MEETING YOU AT THE BATS DAY BLACK MARKET! What an epic day! Amazing to meet so many Belfry Bats in real life ^^; ;^^

Keep an eye out for yourself if you were there!

Ahoy thar sebastiancolumbine and gothiccharmschool ^___^ x

Having issues with WGT part 3, shouldn’t be too long til it’s up though


Neat things from the Bats Day Black Market

1. Plushie made by M. Ziliak. His name is Kevin.

2. Creature Feature buttons (also from M. Ziliak)

4. Of course I needed an bleeding-eyed, uncanny valley teacup. Doesn’t everyone?

5. I call this my Outer Burial Container Lecture shirt, because the lack of an outer burial container around the interred casket prompted me to ramble on about them (and also about California cemetery internment laws)

6. I bought the book before the Market, but I got M. Ziliak to sign it while I was there :D (Now I need to have Curtis and Erik sign it, too)