MEETING YOU AT THE BATS DAY BLACK MARKET! What an epic day! Amazing to meet so many Belfry Bats in real life ^^; ;^^

Keep an eye out for yourself if you were there!

Ahoy thar sebastiancolumbine and gothiccharmschool ^___^ x

Having issues with WGT part 3, shouldn’t be too long til it’s up though


Having fun at Bats Day at Disneyland? Stop by the Clarion Hotel in Anaheim, tomorrow after 3pm ($5 VIP at 2pm) where I’ll be vending at the Bats Day Black Market (official) in the California room, for Vespertina Vi! The market will have all kinds of ghoulish goodies from dozens of vendors! Come say hi! I will have lots of ONE-OF-A-KIND designs on the table.