batting gloves

Design for Sport

#tbt With SuperBowlLI on Sunday, we look back to MoMA’s first sports-related exhibition, 1962’s Design for Sport. From its inception, MoMA had been active in establishing an inclusive concept of modernist design: of this exhibition, Time magazine wrote that encountering sporting design at MoMA was no more or less surprising than seeing classic cars, Japanese houses, or geodesic domes. More than 100 examples of sports equipment, including a football, baseball bats, and hockey gloves, were assembled under a tent in the Museum’s Sculpture Garden. An essay in the catalogue noted that the canoes and tennis rackets were in fact not so out of place next to the bronze sculptures: for curator Arthur Drexler, not only were form and function ideally united in these objects, but their design is in harmony with the classical concept that passionately committed competition is a virtue far more important than winning.

See images of the installation and more at 21 of #52exhibitions

also i drew this earlier today and i was going to post it first but i decided it was probably better if i posted the ones from last night first

i can never figure out how to get rouge’s legs to not look slightly weird

Youngjae Imagine - Baseball

A/N - This one was requested by the lovely @kpopgalaxies so I hope you liked it!

To celebrate Got7’s success with the comeback and tour, you all planned a day off playing baseball. It was one of your hobbies and fit in well for their new concept with Home Run. Since you had been playing baseball for years, you were fully prepared to help the others if they weren’t good at it. You had been good friends with Got7 since their trainee days and you were especially close with Youngjae. The two of you are the same age and share a love for music and video games so got along really well. In fact, you had developed a bit of a crush on him but no one, not even the other boys, suspected a thing. Once you all arrived at the baseball pitch, you emptied the car of all the baseball equipment you had brought with you. Bats, balls, gloves, everything. It was a nice warm day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; perfect for playing baseball.

When everyone got everything set up, the boys had some practice swings, with you pitching the ball. They all seemed to pick it up easily except for Youngjae.
“Hey, Jaebum-oppa, could you pitch for a bit while I help Youngjae?” You asked, throwing him the ball as he nodded. You jogged over to Youngjae to give him a few tips to hitting the ball.
“Youngjae-ah, want some help?”
“Please, (Y/N)-ssi. I just can’t hit it.”
“Well first off, you’re holding it wrong. You want to hold it like this,” you grabbed a bat and showed the correct way to hold it.
“Like this?” He adjusted his fingers slightly but still couldn’t get the gripping right so you dropped your bat and moved to put your arms around his, moving his hands until they were holding the bat right.
“Now, you want to twist your body this way, keeping the bat elevated and then swing, bringing this foot forward.” You guided him through the motion, keeping your eyes on his face. Once you had shown him, he turned to face you. Your faces were close together, causing a blush to rise on your cheeks.
“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” he said, pecking your nose.
“And you’re cute when you know how to actually hit a ball,” you replied cheekily, leaning to kiss his lips. Youngjae dropped his bat behind him and moved his arms to pull you closer to him, deepening the kiss. By now, all the other boys had noticed and were whistling as they watched you kiss.
“Finally you kissed her, Youngjae!” Yugyeom shouted.
“We’re proud of you, Youngjae!” Jackson added.
“Yah, go get a room. Or at least go behind a tree,” JB said, tossing the baseball at your feet, making you both jump away from each other.
“Anyway,” you said, straightening your clothes, “let’s play baseball. And we’ll continue you that later, Youngjae-ah.” You winked at him before running back to join the other boys, leaving Youngjae a little dazed at the fact he finally kissed you.


1) Look at that anime OTP drawing. Also half-forged love/apology letters. Artsy little shit.

2) Hair care galore! I spy a brush, hairdryer, gel and some black dye tucked near the floor. He likes throwing stars and throwing knives. There’s also a bunch of them on the outside of his door.   PET TARANTULA! I wonder what he named it… 

3) His bookshelf is a coffin shape (probably legit, considering his parents) and his comforter is polka-dotted. (It probably has a dark blue background in the light) From the paint bucket, we can assume he painted his own room. 

4) Text by the head of his bed reads ‘Leave Me Alone!’ then crossed out is 'Wait Dont’

5)This dork has an Xbox and a drum set - Also a skateboard,  hocky stick, baseball bat and glove. There was a ball on the floor in one scene (I cropped it out of the hair care pic w/out thinking)  We can also see his summerween hoodie hanging on a wall-mounted TV

6) Pics on the wall!  From those shots, it looks like Robbie carries around a camera to take pics while on a date. One of them suggests Wendy stole the camera to take a candid pic of Robbie. They had fun. 

7) Hello poster in the background that looks suspiciously like an eye within a triangle. It’s probably from an emo band, but considering this is Gravity Falls, I wouldn’t doubt that this is meant to be a hint that Robbie will be involved in the endgame with Bill Cypher. 

8) Hand exerciser on the floor. Gotta keep those guitarist hands strong. The wall text reads 'I cry in the rain so my tears cant be seen’

Conclusion: Robbie is an angst bucket, but he’s an interesting character with a lot of sides to him that we’ve not been privy to, Since we follow the POV of Dipper and Mabel. ARTSY LITTLE SHIT!