bats with blankets

i think you underestimate my ability to love every single companion in dragon age. 




Things I associate with the Hogwarts houses

Gryffindor: vibrant red sunsets, huge fields of flowers, laughter on warm summer evenings, running even though you’re out of breath, ice tea with cold ice cubes, curling toes, sparklers, sprinklers, strong voices, comfortable arm chairs, obnoxious laughter, freshly cut grass, and baseball bats

Hufflepuff: blankets, flowery prints, teacups on the shelf, beaded sandals, knees in the flowerbed, doorknobs, smiling pictures, jars with freshly sharpened pencils, sunshine through closed eyelids, warm chocolate chip cookies, candles, the purr of a kitten, sweat beads on someone’s brow, friendship bracelets, and lion roars

Slytherin: tapestries on the wall, silky fabrics, gurgling water, elaborate braids, maps with pinpoints, spices, family dishes and heirlooms, long wool socks, boxes with squeaky hinges, candlelight, surprised eyebrows, delicate fingers, organized closets, perfectly clean mirrors, stained glass windows, international markets, and pictures tacked up on the wall

Ravenclaw: wax seals, leather bound books, pianos, the sea, lampposts, paint stained fingers, glasses, ballet slippers, long flowing skirts, messy ponytails, clinking bracelets, books piled everywhere, a drawer filled with sweaters, cameras, classical music, art museums, Mediterranean cooking, fizzy water, black and white movies, keys, fairy lights, and typewriters


The new bat design! I’ve decided I’m going to stick with this head design. I did make a mock-up of a rounder version, but this one’s grown on me.

Now that a bat body design has been finalized and now I know how to use my sewing machine without breaking it, expect to see a lot more of these soon!

I’m not opening an etsy at this point, as I don’t know how many people are really going to be interested in them, but I will post when some available. 

The black bat is made of hoodie fabric, the white and yellow bat has a sherpa body and it’s inner ears and wings are made from a baby blanket.

I Love You, Too- Jason Todd X Reader

When Jason Todd entered your life, it wasn’t like the normal story when it’s love at first sight.  It wasn’t that you instantly fell in love with him, it was more like he was thrown at you by your father, literally.  You were sick at the time, sipping hot chocolate in the Bat Cave giving Alfred a break, even if he didn’t want it.  The sound of the Bat-mobile’s engine notified you of your father’s arrival.  You placed your mug near the Bat Computer and shuffled to your father’s car wrapped in your fuzzy blanket.  When you were about to welcome your father home, a teen boy was thrown out of the car, bumping into you and causing the two of you to fall.  The first thing you saw was worried blue eyes that didn’t belong to your dad.  The boy quickly scrambled up and held a hand out to you, which you gladly accepted.  You smiled at the boy and glared at your father.

“What the hell, dad?!”

Your dad chuckled and pulled his mask off, and left the two of you alone by the Bat Mobile.  You grabbed the blanket you left on the ground and wrapped yourself in it.  For some odd reason, the Bat Cave was always cold to you and many jackets and blankets were stashed down here by you.  The boy rubbed the back of his neck nervously and looked around the Cave.

“I’m (Y/N),” you introduced yourself, “and I would hold out my hand, but I don’t want to get you sick.”

“I’m Jason, Jason Todd,” Jason said.

You smiled, “Nice to meet you, Jason.  So what did you do to get my father to bring you home?”


After that night, you and Jason became best friends.  Alfred and your dad would always joke that the two of you wouldn’t leave eachother alone for more than five minutes.  Your friendship strengthened even more when he finally started joining you and your father on patrol.  It was different than when Dick would join, but in a good way.  You couldn’t explain it, but he always had your back and you had his.  You guessed it was because you were the same age as Jason, but you knew it was something else.  At school, Jason shared the same enthusiasm for all of the books you wanted to read, and some of the activities you wanted to participate in.  Of course your  father wouldn’t allow the two of you to do those activities, due to patrol and hero work, but you and Jason would always find something to do in your spare time.  

“There’s nothing to do,” you groaned and flopped onto your bed.

Jason chuckled, “I think you’re being a little too dramatic, (Y/N).”

“My father runs around at night wearing a bat themed suit, I think I can afford to be too dramatic,” you retorted.

