bats with blankets

i think you underestimate my ability to love every single companion in dragon age. 




Things I associate with the Hogwarts houses

Gryffindor: vibrant red sunsets, huge fields of flowers, laughter on warm summer evenings, running even though you’re out of breath, ice tea with cold ice cubes, curling toes, sparklers, sprinklers, strong voices, comfortable arm chairs, obnoxious laughter, freshly cut grass, and baseball bats

Hufflepuff: blankets, flowery prints, teacups on the shelf, beaded sandals, knees in the flowerbed, doorknobs, smiling pictures, jars with freshly sharpened pencils, sunshine through closed eyelids, warm chocolate chip cookies, candles, the purr of a kitten, sweat beads on someone’s brow, friendship bracelets, and lion roars

Slytherin: tapestries on the wall, silky fabrics, gurgling water, elaborate braids, maps with pinpoints, spices, family dishes and heirlooms, long wool socks, boxes with squeaky hinges, candlelight, surprised eyebrows, delicate fingers, organized closets, perfectly clean mirrors, stained glass windows, international markets, and pictures tacked up on the wall

Ravenclaw: wax seals, leather bound books, pianos, the sea, lampposts, paint stained fingers, glasses, ballet slippers, long flowing skirts, messy ponytails, clinking bracelets, books piled everywhere, a drawer filled with sweaters, cameras, classical music, art museums, Mediterranean cooking, fizzy water, black and white movies, keys, fairy lights, and typewriters

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Name: Kelsey

Nicknames: Don’t really have any nicknames 

Zodiac sign: Stop sign 

Height: 5′1

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Mexican and Native American

Favorite fruit: Pomegranate 

Favorite season: baseball season 

Favorite book series: The Bible

Favorite flower: Orange lilies 

Favorite scent: green apples

Favorite color: Turquoise 

Favorite animal: KOALAS

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: sweet tea

Average sleep hours: depends. anywhere from 0-12 hours

Cat or dog person? CATS

Favorite fictional characters: Patrick and Lego Bat Man

Number of blankets you sleep with: 6 right now 

Dream trip: Heaven

Blog created: 7 months ago

Number of followers: 224 My following is tiny like me 

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Name: cora (i go by kitty most often though)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Location: michigan, usa
Interests: some anime, littlest pet shops, bats(!!!), blankets, and witchy stuff
Sexuality & Romantic attraction: demi/pan
Personality: little/kitten- very playful and affectionate 
Looking for: little or cg or pet friends!
Contact info: my little blog is @babiekiiiten 💞