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I Heart You

Betty stole Jughead’s groceries which somehow leads to them failing at baking together. (Based on recent Sprousehart activity). 
Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: I nearly wrote Cole/Lili instead of Jughead/Betty so many times good lord. Guys this PR is getting too much. Anyway, thanks for reading! xD 

“Wow, Jughead, did you really buy lettuce?” Archie asked, pulling out the whole lettuce that Jughead had brought back from the grocery store. Apparently going shopping with Betty meant bringing back stuff that actually needed cooking and wasn’t just microwave pizza. Jughead groaned, looking at the lettuce disdainfully.

“Betty said I needed to eat healthy. Something about never seeing me eat anything but burgers and onion rings,” he replied and Archie laughed.

“Well I’m glad you’re dating her, man. I mean, look at all this stuff!” Archie exclaimed, overturning the rest of the contents onto their dining table. Out fell beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, onions, chicken, and slim milk. “You’d think we’d need to feed an army or something. Also, slim milk? I didn’t realise you were watching your weight, Jug,” Archie said, chuckling. Jughead rolled his eyes and picked up the milk.

“This is for her – not us. I’ll run down and give it to her,” he said, exiting their flat. Once outside, he thought about the contents on the table and smiled for a moment before shaking his head and going down to where Betty lived with Veronica. The latter was out of town for the weekend. Something about her dad. At this point, Jughead had taught himself to tune out whenever Veronica mentioned her father.

Out of habit, he opened the door without knocking and heard something crash in the kitchen.

“Betty?” He called out, uncertainty and worry colouring his tone. There was complete silence for a few moments before she responded.


“You okay?” He began walking towards the kitchen. Hardly had he taken two steps in its direction when a flour-covered Betty Cooper came running out, apron undone and flapping around her as she bounded toward him.

“Don’t go there!” She screamed and collided with him. The milk fell, split open, and spilled all over the floor. Betty looked at it and her face crumpled with embarrassment and anxiety. “Veronica’s going to kill me. We just had the floors redone.”

“Didn’t you move in last week?”

“Yeah turns out her dad is super generous,” she said, rolling her eyes and going back into the kitchen. Ignoring her instruction, Jughead followed.

To say that the kitchen was a mess would have been an understatement.

It was as if Betty had single-handedly recreated the party she had thrown at Archie’s house all those years ago. Except the spilled alcohol was replaced with spilled flour and broken eggshells. Betty grabbed the washcloth and turned around to find Jughead staring at her in disbelief. Her cheeks heated up with an even deeper embarrassment as she waited for his reaction. To her surprise and relief, Jughead began laughing.

“What the fuck happened here?” He managed to choke out in between guffaws.

“I was trying to bake a cake. Apparently, I’m not very good at literally anything in the culinary area. I was going to bake a cake and bring it up for you because of how hard you tried to get me to eat healthy. Sort of like a “suck it!” moment. But then,” she hesitated and motioned to the mess in the kitchen, “this happened.”

“You wanted to bake a cake?” He asked, incredulity evident in his voice. Betty nodded mutely, waiting for the sarcastic quip that usually followed such questions. Instead, surprising her again, he walked over to the hooks where the aprons hung and, taking Veronica’s apron, put it.

“Well, then. Shall we begin baking the cake, Betty Cooper?”

Turned out baking with Jughead was a lot more fun. Unfortunately, a lot more fun also meant that it took a lot longer than it would have otherwise. It meant batter on each other’s noses. Trying to sneak batter behind each other’s backs. Throwing eggs at each other (and wasting four perfectly good eggs in the process) and eating whipped cream straight out of the can.

Finally the cake was in the oven and so the couple disappeared into the bedroom to have a different kind of fun while the cake baked.

The timer rang and Betty and Jughead came back into the kitchen, taking out the cake. Eagerly, Betty poked a toothpick into it… only to discover it was still raw in the centre.

“What the hell?” She said, staring at the runny centre in disbelief. Jughead’s face fell. Clearly they had both seriously believed that this was going to be a success.

“What do we go now?” Jughead asked, taking his turn at examining the batter-covered toothpick.

“I don’t know… Google it?” She said, looking at him unsurely. He nodded and she grabbed her phone, typing in:

middle of cake not cooking.

“Apparently we just need to stick it in the oven for longer,” she said, skimming the first result she got. Jughead nodded and put the cake back in the oven. Once again, they disappeared into Betty’s bedroom. After all, it was rare that Veronica left them alone.

When they returned to the kitchen and Jughead said, “Okay, now we need to talk about you switching the grocery bags. You can’t do this every time we buy groceries, Betty – I’m starting to lose my reputation as the most unhealthy one in the group.”

“Okay but Juggie you had marshmallows in your bag!”

“Do you truly believe that I wouldn’t want to give my marshmallows to you? To the woman I love? Betty, I would give you the entire packet. I just need to be the one who owns it.”

“Sounds like a pile of fragile masculinity BS to me,” she replied shrugging and Jughead rolled his eyes, yet unable to hold back a smile. It had only taken a week for Betty to be this relaxed. A week away from her family and already her ponytail was becoming looser. He was about to respond to this when they smelled burning.

“What’s – oh fuck!” Betty whipped open the oven and smoke billowed out. Coughing, she waved her hand in front of her face and reached in to take out the cake. The top was black – completely burnt. It had gone down the sides to some extent too, taking away nearly a fourth of the cake.

“Betty, I’m so sorry,” he said, shaking his head at this tragic sight. Betty didn’t say anything. She simply stared at the cake for a while. Then, just as Jughead was going to propose saying some words before throwing it in the trash, Betty announced, “I can salvage it.”

“If you say so,” he replied, smiling at her enthusiasm at knowing how to save the cake. She disappeared to the other side of the kitchen for a few moments, only returning to take the icing. Jughead tried to sneak up on her a few times to see what she was doing but everytime, without so much as a glance in his direction, Betty would say his name in a warning I-know-what-you’re-doing tone and he would guiltily skulk away to his side of the kitchen.

Twelve minutes later, Betty announced, “Okay – it’s done!”

“Brilliant. What is?” He asked and she rolled her eyes, smiling at him and bringing the cake back. If you could still consider it a cake. It was more like a cookie made out of cake batter at this point. The surface was completely flat and Jughead was sure that there were fingers fatter than the thickness of the cake. But somehow, this was all okay because of the orange icing on the cake which read:


“You… heart me?” Jughead asked, a smile playing along his lips.

“Mhm. Yeah – that’s exactly what it says. I swear, Jughead, sometimes I wonder why I even do things for you.”

“I think I know why,” he said, his smile widening.


“Because, Betty Cooper, you heart me,” he said and started laughing. Betty rolled her eyes but couldn’t hold back a smile.

“I guess you’re right. But, let’s be clear, you heart me, too.”

“How could I not?” He said and kissed her. Betty took this opportunity to take some frosting off the cake and, when they pulled apart, she put a large dollop on the tip of his nose, giggling. Jughead retaliated with his own finger of frosting.

Both were careful not to touch the heart and so, by the end of it, all the cake had was a on it.

Remedy (15) THE END

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smut, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

A/N: This is it. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it. Thank you guys for all the comments on this! And if you’re sad that this is over; we still have Reprogramming, which will be revisited sometime! x

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She still submits to me on occasion; willingly or maybe out of habit, her nature, I suppose. Not what she always was, but the way they made her. Lately I’ve been feeling particularly cross with Hydra. And by cross, I mean I want to fucking rip their collective heads off and shove them up their collective asses, and do the same with the two heads that’ll take the place of the first I rip off. This, because the better she’s doing, the more the horrifying things they’ve done to her show. She’s getting more spontaneous, witty, brave as well. She goes up against me if she feels like it, if only to play around but also when she means to push her own way instead of leaning with mine. I love her for it, I love hearing her say what she wants, I love the way her eyes shine with defiance and her jaw sets decisively. It also never fails to turn me on.

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The Bathtub Blues

Warm, soapy water rippled beneath bubbly peaks and valleys, and music rang through the bathroom drowning out the world. All that existed was this much needed bath. Soothing fragrant soaps and the booming bass of a good playlist. It was only the comfort of these small waves that jostled with every small movement, and it was only thoughts running in tune with the faucet. And all that existed was Keith and his broken heart.

