batman: battle of the cowl

Never forget, that in the Battle for the Cowl story arc it became privy to readers that Jason was the survivor of some sort of unspecified abuse from his time on the streets. That this was something that Bruce willfully ignored and simply gave Robin to Jason as an outlet rather than professional help. To a child as young and impressionable as Jason, it must have caused unwarranted shame. Remember that this was something Bruce was never man enough to address, and literally waited after his own ‘death’ to even acknowledge. So he left a godamn hologrammed message. No wonder the pre52 Jason’s characterization was so much more psychotic.

For all the bravery and strength Batman represents, Bruce was a coward.

anonymous asked:

can you make a master list for Jason? like all his appearances and such? (: i seriously love your blog, thank you for making it!

Good idea, anon :D

*Jason Todd Master list*

Detective Comics 524-566
Batman 357-403
Superman Annual 11 
New Teen Titans 18-31

Batman: Second Chances
DC Retroactive Batman The 80s
Detective Comics 569-582 (skip 575-578)
Nightwing Year One: 101-106
The Cult
Gotham Knight 43
The diplomat Son
Death in the family

Ghost Jason:
Gotham Knights 34
Nightwing: Secret Files and Origin

His Return:
Batman Hush
Under The Red Hood
Red Hood: Lost Days
Countdown to the Final Crisis
Countdown Presents: The search for Ray Palmer
Battle for the Cowl*
Batman and Robin: Revenge of the Red Hood*
Batman and Robin: The Streets Run Red
Batman and Robin Convergence: Father and Sons

The world of Flashpoint 2

New 52:
Secret Origins 5
Batman Zero issue
Red Hood and the Outlaw
Red Hood/Arsenal

Batfamily events:
Night of the Owls
Death of the family
Batman Eternal
Robin Raises
Batman and Robin Eternal
Robin War

Guest appearance:
Batman and Robin 10-12
Action Comics 34
Supergirl 35
Batman/Superman Annual 1
Justice League 19
Grayson 12
Batman/Superman 25-27
Deathstroke 15-17

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight: Genesis
Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade
Li’l Gotham 2/10/12/17/20/21/24
Tiny Titans 23/29/33/39/45/47

*Warning: these two comics don’t have a good characterization of Jason.

Alright then. In this masterpost, I tried to offer the most complete selection of Jason appearances possible, which, btw, means a lot of things where his importance isn’t exactly… major. I left out one panel appearances tho, because those are really for when you’re waaaay past the point of no return. But, if anyone’s interested.. I have several of them. I’m also not passing any judgement. No matter how bad the story, I tried to include it.

Any broken links, any continuation doubts, just want to talk about the comics, send me a message! 



*The issues of Batman and Detective Comics from Pre-Crisis Jason stories should be read as Batman/DC/Batman… up until Batman #400


#357/ #358/ #359/ #360/ #361/ #362/ #363/ #364/ #365/ #366/ #367/ #368/ #369/ #370/ #371/ #372/ #373/ #374/ #375/ #376/ #377/ #378/ #379/ #380/ #381/ #382/ #383/ #384/ #385/ #386/ #387/ #388/ #389/ #390/ #391/ #392/ #393/ #394/ #395/ #396/ #397/ #398/ #399/ #400/ #401/ #402/ #403

Detective Comics

#524/ #525/ #526/ #527/ #528/ #529/ #530/ #531/ #532/ #533/ #534/ #535/ #536/ #537/ #538/ #539/ #540/ #541/ #542/ #543/ #544/ #545/ #546/ #547/ #548/ #549/ #550/ #551/ #552/ #553/ #554/ #555/ #556/ #557/ #558/ #559/ #560/ #561/ #562/ #563/ #564/ #565/ #566/ #567



#408/ #409/ #410/ #411/ #412/ #413/ #414/ #415/ #416/ #417/ #418/ #419/ #420/ #421/ #422/ #423/ #424/ #425   

Detective Comics

*#575-#578 are a flashback and don’t have Jason in them

#568/ #569/ #570/ #571/ #572/ #573/ #574/ #575/ #576/ #577/ #578/ #579/ #580/ #581/ #582


*Batman #401 and DC #568 are technically parts 1 and 2 of this series. Pre and Post-Crisis continuation is messy in the Batman titles, but Legends is set in Post-Crisis. Batman #402 and #403 are Pre, however, as far as I know. I’m honestly not sure 

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6

Blue Devil 


Action Comics

#556/ #594

Batman Annuals

#10/ #11/ #12/ #13 

Superman Annual


New Teen Titans

#18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #24/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31

