The battered women’s movement has relied heavily on the criminal justice system to protect women from male violence, but this has had negative consequences for many women of color and their communities who have historically been more harmed than protected by the system. Women of color activists call for both the battered women’s movement and the prison abolition movement to join together to stop violence against women who are “victimized by both interpersonal and state violence” (Incite, 2002; Rodriguez, 2000-2001, p.17).

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Okay, I had to share this because I feel like you might appreciate it, but like obviously I see your icon all the time, and I swear to god, I realize it's chris evans, but somehow my brain also assumed that it was you... like my brain was like oh, yeah that's Captain America username beardysteve, and honestly I'm not even surprised at this point because I once read the direction "hand mix" in a recipe and literally stuck my hand in a bowl of cupcake batter to mix it.

I M LEGIT CRYING FROM L AUGHTER???? this is amazing. hello yes it is i, the real live cap. it is me.

bless your heart, dear.

Mun: Just a PSA about Batter. He is not gay, nor is he straight. Batter simply dates who he dates and doesn’t care about genders. Do you have a vagina? If he likes you, he’ll date you. A penis? Sign him up if he likes you. Batter has dated males and females as well as non-binary and genderfluid people. When he loves someone, he doesn’t look at the outsides. He goes for your heart, not your genitals.

Bruised and Battered: Louis and Phoebus

Fuck but he hurt. 

Maybe starting a fight with Briar wasn’t the smartest thing he’d ever done. Nor was trying to stand and stumble back to the common room rather than the nurses office- it wasn’t as though he’d admit he was fighting, that’d just get him and Briar both in trouble and he couldn’t risk being sat out for the next game even if it would be satisfying for Briar to have to sit out himself- after getting the shit beat out of him, but that was what happened. 

Thank fuck for Cygnus. The boy had helped most of the worst damage, and Louis had been able to get to the common room still looking some of a mess, but loads better than he’d been found. He owed that boy something big. Too bad all his funds were currently spread around the castle covering debts. He’d pay him back later. 

So for now, he lay stretched out on the common room couch, bitching about hurting to no one, as anyone with half a brain and a working ear had gone off to dinner to A. eat and B. get away from Louis’ bitching.