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Future Bawson au: it's the final pitch for the World Series and Ginny has so much on her mind, yet somehow winning that ring doesn't seem to be as net wracking as figuring out a way to tell her catcher he's going to be papa; and it still amazes her that Evelyn's managed to keep her secret even from Blip.

Oh geez. I just got done writing a fic with the World Series in it (which will be out sometime in the nearish future?) but I’m still having a lot of feelings about Mike Lawson and Ginny Baker, World Series Champions and soulmates, so that’s why this turned into more of a fic than an AU synopsis/blurb like i’ve been doing.

Ginny couldn’t say whether she wanted to puke from nerves or morning sickness, which Evelyn had told her wasn’t kind enough to restrict itself to the mornings. Still, it was one thing to be told and another to experience

As she made her way out to the mound from the bullpen, Blip offering her a salute as she jogged by, Ginny couldn’t help but think that being asked to make only her fourth career appearance as a reliever for the save in the most important game of her life probably trumped the embryo currently incubating inside her. Then again, she’d never bothered to pay much attention in Human Bio. 

She managed to climb the hill without hurling chunks, which was great, but the sight of her catcher crouching behind the plate for her warm ups made her reassess just how settled her stomach was. Mike’s eyes on her were focused, intense, and completely unsuspecting of the microscopic bundle of cells that he was half responsible for. God, how was she going to tell him?

All through her eight warm up pitches, intrusive, unhelpful thoughts swirl through Ginny’s head. What if Mike wasn’t happy when she finally told him about the three pregnancy tests sitting in a ziploc bag in her suitcase? What if she let the runner behind her back, standing on second and chatting easily with Melky, score and tie up the game? What is she gave up a homer and lost the Padres their first bid at a World Series title? What if she vomited here and now? What if she actually did it and the guys tried to tackle her in celebration? What if she hit the ground too hard? What if, what if, what if?

Suddenly, the eighth pitch was out of her hand and in Mike’s glove. Rather than toss it back, he trotted out to her to hand it over and go over a strategy. 

“One out, that’s all you need,” he said, like she wasn’t perfectly aware of where the game stood. Padres up by one run, two outs, the tying run on second.

Still, Ginny nodded back, holding out her glove for him to hand over the ball. 

He didn’t though, just eyeing her as intensely as ever, but a little suspiciously, too. “You good, Baker?”

She remembered how he’d said nearly the same thing after the first time they’d fallen into bed. She remembered how she’d felt loose and boneless, Mike’s big hand sprawled in the small of her back. She remembered how his lips brushed against the curve of her shoulder as he murmured, “You good, Gin?” soft and tender and just about everything she’d ever wanted from him but hadn’t expected.

A few hard blinks knocked her out of the memory. She wasn’t out of it enough to press her hand to her stomach or even hint at her news here. Not with a million cameras trained on them and pundits speculating on what they were talking about. 

Instead, she nodded back, sharp and assured this time, and echoed her own response. 

“We’re good.”

Mike’s chin tipped down to mark his acceptance. 

The sight filled her with confidence, so before he went, she said, “When I do this thing, make sure you’re the first one back out here, okay?” She didn’t explain further, but it wasn’t like Mike needed her to. It wasn’t often she made demands of him after all, and he hated letting her down.

“You’re delusional if you think I’d let anyone else get here before me,” he drawled, backing down the slope to get back to the plate.

From there, it was business as usual. 

And when, as usual, her screwball put the batter away and the stadium erupted in cheers, Ginny didn’t bother looking away from the man barreling towards her, his mask forgotten on the ground and arms spread wide for her. It was a relief finally letting herself be caught up in them, Mike hoisting her high in triumph.

As good as winning felt, and dear God did it feel amazing, the awestruck look on Mike’s face when he finally let her down long enough to tell him their news was almost better.

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Hamburr with 12 “What are you thinking about?”

12. What are you thinking about?

Aaron feels like the odd one out as he steps across the sand to the bonfire. The party’s raging already, voices loud and raucous over the crackle of the fire and crash of the waves. Aaron wonders, for the tenth or hundredth time, if he was invited by mistake, because he was never particularly close to this cohort, and he should probably - no, definitely - turn back, when –

“Aaron! Hey, Aaron!”

Eliza has him in her crosshairs, and she gallops forward across the sand to greet him with a hug made all more enthusiastic by the several beers she’s no doubt already consumed.

“You made it!” she says, then drops her voice, conspiratorial, “Maria owes me $10. She said you’d ignore the invite.”

Aaron’s not sure how to take that, so he smiles tightly, instead. Eliza leads him to the bonfire, then turns toward the blue and battered cooler.

“What do you want? There’s beer - Bud, and some craft stuff Gil brought -  wine, these disgusting fruity things my girlfriend insists on, soda if you’re not a drinker –”

“Beer’s fine. The craft stuff, if it’s okay.”

She hands him the bottle, and he takes a long swig. The beer is hoppy and bitter and Aaron has to struggle not to make a face. He sits down on an overturned bucket, trying to put names to the quasi-familiar faces, and keeps drinking.

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“Date Me....Please?” Pt 2

Plot: You’re a nurse at Seoul National University Hospital who meets an injured Taehyung (Series)
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Word Count: 1.9k
Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Romance

*Author’s POV*

The ride back to your apartment was soaked in laughter. Bang PD and Taehyung’s personal manager warmed up to you very quickly, frequently thanking you for helping Taehyung. Within minutes you reached the underground parking lot of your apartment complex, were you could spot a figure leaning against your car. Stepping out of the van after thanking Bang PD for dropping you off, you walk briskly to your car, eager to check if he really made it there scratch free like he said. Stopping in front of him you do a quick visual scan. ’ He seems okay. Thank God.’ you thought to yourself as you slightly bow in his direction.  

“Thank you, for doing this. You really didn’t have to, although if you didn’t I probably would have ended up either really bruised and battered or being raped viciously by fan girls” he stated formally, slightly chuckling coming to the end of his sentence, but something in the way his eyes slightly twitched, told me that even though he tried to laugh it off, it was actually possible. Shaking your head, you smiled gently, raising your head to maintain eye contact.

“What are you thanking me for? I volunteered, I wanted to do this for you, so there’s no need to thank me.” You responded, reassuringly. He smiled in reply, a slight blush gracing his cheeks. When you politely offered to check him for any injuries, he just laughed it off, telling you that he’s fine. While listening to him talk about his escape you suddenly look back, you remember that Bang PD and his manager were both waiting for him so they could leave.  

“I think you should go, they’re all waiting for you to head back.” You said, cutting his sentence. His eyes widened at your proclamation. Sirens went off in your head when you realized your probably sounded like you didn’t want to talk to him. “Not that I don’t like talking to you, you’re great,” you blushed at your confession “ just, they’ve been waiting all this time to take you back.” You finished your rant, maintaining eye contact with him. Although his face was blank, his eyes shined with amusement and hidden mischief.  

“It’s okay, I get that you think I’m boring and want me to leave” he said teasingly, his body finally shifting off of your car as he heads for the van. You mouth hangs open as he walks towards the van with a broad smirk on his mouth. As you open your mouth to yell that he’s wrong, he turns around abruptly, chuckling at your stance.  

“I’m just teasing” he spoke, sticking his tongue out before turning and entering the van. The van quickly pulls out of the underground parking lot, leaving you stuck in that position. With a shake of your head, you chuckle and head up to your apartment to shower and rub some ointment on your bruises.

Two week passed, with both you and Taehyung returning to your daily lives; you at the hospital and him at concerts and fan meets. It was almost as if the hospital incident had never occurred, if not for the fact that Taehyung couldn’t get his mind off of it. For a few minutes everyday, his mind drifted back to her smile, her courageous act, her flushing face, and strangely, he would always feel his heart stutter. It was far from what he perceived as normal, especially since he hadn’t harbored an interest in anyone since his high school days. It drove him crazy, so crazy that he would sit wondering what was so special about her, wondering why she kept appearing in his head, why her smile kept haunting his dreams at night. As more days passed, the more his resistance slipped; he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to talk to some one about it, about her.  

Meanwhile, you were being harassed by your mother, who, although you said you would, didn’t receive your call that night. She came all the way from your hometown in Incheon to see what you were up to.

