batmans shit


…Damian “Don’t Patronize Me or I’ll Break Your Face” Wayne in teeny tiny shorts and his friend’s shirt that is too big may be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

(from Superman #21 preview by Tomasi, Gleason, Gray, and Kalisz)


that’s what people had in mind with the prompt “handcuffs” right? i’m sorry, it was funny in my head

(it’s right past midnight here but it’s still the 14th somewhere isn’t it? so i am not late)

concept: black lesbian pamela isley, her pansexual gf harleen quinnzel, and their bisexual latinx bff selina kyle sitting on a penthouse balcony and sipping red wine while they gossip about selina’s ridiculous husband and small army of children

Jason Todd is so extra that in the Injustice 2 trailer he has spikes at the bottom of his guns. Jason. Fucking. Peter. Todd. oUt oF aLl pEoPlE. HE EVEN THREW HIS GUN AT JOKER WHEN IT WAS JAMMED AND IT CAME BACK TO HIM LIKE A FUCKING BOOMERANG AND HE KEPT SHOOTING. ONLY JASON FUCKING PETER TODD CAN.

I just got back from seeing the Lego Batman Movie and I just got a stunning realization.

Robin was convinced that Batman and Bruce were two separate people and were roommates kinda. And Batman even said that the two were “sharing custody” while Robin said that he had “two dad’s”.

So during the whole first half of the movie, Robin could have been imagining Bruce and Batman together as a married gay couple.

That’s astonishing.