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OMG! It's too much to ask for a second part of the 34# for Clark Kent? I enjoyed it so much and you just leave wanting to know what happens next!! You're writting is also so good. Thank you so much! :)

Yeah sure ! I’m glad you liked it ! So here we go, with the second part of the 34 !

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 Your detractor finally won: you did forgot to breath for a minute. But it wasn’t really your fault for you just heard something very, very unexpected from a person you cared about. You weren’t a total idiot, it was just that you weren’t really self-aware, and that it surprised you. The fact that you were always on the moon had always made you unaware when a guy was actually flirting with you, making them eventually giving up, so it was the first time that you actualy noticed. And that was very confusing because you shouldn’t care, and actually didn’t find it annoying. You were flustered, but did find that nice.

 Still confused, pressured cause you felt like you had to answer to him, you did the most embarassing and silly thing ever. You give him you hand saying:

“Just on the hand then!”

 You immediatly regretted it, opened you eyes wide and took the first file of paper you found on your desk to hit it at you forehead repeatedly.

“Just forgot about it!” You screamed, red as the fire of hell. “Just let me dig a hole where I can burry myself forever!”

 Clark watched you, confused at first but then started to chuckle irrepressibly.

“Cool down Y/N. I’m the one at fault!” He laughed.

 You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Are you mocking me?” You asked indignantly.

“Sorry, I can’t help it… your so cute when your flustered!”

 New silence.

“Cute? You mean cute, like a pet?”

“What? No! Of course not!”

 Feeling the danger in your tone, Clark started to panic too, fearing you could get angry at him, not realizing that you were doing it on purpose to avenge yourself.

“Then I’m not cute?” You frowned.

“… That’s not what I said ! I meant it in more like adorable than cute!”

“Oh.” You said with an almost disappointed look.

 Clark was about to explain himself but suddenly stopped on his track and stared at you before smirking a little, having seen through your game.

“Just have diner with me tonight?” He said with his smile.

“That’s not fair.” You protested with a blush.

“The diner?”

“No, that smile ! You can’t askk for something with that smile! ”

“Oh, sorry.” He apologize and took a serious and almost grumpy face that was hilarious. “What about a diner togniht?”

 You did your best not to burst out laughing, but couldn’t stop a giggle to say:

“You look like Bruce Wayne on his grumpy day!”

“So, Miss Y/L/N?” He added with a low voice. “Can I expect your compagny tonight?”

“Ok you win! I’m coming !”

 You stand up because you needed to find a place to die of laughing in peace, and said before disappearing off the open space :

“Pick me at eight, and let’s call it a date!”

 Sooooo. You said that and acted all confident, but when the time arrived to go home and get prepared, you were as lost as a kitten in the rain.

“What can I wear?! Decontracted or rather dressy ?! High heel or maybe we’ll have to walk?! Somebody help meeee!”

 To your scream of despair answered the ringtone of your phone telling you that you had a message.

Hi, I just realized that I didn’t tell you where we are going, did I ? There is a nice /your favorit type of food/ restaurant downtown. And it’s a little cold outside. Clark.

 Was he psychic? That was synchronization ! So, you finally decided to wear a y/f/c to the knee dress with matching ballerina. You were ready. Well. You were dressed at least. To go out with your best friend who said that he wanted to kiss you, and then invited you out. And you called that a date.  Basically the world was going crazy, because when you should have been embarrased you where rather happy. It didn’t seem gross or abnomal, in fact that was almost natural. At eight, you took your coat and put your phone, and essential stuff in your pockets – bag wasn’t you thing – and didn’t wait for the doorbell to ring to exit your appartment and locked it.

 You place didn’t have an elevator, so you took the stair, knowing you’ll eventually cross. That wasn’t very conventionnal, you knew that. Usualy the girl would wait for the boy to ring at her door with flowers or somthing like that, but you didn’t really care about convention. Plus Clark wasn’t as rich as Croesus – neither were you – and you just couldn’t wait to see him parked his bycicle, because that was a very amusing thing to see him on a bycicle. Anytime soon, you were certain the bycicle would die because his was more too big for it – but that didn’t kept you for racing him whenever you had the occasion – cause you also ride one, a f/c one. And as you were leaving in the same area…

 You get out of the building and smiled like an idiot as he had just arrived with the blue bycicle.

“Hi !” You chuckled. “No need to park I’m ready!”

 You unchained you bike quickly:

“You know, when I see you on that blue bicicle I can’t help but wanna sing the Bohemian Rhapsody of Queen.” You laughed.

“Please don’t.” Replied jokkingly Clark with a faked horrified look on his face.

“Oh come on ! I sing, and you do the ring irng thing, that’ll be a great success !”

“Thank but no thanks! Nice dress by the way, you look beautiful.”

 You didn’t let yourself disconcert by the sudden compliment:

“I just look beautiful? Well you look awsome too, Mister Kent.”

 You grinned to him, and he smiled back fondly at you.

“Should we go then?”

“I bet I’m there faster than you!” You said and start to pedal like crazy.

“You cheating won’t change the fact that I’ll win.” He replied with a laugh.

“Tell that to my back!”