“Y/N-ah, you look so skinny and weak. What have you been doing that that I haven’t heard from you these past weeks?” Your mother asked, sat in your living room, a cup of citrus-ginger tea between her delicate fingers.

“Eomma, I’m really busy these days. You know the hospital I work at is famous, we’re always busy with one thing or the other. I barely have the time to sleep, let alone have proper meal.” You reply, sighing.

“I’m starting to regret encouraging you to apply there. You’re life’s so busy that you can’t even date. You’re my only daughter. How am I supposed to get grandchildren now?” Your mother whines like a child.

“Eomma, why do you pin all your hopes for grandchildren on me? Is oppa not human? Doesn’t oppa have a fiancée?” You ask irritated. Your brother was 26 years old with a beautiful fiancée, you’d think your mom would be badgering him instead of you. It’s like she wants to sell you off before you turn 25.

“It’s because your oppa has a fiancée that I’m badgering you! At this rate you’ll become an old hag with 40 cats if I don’t interfere. Your turning 22 in December, you’ve achieved things that many people aren’t able to do unless their 27. You’ve worked so hard to be where you are now and I’m proud of you but now I think its time for you to date around and enjoy your life.” She spoke.  

During a break at dance practice, Jimin was pulled aside by a very anxious Taehyung.

“Taehyung-ah, what’s wrong?” Jimin questioned, weirded out by the anxious aura that surrounded Taehyung’s figure. Taehyung motioned for Jimin to sit, while he sat himself.

“Jimin-ah, I wanted to ask your advice on something that’s been happening for a while.” He spills, slightly blushing.“ It’s been plaguing my mind for the last few weeks and I don’t know what to do about it. Since I was discharged from the hospital I only have one person on my mind.” He continues, a far away daze sets in his brown eyes. “This person risked their safety, so that I would escape unharmed and undetected. They also offered to check me for none existent bruises, while forgetting about their own. This person is also really easy to tease, and seeing them blush is one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. After we separated, I couldn’t stop thinking about this person. They appear in my sleep, I think about this person every day. It’s driving me crazy. Hyung, what should I do?” He finishes his rant. He casts his gaze to the floor, while Jimin stares at him with wide eyes.

“Tae, who did this to you? Do you like this person? Who even is this person?” Jimin shoots all at once.

“She’s a nurse at Seoul National University Hospital. She was the one who helped me avoid the crowd. She’s so captivating, I don’t know what to do. During this time I asked myself why I’m so stuck on her, I mean I’ve seen girls with prettier faces, nicer bodies, longer hair, whiter smiles, but her aura, her personality, there’s just something about it that sends me into a complete daze. I -” Taehyung cuts himself off, brushing his bangs back with his hands before resting his head on his knees.

“Confess. Then ask her out” Jimin spoke, breaking the short silence. Taehyung’s head shot up immediately.

“What do you mean confess?! We’ve only spoken once, plus I don’t even know if she’s single. I’d be way out of line to ask that of her” he rushed out, completely thrown off by his Hyung’s answer.

“What’s so wrong about it? You’ve only met once, yet you like her this much. You’ve only met once but she left an impression on you that I’ve never seen anyone else do. You’ve met her just once, but you already hold her tightly in your heart. It’s better you do it now, rather than later. You never know, she might have been dreaming about you too.”

After sending off your mother, you find yourself thinking back on what she said. She was right, in a sense. You’ve done things people your age aspire to do, you gotten to a place where it would have taken you a ridiculous amount of time had you not completely devoted yourself to it. Maybe you should just give dating a chance, it wouldn’t hurt. ‘Yeah, I have got a stable job and I’m self reliant.  We’re already at a good start, all I need to do was to give someone a chance’ you thought to yourself. Suddenly, a face pops up in your head. Kim Taehyung. You blush. ‘Come on girl, as much of a good catch you are, don’t kid yourself. He’s an idol, he sees girls prettier than you everyday. He wouldn’t be stuck on you’ you remind yourself. Texting your friends, you get ready to meet up with them. Popping on a pink loose fit dress shirt tucked into a flared skirt and your 3 inch booties, you grab your car keys, your hand bag and your phone and leave your apartment. Stopping by the front desk to leave a note by the receptionist, you notice a familiar figure in disguise, sitting in the lounge seats. Noticing your stare, he immediately gets up, fast pacing in your direction before stopping 2 feet in front of you.

“Y/N, I know this is sudden and, in all honesty, a bit weird, but since I met you, you haven’t left my mind. I’m going crazy because I have no idea how to approach this situation. I’ve lost sleep because of your smile. I’ve been in a daze for weeks imagining you walking toward me with that goofy smile of yours. During this whole time your sweet eyes wouldn’t stop staring at me, so much so my heart raced every time your image would come to mind. I don’t want you to look anywhere else, I want you to keep making me feel this way. I want to know everything about you, from your likes to dislikes, your hobbies, your family, friends. Most of all I want to be able to call you mine when the time is right. Date me….Please?” He confessed slowly, blushing horribly as he maintained eye contact. 

To say you were shocked is an understatement. When his question finally registered your eyes shot open like an owl’s. All you could do was nod. His smile was blinding as he rushes forward to take your hand. He grabs your phone, uses your finger to unlock it, and saves his number before handing it back to you.

“I’ll take you out tomorrow night.”

Hey, guys it’s Blue. I really hope you enjoyed this. I put a lot of effort into writing this for you guys. This is the second part to my imagine series. 

Part 1:

Feel absolutely free to request anything from the admins here. We do snaps, scenarios, imagines and much more that we have yet to introduce. We aim to please. 


Sweeter Than Any Cupcake [a Ray Palmer imagine]

Originally posted by lightgamble

Request: I was wondering if a could request an imagine with Ray (my sunshine) Palmer. More specifically, baking cupcakes with him. Pretty please with a cherry on top and thank you. Take as much time as you need. 😉

a/n: yay! Ray! Request some DC imagines!

A deep sigh trips out of your mouth as you stare up at your (very tall) boyfriend. He has on his authentic prince charming smile with his dark brown puppy dog eyes. You could never resist his puppy dog eyes, no matter how hard you try.

His olive green henley shirt sleeves are rolled just below his elbows, like always, while his hands are balled to his chest. His broad chest. There’s a twinkle in his eyes as he pouts down at you. “I could teach you how to make cupcakes then! It’s just like science! Please?” he begs, grabbing your hand. Never breaking eye contact.

You snort quietly, shaking your head. Sometimes your boyfriend can be so persuasive. “Fine, but it’s not my fault if they turn out to be shit.” you justify, causing him to beam, dragging you to the futuristic kitchen. Even though he’ll probably deny it, a little squeal comes from him. “You really are just a Ray of sunshine, aren’t you?” you pun, bumping his hip with yours, grinning from ear to ear.

Ray chuckles, shrugging and glancing away; blushing slightly. “I try.” he says sheepishly, biting his lip. After he lets go of your hand, he opens the light gray cabinet, grabbing the vanilla cupcake mix. He reads the directions, sighing. “I don’t think you can eat these, Y/N.” You give him a confused look before he goes on. “You can’t eat your own kind. That is considered cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies.” he smirks, getting out a bowl.

Rolling your eyes, you take the box from him. “Well, that means you can’t either, Raymond.” you tease, booping his nose; which he scrunches. Both of you giggle. You pull up your jean jacket sleeves before ripping the red box open, yanking the plastic bag of yellow mix out. “Can’t I just watch you bake?” you whine, spinning around so your back is against the counter.

He frowns, setting the eggs he got from the fridge down. The whole point of baking cupcakes is to spend time with you. “How about I do the measuring and stirring and you just drop it in the bowl?” he asks hopefully. You nod, climbing onto the counter and swinging your legs. Ray smiles, pecking your lips. “Team effort.”

First, his giant hands grip the mix, handing it to you. You pour it in the metallic bowl that he’s holding in front of you. Then comes the two eggs; you crack one and he does the other. He pours the milk. “Ray?” He hums in response, mixing the ingredients with a wooden spoon, a grin apparent on his face. “I love you.” you muse, sighing happily. You can’t help but gaze at him; he’s so handsome.

