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Look we all know this was going to happen. Bee’s real fast and good at scrambling about and squirming out of things, but she’s no match for a trained merc in a full set of armor. :B She did her best.

(also hey look, I finally found a chance to do one of those Draw the Squad things :V)

Thank you lovelies for playing along <3

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Look what I’m working on…

Serendipitous Fate 

Chapter 23 - Unofficial Preview (spoilers)

The most rational thing that Marinette could figure was that she was dreaming. Or maybe even in the midst of a nightmare. Yes, a nightmare. That was the only conclusion that made sense.

Yet, it was the little things that contradicted what she would like to think was certainty. The cool feeling of the porcelain toilet lid seeping through her shorts and searing her skin like a burn. The familiar grain of the hardwood floor beneath her feet. The soft murmur of voices in the other room. But what was most jarring was the too-close sound of scissors shearing through hair. It wasn’t consistent like everything else. It stabbed through her ears like a dull, choppy blade—like being sick with the flu only to be shaken every few seconds.

She wanted it to end, but was afraid that if she said anything, she’d be forced to recognize what was real. So, instead, she stared at the floor as chunks of black hair fell softly down around her feet, the weight gradually lifting from her head with each sharp, grating slice of the scissors.

Her mother’s hands were gentle as they sifted through her hair, evening the strands and snipping at flyaways. Until, finally, the shearing stopped.

Finally, Marinette could close her eyes and convince herself that none of it was real.           

That everything was fine.

“How does it look?” Her mother’s voice, though even and calm, was nearly as jarring as the scissors had been. Marinette snapped her eyes open to see that a hand mirror was being held out in front of her.

Out of expected habit—because her body knew motions well enough to substitute for her lagging brain—she reached up and took the mirror, before holding it up so she could see the reflection of the back of her head in the large bathroom vanity.

“It looks fine,” she replied, voice rough from misuse. No more pigtails. Though her heavy bangs remained, the back and sides of her hair had been trimmed within millimeters of her head, so as to even out where Queen Bee as cut away the strands during their battle.

Queen Bee… The battle…

Marinette didn’t want to think about it.

She wasn’t too torn up over the loss of her hair—she’d had short hair before. Not this short, but it’d grow back. There were worse things, after all.

“Marinette,” her mother said softly, touching her shoulder. She sat down on the edge of the tub a moment later, so they were facing one another. “Are you alright?”

She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to think about it.

Changing the subject to anything else was better.

“You were Ladybug before I was, right?” she asked, despite already knowing the answer

Sabine’s hold tensed on her shoulder, before her hand fell away. Much like her gaze did, becoming distant as she peered to the side.

“I was. But that… was a long time ago.”

“You’ve known I was Ladybug this whole time,” she determined.

“I realized it shortly after your first encounter with Hawkmoth, yes. I’d know those earrings anywhere. And the ring too.” She took a deep breath. “I knew Adrien was Chat Noir the first time I met him.”

Which was before Marinette had known.

“The miraculouses extend their users lifespans,” Marinette went on. “How old are you?”

“Much older than I look,” Sabine replied, finally looking back at her daughter and able to wear a small smile. Yet, Marinette said nothing, and so Sabine gave in. “I turned 97 this year, one year younger than Gabriel. I was Ladybug for most of my life.”

“Is that how you and Mr. Agreste know one another?”

“Yes. Gabriel is… a very old friend. We fought together during World War II, myself, him, and… And we stayed together for many years after, the three of us. Then the four of us.” Reaching up, she touched her forehead, looking wearied. “Thinking so far back really makes me feel my age.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Reaching out, Sabine patted her knee. “I’m not nearly as old as some.”


The bug at the front of the party gets +1 attack! Pretty neat, right? Although this means they will bear the majority of enemy attacks…

Certain enemies have incredible armor, and are resistant to most attacks. Beetle can flip them over, leaving them vulnerable!

