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HC were Maria likes cryptids and aliens and space. She also has alien pj’s (probably from Eliza)

Gryffindor: Even though Slytherin is really badass, I think she’s afraid of death.
Hufflepuff: Please… The only death she’s afraid of is her phone's battery.

Spirit in the House - Chap 7/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,937

Warnings: Mention of Cheating, Mention of Death, Language

A/N: Hope you’ll like this one :) Anyway, enter Maria…

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Originally posted by marshthemallows

You sat cross-legged on the sofa while Bucky was fixing himself up. He told your best friend he could see your spirit and ended up with a split lip.

“You’re not doing it right.”

“Really?” Bucky replied with a sigh and turned to you, a painful smirk on his face. “Wanna do it for me?”

“I would if I could… you know, hold things.”

He laughed silently and continued dabbing at the skin around his wound with a disinfectant-soaked cotton. You leaned closer to him and looked into the mirror.

“It won’t heal well if you don’t put it on your lip.”

He whined, still avoiding the wound. “But it hurts.”

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the-last-alicorn  asked:

Kamen Rider has a long history of snubbing female Riders, and female Rider candidates. In your opinion, which was the MOST snubbed?

Kiriko Shijima from Kamen Rider Drive.

Seriously, I thought long and hard about this one and I cannot think of any good reason why she wasn’t a Rider in the series.

Come on, her boyfriend was a Rider!

Her brother was a Rider!

Even her second, battery operated boyfriend and boyfriend to her Brother was a Rider!

And the one time, the ONE time she tried to henshin…

IT FAILED!  Come on, give the girl a break.  She’s a better cop than Shinousuke, more reliable than Go and the one who taught Chase how to trust humanity!  If anyone deserved to be a Rider, it was Kiriko!

What did she get instead?  An admittedly pretty kick ass pair of shoes that gave her fantastically explosive kicking power.

That she used all of, maybe, TWICE before she got pushed to the back of the narrative and left there for the rest of the series so her boyfriends and brother could take center stage. 

Fly me to the Moon

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A/N: Shamelessly saw some really inspiring art. Decided to write it. Probably only a three-four part fluff.

Summary: Rainbow drags Johan to New York for a thing. Johan finds out New York is pretty neat after all. 

WordCount: 3855
Warnings: None that I know of 

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My girlfriend just gave me the best present ever. 

I will cosplay her eventually one day ! 

wig and paint is already on it’s way… also my Mercy stuff too !

As for Mercy :

Fabric is already here, but im waiting for my corsage and i can start her breastplate at the end of the month !


Not Subtle

Also on AO3
This directly follows “Short Leash” and precedes “Staffing Issues

“I’m so sorry,” Marinette said, repeating herself for the eighth or ninth time as they descended her ladder.  He’d lost count.  "I really should have charged my camera over night.“

"It’s okay, really,” he insisted.  Today’s photo shoot, featuring the Date Suit for all genders, was a bust when her battery died a few photos in.  It was a sunny day, so they’d gone to a rooftop a few blocks away.  "These things happen.“  She didn’t know the half of it, and unfortunately, he couldn’t tell her.

She sighed, hanging her jacket back up.  "I just feel like I should be more respectful of your time, Chat.  You don’t get a lot of daylight free time for this, and we’ve seen what my camera does for night shoots.”

He chuckled.  Their first attempt at this process had yielded washed out Chat Noir with freaky glowing eyes and insufficient detail on the clothes.  "I have some ideas to deal with that.“  He shrugged.  "Honestly, it was nice to get away from my life for a while today.  And like I said earlier, I enjoy spending time with you.”

“Even when Maman is being nosy and embarrassing?’ she asked.

He grinned.  "Even then.  It’s nice she cares about you.”

Marinette fixed him with an intent stare and he wondered what he’d done wrong.  "Doesn’t your family care about you?“  She knew his father was overbearing, but that was it.

"My mom’s been gone for years, presumed dead,” he said quietly.  "My father is as cuddly as a velociraptor, and I’m pretty sure I’m just an asset to him.“

She looked furious.  "I want to punch your father.”

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Happy Birthday Hollie!

So you know you’re REALLY special when someone who never - ever - makes a post, or finishes any kind of writing and prefers to stick to behind-the-scenes beta-ing goes full out and does a one shot for you!

