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Where to start reading Damian Wayne?

If you want you can start with Batman: Son of the demon which an elseworld story which for a lot feature Damian and his origin story, if not skip it and go straight to

  • Batman and Son (#655-658, 663-666)
  • The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul
  • The Black Glove #667-674
  • Batman R.I.P.
  • Battle of the Cowl
  • Batman and Robin vol.1
  • Red Robin #13-14
  • Blackest Night: Batman #1-3
  • Batman: Time and the Batman #700-703
  • Teen Titans: Team Building vol.3 #88-93
  • Batman #666, 700
  • Batman: Gates of Gotham
  • Batgirl vol. 3 #5-7, #17
  • Batman: Streets of Gotham
  • Superman/Batman #77, 75
  • Batman Incorporated vol.1
  • Batman Inc. Leviathan Strikes!
  • Batman and Robin vol.2
  • Batman and Robin Annual #1
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #17
  • Batman Incorporated vol.2 nu52
  • Lil Gotham (especially #1-3, 6-7, 9-11)

anonymous asked:

Are there any comics or storylines about Stephanie Brown that you recommend for someone just starting out reading comics? Any recs re appreciated, thank you! :)


Her own Batgirl run is generally a solid read, particularly for a newcomer. It was how I got my own start with her. It’s got its flaws, but generally? A perfectly acceptable starting place. 

Flat out though, the best-damn Stephanie Brown can be found in Batgirl (2000-2006). She appears there in issues #20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 38, 53, 54, 55, and 56 (although really, it’s a damn good title in its own right so you should read the whole thing if you can).

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes has a fantastic Steph appearance (and ACTUALLY GOOD ART, which is a rarity for Steph’s comics). It’s pretty tight and self-contained too, which makes it a good read. 

Where to start reading Stephanie Brown?

We’re gonna start the guide with her first appearance in Detective Comics #647 up to #649.

  • Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma
  • Robin #16, 57-62, 64-65, 100-120, 126, 128 172-174
  • Young Justice Secret Origins 80 Page Giant
  • Robin 80 Page Giant
  • Batgirl vol. 1 (especially #20, 26, 28, 38, 53, )
  • Birds of Prey vol. 1 #39, 40
  • Detective Comics #796
  • Batgirl Rising
  • Robin/Spoiler Special
  • Batgirl vol. 3
  • World’s Finest vol 4 #3
  • Red Robin #9-12
  • Batman: The Road Home
  • Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1

Nine Faces: 40/∞

  • Stephanie Brown (New Earth)
Daughter of Crystal Brown, a nurse and Arthur Brown, a failed game show host turned third-rate criminal, The Cluemaster, Stephanie Brown donned the vigilante disguise of Spoiler to in effect spoil her father’s criminal plans. Over time, she managed to become a part of the Bat Family, having a romantic relationship with the then Robin, Tim Drake. Brown eventually became the first female in-continuity Robin and the only Robin to have another secret identify before becoming the ill-fated Girl Wonder.

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  • Batgirl #17 by Pere Perez (Upper Left)
  • Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! by Cameron Stewart (Middle Right)
  • Catwoman #43 by Paul Gulacy (Lower Right)
  • Detective Comics #647 by Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna (Middle Left)
  • Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? by ChrisCross (Center)
  • Green Arrow #5 by Phil Hester (Lower Left)
  • Red Robin #10 by Marcus To (Upper Middle)
  • Robin #54 by Staz Johnson (Lower Middle)
  • Young Justice #20 by Todd Nauck (Upper Right)