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We all know Tony nicknames everyone. What are nicknames for him?

For a while everyone it was annoying.

They thought it was so annoying how Tony acted so so so aloof from everyone else, so distant and often times when they tried to get closer to him. He ran away.

At first it was because they thought he didn’t like them for some reason.

But the thing was, whenever Tony got too sleep deprived or too injured and had to be placed on strong pain medications for him to even move. He became so…loving.

It freaked everyone out at first. How Tony entered the room trudging over like a zombie to all of them.

It freaked everyone out even more when he saw Steve sitting on the couch and he smiled brightly.

“Steee–” Was the only thing he said before he flopped down onto the couch, his head on Steves lap. Everyone was frozen in shock, except for Steve, who was frozen because suddenly Tony was snuggling up to him.

But they left it alone. They figured. It was probably just the drugs talking.

But it kept happening. And eventually, as the team grew closer, when “The Avengers” started feeling less like a “unit” and more like a “family.” It started happening much more often. Tony was growing closer to all of them and getting more and more comfortable with each and every Avenger.

He’s usually bother Steve in the morning, he would give a smug smile and drink his untouched and piping hot coffee from him. (Steve didn’t really need coffee anymore anyway, and started only getting a cup for Tony to “steal”.) Tony enjoyed falling onto steve’s lap, like he did the first time.

After he usually liked to go and find Clint, who was often binge watching tv shows and movies Tony couldn’t believe he never saw before. (Then again, Clint never had much of a childhood. Tony could understand.) He was never too interested with whatever Clint was watching or not, but he liked place his arms on Clint’s shoulders to lean on him from behind the couch, occasionally whispering spoilers into his ears and making Clint jump up and yell at him that “you don’t spoil things to me!!!” 

Tony never really tried to bug Natasha often, but he would often start greeting her entrance into the room with a warm hug. The first time it was an accident. Tony was startled by her and moved on pure instinct. Only to be in shock when he felt her hugging him back. Not it was practically a ritual.

Speaking of hugs, harder is better for Tony. Tony sits around and works on his inventions and research for hours and occasionally days at a time, barely moving. He was getting old and his back usually had a constant ache he had grown accustomed to, but never truly comfortable with. He would often try to crack his back for a moment of relief, and nobody does it better than Thor. Thor, who hugs people so hard, you think he’s trying to break you, that was the best kind of hug to Tony. Whenever his pain started acting up too bad, he would stop whatever he was doing and go find Thor. Talk about a godsend

And finally, there was Bruce. Bruce who Tony would often work with until they were both so tired they could barely keep their eyes open, and then worked some more. Tony loved falling asleep on Bruce’s shoulders or sleeves. His big warm sweaters were the reason. There was something secure and strong underneath the softness and warmth of the fabric, Bruce found it cruelly ironic, Tony found it comforting. 

The first time it happened it was an accident. An honest to god slip of the tongue. 

“You’re just like a cat, Tony” Steve shook his head as Tony lazily stretched and sprawled across Steve’s lap, like usual.

“Whatever you wanna say, Capsicle.” Tony waved a hand in front of Steve’s face, breaking his concentration from his book. “Look, now I’m a cat.” Tony stuck his tongue out and slapped the book out of his hands. Only because Steve let him, of course. “mew, mew.” Tony couldn’t stop smiling. Not even when Steve shoved him off to grab his book. He let him back on anyway. 

“Whatever you say Tomew–Tony.” Steve kept a straight face as if he hadn’t just said what Tony thought was one of the best things he’s ever heard him say. And he’s often front line and center for Caps battle speeches. 

“Tomew? Tomew? because I’m like a cat?” Tony was trying not to laugh, he really was, but he ended up doing so anyway. Clapping. 

“You give everyone else nicknames Tony, you need one yourself.” 

“I do, it’s called Iron Man.”

“For the last time that’s not a nickname Tony”

“Code-names, nicknames, what’s the difference?”

“Shut up, Tomew.”

It spread like wildfire around the tower. Every few times Tony was mentioned. It was suddenly “and Tomew did this to the guy.” “Ask Tomew if he wants to come.” 

Sometimes he would wake up down in the lab with whiskers drawn on his face and “Tomew” written across his forehead. At first he blamed Clint, until he noticed how Bruce was always strangely absent whenever it happened. And there always seemed to be a full mug of coffee waiting for him when he woke up, as if an apology.

Tony often criticized it as not on the same level as the names he gave the others, but they all scoff it off. They know he loves it. And they know he loves them. 

Tony really was like a cat, after all.

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Just take a moment to think about what it would be like to live with all the ipliers.... yep, hello chaos! -🥀

Loud, crazy chaos.

Right off the bat you’d need to establish that one of those rooms was yours, and completely off limits unless granted permission. 


Hello I hate myself for spending so much time on these but w/e


I had to get this out of my head.
Somehow my sister and I had that idea of Ignis’ glasses being projected to the sky, just like the Batman symbol. (Please don’t ask me why, it just happened. I don’t have any idea of the Batman franchise, just fyi)

Ignis to the rescue.

Give me all the Dami and Cass friendship Headcanons

- Give me Dami and Cass sparring together and Cass winning quite easily and Dami demanding a rematch but in reality he just likes spending time with his big sister.

- Give me Cass teaching Dami to dance, teaching him to express his anger and hate and misery through movements of the body. Give me Dami and Cass doing ballet when they get bored on patrol and give me them beating up a criminal while humming Swan Lake.

- Give me Cass being the Batgirl to Dami’s Robin (except they don’t fall in love, because ew). Let them run across rooftops together in costume and becoming more fearful and respectful then Batman.

- Give me Cass and Dami as the Batmen of Gotham City. Give them monitoring different areas of the city only to meet up at the end of patrol and go out for their favourite ice cream, still in costume.

- Give me Dami teaching Cass Arabic once she learns English. Give me Cass becoming good enough at Arabic that she and Dami sometimes forget others can’t speak it and end up explaining a plan to only the two of them while everyone else watches, extremely confused.

- Give me them becoming friends over their love for fighting. Their similar backgrounds and how they see the Batfamily as their only family. Give me them going to each other when they have nightmares. Give me them then going to someone else when they have nightmares together.

- Give me someone waking up to find Dami and Cass curled up like kittens on their bed.

- Give me Dami talking very highly of his sister, Cassandra Wayne, to his friends because she is the best dancer and one of the best fighters in the Wayne family, and that’s much better than any of his brothers.

- Give me Dami’s pets loving the extra attention they get when Cass is around. Give me Dami teaching Cass about all his animals and what they do, and telling her proudly how he came to save them.

Just give it all to me!

After Hal joins the justice league.
  • Barry: awesome, I got another cool friend well I guess I'll see you around,Hal.> (Leaves the room)
  • Hal: ( watches Barry leave the room)Yeah, I call dibs on the cute speedster.
  • Bruce: what are you five?,he's a person not the last piece of pie you can't call dibs on him.
  • Hal: Why not?!
  • Bruce: because this isn't a schoolyard and~
  • Victor: and because bats already called dibs on him at the first meeting.

J: See, this is what happens when you leave me in the cave by myself all night
B: But why are they on our bed, where will we sleep?

the very best of friends through the years

(titus, titus, you are dROOLING ON HIM, UGH–)

Dick and Dami
Tim and Dami
Jason and Dami
Steph and Dami
Cass and Dami
Alfred and Dami


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Here you go my new art as this time inks is in his demonic form and baby bendy is scared and he is running away


Bendy shows his “birthmark” to the demonic cartoon, knowing that it will protect him.

Scary Poppins…

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