Stopping, he peers up from the bowl,  his brown orbs sparkling and white teeth showing. “I love you too. I’m so happy I get to call you mine! I don’t know what kinda deal I made to be with you, but I’m glad I made it.” he beams, leaning his forehead on yours. “And you know what?” he whispers against your lips.

You can’t hold in a giggle, “What?” you ask, batting your eyelashes.

“You’re sweeter than any cupcake.” he smirks, kissing you softly. It isn’t a long kiss but it feels…nice having his lips on yours. When he pulls away, you let out an airy laugh, grabbing his arm and moving him in front of you. “Oh, I like this.” he snickers, feeling your legs wrapping around his lower waist.

Biting your lip, you nod, “I do too… Are you almost done, babe?” you question, glancing down at the bowl in front of you. Ray mixes it faster a few more times before nodding. You grab the cupcake tray, taking the silver bowl from him. “I wanna do the thing!” you squeal, picking up the ice cream scoop.

As you’re about to scoop the mix, he stops you. “Wait, wait, wait! You need the wrappers first. Here.” Ray plops the wrappers in the small circles, “Okay, now do it.” You scoop some of the batter in the silverware, pouring it in the blue wrapper. When all of them are filled, Ray sticks the tray in the oven, setting the timer. “These are gonna be great.” he assures, kissing your forehead.


Mick stalks into the small kitchen, the sweet smell of a baked goody interrupting his focus. “Haircut, if you tell me you made cupcakes, I swear to god-”

The tall, brown haired nerd tilts his head to the side, looking up at the ceiling. “Well…” he trails off, as you stifle a giggle behind him, “Technically, Y/N and I made them together!” he exclaims, raising his pointer finger.

A huff leaves Mick and he shuffles forward, grabbing two cupcakes in each hand. He then stands up straight, nodding to you and then Ray. “Y/N. Haircut.” he says in his gruff voice before walking out.

You slap your boyfriend’s arm. “Ow! What was that for?!” Ray pouts, rubbing his arm; you glare at him. “Sorry, sweetheart, but if I’m going down, you’re going down with me. Plus, Mick at least likes you.”

Syrup - Kit Walker x Reader

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BUDDY VAL AKA @tates-tortilla!! This ones for you, you Canadian. Have some maple syrup.

You woke on the morning of your birthday with a smile on your face. You rolled over, reaching out for your fiance Kit, and finding his side of the bed empty. Your smile quickly turned into a frown. You had hoped to be lazy in bed today with him, warm and snuggling under the covers. You surveyed the room as you sat up, and he was nowhere to be found. Swinging your legs off the side of the bed, you put on your slippers and grabbed your robe from the back of the chair, putting it on as you headed for the kitchen. You leaned against the door frame and watched Kit busying himself at the stove. He was shirtless and you held back a laugh as you watched him trying to get the spatula under the pancake he was trying to flip.

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it’s okay to be afraid.
i know i am too.
you don’t know the mess you’ve made
of me. scared you’ll chew
me up and realise
i taste worse than you thought.

spit me out again, broken,
beaten, battered, bruised.
yours: fear you’ve left unspoken.
i know you’re confused.
maybe all we can do
is be scared together.


Imagine: Finding out your best friend Jack has a crush on you…

Word Count: 1,147


When you first met Jack you thought he was a jerk. But you had been friends with Alex for years and every now and then you’d be forced to hang out with Jack. He was in a band with Alex and they’d practice in Alex’s garage which was next door to your house.

Sometimes Alex would invite you over to listen to them play and you had to admit they had some talent and would go far. However you didn’t like Jack’s flirty reputation and you tried your hardest to ignore him when he’d try and hit on you.

However your relationship changed out of the blue one day. Alex was supposed to give you a lift home after school but had a last minute emergency that left you stranded without a ride. You didn’t mind walking home until the heavens opened up and you realised you didn’t have an umbrella or anything to stop the rain attacking you.

A familiar car pulled up along the sidewalk and the window rolled down revealing a dry Jack.

Jack: ‘Get in Y/N you’re going to get drenched.’

This wasn’t a side of Jack you’d ever seen before, he sounded too nice which made you suspicious.

Y/N: ‘Nah I think I’m good walking, I wouldn’t want a repeat of last time I got in a car with you Jack.’

Jack groaned and shook his head.

Jack: ‘Seriously one time and you’re never going to forgive me.’

A few months ago Jack had given you a lift to the mall and had tried to come onto you in the car and you put him straight. Even if he had changed for the better you were stubborn and once you refused to budge then you didn’t budge.

Y/N: ‘I like the rain Jack.’

You continue walking down the street leaving Jack. The rain continued to get heavier and you struggled to see a few feet in front of you. Then you noticed Jack’s car creeping along side you, he still had the window open.

Jack: ‘Please get in Y/N before you catch a cold. I’m not the same person I was a few months ago.’

By now your uniform was clinging to your skin and your hair was plastered against your face. You bite your lip and look Jack’s car over.

Y/N: ‘I’ll get the inside of your car wet.’

Jack: ‘It will dry, now come on before I change my mind and leave you.’

You sigh in defeat and open the car door before sliding into the passenger seat. You hated to admit it but Jack’s car was warm and a lot better then standing in the rain.

He pulled away from the sidewalk and the two of you drove in a comfortable silence, you both hummed along to the radio neither knowing how to start a conversation with the other.

Jack: ‘Can I ask you something Y/N?’

He turns the radio off and you turn to face him before nodding.

Y/N: ‘What do you need to ask Jack?’

Jack: ‘How come you’re the only girl who can say no to me? I mean all my attempts have failed since the day I first met you. Where as other girls throw themselves at me.’

Okay that was the last question you expected him to ask. You didn’t exactly have a straight answer for him, you heard about his flirty ways and that put you off him. Though you’d never openly admit that you found Jack slightly attractive, Alex did have some very good looking friends.

Y/N: ‘Err I guess I heard about your ‘ways’ and that put me off you. And come on you must know why girls throw themselves at you Jack, no one’s that blind.’

Jack: ‘Do you think I’m attractive Y/N?’

You can’t help but scoff and roll your eyes.

Y/N: ‘And there you go again acting like a jerk. And you said you weren’t the same person anymore.’

Jack: ‘Everyone’s allowed one slip up Y/N. Besides I have changed since that day at the mall.’

Y/N: ‘Okay what made you change?’

Jack scratches his head with his free hand, why did he suddenly seem nervous.

Jack: ‘You made me change Y/N.’

Okay now this was the second time Jack had taken you by surprise during this car ride.

Y/N: ‘What do you mean?’

You were confused by his words, how did you make him change?

Jack: ‘Haven’t you seen little changes in me?’

You had noticed little changes in his behaviour over the last few months; firstly he stopped trying to flirt with you and it turned out the two of you had a lot in common and secondly he stopped getting with every girl who battered her false eyelashes at him.

Y/N: ‘But how did I change you?’

Jack: ‘You always treated me like every other guy in school, you never showed me any special treatment and no matter how many times I tried to get with you somehow you managed to talk me down. You’re not like every fake bimbo in school.’

You bite your lip as you process Jack’s words. Did you really treat him that differently? The car came to a stop outside your house, the rain had stopped and now you had to say goodbye after Jack’s little confession.

Jack: ‘Did you ever have any feelings for me Y/N?’

You sigh and nod your head, you couldn’t lie to him after he’d just confessed everything to you.

Y/N: ‘Maybe when I first met you but then you changed.’

Jack smiles and next thing you know he’s leaning over the divide and kissing you. At first shock runs through your body but then you relax and realised just why every girl in school wanted Jack because this boy could kiss.

He pulls away and the two of you are breathing heavy.

Jack: ‘I really like you Y/N, when you kept turning me down I got with other girls but whenever you’d come over to watch us rehearse I just wanted you to like me.’

Butterflies flutter in your stomach at his confession. Jack liked you, as in actually liked you with real feelings and all.

Y/N: ‘I like you too Jack.’


Jack: ‘So that’s the day I told Y/N I had a crush on her…’

Interviewer: ‘And you’ve been together ever since. Damn now that’s what you call high school sweethearts.’

You can’t help but blush as your fiancé tells the interviewer about the day he confessed his feelings to you and vice versa. That day would be etched in your head forever, and was definitely a story to tell the children.

Alex: ‘How do you think the rest of us feel having to put up with their loovy doovy business?’

