battle axe

New Hero Leak:  Junker Queen!

Hey so my uncle works at Nintendo and gave me the details on the next Overwatch character.

She is the 22nd hero, having claimed her position in the roster by devouring several existing characters, and thus exists outside the attack/defense/tank/support categories.

Her main weapon is her battle ax, though she has a melee attack which delivers a flat 1000 damage per strike.

Her special abilities include:

-”Disable”  set to the E key, this ability will permanently disable any object (including objectives) or enemy heroes from the game.

-”Sons” attached to Shift, this summons 500 of a randomly chosen “son” entity into the immediate area, cloaking your movements and launching you several meters into the air.

-”I Will Make You A God”  activated by right clicking, this temporarily triples a teammate’s size and gives them limited telekinetic ability.

-”God Forgive” her ultimate will automatically kill all enemies and buildings in the game, and temporarily stuns teammates.

-”Soul Tissue” passive ability which allows you to see the tissue of the soul connected to enemy corpses and give you the ability to severe them to prevent the dead player from being resurrected as well as return a portion of her health.

-”Roachie” a second passive ability which activates on her death leaves a large roach dancing where she died for a few seconds.  Any enemy who comes into contact with the roach will have one of three effects randomly applied, a) nothing happens  b) they are frozen  c) their character immediately despawns.

She has an emote which other players can interact with, specifically the Omnic characters are able to choose whether to accept or reject her “Proposal” emote.

Her legendary skins include “Summery!”  and “Crisp Tux”.