I know it’s not on YOUR level, but in my defense, i didn’t have a beta as good as you do ;) I hope you enjoy it!! @the-captains-ayebrows

Birthday Fic based on this prompt;

“I’m on a date at a hockey game and my date is being a douche. Now we’re on the kiss cam, but hes on his phone, so i’m just going to kiss you instead, okay?” 

and this post;

“Great!” Emma huffed, as she slammed her battery depleted phone down onto her thigh. The impact made her skin sting under her jeans. Taking a deep breath, she rolled her eyes at the fact that – apparently - iPhone batteries don’t do so well in near-frigid temperatures. The motion caused her to catch a glimpse of Neal to her right. In his worn jersey puffed up atop layers of thermal clothing and backwards baseball cap, perched on the edge of the hard, cold, plastic arena seat he was every bit the Hockey Fan she decidedly was not.

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The babysitter incident

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester Jessica Moore

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Part 1 off a cop AU I haven’t named yet

Summary: You are babysitting your friend´s daughter when someone breaks into the house. Good for you the older brother of your friend is a cop.

Warnings:a lot of angst Fluff someone breaking into a house

Wordcount: around 1750

AN: My entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing´s kari´s favorit things challenge

Originally posted by stetsonsalvatore

You knew Sam from college. You both had met when your roommate Jessica had first introduced you to her new friend. you had known from the start that the two of them were meant for each other so it hadn´t been a suprise when the two had started datng or when they moved into their own apartment half a year later.

After college Sam had become a sucessful lawyer while you had started teaching Enflish and Math at a High school. You had stayed in touch but you for the most part had lived in a different part of the country. It hadn´t been untl two months ago that you had moved into the same neighborhood as Sam and Jesica who were now engaged and had their first child. A beautiful daughter named Emily that was six months old. You loved the little bundel of joy and it had steered a deep desire within yourself to have kids yourself. If you ever found a partner that is.

Tonight you had volunteered to watch over Emily while her parents went on a date night. They had been reluctant first but you had convinced them that you had everything under control and that you would call them if anything went wrong. Besides what could hapen in one evening, right?

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anonymous asked:

Apparently my boss gets harassed by this dude that's been convicted of child molestation in the 90s and recently, sexual assault and battery. He tells her in a forceful manner that she needs to call him on the phone after work. Recently one of my managers recieved a call from a man saying I need to call him. So when I asked my boss who that dude's name was, it's the same sex offender that harassed her. God help me.

“Her Son’s Smile” - Digital Oil Painting

I thought this might be an appropriate post for Mother’s Day 2017, a son smiling for his mother. Especially since Gideon’s had little to smile about, Belle probably considers her son’s smiles to be very special. And he’s just so cute!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift and new battery.

drabble; tank

drabble; pg-13 (nsff- not safe for feels); heavy angst; msr; the truth AU; all the fish that have died under Scully’s care.

AN: I… am so sorry. I hurt my own feelings.

AN: not happy. cw character death.


All of Them

Every single last one, eventually. But that’s just how fish are. She likes to think she tried her best.

The Bloodfin Tetra

There are pets that just won’t die. Melissa had a Chinese dwarf hamster for three straight years that showed no sign of kicking it anytime soon until it met the teeth of Nautilus, the clumsy Labrador.

The bloodfin tetra is a lot like that. Scully’s known this fish as long as she has known Mulder – they are peaceful, and they are gentle. They cling to their brothers and sisters in clusters and schools and lifelong pacts, but Mulder’s only ever had the one.

They never die.

When it does die (because of course they die), Scully has to convince herself it’s not her fault. Ten years. Ten years, that is a good run for a little fish, certainly more than it ever wanted. It’s horrible of her. Unhygienic. Bad form for a pet owner. But she lets it float at the top of the tank for a few days before scooping it out. It’s the work and the grading and the nonstop autopsies and the continuous denial of her requests to transfer back into field. It’s Skinner’s hard eyes with the soft spot in the middle and Doggett’s hesitance to say a damn thing. Monica who looks at her like she’s still a person. It’s the physical exertion of ignoring your own mother and your friends and the needs of your body and soul.

She’s lightheaded when she pulls the fish out with her bare hands and lets the water spill out on the carpet. The carcass is slimy and clever between her fingers, and she strokes her thumb over it without thinking, over silver-red scales over a long body over two dead eyes.

When he came back to a dead molly he sounded miserable. What would he think now? It’s eyes bore a hole in her head. He had looked into her eyes, too, begged her silently not to look away as she pressed her face and body to the glass. As she looked she had to convince herself it wasn’t his fault. And as the little body of the fish goes in circles goes in circles goes in circles, she remains unconvinced.