You roll your eyes at Alex’s comment and chuckle when Jack hits him across the back of the head.

Headstrong - Liam Dunbar // Part 4

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Pairing: Liam x reader

Word count: 2947

Request:  Can you make a part 4 of your headstrong imagines? Btw i love your imagines 💕

A/N: FINAAAALLLLYYYYY im actually so proud of myself rn bc I can never finish stories, like imagines and oneshots are fine, but when something has more parts I always get stuck at one point, whether it’s the 3th part or the 30th, I can never finish anything. So yeah I did it, months later, but I did it. 

This was the first Teen Wolf story I wrote, and I remember how scared I was starting this blog, but it’s been sooooo good! Thank you guys for all the support, it means so much when someone says they enjoy my writings, and getting liked and stuff is so special, so thanks all of you ♥

“Thanks again for inviting me.” You smile at Melissa before the two of you hug.

“Of course, you’re always welcome here.” Melissa says. “Let’s get cooking.”

In the kitchen, you work on the batter while Melissa bakes the first batch of pancakes. Scott invited some of his friends over as well, so you decided pancakes would be easiest to do for a large group.

“How’s your head?” Melissa asks.

“Good,” You nod. It’s been three days since you smashed right into Liam, and the pain is gone, the only evidence left of that day are the coffee soaked jeans you keep forgetting to throw out. “I’m okay, thanks.”

“What about school? Made any friends?”

“Not yet, no.” You shake your head slightly. “My uncle made me stay at home Friday, just to be sure I was okay. Before that the only ones that bothered talking to me were Stiles and Scott.” You shrug.

“It will happen.” Melissa smiles. “Look at Stiles and Scott, they made a bunch of friends, even have girlfriends…” she trails off a little. “I heard you were doing quite well in that department, bet you left some guy waiting for you to return back home.” She smiles.

“Past sense, yeah. I’m pretty sure he’s glad I skipped town. Things didn’t end so well.”

Behind you, someone clears their throat. Both you and Melissa turn around, when you’re faced with Liam, you’re instantly annoyed again.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt.” He says.

“That’s okay, Scott is upstairs.” Melissa tells him.

“Thank you.” He nods. “How are you [Y/N]?”

“Fine.” You say briefly.

When he realizes he’s not going to get anything else out of you, he turns around and goes upstairs to find Scott.

“Where did all that tension come from?” Melissa frowns.

“I swear I’ve never met anyone as rude as him.” You sigh.

“Liam can be a handful, but he’s a good kid. I’m glad Scott was able to help him with his anger issues.” Melissa says.

“Anger issues?” You frown. “He told me Scott tutored him in Biology.”

“Right.” Melissa nods. “That, too.” She answers a little too quickly.

During dinner, you mostly keep quiet and observe everyone else. It’s still so strange to you that Stiles and Scott have changed so much. Their group of friends consist of all kinds of different people you wouldn’t throw together at first sight, but something connects them deeply, that’s obvious.

“Did you talk to Scott yet?” Unfortunately, Liam took care of setting the table and assigning the seats. God knows why he thought it was a good idea to put the two of you next to each other.

“No, and I’m not going to, not tonight.”

“I thought you were so curious.” Liam shrugs.

“I am. I’m not going to bother Scott while he’s with his friends. Everyone is having a good time and I’m not going to ruin that by asking him to share whatever secret you guys have.” You have to move your face close to his in order to keep everyone else out of the conversation. He actually smells really good and it’s so annoying. It’s easier trying to hate someone if they’re not attractive.

“Maybe I never even have to ask him. If Scott is making people lie for him, he should make sure the stories line up.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Liam frowns.

You shrug. “I learned that Biology equals anger issues. Very interesting.”

His eyes widen a little in shock. “You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Would you guys like to be excused?” Lydia asks, smiling.

You instantly flush red. Everyone is staring. Before you even get the chance to answer, Liam gets up. When he’s at the door he turns back. “Well, are you coming?”

You only get up to prevent causing a scene. You tell yourself that’s the only reason. You follow Liam out the door and take a seat on the front steps.

Liam stands in front of you, shaking his head. “You really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Then tell me.”

“You know I can’t.”

“Why? You don’t have to protect Scott from me, I’ve known him since we were like five. I would never do anything to hurt him.”

“He’s afraid of hurting you.”

“That’s ridiculous.” You roll your eyes.

“If you had any idea of what’s going on you wouldn’t say that.”

“You’re the most frustrating person in the world Liam.”

“You’re one to talk.”

“At least I am talking. I’m the only one completely honest here, everyone else is just hiding things away and I’m sick of it.”

“Then go back to where you came from.” Liam mutters.

“Excuse me?” You get up and take a step closer.

“You heard me.”

“Asshole.” You use both hands to push him. Of course it doesn’t really have an effect but he still takes a step back.

“I’m sure everyone would rather see you leave, why else would they be keeping secrets from you? Take a hint, no one wants you here.” His words make something snap inside of you and suddenly all you want is for him to get really angry. You want him to break the way he’s trying to break you. And if he snaps, you have the perfect reason to leave.

“You’re the one that’s not taking hints, Liam. I see the way Stiles looks at you, Scott too. They resent you. I see nothing but disgust in their eyes when you’re around.”

“I told you, you have no idea what you’re talking about.” Liam barks.

“It’s obvious. Everyone hates you. I barely even know you and I hate you.”

“Shut up, you don’t mean that.” He says.

“I honestly wish you would have left me unconscious in the hallway. I’m pretty sure nothing could happen in this town that’s as terrible as meeting you.”

He’s right, you don’t mean anything of what’s coming out of your mouth. He doesn’t seem so sure of that statement anymore, though. You can see it in his eyes, he’s snapping.

He doesn’t say another word, instead he pushes you and keeps walking up to you so that you take another step back until your back hits one of the pillars of the front steps. He’s got you trapped, your eyes locked on each other, neither one of you daring to break it. You won – is all you keep thinking.

Then his gaze moves down to your lips, and you allow your confusion to distract you. Before you know it, he has his mouth locked on yours. Your lips move in perfect sync as his hands roam down the sides of your body, his hands eventually settling a little below your hips.

Your mind is screaming at you –you hate him don’t let him do this, he’s making you weak, Liam is an asshole- but another part of your brain is screaming back that fighting with Liam is the most exciting thing that happened since you moved to Beacon Hills.

Monday morning you’re taking your time at your locker, hoping to run into Liam. He never shows, though. When someone taps on your shoulder, your heart skips a beat before you turn around. Your eyes land on dark brown hair instead of blonde, and you’re sure the disappointment is written all over your face.

“You’re Stiles’ cousin, right?” The guy asks, he’s now leaning against the locker beside yours. He’s quite muscular, with broad shoulders and huge arms. Definitely attractive.

“I am, yeah.” You nod. “Hi.”

“I’m Theo.” He says. “A friend of Stiles and Scott.”

The bell rings, indicating you have to be in your Chem class right at this moment. “Nice to meet you, but I really need to get to class.”

“I’ll walk you.” Theo’s lips twitch up in a way that cannot be described as a smile, nor a sneer.

Liam’s point of view.

“Have you seen [Y/N] today?” I ask as I walk up to Scott and Stiles.

“I live with her, what do you think?” Stiles answers.

“I mean since you left the house. Have you seen her around school?”

“We don’t have any of the same classes, why, wanna give her another concussion?” Stiles mocks.

“I’m serious, I haven’t seen her all day and I need to talk to her.”

“Don’t you guys have Chem together?” Scott asks, frowning slightly.

“Yeah, she didn’t show up.” If I’m completely honest, I was kind of relieved when she didn’t show up. We haven’t spoken since we had dinner at Scott’s place, and I’m a bit nervous now. It was strange; one moment we were yelling the next we were making out. Best stress relief there is, but ‘m not sure what it means.

“All right, let’s split up. Scott, library. Liam, hallways. I’ll check outside.” Stiles easily switches his mood from sarcastic to dead serious. It’s nice to see how much he cares about her.

We all go our separate ways, and after walking around for almost half an hour, I find  a bunch of books scattered across the floor. I pick one up, open it, and find [Y/N]’s name written inside. Great.

I grab my phone and dial Stiles’ number. “Did you find her?”

