battery back up

Be prepared.

Being prepared is such an important habit to get into.

So maybe you get an amazing opportunity that you’ve been waiting for, but then you may not be able to take advantage of it because you weren’t prepared for it. 

I am generally prepared, but every once in awhile I really drop the ball and I’m caught completely unprepared and it really sucks.

Waiting for an interview? Have all your interview stuff clean and ironed.

Waiting for a call? Have your phone charged and have a back up battery with you. Have your voicemail set up and make sure it’s professional.

Travel coming up? Have all your documents in one place and ready. Have a packing list.

Know you won’t be online for a few days? Have a tumblr queue set up. lololol we all know this is where I drop the ball.

In June 1980, 38-year-old Robert Davidson was driving his motorcycle down the I-74 in Acton, Indiana, when an unexpected storm rolled him. Unable to see due to the extremely heavy rain, Davidson pulled over at the side of the road. Almost immediately, he was struck down by lightening. A witness called 911 but by the time they arrived, it was already too late - Davidson wasn’t breathing. Paramedic Kim Cobb said, “When I got there and saw this man, where the lightning struck it was actually smoldering.  It looked like steam was coming out of his wound.” Bizarrely, the ambulance suddenly lost power; even the back up battery appeared to have died. As if this wasn’t strange enough, a woman wearing a long black dress that looked to be from the Victorian era, appeared from the crowd that had gathered around the commotion, proclaiming that she had to touch Davidson to bring him back to life. She knelt down beside him, placed her hand on his chest, and began to recite verses from the Bible before speaking in tongues. Randy Neibert, one of the paramedics on the scene, noticed that even though it was raining very heavily, the woman appeared to be bone dry. The woman then departed back to the crowd from which she appeared and into obscurity forever. Miraculously, Davidson then began to breathe and the power in the ambulance came back. When Davidson awoke from his coma, he had no recollection of the accident or the woman in black. Many people who witnessed the bizarre event believe that something otherworldly had taken place. Oddly enough, there was a vacant meadow near the accident site that was once Acton Campground, a 19th Century Methodist spiritual retreat. Many people believe the mysterious woman had been a member whose spirit now resides in the surrounding area.

anonymous asked:

How is your pokemon catching going? Is the hype really big in Korea?

I’m still in deep, despite having no free time to really play anymore, other than my morning bus rides. 

I feel like the hype was really short-lived here, sadly. The first few weeks, you would see so many people outside with their phones and back-up batteries, playing in the freezing cold, but now I rarely run into other players. :|

Tropical Storm headcanons because Erika (with a K) is raining hard and thundering super loud right now

Jay is actually the one who stocks up on all the supplies as soon as hurricane season starts, and he regularly checks on them to make sure everything is in date and stuff

Carlos has far too many battery packs and back up generators because it would SUCK if he lost power 

Dude doesn’t like thunder, so Carlos has to make sure to comfort him

Mal and Evie just build a blanket fort and watch movies and drink hot chocolate until the storm passes. So long as what’s important to them isn’t in immediate danger, they don’t really think about it.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have weather alerts on their phones, though.

Ben has to be on King Duty because the people’s welfare is his number one concern, but whenever he gets any time, he’s texting Mal and she fills him in on what show or movie they’re watching, and as soon as he can, he speeds off to their room so he can hang out with them.


miyuki/nori battery appreciation ☆ヾ(*´▽`)ノ