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So I was googling stuff for an idea for my story, and I wanted a visual of the knights of the round table, and I found one that looked kind of cartoonish but pretty normal-looking. Then I saw in the lower left-hand corner:

I don’t want context for this. It’s better this way.

I’ve been looking forward to the kickball tournament that I’m pulling out one of my old jerseys that has my last name on the back. So many Taylor’s in the town that I don’t want people confused. Weekend is already ending on a good note! The lucky ones who are on my team, no need to worry since we’re going to demolish the other team. The ones who aren’t, let’s still be buddies?

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I figured you're white too because you don't say anywhere that you aren't? and you were a star wars fan before tfa and it seems like all the poc fans here started watching for finn

did you think that was a typo for demisexual or something

Also isn’t it funny how John has been so super chill and not at all excited to be in a Star Wars movie from the start, I guess it makes sense since Star Wars was this secret thing that only white people knew about before 2015.


you made mistakes.
and now you’re making up for them.

93/365 Days of Outlaw Queen