Here’s everybody’s favorite baseball-playing duckodile!! 🖤 I’ve wanted to draw my interpretation of Bad!Batter for a while now, and I finally got around to doing it!! Since my Batter is absolutely covered in freckles, I figured his Bad form would have freckles as well, kind of like a spotted crocodile!! Also the whole trend of just slapping a duckodile head and monster yaoi hands on a humanoid body was getting kind of boring for me, so I gave him more animalistic features, like the hind legs and whatnot!! ^w^

❤ Commission Info:

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I just want to make them dance. lol

1. Wilson & Willow (from Don’t Starve)

2. Zacharie and Sugar (from OFF)

3. Frisk Chara (from Undertale)

4. the batter and the queen (from OFF)

5. Frisk and Elsen (from Undertale and OFF)

6. Frisk and Elsen #2

7. Webber and Muffet (from Don’t Starve and Undertale)

8. Sans and Frisk (from Undertale)