batshit crazy batman is my favorite batman

My favorite thing about batman is that, when he laughs, he scares the shit out of whoever hears it. I mean, he’s a giant bat-like creature of the night who intentionally strikes fear into the hearts of many. People probably think he doesn’t even know how to laugh. He even creeped Harley Quinn tf out (BTAS). She’s batshit crazy herself and was in love with the JOKER–whose MO is literally creepy laughter–yet the sound of Batman laughing scared her more than the Joker. It’s not just the villains though. Most of the time, it’s his friends/allies that he’s terrifying. They’re like “What. The. Hell. Are you laughing right now? Is this for real? I don’t know what to do with this. What does this mean? Is it a sign of the end times? It’s creepy af. Like some seventh sign of the apocalypse type shit. Don’t make direct eye contact with me while you’re doing that. Don’t even look in my direction. This isn’t natural. You’re making me wildly uncomfortable. Pls stop.”