“I found her books.” I say as I look around the hallway. “And her backpack. Apparently.” I mumble as I walk over to the bag.

“Did she leave her phone in there? She’s not answering her phone.” Stiles says.

I hesitantly open the backpack. It’s quite strange to open this without permission, as it’s personal and private. There’s a couple of notebooks in there, a bunch of extra pens, and I find her phone in the smallest compartment of the bag. “Yes it’s in here.”

Stiles curses under his breath. “She never leaves without her phone.”

As my mind tries to wrap around what could possibly have happened, I think back to last week. While I was waiting in the hospital with [Y/N], Stiles, Scott and Mason went after Theo. “Stiles, get the Jeep, we have to find Theo.”

Your point of view.

Of all places Theo could take you to, he drags you out to a bridge. You’ve never been more confused. Theo told you he’s a friend of Stiles, he offered to walk you to class, then he pushed you up against the wall –and not in a good way- and tied your hands behind your back.

Under the bridge, he shoved you down to the ground. Of course he had to sit you in a puddle of rain and mud. Apparently, Beacon Hills has a way of getting you gross jeans.

“What are we doing here?” You ask Theo.

“Waiting until people realize you’re gone, which might take a while, they’re not used to having you around yet.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m being nice to you.” He says. “Did you know I killed my sister?”


“Yeah and a bunch of other people, too.” Theo smiles.

“Okay so why aren’t you behind bars?”

“Now that’s a question for your lovely uncle.”

“What does my uncle have to do with this?”

Theo smiles. “They really haven’t told you anything, it’s so funny.”

“So what’s your plan here?” You ask after a while. It has been a while, and the water around you is making you shiver.

“Eventually Stiles will show up, Scott will probably be with him, possibly Kira or Lydia as well. Anyways, I’m going to make them tell you their secret.”

“Why?” You frown.

“Isn’t it obvious I like to tear families apart?” Theo smiles.

You’re unable to check your watch, but a lot of time passes –or at least that’s what it feels like- before Stiles shows up, Liam and Scott by his side.

You instantly blush at the sight of Liam, but push those feelings aside quickly. “Stiles, what is going on?”

“Took you long enough.” Theo smirks.

“Let her go, Theo.” Stiles snaps.

“Sure,” Theo shrugs. “If you tell her the truth.”

“What?” Stiles frowns.

“Should be easy, she’s your family. Everyone else knows.”

“Stiles seriously, I’m freezing here just tell me the damn secret.”

“Tell her the truth and I will let her go.” Theo shrugs. “Actually, show her.”

“I can’t exactly do that.” Stiles snaps.

“Not you, them.” He says, pointing to Scott and Liam. “Thank God you didn’t bring Lydia, I mean, she would blow poor [Y/N]’s eardrums out.” Theo laughs.

“They’re not going to show her.” Stiles states.

“Yes, they are.”

“That’s dangerous Theo and you know it.”

“So is hypothermia Stiles!” You exclaim.

“All right.” He mumbles.

“Oeh, what was that?” Theo smiles.

“I said all right!” Stiles yells. “But just the eyes.”

“No, no, no, no, no.” Theo smirks. “Full turn.”

“No way.” Stiles snaps.

“Do you want your cousin back or what?”

“JUST SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU!” Liam yells. Then it all happens so quickly. His eyes turn yellow, he grows a set of claws, his jaw expands a bit and his teeth turn into fangs. Then there’s hair. Everywhere.


“Is that enough for you?” Liam growls.

“Scott, too.” Theo smirks.

Stiles wants to stop him, but Scott is way faster. His eyes gleam red and just like Liam, he grows hair, claws and fangs.

Once the transformation is over, you feel like you have to say something, but no words come to you. You’re shocked, confused, and freezing.

“You got what you wanted, we’re out of here.” Liam says after a while. He walks over to you and you automatically flinch. He sighs, then uses his claws to cut through the tie wraps around your wrists and ankles.

“Thanks.” You whisper. He only nods in response.

Stiles helps you get up and as you walk to the car he takes off his flannel and wraps it around your shoulders. Once you’re in the Jeep, an uncomfortable silence settles in.

“Stiles?” You ask quietly after a while.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles, looking down.

“Please explain.” You whimper.

“A couple of years ago, when we were in the woods, I was attacked by a werewolf.” Scott says. “After I turned, everyone else seemed to be somehow connected to the supernatural. You remember Jackson, right?”

“Of course.” You nod.

“He turned into a kanima, we found out Lydia is a banshee, and last year I turned Liam.”

“That’s where the anger issues come from?” You turn to face Liam.

“I have I.E.D.” Liam says.

“That explains a lot.” You mutter. “What about you, Stiles?”

“I- uhm. I was possessed for a little while.” You share a look through the rear-view mirror. “But I’m okay now.”

“And your dad knows?”

Stiles nods. “Melissa, too.”

“Jesus.” You mutter, then stay quiet for a while. “Can you just take me home?”

Later that evening, after you’ve taken a hot bath and are cuddled up in a bunch of blankets, there’s a knock on your bedroom door.

“Come in.” You mutter.

Liam enters your room, a cautious look in his eyes. “Hey.” He says.


“I brought you your books, and your backpack.” He says, he’s awkwardly standing in the doorway. “Are you okay?”

You nod. “You can come closer, I’m not afraid of you.”

“You flinched, earlier.” Liam points out, but he properly enters your room and moves a chair from your desk to your bed where he takes a seat.

“I don’t believe you’re dangerous. If you were, you would have hurt me already.”

“I did hurt you.” He says. “I wanted to hurt you worse.”

“Yeah well I wanted to hurt you too.” You mumble. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter.”

“Does not.”

“Yes, [Y/N], it does. Because the first time we met I literally wanted to rip your head off.”

“But you didn’t.”

“Just stop pretending you’re not afraid of me, I can hear your heartbeat and –“

“You can hear my heartbeat?”

He nods. “It’s always calm until I’m around.”

“Because you annoyed me.”

“And because you’re scared.”

“I already told you I’m not.”

“You flinched.”

“Because you make me nervous, Liam!” You exclaim, annoyed once again.


“Because we’re always fighting and I never know whether I’m going to hate or like you for it.”

“You like me.” He states.

“Never said that.”

“Come on, we finally found something we can agree on, let’s not find another reason to bicker.”

“I’m not bickering, just pointing out that I never said I like you.” You defend.

“Then why did you kiss me?” He smirks.

“You kissed me.”

“You kissed back.”

“Because I was trapped.”

“You’re a liar.” Liam chuckles.

“Says the guy that turned into a werewolf just hours ago.”

“You know we only lied to protect you, right?”

“Yeah, I know.” You nod. “Theo kinda bit you in the ass with that one, though.”

“Because he’s a psychopath.” Liam states.

“There, we do have something to agree on.” You smile.

“We can agree on some other stuff too, if you’re willing to let your guard down just the slightest bit and admit that you like me in the same way that I like you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You shrug, then smile.

“Of course not.”

“I really don’t, maybe you should enlighten me.” You barely get to finish your sentence because Liam moves closer and before you know it his lips are on yours already. Moving in perfect sync, his hands cupping your face. You only break apart because you can’t stop smiling. And that’s when you’re absolutely sure; Liam is annoying, he’s headstrong, he’s moody, and you’ve never liked anyone as much as you like him.

anonymous asked:

Could u plz make an HC , About RFA + V & saeren .. Helping MC making a cake that ends up with a kiss in the kitchen ..

Awe this is so cute 😇 ~ Admin Taylor 🌹


» Baking was always your favorite way to bond

» Sometimes y'all were great at it

» Other times you were not

» Today you wanted to bake a cake and he joined in on the fun

» Relationship goals tbh

» Yoosung heard you mention his name, so he turned to face you

» But his frosting covers fingers accidentally brushed against your lips

» “ Let me get that for you, MC ”

» fuck im so cool he thought to himself as he kissed the frosting off of your lips


»Doing anything productive along side this man was utterly impossible.

» One second your cake batter is in a bowl and ready

» The next second it’s covering both of your aprons

» But Saeyoung had an idea

» He grabbed an egg, hid it up his sleeve and pulled you in for a kiss

» You smiled into his soft lips and pulled him closer to you.

» Before you could separate to make a new batter, his hand gripped your waist and his other smashed the egg into your hair.

