Full Moon Spoons
  • Spoon Level you choose
  • Time To Complete up to you

The full moon is a great time to gather up some extra energy to use later when you need it.  For this super easy spell I’ve listed some basics, but you can adapt and change it to your own needs as you so choose.

You will need:

  • an object (a spoon, crystal, a rock, pendant, favorite necklace…)
  • yourself
  • the full moon
    • optional; moon water, storm water, salt water, etc
    • optional; herbs you like
    • optional: a black or white cloth (up to your personal pref)
    • optional: a charging board

  1. Go to a place where you can see the full moon.  A window will work, or you can go out into your yard, an enclosed porch, your deck, whatever.  If you can’t make it outside, just use visualization techniques in place of this.
  2. Take your object out.  If you want/have a cloth, lay it down and put your object on it.  Alternatively, just use the palm of your hand.  Let the object sit in the moonlight for a few moments while you center yourself.
  3. Cleanse the object.  You can do this however you like; washing it with moon or storm water, running it through candle smoke or incense, visually cleansing it, placing it atop a cleansing sigil, drawing an invisible sigil over it, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Start to charge your object.  Sprinkle it with herbs if you like.  Surround it with crystal chips or a grid if that’s your thing.  Use a charging board.
  5. Imagine a thin, silver spider thread of energy going from the moon and ending at your object.  The moon will charge your object, the object will store this extra energy for you to use.  You can say a prayer, an affirmation, or do a vocal spell during this part if you so choose.
  6. Leave your object in the moonlight for a while.  You can sit and meditate for a few minutes if you want, or leave it outside or on the windowsill overnight.  Whatever works for you.
  7. Return that thread to the moon.  Disconnect it gently, and imagine it slowly fading away.  Thank the moon for its blessing and energy, please.

When you’re finished, take your object and put it somewhere safe.  I like to wrap mine in a piece of white or black cloth to ward off anything that might try to siphon energy from it, so it’s still there when I absolutely need it.  

You can charge more than one item during each full moon if you wish, but try to remember to dedicate the same amount of time/energy to each of them or you may end up with some stronger and weaker ‘batteries.’

When you need the energy, take out the object and connect your energy to it, using the thread technique or whatever other one you like.  Siphon off a little bit at a time until you feel better.  Make a reminder to charge the object during the next full moon after you use it. 

As always, best of luck, my fellow spoonies.  <3

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