In the big city of Roaring Heights they finally arrive and as usual Bear is a spectacle to all.

Bear: There’s gum stuck to my foot!

Lady: Why you’re a bear!

Teen to self: (Na-ah, I didn’t just see that)

Since children are usually Bear’s safest bet she asks a young girl if she’s seen any other bears around, but the girl says no staring at Bear in fascination.

Bats:* whimpers*

Maybe it was time to go home as they both were getting tired of this adventure.

a comprehensive list of daddies and mommies: riverdale edition
  • archie andrews: wildcat daddy
  • jughead jones: homeless daddy
  • betty cooper: sleuth mommy
  • veronica lodge: ice mommy
  • reggie mantle: jock daddy
  • cheryl blossom: bombshell mommy
  • jason blossom: dead daddy
  • dilton doiley: survivalist daddy
  • chuck clayton: maple daddy
  • josie mccoy: cat mommy
  • valerie brown: music mommy
  • melody valentine: "and peggy" mommy
  • kevin keller: thirsty daddy
  • moose mason: closet daddy
  • hermione lodge: real mommy
  • fred andrews: daddy daddy
  • hal cooper: shady daddy
  • alice cooper: batshit mommy
  • penelope blossom: satan mommy
  • clifford blossom: hell daddy
  • forsythe jones II: snake daddy
  • pop tate: burger daddy
  • ethel muggs: upside down mommy
  • geraldine grundy: fuck ass granny
“Rocknaldo” instant reaction

TONIGHT: [sigh] Ronaldo. What batshit ideas will he have that come to pass forty episodes from now?

I’m watching straight through with no pauses or rewinds; the clock starts as close to “We!” as possible.

Pre-show: I know this is a Hilary and Lauren episode because of the promo art.
0:00 - Never got around to rewatching “Storm in the Room”. I should do that.
0:22 - Here we go.
0:26 - I love that big dent in the lighthouse hill.
0:38 - Rock People.
0:47 - You’ll protect yourself from… yourself.
0:54 - Also, Ronaldo doesn’t sound the same.
1:04 - “THEY HATE MEN.” Now that’s solid satire.
1:15 - “Ronalphlets”. God, shut the fuck up.
1:28 - We did see that documentary. It sucked.
1:39 - Seriously, is this a new VA for Ronaldo?
2:14 - Oh god he is going to become a CG fanboy now, isn’t he?
2:32 - Shutting down the blog forever again.
3:06 - No new IRL post on the blog as yet.
3:30 - BUT WORSE.
3:45 - And now he’s gonna like. fucking. tape a gem to his forehead or some shit.
4:08 - garnet why
4:31 - yep. bloodstone. there it is.
4:40 - where the fuck did you– welp delmarvacon is show canon now – but where the fuck did you get that sword fro?
5:00 - why.
5:40 - uggggggggggggh
6:05 - uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh
6:16 - OK that’s cute.
6:26 - If he’s in the house. STRANGER DANGER
6:49 - i fucking hate you ronaldo
7:29 - a car horn is blaring outside and it is more fun to listen to than ronaldo
7:59 - Angry Steven is necessary here.
8:25 - NO.
8:46 - Is this a thing about tolerating intolerance? Is this a really badly done thing about tolerating intolerance?
9:10 - za?
9:28 - dumping him on the street is the correct decision
9:45 - Ronaldo is not your responsibility, Steven.
10:10 - Three week timeskip? OK.
10:16 - “Jerknaldo.” Refreshingly accurate.
10:29 - oh good he turned it into his own sob story godfuckingdammit
10:48 - was that papyrus font on the pamphlet?
11:05 - “That’s rough, buddy.” Isn’t that the line after “My girlfriend turned into the moon” in that Avatar bit?

Instant reaction: Lemme quote myself here. “ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh”.

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LT and EC live in different countries /actually continents/ with a 10+ airplane ride in-between. EC moving to LA soon is insane. They do unrealistic things all the time with stunts but that is just batshit crazy. EC getting back with the BF that cheated and then knocked up a 1NS a month after their breakup, then moving across the world for him after like a week? Instead, is L going to spend lots of time in England away from Freddie? Choosing his GF over his kid? Maybe this is how BG ends?

equal opportunity offender

I think antis are batshit bananas, just an fyi. So if you’re thinking I’ve become “one of you”, please remember that I think trying to reinvent the fandom wheel by disallowing real person shipping is absolutely DISGUSTING and undermines a woman’s freedom to fan as she so desires.

