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HOUSE: Gryffindor - Ravenclaw - Hufflepuff - Slytherin

WAND WOOD: Acacia - Alder - Beech - Blackthorn - Cedar - Cherry - Chestnut - Cypress - Dogwood - Ebony - Hazel - Hornbeam - Maple - Pine - Red Oak - Rowan - Silver Lime - Walnut - Willow

WAND CORE: Unicorn - Dragon - Phoenix

PET: Owl - Toad - Cat - Rat

PATRONUS: Aardvark - Badger - Bat - Black Bear - Black Swan - Brown Owl - Calico Cat - Cheetah - Crow - Doe - Dolphin - Dragon - Dragonfly - Eagle - Falcon - Fox - Ginger Cat - Grass Snake - Hare - Hedgehog - Hummingbird - Lion - Magpie - Mole - Nightjar - Orca - Otter - Peacock - Polar Bear - Rat - Raven - Red Squirrel - Robin - Seal - Shark - Stag - Tiger - Unicorn - Vulture - Weasel - White Stallion - Wolf

QUIDDITCH: Spectator - Keeper - Chaser - Beater - Seeker

BEST CLASS: Astronomy - Charms - Defence Against the Dark Arts - Herbology - History of Magic - Potions - Transfiguration Arithmancy - Care of Magical Creatures - Divination - Muggle Studies - Study of Ancient Runes

WORST CLASS:  Astronomy - Charms - Defence Against the Dark Arts - Herbology - History of Magic - Potions - Transfiguration Arithmancy - Care of Magical Creatures - Divination - Muggle Studies - Study of Ancient Runes

FAVORITE PROFESSOR: Dumbledore - Snape - McGonagall - Flitwick - Sprout - Slughorn - Lupin - Moody - Firenze - Grubbly-Plank - Umbridge  -Hagrid - Trelawney - Hooch - Quirrell - Lockheart

LEAST FAVORITE PROFESSOR: Dumbledore - Snape - McGonagall - Flitwick - Sprout - Slughorn - Lupin - Moody - Firenze - Grubbly-Plank - Umbridge  -Hagrid - Trelawney - Hooch - Quirrell - Lockheart

BEST FRIEND: Fred Weasley

ENEMY: Filch

CRUSH: George Weasley

CLUB: S.P.E.W - DA - Slug Club

FAVORITE PLACE: The Three Broomsticks - Zonkos - The Black Lake - The Green House - Madam Puddifoots - The Astronomy Tower - The Shrieking Shack - The Kitchens - The Room of Requirements - The Restricted Section - The Library - The Forbidden Forest

YOUR SPELL: Rictusempra. A spell that tickles the opponent.

PET PLAY - which animal do you best identify as?

A lot of people messaged me asking which animal would best fit them; they’ll describe their personality to me and I try to make my best decision. But I am not the one who can choose for you. You have to choose. Here are some characteristics of different pets to possibly help you narrow down and choose which pet would best fit you. (This list does not have every pet and these are not the only pets you can be. Be whatever you want and do whatever you want; no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.)

• BAT: negative, wants people to fear them, isolated, quirky, loves fruit, independent, “vampire-like”, possibly nocturnal

• BEAR: shy, closed off, not really clingy, playful, internally energetic, slow-moving

• BIG CAT: certain, stoic, secretly playful, appearance is important (grooming, stance, etc.), authority, elegance, sleek, seduction

• BUNNY: very cuddly, oral fixation, likes to hide under and paw at things, very childish, daydreamer, emotional, ditzy, headbutts others as a form of communication, needs attention

• DRAGON: asks for a lot, is not to be commanded, prideful, doesn’t like collars/restraints, headstrong, stubborn, protective, collects/hoards things

• FAWN: timid, shy, playful, adventurous, silly, klutzy, wary, enjoys being outdoors, better with an owner

• FERRET: fun, bouncy, can annoy others for amusement, equally active and lazy, likes to dig, hides things