Black Molly #2

It’s a fish made for troubled waters – make it brackish salt or fresh and you’ve made it a home. It never takes the first strike. Scully likes it more than the others with its black scales and Mohawk fins.

He replaces it the day after he touches her for the first time after his vacation six-feet-under: his hesitant caress to her swollen belly an apology to her, the brand new molly his promise to sit down stay awhile this time.

She goes too quickly. Just bad luck. Just a bad breeder. This is not the death of hope, Scully tells herself and the little body floating in a solo cup. Doggett, Reyes and Skinner have just left her apartment after telling her there might be another way, this might not be the end. There might still be a chance. Maybe we can break him out.

This is not the death of hope.

The Swordtail

Gorgeous orange the color she wants people to believe is her true red and bug-eyed and prone to spawning. Fox Mulder’s absolute favorite. Every one he’s ever owned had been named Lucy.

This one doesn’t die before it’s time. The swordtail is a hardy fish whose only purpose is to get busy make love and multiply.

The babies take her by surprise. Mulder hadn’t told her any were pregnant when he got the tank set up their second (final) night with William. I’m probably going to be here more often, he told her instead. Now that I’m unemployed you have to make me a kept man. When Deputy Director Kersh came baring lifeless congratulations and world-ending news, Mulder sat in front of the tank with the baby in his lap and no expression on his face and told her, tonelessly, the names of each fish and a random factoid and instructions on taking care of them.

So when she passes the tank one morning, their son mouthing at her hair from his spot on her hip, a cup of coffee steaming in her free hand, the starburst of white and orange floating all throughout the tank gives her pause. She coos – look, William, look at the babies, and he taps the glass with an oafish fist. Look at all the babies.

She returns from work and only the adults remain. They swim cautious circles around each other, brushing past trembling weed.

Black Molly #1

It’s not really her fault, because if everyone just left it alone and stayed out of his things and let her do what she needed to do everything would be alright. That’s the story of her life.

Really, there should be only one person feeding the damn fish. Or two. One person to drop by while the other chases a lead or visits his mother’s grave or gets loaned out for profiling while unapologetically eating up her cell phone battery. But it’s just her right now until he comes back, because he will, and John Doggett needs to back off and Skinner needs to stop hovering.

“You don’t need to do this all by yourself,” Agent Doggett tells her. He says it like he knows he probably shouldn’t, poising the shaker over the aquarium. Because she does. The black molly is so plump it hovers instead of floats because you can’t trust three damn agents of the FBI to keep a goldfish alive.

Both Doggett and Skinner watch her when she flushes it down the toilet. She pays all the utilities, too. They watch her and they don’t come back to feed the fish.

The Khuni Loach

The khuni loach is a bottom feeder, sleek and striped and eel-like, and it cleans the tank so Fox Mulder doesn’t have to. In her opinion.

His aquarium confuses her, but he is an illustrious puzzle of a man, so the confusion itself isn’t confounding. She feeds the fish and threatens any intruders with her gun.

Where does he find the time? Who normally feeds the fish when they’re out on some old forgotten road, arguing about ghost orbs and picking out the gross stuff in each other’s sandwiches as the other one drives? Does he have a girlfriend? She snoops. Marty? Really, Mulder? No girlfriend then. One of his long-coated daddy-figure informants?

Well this time it’s her feeding the fish, and she forgets to call for relief when she’s fleeing armored cars in Puerto Rico. It just doesn’t seem so important.

He tells her about the ill-fated khuni loach on a park bench, as they overlook an empty fountain and he methodically feeds her sunflower seeds from the pocket of his trench coat.

“My khuni loach died,” he mentions casually. He says it with less emotion than his complaints about backstabbing call girls and a ‘disgustingly rich motherfucker’ yelling at his personal doctor about a severe hemorrhoidal condition. In fact she’s never seen him get so heated over something as wiretapping duty.

She tilts her head in curiosity, and he amends: “The eel thing.”

She feels at once very guilty and very defensive. You can’t save a man’s life and feed his fish at the same time. But they must really mean something if he goes through all the trouble to have them…

“I’m sorry,” she offers kindly, reaching over to clasp his shoulder. “I know how much you care for them.”

Mulder looks down at his shoulder with an inscrutable little smile and shakes her off of him. “It’s nothing,” he says. He grabs her fallen hand and pours more seeds into the palm. “I’ll get another one.”