nonsensephrase  asked:

Once the league starts up in your fic, does Batman become any less of a Mysterious Batsquatch in the public eye? Or do people just assume that the expensive, bat-shaped planes and submarines and whatnot are all piloted by Gotham's favorite cryptid?

He does get less mysterious! I mean, it becomes more public knowledge that his deal is World’s Greatest Detective, and not Giant Shadow Monster. But there are still very popular Jekyll and Hyde theories, and vampire theories, and werebat theories. And shadow powers are never entirely ruled out by the general populace. Or by Barry.

Statistics The Government Doesn’t Want You To See

97.91% of ronald reagan’s physical form was noxious inorganic slime

0% of american voters have completed sumerian scribe school

14% of lesbians can levitate

80.02% of existing images of jeb bush are cursed

77.3% of Batsquatch sightings turned out to be michael cera

52% of border collies have gone zoom so fast they ended up in another astral plane for several microseconds

100% of luke skywalker is gay