Beetle can only attack the enemy closest to him, so it gets really troublesome when there’s armored enemies at the back…rely on your team to clear a path for him!

me *watching the clip with the fight scene in it for ml s2*: wow that was really well filmed

my brain: this is an animation

me: wow that was really well…animated

  • [During a tough battle, Ladybug and Queen Bee suffer a heavy defeat and lose their Miraculouses, which end up in the villains' hands; while Chat Noir, Vixen, and others are fighting the villain to recover the lost Miraculouses, Marinette is on the Eiffel Tower, and Chloé reaches her] Chloé: Marinette, come on, get out of here, it's dangerous! This tower may collapse at any moment! [Marinette ignores her] This is all my fault. I'm sorry.
  • Marinette: [angry] DON'T DO THAT! Please, don't do that! You do NOT know how I feel!
  • Chloé: Marinette, calm down...
  • Marinette: Girls like you have EVERYTHING!!! You don't have to be good! You can mess up all over and over again, and you can still live your life without thoughts and consequences!
  • Chloé: Marinette!
  • Marinette: You'll never know what it's like to fail, because you were born a BOURGEOIS!!!!
  • Chloé: [angry] Yes! I'm Chloé Bourgeois!! A girl who still holds the record for most number of Akumas created!!! That even after being chased by those akumas she had never been able to understand that it was just her fault! And she realized what she really was JUST after losing everything! Sabrina, Adrien... [cries] and Pollen! You're right Marinette, I'll never know how you feel… but you're not the only failure here.
  • Chloé: I've always been jealous of you... from the start... both Ladybug and Marinette... because you were ALL that I will NEVER be...
  • [Several seconds of silence...]
  • Marinette: How come you never told me that before?
  • Chloé: Because... we weren't friends before...

Just a little stroll around the outskirts…Featuring a new enemy and a new track (and some place holder sfx)! 

A lot of really small things have changed since the last battle video. Hopefully it speaks for itself!

i turned up to a battle in my bee meka and mei, who is apparently a beekeeper now, chased me all over kings row shouting that “the queen must return to the hive” in a terrifyingly cheerful voice

How many times

Baby bee Baby
why are you lost at the sea?
How many times
I’d looked
at your pictures with fear
of no return…
you left a bleeding hole in my heart
and a ghost boat on the sea
that is waiting for us since alienated years…
All is getting senseless in here without you.
I’ve waited long enough
to count between wrinkled fingers 25 silver hairs.
I’m already strolling towards the winter of my time.
I’m getting alienated with everything.
Come back where you belong and settle things up.
Come back into my heart.
I hope that all that’s wrong
in the world
is just a shrinking phase.
Please God, take care of my bee battling the furious seas.

zzxid  asked:

GrimBee for the meme! :D

How do much do I ship it?: Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?
- They’re adorable in RiD and I hope they show more Bee admiring Grim in the show!

What non sexual activities do they like to do together?
Beat up decepticreeps! Also make pretzels and go sightseeing on Earth.

Who does chores around the house?
Bee. Grim sorta… makes chores have to happen. He means well but he’s big and clumsy :<

Who’s the better cook?
Grim is better at pretzel making.

Who’s the funniest drunk?
Probably Bee. Grim might get violent (not angry violent, just he would have a harder time not breaking things for fun)

Do they have kids?
They have a baby t-rex dinobot that they got from the Bayverse.

Do they have any traditions?
They probably have cybertronian traditions. They might also celebrate Grim becoming an autobot

What do they fight about?
Grimlock rushing into battle. Bee micromanaging the team.

What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one)
Grim would think it was great, Bee would be a bit embarrassed by some of it. Also, why is Bee always the bottom?! He’s the leader!

Who cried at the end of Marley and me?

Who always wins at Mario kart?

One thing I like about this ship?
They’re cute together and Grim really wants Bee to be proud of him!

One thing I don’t like about the ship?
Bee seems a bit more neutral to Grimlock

The song I would say fits them?
My Girl by The Temptations I have no idea. I almost never have song associations for ships. Wish I did though.

Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space)
Grimlock sometimes falls asleep in dino mode with his head on Bee’s lap.