baton club

High school crystal gems! Each one lead their own clubs, and are looking for new members.

Pearl is the senior of the Baton Twirling Club. She only accept skilled students, or the ones at least willing to pour heart and soul into the sport.

That rumor of her crush on a first year teacher still runs strong around school.

High School Crystal Gems/Medieval Crystal Gems

This new advertisement from Warner Brothers makes me think that they weren’t happy with the idea of fridging Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary either. Looks like Guggentroll and Mericlown were all alone in their stupidity.

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This is a marriage of @dialouge-prompts “How did I ever survive without you?” prompt, and @oopsprompts “Don’t let my dramatic entrance fool you” prompt into one big, ridiculous Party Poison imagine. I hope you enjoy it, and remember, reblogs < likes, and my ask box is always open to requests! Read the rules first, please!

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2014 - Hundreds of UC Berkeley students and Berkeley residents began a peaceful march from Sproul Plaza to the Berkeley Marina to protest the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and countless other brown and black youth at the hands of police when they were attacked by riot police.  [video]


2014 - Surveillance footage from Vanguard Middle School in Baltimore shows a school police officer (which is a thing that exists in the US apparently?) beating a 13-year-old girl with a baton during a scuffle involving two other students in October. All three girls were hospitalized with injuries they sustained from the officer.

The clip opens on Starr, a middle-schooler, arguing with the unnamed officer. The officer pushes Starr against a wall, and Starr’s sister, also a student, walks toward the pair. Diamond, Starr’s cousin, then appears to make physical contact with the officer, who chases her and hits her at least twice with her baton.

Diamond was hospitalized with 10 stitches and the other two girls were pepper-sprayed. The girls were charged with assaulting the officer, but prosecutors in juvenile court dropped charges after watching the video. [video]

2012 - Disturbing video captured a man being brutally beaten by police after he was discovered sleeping on a couch inside a synagogue.  The man was struck dozens of times with fists and a baton, even though the man had permission to be there.  The beating was ruled justified and the officers were cleared.

The incident took place during the early morning hours of October 8th, 2012.  Ehud Halevy, 22, was sleeping in the back room of the A.L.I.Y.A. (Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults) building in Crown Heights.  The facility is a synagogue and outreach center for troubled youths.

Halvey had received permission to sleep there for the night, yet a security guard had evidently not been made aware.  Although individuals were sometimes allowed to sleep there, the guard decided to call the police instead of simply talking to the man himself.

Two NYPD officers from the 71st Precinct arrived and roused Halevy, who was sleeping shirtless on a couch.  Surveillance video shows Officers Luis Vega and Yelena Bruzzese getting grabby with the man, who in turn tried to keep himself from falling into their clutches.

That’s when the cops unleashed a torrent of New York-style brutality on the man.  Officer Luis Vega, 49, slugged Mr. Halevy in the face, toppling him backward onto the couch.  Vega then got on top of his prey and repeatedly struck him with both fists, as Halevy curled up in a ball and tried to protect himself.

The onslaught continued as Officer Bruzzese assisted in pummeling Halevy with her truncheon.  The bludgeoning continued as a third officer arrived and helped to drag the victim onto the floor. In total Ehud Halevy was struck over 50 times.

Even though Mr. Halevy was the one who received the beating, it was he who was charged with assault — along with resisting arrest, and trespassing.  He was taken to jail and remained there for 4 days.

In March 2014, Mr. Halevy was finally given a settlement from the city for $100,000.

Officer Luis Vega was given a “modified assignment” (desk duty) and ultimately cleared of his violent attack.  His partner, Officer Bruzzese, received no reprimand at all.


2011 - U.S. police in riot gear clashed with student protesters at the University of California, Berkeley, after they refused to dismantle their camp. Tents were erected following a march against tuition fee increases for students - which was part of the broader Occupy Wall Street movement. [video]