Nightwing Year One

#101/ #102/ #103/ #104/ #105/ #106

The Cult

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4

DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s


A Death in the Family

*Separate issues + digital TPB

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ TPB


*These issues don’t have Jason in them, but they deal with the aftermath of his death, including instances of Sad Bruce, so I added them

#430/ #431/ #432/ #433/ #434/ #435

Deadman - Dead Again

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5

Gotham County Line

#1/ #2/ #3

Batman and Demon


Nightwing: Secret Files and Origin

*On first part only


All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold


Gotham Knights

*#34 is on the Black and White story “The Delusions of Alfred Pennyworth” at the end of the issue

#34/ #42/ #43/ #44/ #45



#608/ #609/ #610/ #611/ #612/ #613/ #614/ #615/ #616/ #617/ #618/ #619

Under the Hood

*#642-#644 aren’t missing. They just didn’t have any Jason on them

#635/ #636/ #637/ #638/ #639/ #640/ #641/ #645/ #646/ #647/ #648/ #649/ #650

Green Arrow

#69/ #70/ #71/ #72

Batman Annual


Red Hood: The Lost Days

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6

World War III - Part 1: A Call to Arms


Brothers in Blood

#118/ #119/ #120/ #121/ #122

Countdown to Final Crisis

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31/ #32/ #33/ #34/ #35/ #36/ #37/ #38/ #39/ #40/ #41/ #42/ #43/ #44/ #45/ #46/ #47/ #48/ #49/ #50/ #51

Teen Titans

#29/ #47


#44/ #45/ #46


#177/ #182/ #183

Battle for the Cowl

#1/ #2/ #3

Batman and Robin

#3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #23/ #24/ #25

Li'l Gotham

#2/ #10/ #12/ #17/ #20/ #21/ #24

Tiny Titans

#23/ #29/ #33/ #39/ #45/ #47


The World of Flashpoint

#1/ #2/ #3

NEW 52

*Till the moment of posting this

**I don’t pay all that much attention to New 52. so if you spot anything missing, let me know

Red Hood and the Outlaws

*#0 should in between #12 and #13

**Annual in between #20 and #21

#0/ #1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31/ #32/ #33/ #34/ #35/ Annual #1/ DC Presents #17/ Future’s End #1

Death of the Family

Bat #13/ Bat #14/ Bat #15/ RHatO #15/ TT #15/ Bat #16/ RHatO #16/ TT #16/ Bat #17

Batman and Robin

#10/ #11/ #12/ #17/ #20/ #33/ #34/ #35

Batman Eternal

*Specifically in #10-#12,#15,#18-#20,#25,#26,#28

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30

Justice League


Secret Origins


Batman/Superman Annual





Teen Titans

*You can argue Jason isn’t really Red X but. Why would you?

Season 3, Episode 2, “X”

Link 1/ Link 2

Season 5, Episode 9, “Revved Up”

Link 1

Under the Red Hood

Link 1

Nightwing Web Series

Episode 1/ Episode 2/ Episode 3/ Episode 4/ Episode 5

Arkham Knight

*Not out yet as far as I know, and not my area of expertise, so here’s a link for you to learn more about it


anonymous asked:

How should Jason be written? I know that he doesn't use slurs and he's passionate and reckless (but not anymore reckless than most members of the batfam) and has ptsd from dying and stuff but what else?

oh man nonnie thank you for asking me this… i should go to bed but honestly i am considering just writing an essay about this. i might as well go ahead and write (at least part of it) for you.

okay… so the thing to understand about jason todd is that dc has put a lot of energy in the last ten years into making his death the most significant thing about his character. you can see this all over: it’s repeated ad nauseam in “batman: hush”, and many other pieces. dc works really hard to make it seem like there was real context to jason’s death, like he had fatal personality flaws that led to his getting murdered.

the thing is, if you’ve ever read the actual comics from when jason was a robin – if you know anything about "a death in the family" – you know that this actually isn’t true. it’s a fallacy. there was no build up to jason’s death, there was no writing on the wall. y'know why? because there was really no intention of killing jason off until it happened. public support for it was mixed, and it was generally accepted in the industry as a publicity grab. (if you don’t know anything about the controversy surrounding this move, here’s some links, educate yourself: x, x, x)

but this event has become the basis for jason’s characterization nowadays, which is kind of ludicrous if you think about it – jason’s death is the one thing that everyone circles back around to. blaming jason for his own demise is so commonly integrated into canon it’s sickening. heading back to “hush” (and, of course, to “battle for the cowl”), jason is almost constantly described as “arrogant,” “rage-filled,” and delinquent – the quote-unquote “failed” robin. he’s described as being much less skilled than dick as robin; as being reckless, and as seeing the position as a game, rather than as a job. it’s basically implied that jason got what he deserved, and it’s not implied by just anyone; it’s implied by bruce. it’s implied by dick. it’s implied by tim. it’s implied by people who should fucking know better.

