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This is a homopolar motor.

It’s really easy to experiment with at home. It is driven by the Lorentz force - the force which is exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electric charge. When a battery is placed on top of a magnet, and a wire then connects the top of the battery back down to the magnet, the circuit is complete.

Students in our Summer Schools were making these the other day. This one won the ‘most creative design’ competition <3


“A work of art.”
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a special shoutout to @victoriel, a kind soul who has given so sooo much to a lot of fandoms, including daiya. Happy belated bday vic!!


Nissan Navara EnGuard Emergency Rescue Concept

Nissan has unveiled an all-new vehicle at the 2016 Hannover Motor Show. The Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept is a durable and tough all-terrain pick-up, designed to operate as a life-saving rescue platform in some of the world’s most harsh and extreme environments.

When docked in place the battery packs are constantly in ‘charge’ mode, using power generated by the vehicle’s 2.3-liter 190PS twin-turbo diesel engine to ensure they’re ready for emergency use when required. Each is a 2kW unit and utilizes seven Nissan EV battery modules inside a weather-proof housing.

Solarpunk Workspace


  1. 13W or greater portable solar charger for USB compatible devices (this one is 25 W)
  2. 10,000mAH external battery/usb charger (example)
  3. USB LED strip light (I like this one a LOT)

Assembly instructions:

  1. plug external battery into solar charger
  2. place charger in sunny spot.
  3. hang your strip light. These are painfully bright, so I recommend placing them somewhere facing a wall or ceiling where you won’t look directly at the LEDs. They fit great on door and window trim. They’re very light, so emovable sticky stuff like command adhesive works fine for renters. 
  4. when your battery is charged (6-8 hrs from dead to full charge), plug the light in and enjoy 4-6 hours of bright, Eco-friendly work lighting.

Additional notes: please, for the love of beautiful things, make your area as art nouveau or retro-futurist as you’d like; this is more of a technical post than an aesthetic one. Don’t let my cramped little writing desk with oddball junk on it limit your imagination.

Workshop (3D)

We had a workshop today in which we had to take photos of these ropes in different jars for Steve’s project which is to help the environment and also donate to charity. I think it’s a really good idea since it does help the environment by cleaning the beaches as well as giving money to help a marine conservation charity. Our group had to assemble this piece here. we had to arrange rope and some battery power lights in this bell dome and take some shots. Previously we photographed it with the flash lights however, we found that the flash lights were to harsh for the image and were over exposing the photo so you couldn’t see the fairy lights. the battery pack is placed just behind the dome so you can’t see it. I think the composition could’ve been better as well as the background. It would’ve been better if the backdrop was not creased it may have looked smother. I haven’t edited this a lot because I like the darkness of the photo. I think this kind of photo would’ve been better for a promotion shot if it was put on a mantlepiece or in a home with a shallow shutter speed. It would’ve made it more cosy and appealing making you want to spend the money. We used an Iso of 250, Aperture of f/5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/25; because it was a fairly dark photo it was needed to have a slow shutter speed and a large aperture. As I mentioned before we could’ve used lights but when we did it was too bright and the fairy lights weren’t shown to their full effect.I think the photo could’ve been a lot better but since we had a small time-frame this was what we got out of the small amount of time we had.

How to Preserve Your Phone's Battery

My dad is a mobile software engineer who has worked for Motorola, Blackberry and other companies and this is what he told me:

★ Charging your phone overnight is OKAY. The rumor that doing that damages your phone is a myth.

★Letting your phone die is what permanently ruins your battery.

★Having to fully charge from a very low state ruins your battery.

★When your phone reaches 20% charge it or turn it off until you can charge it.

★ Between 80%-50% battery is the best place for your phone to be daily to ensure good battery life.

Nimoy, by ScottMcCook

Dedicated to the late and great Leonard Nimoy **Best Viewed on Black** Hey Guys Long weekend here in Aus!! :) I made the trip out to the pinnacles at 1:30am this morning to capture the core rising and then onto sunrise. I had been playing with the idea of using little battery powered candles and placing them in a lantern wrapped in some white cloth, the effect is a safe natural looking light that flickers and does all sorts of cool stuff when using it :) I very slowly rotated the lantern which gave it a cool glowing orb effect and then with every shot I used the lantern to light paint the surrounding Pinnacles. This is 10 frames, ISO 2500, Exp 20", F2.8. I wanted to try and put my own spin on this type of shot and it was a really challenging shoot in all aspects, including just getting there and back without taking out a half of W.A’s Kangaroo population :) Hope you enjoy Scotty

Castiel had been following the news and weather forecasts so when the storm cut off the power in over half of the city Cas was prepared. He turned on the small lamps that worked on batteries and his place was well lit again no matter if the power was out. He had gotten some food that he could eat without needing to prepare it anyway, he had re-charged his travel chargers for his phone and he had gathered blankets on the couch since it could get chilly without the heat on. Cas looked around his apartment and felt kind of proud of himself.

