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you're so sweet omg!!! Ugh I dont want to annoy you with this but I do really like batman and all the robins (I'm completely basing my opinion of the movies and cartoons I've watched lol). I think my favorite robin is Jason. Also, I don't know much about cass or steph because they weren't really mentioned in any of the shows so I'd love to read more into them too. Haha so basically the whole batfamily

Hey, no annoyance at all : ) I love to help fellow superhero fans and I’m honored that you’d ask me!

Well, first and foremost, there’s actually a bit of a split in the comic fandom currently. DC did a relaunch of their entire company line in 2011, and there’s a difference in how they manage their stories and in the histories of all the characters that “survived” to make it to the new universe. So there’s going to be a bit of a difference between  some characters in the “pre-reboot” and “post-reboot”, and in other characters it’s huge. (For example, Tim Drake was Robin in the pre-reboot before becoming Red Robin and he was actually the star of three solo series (one with over 150 issues) where he was Robin; in the current comics he was never Robin and Tim Drake isn’t his real name.)

This is really a problem with Cass and Steph because, even though they were fan favorites, they were erased in the new timeline entirely with the reboot. Steph just recently made it to the pages of Batman Eternal, and I do think of the current published Bat Books that’s one of the best to pick up, but she’s really not the same character either. Particularly her parents are in a much different relationship with her.

Regardless, here is my personal suggested list for the members of the Bat Family as financially effective as possible! (By default I will only list titles available through digital release, because these are definitely available, if they’re collected in a book format I’ll put that with an *asterisk — and if they’re the free downloadables I was talking about earlier they’re FREE)

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