• FOX: clever, playful, tricksters, doesn’t mind being around others, curious, fast, enjoys being in small spaces, excitable

• KITTEN: incredibly cuddly most of the time, will occasionally need space, very playful, needs a lot of petting, could get along without an owner but doesn’t want to, lazy with weird bouts of energy, likes to play hunt and pounce, likes toys

• LAMB: very quiet, meek, likes physical attention, likes soft things, likes getting dolled up, very submissive, obedient, lower energy, conservative

• PIG: loves to be coddled, sticks close to others, loves being given snacks, minimizes movement

• PONY: strong, proud, a little bit skittish, gentle, wants to work with others, curious, likes to have a job/responsibility, likes learning, curious

• PUPPY: playful, energetic, enjoys company, affectionate, enjoys physical contact, silly, plays with toys, curious, immature, better with an owner, loyal

• RAT: can be aggressive/feral or friendly and loving, greedy with food/items, likes to test bite/lick their owner, loves on and sleeps on others

• WOLF: independent but uses their pack for safety and comfort, strong, reserved initially, observant, grown-up, smart, self-sufficient, can get along without an owner, follows instincts, pack-mentality


Here’s a thing I’ve been working on for a while, redesigns for a lot of Sonic characters! I don’t like that as the series went on, the characters became more and more tied to a mold, so my aim was to make them varied, fun, and at the same time, consistent between each other.

Some notes:

  • Amy and Shadow are no longer hedgehogs, decided to make Sonic the only hedgehog. To be honest I didn’t settle on what species Amy is supposed to be, though she has some bunny-esque features, but Shadow was based off of tasmanian devils.

  • Amy is now a witch, and her Piko-Piko Hammer acts like a magical girl wand and broom. She’s a spring witch, casting those yellow and red springs you see in Sonic levels from her hammer, which are also two springs!

  • The second Blaze is just her without her sleeves and with her hair untied, to show what her paws and hair look like.

  • Jet is based off of a peregrine falcon

  • Bark the Polar Bear is now a girl.

Hibernation helps animals like bears, bats, and even frogs survive during lean times. But resting for months at a time also leaves them vulnerable.

For famous hibernators like black bears, predators such as mountain lions can present a threat during their winter rests. A more common one, though, is humans—not because they will attack a bear, but because they can wake it up.

Whether it’s a neighbor’s car alarm or the family dog needing an early walk, no one likes being pulled out of bed earlier than planned. For hibernating animals, an early wake-up call isn’t just an inconvenience—it can be downright lethal. Waking up from hibernation requires a lot of energy, depleting reserves that are key to surviving the winter.

It’s not just bears that are in danger if they wake up from hibernation at the wrong time. In colder areas of North America, many bats species sleep through winters in caves, mines, and other large roosts, known as hibernacula.

In recent years, these populations have been devastated by a disease known as white-nose syndrome, which is caused by the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans. The fungus itself isn’t deadly to bats, though.

“What kills the bat is that the fungus makes them wake up, which is very costly,” says Nancy Simmons, curator-in-charge in the Museum’s Department of Mammalogy whose research specialty is bats. “If they wake up too many times, it burns up all the fat they had stored for the winter.”

A version of this story originally appeared in the winter 2017 issue of Rotunda, the Member magazine.


Baby black flying-fox hugs her teddy bear.

On a cold winter morning, there are few greater guilty pleasures than hitting the snooze button and pulling up the blankets to go back to sleep. With the wind howling and the slush puddles getting deeper, it can seem like there’s no reason at all to get out of bed.

For some species, though, sleeping late—really late—is key to their survival. Animals including bears, bats, snakes, and even frogs all shut down for months every year, passing unfriendly seasons in a state called hibernation.

Hibernation is actually a much deeper “sleep” than the eight hours Homo sapiens are supposed to get each night. Hibernating animals are doing more than just snoozing—they’re conserving energy when environmental conditions are at their harshest. 

Learn more about hibernation on the blog.

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