Suddenly there was a knock at his door. Cas opened the door and a bright light blinded him for a second.

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¡Por fin llegue!

-¡Por fin llegue! Exclame al llegar a la recepción del departamento. Un largo día de escuela mas un difícil día de trabajo me hicieron llegar en ese estado.
¿Que mas podía hacer?, solo llegar a descansar.
Blaine no se ha comunicado, me imagino por el cansancio del viaje. Le envío un mensaje.
-Su correspondencia señor, me dice Alfred, el recepcionista. Lo tomo.
Recorro cada escalo, revidando mis pendientes. 
-¡Una carta de mi mama!, dije al leer la procedencia de la carta. Pero me detengo al ver una carta no común en mi correspondencia.
-Rose, M., decía el frente, en el reverso su dirección, unos cuartos mas que el mio. 
Aprovecho y voy a entregárselo, toco a su puerta y nada.

La Banca

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Pare el taxi justo enfrente del departamento. Me encamine con unas bolsas, las cuales llevaba una caja de galletas, unos sándwiches, jugo orgánico de manzana, unos pequeños pastelitos de chocolate con mermelada en el interior.

Me siento en la banca, afortunadamente no hacia mucho frio, por lo que la espera no era tan fría. Le envío un mensaje a Marley esperando su llegada

Mi lista de canciones.

Salgo del teatro.
Hago una llamada al trabaja para justificar mi ausencia. -¡Listo!
Camino para ir a mi departamento, pero me detengo al estar al pie del subterráneo  -Blaine, susurre a mi.

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Tome la primera ruta hacia Battery, el vagón lucia solo. Vació.
Saco mis auriculares, reproduzco mi lista de canciones.

why, why? 
Tell ‘em that is human nature 
Why, why does he do me that way? 
If they say, why, why? 
Tell 'em that is human nature.


Caminar ya me había agotado

Sabia que era tarde, las calles abundaban de personas que se encaminaba apresuradas a su hogar, su casa.

Hoy me sentía "diferente", no sabia por que, creo que la razón reside en el hecho de que había caído en la rutina.
Algo extrañaba mi cuerpo. Algo que se fue y no se si regresara.
Las luces de la avenida Battery me llevaban a otro mundo, un mundo en el cual yo, yo corría en un escenario inmenso, cantando, actuando. Caminar ya me había agotado, miro enfrente de mi un Starbuck*, dudo en ir al lugar.

Después de unos minutos, pido un refrescante chocolate. Suspiro, llego a un asiento publico de la parada de autobuses, me siento y espero a que los minutos transcurran para aventurarme a cruzar la calle, que me separa unas cuadras de mi departamento.

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[open] android!Sam

It was the year 2201. The world still existed. The planet was only slightly overpopulated. And robots were starting to be developed to help humans in their daily lives. SAM-001 was the first of his kind. His real name was Sentient Android Machine - 001, but he was affectionately called ‘Sam’ around the lab. He was the product of the best artificial intelligence programs, the most advanced prosthetics available, a 1000 terabyte memory, and a personality engine. For all intents and purposes, he had a human consciousness. He even looked human if you could ignore the circuits that spread on his skin from the where his battery should be placed.

Today he was scheduled to be turned on for the first time. After years of work, the world could see if an artificial human was possible. SAM-001 was laying on a metal table, the battery right next to him, waiting to be inserted into his chest.

My tablet pen no longer works because the screw part of the pen is chipped in various places- which is what holds the battery in place. As many of you might guess- I kind of need that for my profession.

I’m in the middle of working on some commissions I have due, but I can’t finish them without my tablet pen

Help an artist out and donate, pls?
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My pen is for the Yiynova MVP10U and its $40- It’s also in my wishlist and it says $50 purely to cover shipping, but it will still take 3-5 business days to get here.