girls are warriors: they kick ass and look like professionals. The same as real life female soldiers do: they’re like any other male soldiers, except less hairy - and always not even that. 


The Good The Bad and the Ugly of Video Games

Really not happy with the summary of Mario - however I feel that the fact that everyone gets what they mean when they summarize Samus as being novel for ‘not being half-naked’ says everything important about mainsteam video games.

Also, as someone who was really excited to play the first generation of FPS games - I can’t help but feel that they sort of set the the standard for this sort of generic hero.

Meanwhile, Jurassic Park: Trespasser, one of the first FPS games to star a female protagonist didn’t give her a face and had a… unique way of displaying the health bar:


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Tonight I watched an old anime that I just discovered: Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko.

What I like about it…

  • Obviously there’s the immediate appeal of the cute girl with a sword in a battle bikini.
  • It has an essentially earth-like other world with a number of cool twists, a bit like Narnia.
  • The theme is a peculiar blend of high-tech and dark ages, maybe even a bit post apocalyptic.
  • There’s a giant robot that vaguely resembles a castle!
  • Then there’s another giant robot that transforms into a jet, but I can’t even describe the style of it!
  • Weird humor, talking dog, Walkman MacGuffin, and lots more.

Also, you should know…

  • This is in no way on the level of something from Studio Ghibli.
  • It’s a lot more imaginative and fun than the typical modern anime.
  • No smut, for better or worse.

Truth about ‘Armored bikini’ by LucidARTDVC

Amazingly this is not satire.

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NOT a satire? How, what, why agsafhSunFuckingTzu!agdasapjibnwe…

Do we even HAVE to explain what is wrong with this “argument”?


In the operations of war, where there are in the field a thousand swift chariots, as many heavy chariots, and a hundred thousand mail-clad soldiers, with provisions enough to carry them a thousand li, the expenditure at home and at the front, including entertainment of guests, small items such as glue and paint, and sums spent on chariots and armor, will reach the total of a thousand ounces of silver per day. Such is the cost of raising an army of 100,000 men.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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