disregard the blatant victim blaming involved there – all of this is patently untrue. jason was a lot different from dick, this is true, and he was brash and arrogant. but he was also extremely brave, and extraordinarily gifted, traits that bruce identified and wished to hone. he was not less of a robin than dick was. he was not less qualified, or less able. he wore the sequined panties with pride, and bruce adored him. he feared he was at high risk for going over to the other side, thanks to his upbringing – but he never feared that jason was somehow morally corrupted, and he certainly never legitimately thought he would die. bruce considered jason a good boy, and “a good soldier who honored [him]” to the bitter end. there are a lot of authors working for dc who do not seem to understand this.

it’s also worth noting that dick and babs liked jason, and thought of him as family. i won’t even bother articulating this point myself: there’s already a great post out about it. 

so what we have with jason is a character whose death dc desperately wants to make relevant, and generally they’ve done this by making him really fucked up about it. which would be fine…if dc employed writers who were able to respectfully write a neuroatypical character.

here’s where i start ragging on “battle for the cowl”. (you knew it was coming sooner or later.)

if you’ve never read “battle for the cowl”, i’m about to spoil it for you: the basic plot is that bruce is dead and the robins – all four of them – are fighting over who gets to be the next batman. jason takes the cowl with vigor and violence, cutting a bloody swath through gotham and almost murdering tim and damian in the process. dick figures out jason has “snapped” because bruce posthumously sent him a hologram that asked him to seek professional help for his ptsd, which jason reacted to about as well as you would expect. dick kicks jason’s ass and concludes, patronizingly, that “you can’t force people to change if they don’t want to,” which is such an incredibly neurotypical approach to mental illness that it kind of made me want to punch someone.

the problem has never been that jason is neuroatypical – the problem is that jason’s neuroatypicality is never treated intelligently or with respect. his relationships with his family – and the batkids are family – are never explored with any sense of respect for what he’s suffered. dc is determined to make jason out to be the villain, and his neuroatypicality plays into that.

batman has a long and problematic history of thematically identifying mental illness with criminality. think about just how much of bruce’s rogues gallery can be identified as “psychotic”. spoiler alert: it’s most of them. that’s no accident. it’s no accident that gotham’s largest prison is an asylum. mental illness and criminality are inextricably linked in gotham in a way that they’re not in the dcu at large. and i think that’s why jason gets so consistently mishandled and mischaracterized.

authors don’t seem interested in the idea of exploring jason’s neuroatypicality in a respectful, meaningful way. they don’t seem interested in seeing him try to reform relationships with his family now that he’s back, and they don’t seem interested in using him to explore the concepts of mortality, and morality, and the nature of heroism. they seem interested in exploiting him as a plot device. they seem interested in erasing his character completely and pairing him down to that one moment when he made them a lot of money. and that’s fucking bullshit.

Where to start reading Damian Wayne?

If you want you can start with Batman: Son of the demon which an elseworld story which for a lot feature Damian and his origin story, if not skip it and go straight to

  • Batman and Son (#655-658, 663-666)
  • The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul
  • The Black Glove #667-674
  • Batman R.I.P.
  • Battle of the Cowl
  • Batman and Robin vol.1
  • Red Robin #13-14
  • Blackest Night: Batman #1-3
  • Batman: Time and the Batman #700-703
  • Teen Titans: Team Building vol.3 #88-93
  • Batman #666, 700
  • Batman: Gates of Gotham
  • Batgirl vol. 3 #5-7, #17
  • Batman: Streets of Gotham
  • Superman/Batman #77, 75
  • Batman Incorporated vol.1
  • Batman Inc. Leviathan Strikes!
  • Batman and Robin vol.2
  • Batman and Robin Annual #1
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #17
  • Batman Incorporated vol.2 nu52
  • Lil Gotham (especially #1-3, 6-7, 9-11)

mitchthebat  asked:

Hey Rena, Do you have scans of when Cass had her idea for the Network during Final Crisis? I can't find it anywhere.😥

The initial exposure she had to the idea was during the aftermath of Bruce’s death in the event Batman: Battle for the Cowl where a Network was created by Oracle in order to best use various team-ups to deal with the problems Bruce godlike predicted would happen in the aftermath of his death somehow. Unfortunately it was written by FabNic so you have to deal with a very sexist view of a teamup between Helena and Cass that should have been amazing.