He laughed and sat next to you on your bed.  You rolled off of your stomach and stretched.  You looked over to Jason and saw that he was staring at you with a smile on his face.

“What are you staring at?” you asked and went to wipe your face, but Jason grabbed your hand.

You glanced at his hand holding yours and then over to Jason.  You were speechless, worried that if you spoke the moment would be ruined.

“(Y/N), I am not good at all of this mushy stuff, but I’m in love with you.  I have been wanting to-”

You cut him off by crashing your lips to his, gripping his shirt to pull him closer.  He let out a noise in surprise before responding to the kiss.  Once the two of you ran out of breath, you and Jason broke the kiss.

“I love you, too.”


Tears were cascading down your eyes as your feet crunched the snow below you.  It had been years since he died, since he was murdered by the Joker.  It was still a mystery why he hadn’t told you about the discovery of his biological mother being alive, but you still loved him.  Your heart broke in two that night when you saw his body.  Alfred joined you in your room when he heard your sobbing, and provided some comfort while your father was still in the Cave.  When you found out that the Joker had caused Jason’s death, you wanted him dead.  Your father forbid you from patrol or any type of hero work from that day on, and you were furious with his decision.  That all changed when you found out that you were going to have Jason’s child.  When you found out, you were relieved that you didn’t do any hero work.  You knew that you had to hang up your cape for good so that this kid wouldn’t lose another parent.  Your dad was angry at first, due to you being so young, but that faded as soon as he held Jason Thomas Todd.  Your son was now on your hip as you walked to Jason’s grave.  It still hurt to know that Jason would never meet his son, who looked exactly like him.  You placed him down and handed him the flower he chose, smiling when he placed the flower near the stone.  When he returned to you, you smiled and kissed his forehead.  Jason may be gone, but you had Jay to rebuild your broken heart.

You placed your hand on Jason’s gravestone, “I miss you so much, Jason.  I wish that you didn’t have to go like that, but I know that my wish would never come true. You would have loved Jay, he’s starting to get your attitude and horrible sense of humor.  I have to go… I love you.”

You lifted Jay up and he frowned.  He dragged his small hand across your cheeks, wiping the tears from your eyes.  You smiled and started walking towards your car, not knowing that Jason was watching you and his son.

“I love you, too.”

Here’s a wig tutorial as promised for Lucio from the game, Overwatch. I was asked by my client to make this wig’s ponytail to have more of a natural fall while still look accurate to the game design of the character. It was a learning experience on my part as well since this is the first time I made a full wig using textured hair/weave.
I used about 5-7 packages of Kanekalon Definition Braid hair in color “27” which is like a light brown shade from a local wig shop. ($10 per pack) You can purchase this from online sites like Amazon or Ebay as well. Mojito Twist braid synthethic hair is a good alternative. I don’t recommend cheap braiding hair to make this wig since it’s too light and harder to shape. The methods I used for this wig are not meant for using in real hair or everyday-wear wig, only cosplay wig which is not meant to be shampoo’d (you can do spot-cleaning or use dry shampoo). Please be open minded as I am still learning about making this type of wigs too. :)
Here are the steps:

