Germany unveils zero-emissions train that only emits steam

Germany will deploy world’s first zero-emission passenger train to be powered by hydrogen and lithium ion batteries, made by French company Alstom.  Here is a 3 min video of the train ► The train only emits excess steam into the atmosphere, and provides an alternative to Germany’s 4,000 diesel trains that emit a lot of carcinogenic chemicals, besides CO2.  Lower Saxony has already ordered 14 of them, and more are likely to be seen around the country.  Norway, Netherlands, Denmark are also interested.  The hydrogen fuel tank on the roof of the train.


It all adds up! Rick invented the microverse battery, made a whole company out of it, got so used to using the technology that he just uses it for minuscule things like running his car, then got totally fired/kicked out by corporate/the government! This explains why he is always in such a bad mood and why he totally hates corporations and the government!

“Sure,” he said, “So let’s go down the list.  Team leader: Aegis.


You’d think he has the standard Alexandria package, flight, super strength, invincibility, but that isn’t exactly right.  He does fly, but the other two powers work differently than you’d expect.  See, he isn’t invincible… he just doesn’t have any weak points.

So a) Aegis is a “he”. I believe I assumed “she” when the name first came up, whoops.

b) Alexandria has the standard package, sort of Superman-esque. Could have something else too.

c) Not invincible, but no weak points. So in other words, all of him is equally strong/vulnerable against attack. I mean, that’s fair.

His entire biology is filled with so many redundancies and reinforcements that you just can’t put him down.

Oh my cod that’s very different

All of a sudden he sounds like a coddamn eldritch monstrosity.

Throw sand in his eyes and he can still see by sensing the light on his skin.  Cut his throat and it doesn’t bleed any more than the back of his hand would.  The guy’s had an arm cut off and it was attached and working fine the next day.  Stab him through the heart and another organ takes over the necessary functions.”

At least it sounds like these things are mostly internal, but still, easily the freakiest power we’ve heard of so far. I love it.

“Not that we’re stabbing anyone through the heart?” I made it a hopeful half-question, half-statement.

“No.  Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stab Aegis through the heart just to slow him down.  If you did it with something big enough.

Heh, that’s one downside to being practically unkillable. It lets the enemy go all out if they’re usually limited by a code against killing.

The guy’s like a zombie, he gets back up within seconds of you beating him down, keeps coming at you until you’re too tired to fight back or you make a mistake.”

“And he’s super strong?” I asked.

Brian shook his head, “Lisa, want to field this one?”

Ah yeah, I forgot to mention that. Brian said that power too worked differently than you’d expect.

She did.  “Aegis isn’t strong, but he can abuse his body in ways that makes it seem like he is.  He can throw punches hard enough that they’d break his hand, mangle his joints and tear his muscles, and his body just takes it.

It does sound like he has one more power: No pain. Either his freaky biology involves no pain or he’s trained himself to ignore it, which is very hard to do.

He has no reason to hold back,

See? That’s what pain is - a motivation for the body to not do the thing that harms it.

and he doesn’t need to waste any time protecting himself from you. He can also draw on adrenaline… you’ve heard stories like how little old grandmothers lifted cars off the ground to save their grandkids?”

Yeah, that’s pretty intense. If someone can control that, it’s practically super strength.

I nodded.

“That’s adrenaline at work, and Aegis can do that for hours at a stretch.  His body doesn’t run out of steam, he doesn’t get tired, he doesn’t exhaust his reserves of adrenaline.  He just keeps going.”


Aegis originally considered the name Duracell, but some battery company had taken it.

On October 25, 1991, 30-year-old Elizabeth Teague injured three people and killed one at her workplace in Bennington, Vermont. She entered the Eveready Battery Company plant armed with a 9mm handgun and proceeded to her supervisor’s office, where she shot him in the head. He died a couple of hours later. Making her way down the hallway, she then shot and wounded the three workers she encountered. She set a fire with a homemade incendiary device in an attempt to burn down the building before fleeing out of a back door. Teague was apprehended several hours later near the Canadian border in New Hampshire. The state ruled she was incompetent to stand trial, and she was committed to a psychiatric facility.

Send ⚠ to find my muse stranded by the side of the road

How had it come to this, Kamijou wondered. His luck had been bad for longer than he could even remember, but this was too much. Even when he’d been stranded in France, he’d had Itsuwa to guide him, and even when he’d faced off against the whole world in Denmark, Othinus had been by his side. But today, Kamijou was beyond lost. He was super-lost. He had no map or compass. His phone had run out of battery. The only company he had was the occasional car driving by, but flagging one down to hitchhike had been failing thus far.

It had been a while since Kamijou had had to break out his old catchphrase, but as he sat at the side of the road, he couldn’t help but let it slip out. “Such misfortune.” He sighed, although it was really only himself who could hear it. After all, out here, he was entirely alone.

Entirely alone, until…

Researchers Double Lithium-Ion Battery Life, Speed Charge Time

by Jonathan Keane

Over the last three years, electric vehicle sales in the US have been steadily increasing but only adding a small number of new buyers every year, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association. In Europe, meanwhile, countries like Germany have seen numbers stagnate. One of the biggest issues facing the wider uptake of electric cars is the still-lagging battery technology.

If engineers could increase batteries’ energy storage capacity and decrease the time needed to charge them, the lithium-ion batteries used in modern electric vehicles would become much more efficient. This improvement is just what the University of Limerick (UL) in Ireland is targeting. Researchers there are working with the elements germanium and silicon, which they say could double battery life even after being charged and discharged more than 1,000 times.

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Why Tesla's battery for your home should terrify utilities

Earlier this week, during a disappointing Tesla earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned in passing that he’d be producing a stationary battery for powering the home in the next few months. It sounded…

Elon Musk impresses again with his announcement for a Home Battery System. Most solar companies are not discussing let alone installing battery banks to their solar modules. If he is able to produce cost effective, long lasting batteries to homeowners this could mean a serious reorganization of power and utilities due to dropping energy costs!

Battery supplies depleted.

Battery Companies are in chaos with workers having to do 24 hour shifts, due to an unnaturally high demand for  batteries, for this time of the year.

The companies have told us that at  this time they would normally be gearing up for the Christmas rush, with pretty slow sales on the shop floor. 

However this weekend sales of batteries went through the roof and the companies have no idea why.

We at WTF news believe we have found the answer.

This weekend saw the annual TIFF start in Canada and this man was attending

This has been known to raise battery sales for the use in, lady self pleasuring devises. but this year he brought with him a secret weapon, which you can see held in his right hand.

once he deploys the secret weapon no women is immune and a few mew have been known to fall with them. It only takes a moment of him in these and ladies are reaching for their battery operated friends across the globe.

we ask people of a nervous disposition to look away now,

So kiddies if you cant get your hands on the double AAs or Cs you need to work your Christmas present this year. 


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