I’m the asshole author that’s going to get published, and create multiple different fan fiction accounts on multiple fan fiction websites and write fan fiction for my own books, mixed in with a few other things as well, so that when I get somewhat noticed, I can talk to my fans and be like, “Oh, I write ‘fan fiction’ about my own book. But you have to guess which one is me” and watch them all go absolutely batshit crazy trying to find me. 

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does this mean there's also a demon calliope?

This is Calliope, she has the power to create ANYTHING in the universe and beyond, and her presence next to lord english will destroy them both. She appears to others as a common demon so she can hide from LE, because he is batshit crazy and shes the one who set up his entrapment below the underworld. 

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Why do people dislike Jared Leto?

Probably because he went batshit crazy and harassed the whole cast just so he could give an okay performance for 7 minutes of screen time

immlegacy replied to your photoset “For some inexplicable reason there’s this rash of GR doing batshit…”

Your Grim is so busy he should clone himself to collect all the souls you kill with meteors around town

Since Grim Reaper is a service NPC not an occult state, I think you can assign more than one Grim Reaper to your town via Retuner but…. I have no idea how this would affect your gameplay.  xD

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sgtmac7*tumblr*com/post/149447377570/how-shocking-that-the-moment-cs-is-ruining-emmas HOW SHOCKING (not really) that this tumblr feminist-manhater apparently has zero knowledge on how humans interact (a kiss is HIS sexual need.. Yep! Supporting and advising the person you love to not be afraid and run away equals to "setting them straight".. Csers are awful bcs uh why not) what a terrible person

Wow, I seriously think Shawn is Meresger’s SwampQueen alter-ego….I can’t even debunk that because it’s just so utterly batshit crazeee…..also, “no one’s gonna watch”???? Well, speak for yourself, Shawn….

Imagine Tony Stark

Imagine throwing yourself down onto one of the comfy sofas in the facility’s lounge area; the pillows are fluffed to an incredible extent (making pillow fights with Clint way too intense), and you just sink.

So, you’re lying there, all responsibilities lifted from your shoulders and relaxation just about to envelope you, until Tony appears out of God-knows-where and sits on your legs- seemingly, without a care in the world.

“Oh my God Tony. To think I was actually going to have a minute of relaxation but God forbid!” You sigh, wriggling out from beneath him before propping up a pillow to lean on.

“Okay, yeah my apologies your highness, but (y/n) look-”

“No.” You opened your eyes with a still expression, glaring at his computer. Your guess? Something ridiculously, batshit-crazy expensive that Tony most definitely does not need.

Tony was slightly dumbfounded by your bluntness, but much to your ‘luck’, he proceeded to explain.  “But it’s only an Antonov an-225. And, look, if I use my charming smile and glorious fame I can surely-”

Only an Antonov an-225?! Stark, it’s, like, the biggest aircraft in, oh, only the world?”

“Haven’t you seen the cockpit in one of these bad boys?!” The man-child retorted, and after feeling you glare into his soul, he prepared his puppy eyes and quivering lip.

“And why would you want an Antonov? The quinjet isn’t good enough for you?” Said you, huffing.

“Well, Tony backwards is ‘Y not’ so-”

While Stark was distracted by the fluffed pillow you just threw at him, you lent over to his computer and closed the tab, before pecking him on the cheeks with your lips. “There. You can stop being a child now.” You mumbled, rubbing your heavy eyes with the back of your hand as you give a light laugh. “So, you coming to bed with me?” You hummed.

Tony’s frown turned into a cheeky smile. “Of course! Lead the way, your highness.”

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There aren’t enough pillows in the world to throw at Tony Stark, but by God,                                            you really, really do love him.


“Whenever I really want a part, I’m not sure what to do. How do I let the director know how obsessed I am and willing to do anything for the movie? Like, I wanted to write this one director a letter, so I wrote him a handwritten note. But then I was like, How many people are writing this guy handwritten letters? Is it going to seem cheesy? What do I do? Do I sleep outside of his house until he agrees to give me the part? It makes you feel supercrazy. It’s like, ‘Please give me this part! I’ll boil a rabbit!’”

I am 34 years old and I love this film. Because for the first time, I’m seeing woman on-screen acting the way I act, and talking the way I talk, and being weird and intelligent (I’m definitely the former and I like to hope I’m a little bit of the latter!). And while I would have LOVED to have seen this film as, say, a ten-year-old, another huge part of it is these women are MY AGE. These people are all in their thirties at least! In fact, aside from Kate McKinnon the main actors are all in their forties. 

To me, they say “You can be clever and nerdy and weird and all that stuff even when you’re an adult”. The relationship between the four of them is not like Sex and the City, or Friends, or any other female-led group comedy. They don’t spend all their time talking about men, or sex, or clothes, they say FUCKING PHYSICS MAN THIS IS BATSHIT HOW AWESOME RIGHT??

Plus they aren’t infantalised for being this way. These are women with life experience and PhDs, they’re not “reliving their childhood” or being some kind of manic pixie dream girls, they are grown women with education and life experience behind them.

They also show how you can take a huge amount of pride in something that you find very important. And that it’s ok and GOOD to pursue self-improvement through being really passionate about something. They talk about their work in an OMG THIS IS AMAZING AND WE DO ALL THIS FOR FUN! way rather than a Devil Wears Prada career-ladder driven way. They’re clever and passionate, show the best elements of having female besties as an adult and they tell nerdy women like me to just go on and be nerdy and old and seriously it’s FINE!

So a shout-out to all the over-30 Ghostbusters fans, let’s all go and be clever and weird and gorgeous like the amazing women we all are <3