[Batman: Battle for the Cowl – The Network (2009)]

But more in character and a bit easier to swallow was the tie-ins for Batman: R.I.P. for Batman and the Outsiders (2007-2011) where we see Cassandra trying to put together her own Network in a more Outsiders-insired way

[Batman and the Outsiders (2007-2011) #13]

… but you have to deal with Dick being super OOC and attacking Cass for daring to try and make a Network without him?? idk

But that’s where Cass making the Network comes from! Unfortunately DC decided to bury her instead and make her disappear until 2011 before doing it again : ) ) )

Why Damian thinks Todd is Bearable (by Damian)
  • Todd: *doing some frivolous activity on the computer*
  • Damian: *enters the room* "Todd. Drake has informed me that once you stabbed him in the chest using a batarang. Is this true?"
  • Todd: *looks up and has a stupid look like the imbecile he is* "What?"
  • Damian: "TT. Did you stab Drake with a batarang? I do not have the patience to deal with your stupidity much longer."
  • Todd: "Yes I did. And I will do the same to you unless you shut the f*ck up."
  • Damian: *gives Todd a calculating look* "You are adequate. I wish to repeat that activity with you soon."
  • Todd: *has that idiotic look again* "I thought Goldie didn't approve of you killing people?"
  • Damian: "TT. It does not matter what that imbecile thinks. It is Drake. He deserves it."
  • Jason: "Let me get the batarangs."

mysistermakesmelaugh  asked:

Hey as someone who hasn't much experience with pre-52 Tim Drake, what would you recommend for the best comics of him?

I would absolutely love to tell you more about my son and give you an idea of his complex and lovable personality before New 52 ruined him.

A Lonely Place of Dying (1989): In case you’re curious how Tim found his way into the batfam. We see grief-stricken/angry Bruce, snappish/frustrated Dick and tiny Tim who just wants his heroes back to their old selves. You really see his detective skill and his spirit and how deep down he’s a real good kid.

Robin Reborn or Robin I (1990): Two stories, Tim officially takes up the Robin mantle after the murder of his parents and training in Paris where he comes across Lady Shiva! We really get deeper in Tim’s motivations when things start becoming difficult again but he uses his brain and training to come out on top.

Joker’s Wild or Robin II (1991): To me it’s become one of my favorite early Tim stories just because we get a really good Joker scheme plus a new Robin Tim dealing with it all on his own. Bonus point for Tim/Alfred as crimebros together. Robin III: Cry on the Huntress also looks good but I can’t vouch.

Flying Solo or Robin III (~1992): More solo Tim doing the Robin thing with also some of the first appearances of Stephanie as the Spoiler. They bicker and debate and sparks sure too fly between the costumed teens. Also Helena “Huntress” Bertinelli appears as well. So much batfam.

Robin (all of it) : The three volumes above me are the first in Tim’s Robin series and, yes, I know it’s long but this is THE definitive Tim story. He’s so well done and the stories are genuinely good and his interactions with the cast are so great. I highly recc Tim’s Robin run from the late 90’s to mid-late 00’s. If you look around you can find places to read it.

Young Justice (1998): There’s a whole bunch of Timmy development as you  see Tim still working out the kinks of his Robin persona, trying to settle in as a leader and maintaining his essential goodness while working with Batman’s darkness. Plus he builds the friendships that last him a lifetime.

Teen Titans (2003): The Geoff Johns run of Teen Titans is great and I love how they characterize Tim as a firmer leader, still goofy and fun but already feeling weighed down by his experiences. Super close to his friends Also adding Identity Crisis (2005) onto this cause they tie in together and, wow, IC certainly changes things for Tim.

Depending on how deep you wanna get I can throw in Batman and Son (2006), Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul (2006), Battle for the Cowl (2009) for the growth of Tim’s feud with Damian and the fallout of Bruce’s death which leads to…

Red Robin (2009): They say a star burns brightest before it is snuffed out and the same could be said for Tim’s characterization for RR is considered the pinnacle of Tim’s growth, he’s so perfectly done and the stories are great before New 52 erased it all. Please read Red Robin, you will love it and more importantly, you will love Tim.

This is a lot I know, The biggest I’d recommend are

-the Tim intro ALPoD

-at least one of the older comics to get a feel for ‘just starting out, hella self conscious’ Robin that’s super cute (The first 4 Robin solos are collected now in trades so they’re easier and cheaper to collect)

 -and Red Robin with maybe some Teen Titans thrown in between as middle ground.  

honey-nut-shirios  asked:

could you do brotherly jay and dami headcannons pretty please?