» “ Oh it’s on ” you hissed, grabbing two eggs, smashing them, and rubbing it into his hair.

» Showering together after because with all that food you coated each other with, you guys really needed it.


» Jumin didn’t see the point. He had chefs for this

» But it made you happy so he did it

» “ Jumin, taste to see if the batter is okay ”

» “ I read that could kill you ”

» “ Everything can kill you in one way or another. Fine, switch me places and preheat the over ” you walked over to the batter.

» Swiping your finger along the bowl, you brought it to your lips and prayed that it tasted good.

» “ Wait, let me have a taste too ” Jumin smirked, bringing his lips to yours

» Smooth fucker


» Zen wasn’t too into junk food

» When he did eat it though, it was always something homemade with you

» Cooking and baking him was always so fluffy and romantic

» Slow dancing and lots of kisses

» He was holding you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder

» “ It’s really sweet ” you held up the batter on the spatula for him to taste

» “ You know what else is really sweet? ” he licked the batter off the spatula “ You. ”

» “ Oh my god babe ” you giggled at his cheesiness. “ Do you have an off switch? ”

» “ Let me hit it for you ” he spun you around, cupped your cheeks, and gently connected his soft lips to yours.

V ( post surgery )

» V walked into your shared apartment, following the sweet scent into the kitchen

» He smiled as he saw you decorating the freshly baked cake

» “ V! Come here and help me decorate ” you giggled.

» Sure, you guys made a total mess on the cake

» But it’s okay because it was a beautiful mess full of love

» “ Thank you, it tastes amazing, angel ” V smiled, holding you in his arms and passionately connecting his lips to yours.


» Your sister asked you to bake a cake for her daughters birthday

» Saeran wasn’t having it

» “ Does the frosting have to be pink?

» ” Can we at least have black roses? “

» Emo Fuzzball wanted an edgy cake

» ” Saeran we’re going to a damn princess party “

» He pouted continuing to frost the cake.

» ” My feelings are hurt. Could you at least kiss them better? “

» You rolled your eyes, pulling him in for a kiss.

Soccer Jock!Ashton one shot preview

“You can’t keep this up, you know that right?”

He nodded before you finished.

“I do,” He muttered. You laughed humorlessly.

“Okay. So, this is the last fucking time Ash. The last.”

He took tentative steps forward, eyes not daring to cast on yours. Hands looking empty if they weren’t filling in the cracks with your body.

“Last mother-fucking time.”

“I can’t take anymore blood,” you told him, tears manifesting in your tone. That made Ashton take bigger steps.

“I know you can’t, you poor thing. Why do you bother with me?” Your bruising and battered boy yanked you in by the curve where your butt turned into thigh. You planted your hands flat to his firm chest, not surprised in the slightest.

Not one bit.

“I don’t know…” you whispered into his jaw. He was so close now. Ash ran his nose against your cheeks, his breathing languid. Lips licked wet.

“No you don’t, but you always fucking loved me. Always, baby.” He nuzzled at your ear, the words and heat from his throat water-falling all over you. Into you.

“I’m so angry with you, Ash,” you trembled, grappling with wanting to kiss him into the lockers and shoving him back. Away.

Ashton chuckled. His hands squeezed the fullest part of your thighs hard. You couldn’t hold in the gasp that now trickled against his cherry stained scruff. The blood below the surface pulsating in your legs. Under his nails.

“That’s it, my little one. Get angry with me, won’t you? Get pissed.”

Jealous soccerjock!Ashton one shot coming soon. 

Xoxo - Shelley

Teen Wolf Imagine Liam *Requested*

“You are over reacting y/n, nothing happened.”

“How am I over reacting! When I go over your house and I see you kissing another girl Liam! How is that okay! Liam you're  my best friend, you didn’t even tell me you liked her!” You shout to Liam who has been standing about  two feet away from you this whole time.

“Y/n I don’t like her. Why is everything so complicated with you! You make a huge deal out of everything. Its like your my nagging girlfriend with none of the benefits and all of the deficits!”

“Fine I’ll stop talking to you so you wont have to deal with me anymore. Just pretend I don’t exist.” You said confidently and walked away leaving Liam standing there. You didn’t feel confident  about it but if he really thought you were dragging him down you were going to leave and make sure he never thought that about you again.

You were walking to your car when you felt a jab in your neck and moments later you felt yourself falling but couldn’t do anything to stop it. You heard Liam scream for you when strong arms lifted you up and put you in a car or van.

It must have been hours before you woke up. You looked around and tried to get up but you couldn’t because your ankles were shackled to the wall and you were handcuffed. As soon as you got  up you heard a door open and a man came  in with a tray full of needles and other pointy objects.

“Hello my little mermaid.” He said and inside you knew what he was going to do with you but you didn’t want  to admit it because dissection is not something you want to think about right now. “Don’t worry child of Poseidon I’m only drawing blood today. I want to know how to hurt you. It’ll be a big help when I go and  hunt down  your parents and friends and family.”

You didn’t talk and let him do it because what else could you do. He didn’t come back down for two days and when he did  it was to bring food and that was it. It came in a schedule, everyday at seven in the morning and night he would come  bring food and then leave. Until the seventh night.

“I figured it out fish girl,” He’d given you a new nicknames each time he saw you which was twice a day. They were scary and with each new one your hope slowly diminished that Liam was coming to save you. “You know what hurts you, I’m sure you do because it is pretty common. You blood reacts very badly to none other then Iron. I can’t believe it was that easy. Anyways lets try it out.” He took out an Iron sword and sliced a long deep line down your arm. You screamed and smoke started rising out of the wound.

“It works I’m going to be a hero!” And he stabbed your stomach. “You’ll bleed out in about an hour, by then I’ll be long gone.” He started packing up the equipment he had down in the basement where you were when you heard a howl.

You didn’t move but you’d recognize that howl anywhere and despite everything that had happened you smiled. Moments later there were three werewolves, a kitsune, a banshee, and a boy with a bat ready to defend you. Everyone except Liam went and killed the man, Liam went right to you.

“Oh y/n I’m so sorry! Why aren’t you healing!”

“I can’t Iron is my kryptonite.” You said and laughed coughing up blood.

“You can’t die on me. Not now.” Liam said slashing off the chains and picking you up. He took of his shirt and wrapped it around your arm  to try to stop the bleeding. “Scott your mom deals with stuff like this right! She can help.” Scott and everyone else were now gathered around you.

Scott nodded and everyone rushed to the cars to get you there. Liam rode next to you in the back telling you to lay down so you put your head in his lap and he stroked your hair telling you everything would be okay and the doctors would fix you up.

You were rushed into the hospital and  when a doctor saw you he got a gurney and some  nurses and the rushed you into the O.R.

Five hours and thousands of stitches later you were asleep, high on morphine, and in a little hospital room with everyone sitting waiting for you to wake up.

Six hours and Malia had too go do school work so she wouldn’t have to stay back and Ms. McCall had to go back to work.

Seven hours and everyone else went to go to school because its abnormal to miss as many days as they already do. Everyone except Liam.

Eight hours and you started to  wake up. Liam half asleep noticed you moving and rushed to your side holding your hand. You woke up and instantly tried sitting up not even knowing where you were but you couldn’t because your stomach was to battered and broken.

“Don’t try to move, you had to have a lot of stitches.”

“Why are you here. I thought I was just a drag.” Secretly you were so glad he was here.

“Y/n I never thought  that. I love you. Not as friends I really love you. Hear me out and don't  say anything until I’m done then you can be made at me all you want. Okay?” You nodded crying already. “Okay. Do you remember the first day of school that you came? You had just turned ten and we were in the fourth grade and you were the smallest girl there. You were so nervous and sat by yourself at lunch because you were to afraid to talk to anyone. You looked at the world so differently back then with your enormous brown eyes. You wore a green dress with little strawberries all over it and for lunch you were eating a sandwich with the crust cut  off and you had a lemonade juice box. I came up to you and said ‘I’ll give you half of my cookie if I can have half of your sandwich.’ and you giggled and shook your head saying that I had cooties. I might not have known it was love at the time but now I do. I love you y/n. I love you more then anything.” At this point you were sunk so low in your bed crying.

