Battenwear - Zip Fleece

Gitman Bros. Vintage - Blue Chambray

Imogene and Willie - Barton Denim

Engineered Garments - Pocket Square

Apolis - Indigo Dyed Scarf

Oak Street Bootmakers - Vibram Sole Camp Boot

Greg, 32

“I live on the road, camping and hiking a lot, so I look for clothes that are functional and durable, and feel at home whether I’m exploring nature or the city. My style is basic, neutral, and classically masculine. My hat is Kordal, my jacket Battenwear, jeans by Levi’s, and the boots are vintage Justin.” 

Mar 3, 2015 ∙ The Mission

Top 6 Menswear Items on Sale Right Now

Guys, do not pass up these crazy deals. Think of them as investments for the future.

Menswear is exploding on the fashion circuit this month, due in part to mens fashion weeks around the world and also special attention being paid to mens street style. You know what we say? Bring it on.

Here are the top 6 menswear items on sale right now:

1) Zara Jacket with Hood, 35% off

2) Pierre Hardy 101 Embossed High Top Sneakers, 60% off

3) Linda Farrow for Kris Van Assche Black Sunglasses, 70% off

4) Rag and Bone Combat Sweatshirt, 50% off

5) Battenwear Shearling Trucker Jacket, 50% off

6) Marc by Marc Jacobs M Standard Supply Backpack, 50% off

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