- Lucio has 6 large dreadlocks that make up his ponytail, so you want to make 6 tails separately at first. Measure and cut floral wire to be about half the length of the final length you need the tail to be. Wrap the floral wire with soft batting (the stuff for making blankets), cut several 3-inch-wide strips ahead of time. Secure the batting strip as you wrap it with a dot of hot glue as needed. Wrap it more tight at the beginning and wrap it more loose towards the end to create bigger shape. Stuff a bit of fiberfill (the stuff for pillows) inside the tail at the bottom to help it maintain the plump shape. Then use strips of brown tulle fabric to wrap around the tail over the batting layer. Doing this will make the hair stays on better when you glue it later to the tail.
- Cut about 1 and a half inch of definition braid hair and start wrapping it from the base where the floral wire pokes out. Apply hot glue from the start and keep applying bits of hot glue on the tail and wrap the hair as you go. If the hair fray while you do this, use Got2B freezing spray and pat the hair down. I prefer to only spray one time when I finish wrapping a whole tail so I don’t waste too much hair spray.
- When putting the 6 tails together, the ponytail will be heavy, so you want to make some kind of foundation that will go under the main wig. There are many ways to do this, but I used elastic band with corset boning and a hairband to put together. I used the floral wire length that poked out from each tail to wrap around the hairband to attach it.
- Use a wig cap meant for wig-making as a base. I used an extra large one but still have to add some net fabric in the back to enlarge the cap even more. Before you do all that, make sure to pad the foam wig head so it’s accurate size to whomever the wig is for. Pin the ponytail foundation to the foam head. Cut the back of the wig cap to open it and cut a circle on the top where the ponytail will poke out. Place the wig cap on the foam head and sew the back seam shut with wefting needle and wefting thread. Cut and sew lacefront fabric to the front along the hairline part of the wig cap. Leave the length as shown in the pic for now.
- Use a small piece of hair to wrap around the wig cap starting from the top area near the base of the ponytail and work your way down. Use little bit of Fabri-Tac glue (or strong fabric glue) to help secure the hair in place.
- Use Fabri-Tac glue to “draw” lines on the hair on the wig cap. Refer to your reference for the character. Lucio’s hair in this area looked like zigzag rows of dreads so I made the lines as such. Use the tail of a fine-tooth comb to press down the glue as you apply so the hair where you press will stay down, thus create dimension between each row. Once the glue completely dries and harden, cut into the front hairline to make angled hairline shape.
- Paint the lines of glue with acrylic paint that closely matches the skin color of the person who will wear the wig. This will be fake scalp part. Then cut short piecese of hair (about 2-3 inch short) and glue it down on the fake scalp line between each row using Tacky Glue (or craft glue that dries clear) This step will take forever to finish but the result looks good and will look like the hair is growing out from the scalp.
- And you’re done! Use spirit gum or lacefront tape to secure the front hairline down when wearing the wig. I added flexi-comb under the front part of the wig as well because it will slide back from the weight of the tail.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys. Now you can go and heal your team as Lucio!
“Amp it up!” 😎

awyeahtism  asked:

Sketch suggestion: a bat. Or maybe a baby bat :3

this cutie…..

is now the

TFT Daily-ish Challenge #6 - Baby Bat in a Blanket!

this was a really fun one to do. we’d like to some day draw bats in more, like, fullness, because their anatomy is awesome, but we couldn’t resist doing a cozy swaddled baby bat! we were needing to feel some comfort today, and drawing this helped.

we did partially time this one - and to our pride, the sketch was complete in less than 15 minutes! The lining took a bit longer than 30 minutes.

we feel like we’re making some progress with how to line fluffiness like this friend’s face, but we’re still not Quite where we want it to be. oh no, we’ll just have to draw more fluffy friends to practice! :P

like usual, please feel free to colour our linework! If you are posting it online, our signature needs to be visible/legible, and we’d like to be tagged (if it’s on tumblr!), or sent a link in our ask box - we love seeing results of collaborations!

sketch and line/sketch versions below the readmore!

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Gabe leaned against the doorframe, holding up a bag of food. “I brought sushi. Are those bat-themed blankets?” His brow furrowed for a moment before he stepped forward and kissed Barbara lightly, making his way into the apartment without invitation—but then again, he was never one to wait for invitation anywhere. Besides, it had been too long since they had actually been able to see each other, physically, and frankly, Gabe had missed her. That was the long and short of it all. He missed her and he wanted to see her, but he wouldn’t admit that (mostly because he was terrified that she might not have felt the same way.) “Jean still hasn’t come home,” he said, shrugging off his jacket. “I know where she is, but it would be nice if I wasn’t left in the lurch to clean up her place. Also, I require proof of life every once in a while.”

Concerns and Concerning

She’s scared, Soryu. 

Pregnant women are really sensitive. You can’t just leave her hanging for weeks like that because you’re going on a dangerous mission. It’s going to kill her, not knowing.

Soryu didn’t quite notice her weight until today.
It was at first strange to him that she never gained any weight, staying the same slender and normal figure thought the first five months of her pregnancy. Of course, that didn’t really bother him, deciding that it was “just how she was.”
However, just standing in the doorway after Luke’s multiple urging phone calls and Inui’s puppy-like impatience and pleading, he finally understood their panic.
She looked, in simplest terms, not well.
Very unwell.