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i hate to repeat myself but i am completely stuck on the image of Johnny walking in on Troy and Nicolæ in SR2 and going completely fucking batshit and getting into a fucking brawl with both of them before Troy escapes out of a window and Nicu and Johnny just sit in the angriest, most uncomfortable silence ever before Johnny eventually just leaves and then they never really talk about it 


DC | “ 鬼の医者。”

This is based on an ‘demon ogre AU’ with Shinichi. In it, he works as a surgeon in the human world whilst pretending to be mortal, but all kinds of batshit happens around him as he tries to maintain peace in his ever-so-long-lasting life.

On the topic of multimuse blogs, I have to give a lot of love to magicalxforest. We don’t talk OOC, but they’ve interacted with my muses for years, and I’ve never got the chance to ever say this to them. You’re an amazing RPer and I adore so many of your characters, I love seeing the way they develop differently every time. Thank you for putting up with my batshit crazy muses. –Mochimun.


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

other ya novels: my entire life has led up to this moment, i have to rise to the challenge and sacrifice my own happiness for the Greater Good. hey ho, my convenient band of morally sound yet somewhat two-dimensional side-kicks, i will save the world.

six of crows: yeah, so i have taken on this batshit crazy job because i’ve been promised big $$ for it. we might very well all get killed, but i’ve been dead inside since the age of 11 anyhow lol. no risk no fun. anyhow, there’s an impregnable prison complex waiting for us. 

You Know, It’s a Low Bar to Clear: Don’t Commit Treason; Don’t Grab Pussy. We’re Being Reasonable Here

Remember that time President Obama wore a tan suit and half of white America shit itself? 

Now consider how the nation would have reacted if our 44th POTUS had committed sexual assault multiple times and, no big whoop, COMMITTED TREASON.

As the planet knows by now, DJT’s National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn resigned last night. If he didn’t, it’s certain he would have been fired. 

The story is literally still unfolding minute to minute, but so far we know Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador about the sanctions imposed by President Obama, essentially saying, “Don’t sweat it! We’re on the way!” and then he lied about said discussion to Vice President Pence. 

We’ve known for months that Flynn has close ties to Putin and, indeed, has been photographed looking chummy with him.

And, of course, at the Republican National Convention last summer, he sputtered that Hillary belonged in jail, blah, blah, blah, and encouraged the crowd to chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

For good measure, he and his batshit son–so batshit he was not given security clearance by DJT’s administration, a pretty good indication he’ll be involuntarily committed soon–believe in conspiracy theories. His son tweeted about Pizzagate and then that similarly batshit gunman drove from North Carolina to Washington D.C. to shoot up Comet Pizza. (Thank god no one was killed.) 

DJT on Twitter this morning railed about “leaks”, claiming that’s “the real story”.

No, dipshit. The real story: What did you know and when did you know it?

DJT absolutely refuses to criticize Putin. Does anyone really think Flynn acted on his own when discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador? No, that’s ridiculous. DJT had to have known. And if he didn’t, he has no control over his staff. (Which seems clear anyway, but you get my point.)

Both houses of Congress are discussing investigations and it was great to see Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, rightfully condemn Flynn, DJT, and Republican “silence” this morning. He’s absolutely correct: for certain, the now former National Security Adviser committed treason–in practical terms, investigation will determine its legality or lack thereof–but House Speaker Paul Ryan responded by saying it’s time to dismantle Obamacare. 

Again, the story is unfolding rapidly in real time. It’s inconceivable there aren’t more disturbing revelations on their way.

And it’s inconceivable DJT won’t be implicated, either this time or eventually.

You know, it’s a low bar to clear: don’t commit treason; don’t grab pussy. We’re being reasonable here.

Any Democrat not working toward DJT’s impeachment needs to put on their grown-up pants. The midterms are in 21 months. 

Think big. (Never bigly.)