bats in the belfry

the very best of friends through the years

(titus, titus, you are dROOLING ON HIM, UGH–)

Dick and Dami
Tim and Dami
Jason and Dami
Steph and Dami
Cass and Dami
Alfred and Dami

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I just wanted you to know that I love love your take of Billy and Teddy. The angular-ness of Billy's face is just so perfect, and their expressions are so alive! I hope to see more of them!

For Billy I’m trying to kinda combine the cute from 2013 Young Avengers and the handsome from New Avengers

I’m getting there…. And you’ll definitelly see more of these two from me :’‘DDDD


The Dead Rabbits (Featuring Craig Mabbitt and TJ Bell of Escape The Fate) have released a new song.

Joker: “I taut I taw a Batty Bat! Tee hee hee…”
Batman: “Joker…”
Joker: “I did, I did taw a Batty Bat!”
Batman: “Shut up!”
Joker: “Tsk, tsk. Such a rude behavior! If I were your Mother I would definitely wash your dirty mouth with a bar of soap!”
Batman: “I’m taking you back to Arkham…”
Joker: “Same old, same old…You know, I’ve been there lately. Nothing new. Well, maybe besides the upgraded ECT device. They finally turned up the watts. You should try it, old friend. Nothing better to get rid of all the bats in the belfry than a sizzle through your frontal lobes. At first you’re a bit dumdum, but it actually helps clear all those pesky neurotransmitters…”
Batman: “Your choice, Clown. We can do it the old way, but you know exactly how it’s going to end.”
Joker: “Oh, p-lease. Again, with the Big Bad Bat story. Don’t forget, Darling. This time you’re on MY territory. The Sun is beginning to rise, but the fun is yet to begin. Now, be a good boy, and try not to ruin the moment. Afterall, it’s just you and me…”

Hey guys! Check out my “Golden Rainbat” custom Night King vinyl by Brandt Peters!☝😀 He’s for the “Bats in the Belfry” show opening tonight at 6PM at the Strangerfactory Gallery in New Mexico! 🦇🌈 It’s the beginning of Pride month! So I want to tell you about why I paint rainbows 🌈 😊 They unify all the colors, and bring them together in harmony. And that’s what I want for my art and the world 🌎 for us all to share in equality and love! And I love bats! I’m totally going batty over these vinyls! 😆 It was so much fun to paint an art toy again! 😊🖌 I took a break for a little bit but I hope to paint more toys after I finish my current projects! 😉 They’re a really great way to mix things up! 🎨 I definitely recommend painting them if you’ve never done it before! ☺🖌 But I also recommend you make it out to the show if you can! 😁 It’s a group show featuring some really talented guys and gals!✨✨ And if you’d like to take this guy home with you, please contact the gallery at! 😘 Hope you’re having a great Friday loves!

Guilt Is My Boyfriend
Giles Corey
Guilt Is My Boyfriend

I don’t think it’s funny

I don’t fool around

If you’re so fucking tired

Why aren’t you in the ground

Because guilt is my boyfriend 
And I’m very dearly wed 
At wakes you don’t wake up 
But stay asleep instead 
I’m the dour in the dowry 
The bats in your belfry 
And I am your boyfriend

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hey I recently found out 4 webcomics that I think you should check out: Ava's Demon , ERMA(by BJSinc on deviant art) , Tamberlane and Scurry

I love webcomics! These seem interesting and I’ll definitely start looking into them a bit before reading. 

If anyone else is interested, this is what I’ve read about them (their descriptions):

  • Ava’s Demon
    • Description from Wikipedia: Ava’s Demon is set in a universe of interplanetary travel and advanced medical science, where certain people have obtained god-like powers through science. The comic follows Ava Ire, a child that has a personal demon urging her to commit suicide her entire life. When Ava learns about the demon’s motives, she accepts a mission from her in order to get a second chance for life
  • ERMA
    • Description from Tapas: Erma is like any other normal child. She goes to school, plays with friends, and even spends time with the family. It just so happens that she is the daughter of a ghostly spirit and tends to use her haunting abilities for everyday antics, whether for better or for worse.
  • Tamberlane
    • Description from the website: Belfry is forgetful, accident-prone, and not ready for responsibility, but a snap decision to take in a young, abandoned creature will change her life forever.In Treehollow, Belfry is well known as the bat with a heart of gold and penchant for accidents. All the residents love her and fear her in equal measures. So of course when she literally stumbles across a strange creature who seems to be some kind of abandoned kit, she wants to care for it… but is she truly up to the task? Or will it die a horrifying, accident-related death? 
  • Scurry
    • Description from Tapas: Scurry is a dark fantasy animal comic about a colony of mice in an abandoned house who are struggling to survive a long, strange winter. Being hunted by feral cats and predatory birds is part of life for these mice, but beyond the fences stalks something far more fearsome… 
I mistook butterflies
For bats in the belfry
And jitters for jewels
Under cold dragon claws
I forgot how beautiful
Lightning is dashing across
A stormy sky and I
I forgot to miss you
When you were gone
—  First draft of the chorus for the new song I’m working on, inspired by Roman’s perspective of Virgil