“I’ve loved you ever since I stole half of your cookie anyways.” He laughed and kissed you not leaving  your side the rest  of the night.


“Hey love, what are you up to?” Harry asked while walking into the kitchen.

You smiled and hugged him before turning back to the bowl you were currently stirring. “I’m making cupcakes for you and the other guys to take on the plane. Want to help?” you ask him. Harry had been home for a few months now and it had been amazing, but he left for the American tour tomorrow.

“Yea of course.” he answered placing a soft kiss against your lips. Harry grabbed an apron and joined you by the counter. 

“Okay, can you grab more eggs and vegetable oil?” you ask him. He nods and runs to the fridge and cabinets, bringing back eggs and oil for the mix. The two of you add the ingredients and begin to stir. Harry smiles and wraps his arms around you as you continue to stir the cupcake batter. “Harry, I can’t stir with you holding onto me.” He kisses your neck and lets you go so he can place cupcake wrappers in the pans. You were very aware of how close he was to you. Every move he made to do something, he touched you. Putting ingredients away, cleaning up some of the dirty dishes, he always found a way to be exceptionally close to you. He reached around you to grab the empty boxes and nuzzled into your neck. He was distracting you to the point that you actually dropped the spoon covered in batter onto the counter. “Harry, you’re driving me to distraction. Please give me a little space so I can finish these.” Harry laughed and gave you some space, even though he stayed close enough that you brushed up against him when putting the trays of cupcakes in the oven. Smiling, you looked at him. “Now we ust have to wait for them to be done.”

Harry grabbed you and pulled you against him. His lips crushed yours and you wound up on the counter with one hand wrapped in his hair and the other squeezing his shirt. He was looking into your eyes when the buzzer went off and you jumped. You had barely recognized that 30 minutes had gone by. You jumped off the counter and pulled the cupcakes out. Together, you and Harry iced and decorated them with red and white icing and sprinkles. Harry scooped a finger of icing on his finger and stuck it on the tip of your nose while laughing. “HARRY!” you shrieked and grabbed his arm with one hand and a cupcake with another. You smashed the cupcake into his face laughing. Harry got the last laugh though, he yanked you against him and kissed you hard, rubbing all the icing back onto your face.

After cleaning up the mess, you boxed the remaining cupcakes and handed them to Harry. “You better share these with Liam, Louis, and Niall.” you told him. He smiled and held his arms to his face innocently.

“I always share, (Y/N).”he said kissing you softly.

“I’m gonna miss my cupcake,” you whispered while frowning. Harry sighed and pulled you into his arms.

“I’m gonna miss you to love. It’s not that long this time, and I’m flying you out to multiple shows so I won’t have to miss you so much.” He rubbed your back as you tightly held onto him. Times like today when you were making cupcakes you would miss. You knew the tour was important, but you wished he would stay. “I love you so so much (Y/N). I promise the tour isn’t going to change that.”

Sighing you looked at him, “I know, I just wish you could be here all the time.”

“So do I.” he said sadly. “Hey, I still have tonight, and we do have another box of cupcakes, so lets eat some cupcakes, cupcake.” he said laughing. You smiled and layed on the couch together with a box of cupcakes, enjoying the time you had. 

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What if when Weirdmageddon was over, everyone was scrambling to throw something together for Dip and Mabel’s birthday and there was some fun character dynamics playing here and there while everyone was getting together?

Soos and McGucket were in charge of decorating. Stan was getting presents (Ford wrote him a shopping list). Ford and Wendy were in charge of the cake since no one else was available.

Soos fusses with streamers. McGucket’s blowing up balloons. Stan has to literally dig through abandoned stores to find anything suitable. The kids weren’t allowed to come out and see what they were doing (probably packing in their bedroom).

Ford takes over the kitchen entirely and tells Wendy to pretty much stay out of his way while he gets to work. To which, Wendy is fine with this and sits back on the counter, just sticking around to make sure Ford doesn’t blow up the kitchen.

Soos and McGucket start talking about anime and robots. Stan sees Pacifica and helps her pick something out for Dipper while they’re rummaging. Ford is taking care of things fine but while he’s working on the icing, asks for Wendy to stop the beater and add this and that to the batter.

“So dude, if you could make robots like that then you should probably make sure their kawaii.”

“What’s.. Kawaii..ya mean make them all cute ‘n such?”

“Yeah dude, it’d be awesome! Like, dude, people would love it and completely overlook its violent tendancies. …Kinda like Giffany now that I think about it.”

“Well I already got Mabel a golf club. Figured why not.”

“Mm. Yeah, Mabel would like that. But you’re not getting Dipper a suit.”

“Well he needs SOME kinda class!”

“Leave that to me kid. Look, the kid’s already into paranormals and such. Kinda like a mini Ford. Try something.. I dunno. Ghost-related or something.”

“…like a movie?”

(sigh) Wendy I’m still a little caught up with these fondants. Could you grease the pans now?”

“Yeah sure.”

“And when you get done with that could you stop the batter and make sure it’s up to par?”

“Got it.”

“Never mind, I think I made enough. I’ll check the batter. Tell me what you think.”

“…Not sure they want Bill all over their cake, dude.”

“…You think?“

“Yeah you might wanna try something more about- Dude! Get out of the cake! No one wants your weird alien germs all over the batter!”

Finally everyone’s finishing up and things are being sat together so Dipper and Mabel could have a good birthday with all their friends and family and..

“FORD! What the HELL did you do with the cake?!”, Stan complains.

“What? I-!”

“Dude, I don’t think Dipper liked being called a Pinetree..”, Soos comments.

“It was Wendy’s idea, okay?”, Ford grumbles. “She said pine trees and shooting stars. Not me.”

“Ugh. That pink is disgustingly bright!, Pacifica states.

“We were pressed for time.”, Wendy shrugs. “It fits Mabel.”

“I don’t care what color the stupid cake is! Come on, Sixer, it’s your FIRST time celebrating a birthday with these kids and-”

“Guys. Shooting Star and Pinetree is perfect for them and definitely a heck of a lot lot better than other ideas.”, Wendy explains. “So just deal with it okay? It’s FINE. They’ll like it!”

Stan sighs, rolling his eyes. Soos shrugs and mildly agrees. Ford simply sighs resides to centering the cake on the table. Pacifica fusses over lining up the presents neatly.

“…He tried to put triangles on it din’t he?”, McGucket asks quietly while Wendy gets herself a small cup of punch.


“….well he ain’t changed a bit.”

“I’d be scared to see what he’d do for his and Stan’s birthday.”, Wendy smirks. McGucket snickers.

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Stony promt... Steve's baking and he has cake better on his face. Tony licks it off. :)

There truly was nothing better than walking into the kitchen and finding your supersoldier, superhero boyfriend standing in the midst of a disaster zone, at the kitchen counter wearing an Iron Man apron, holding a mixer in one hand and frowning at cookbook he was holding in the other. 

“Honey, I’m home,” Tony sang as he stepped into the room. 

“How was your day, darling?” Clint piped up from where he was lounging at the kitchen table.

“Funny enough, I wasn’t talking to you,” Tony said, rolling his eyes. 

Steve looked up at the sound of Tony’s voice, his face immediately breaking into a smile. 

“Hey,” he said, turning off the mixer. “You’re home.”

“Sure am,” Tony said, sauntering over and tilting his head up to brush a brief kiss across Steve’s lips. “It looks like a hurricane decided to stop by.”

“I’ll clean up,” Steve assured him. 

Tony shrugged. He wasn’t too concerned about that. 

What he was concerned about was the stripe of batter that had somehow made its way onto the crest of Steve’s cheek. 

Which he leaned in and licked off. 

“Mmm,” Tony said, leaning back. “You’re making cake.” 

Steve was grimacing. “That’s unsanitary.” 

Tony snorted, completely unmoved. “Please. I’ve had my tongue in y-”

Wide eyed, Steve clapped a hand over Tony’s mouth. 

“Clint’s here,” he stage whispered urgently. 

At the same time, Clint was scrambling to his feet and making his way to the door. 

“Nope. No. I can’t deal with this today, I’m out. Call me when the cake’s ready Cap, and don’t do anything gross in the kitchen okay? We eat here.”

Tony was still laughing into Steve’s hand as Clint’s exasperated voice faded into the distance as he disappeared from the room.