Her voice was soft and weary, sparked with unmistakable relief as she spotted him from her spot on the couch. His wife struggled to get up to greet him, a delighted smile blossoming across her lips along with a pale and helpless look on her face. Her hair fell limp around her face, outlining the gauntness of her face and casting even deeper shadows around the shades under her eyes.
He had only been away for three and a half weeks, dealing with some trouble the Ice Dragons ran into in the far East side.
And she was already like this.
Thin hands batted the heavy blanket back as she got up. The fabric fell away and crinkled at her hips, revealing the way the bulge of her stomach contrasted her frailness.
“Soryu!” She was desperate to get to him, trying her best to get out of the couch. A rush of blood to her head from sitting too long and her excited haste made her sway where she sat and collapse back into the cushions.
She seemed even thinner than before.
Soryu hurried up close to her, and she smelled faintly like Chinese herbal medicines and dark fatigue.
“Sit.” He pressed her shoulder back gently to lean against the couch and felt the stiffness of bone right in his grip.
She had never been like this before.
His large hand reached out to caress her cheek, and she pressed against him like a tired cat, relaxing in his contact.
“Thank goodness you’re home safely.” She whispered, looking up at him with those kind and tender eyes that he knew he would always melt into.
But today she just looked tired, the happiness of his return sparkling like dying embers in the depth of her gaze.

“Do you want an omelette?” She asked warmly as she lay her hand over his, cutting off the way Luke’s words rang in his mind. Soryu fluffed up the blanket around her and tucked it about her body.
“I’m fine. You sit here and relax. Do we have fish? I’ll make you fillet congee.”
He could feel her shining eyes follow him.
“I’m not hungry.” She said as loudly as she could, each word a difficult huff of air she had to force out. “Can you sit with me for a while?”
“Of course.”
Soryu sank into the couch beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his chest. She leaned into him and he was again shocked by the scent of medicine and sickliness clinging to her skin. He kissed her cheek, and felt a flicker of warmth catch onto her face at the contact.
“Thank goodness you’re home safely.” She mumbled again.
“Of course.”
He couldn’t think of anything better to comfort her with. Soryu’s other hand reached over and stroked her stomach, an ever-evident bulge against her delicate form.
“Sorry.” He squeezed her closer, needing her presence.
“For what?”
He could feel the minute tremors in her body as she wiggled, trying to get closer to him. Soryu embraced her harder.
“I didn’t tell you where I was going.” He turned his head away in guilt, training his slate grey eyes on the posted plant in the corner. “It was really urgent.”
“I’m just concerned.” She explained. However, at the same time, her thin fingers wrapped tightly around his hands and gripped them with a strength almost surprising from a woman this frail looking.
“I should have told you.”
“Luke said I’m worrying too much.” She tipped her head to look up at him.
“I was making myself concerning.” Soryu admitted. “But I’m home now. I’m safe.” He kissed her forehead. “And so are you.” His thumb ran lightly over her stomach. “And so is the baby.”
She just smiled weakly.
“How about you take a bath?” Soryu asked. “I’ll draw some warm water.”
She nodded obediently, happy with whatever he came up with. As long as he was with her.

Soryu helped her out of her bath. She looked even thinner without all the layers wrapped around her. He bundled her back up and tucked her in bed, lying down beside her. She curled right into him, silently begging for his attention like an autumn leaf being blown against his side by a faint wind.
He kept her held tightly against him.
“I won’t ever just leave you behind like that again.” He promised, pulling the blanket up over her shoulders.
“Please don’t…”
“Never again.”
He stroked her back with a slow, rhythmic pattern, and felt her start to relax against him.
“It hurts me, seeing you like this.” Soryu said quietly. “I always knew you to be so strong. But I overlooked the fact that you’re as scared as anyone would be in your situation.”
She didn’t reply, the steady breathing indicating a comfortable sleep that wrapped her in its wings.
It was very possibly the only time she has been relaxed for a while.
“I’m so sorry. I won’t leave your side like that again.”
She must have not been eating well, not sleeping well, and he could only imagine the torment running through her mind during the weeks he was away.
She was a strong woman.
Soryu kissed her cheek lightly.
And he was her biggest weakness.

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