I have so many headcanons for the robins bonding and being bros/serving as each other’s support system my dude you have opened a can of worms with this one

  • I’m a big fan of the idea of Jason and Damian encountering each other during Jason’s time with the League of Assassins after his resurrection. He’s a little concerned when he finds out that Talia has a pre-schooler under her care, is surprised to discover that the kid is her son. He doesn’t ask who Damian’s father is, but they form a weird kind of sibling bond, because Jason is one of the only people who is actually willing to play with Damian and treat him like the tiny child he is. Jason leaves the League when Damian is still pretty young. 
  • The next time they meet, Jason’s only impression is of a tiny asshole who is way better with a katana than any kid that age should be. But as they get reacquainted with each other, he becomes painfully reminded of his own time in the green and red. There’s a lot of similarities between the two, both made hard by an unhealthy childhood, both carrying past demons, both a little more aggressive than Bruce would prefer. 
  • And it terrifies Jason, because he looks at this angry, frightened, conflicted ten year old and he sees himself, sees Damian ending up like him, and it makes him feel sick. This kid deserves something better, and Jason promises himself that he’ll do whatever he can to make sure that he gets it.
  • Jason “accidentally” crosses paths with Damian on patrol now and then, and although they rarely make conversation, they’re both content to share companionable silence. Sometimes Jason offers to treat Damian to a milkshake from one of those 24 hr. diners. Neither of them comments on the fact that they have the same favorite flavor.
  • Eventually, they start talking. It starts with Damian asking where Jason goes when he disappears from Gotham for months at a time. Before they know it, their late night meetings and filled with conversation. 
  • Damian starts to think of Jason as a brother of sorts, not to mention an escape when he doesn’t want to deal with Bruce or Dick. Jason gives him the address of a couple of his safehouses, and Damian will sometimes drop by when he needs a break. It’s not all that uncommon for Jason to come home in the mornings and find Robin curled up on his couch, fast asleep. They make pancakes together when he wakes up. 
  • After Bruce “dies” and Dick becomes Batman we’re just gonna pretend battle for the cowl didn’t happen for now bc that was a characterization disaster for jason and for damian Jason becomes concerned for his little bro. He breaks into stops by the Manor every couple of weeks to check in. Is Damian eating? How’s his partnership with Dick working out? He knows he can always crash with Jason if it gets to be too much, right?
  • Damian visits Jason so often during that period that Dick jokes that it feels like they have joint custody.
  • I was gonna do headcanons for Jason’s reaction when he finds out about Damian’s death, but I don’t think I can handle that level of heartbreak right now so I’ll let you use your imagination.
  • On a lighter note, Jason finds out that, despite his mostly excellent education, Damian is criminally ignorant of pop culture. He takes it upon himself to get him caught up. Four words: lots of movie nights.
  • He gets Dami hooked on Food Network. His favorite show is Cutthroat Kitchen. No surprise there.

Also; I don’t usually do fic recs, but I live for Jason/Damian brotherly interactions and I think that DC wasted a golden opportunity with their relationship, so I have spent a lot of time searching out good fan content for the two of them. This one shot is really good if you like big brother!Jason. (but I’ll warn you, it’s about Damian starting middle school and dealing with racism and Islamophobia, so proceed with caution.) There’s also Starfire And The Outlaws, which is a fantastic fan comic run by some fantastic people and features some adorable interactions between Jason and Damian in the first issue. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm fairly new to comics and I'm wondering how I should read the ones with Jason Todd in them? I don't know where to start there's so many haha

Robin Jay

  • Batman #408-412: Origin Story
  • Batman #416: Jason meets Dick
  • Superman Annual #11: Jay meets Wonder Woman and Superman (loads of Jay in here)
  • ***Batman The Cult: 4 issues with some Robin Jay
  • ***Batman Annual #12: 2nd half has some solo Jay Robin stuff
  • Batman #424-425: This deals with the Felipe issue (the serial rapist) and runs into ‘A death in the Family’ 
  • A Death in the Family (Batman #426-429): While I don’t think this is particularly a well written storyline…it’s definitely a must-read.

Flashback Robin Jay

  • Gotham Knights #43-45: Flashback of Jay and Barbara working together written in early 2000s.
  • Nightwing; Year One (Nightwing #101-106): Mostly Dick centric (deals with Dick getting ‘fired’ as Robin and the aftermath but deals with Jay meeting and bonding with Dick. Most Jason appearances in #105-106 and written in early 2000′s.

Resurrected Jay

  • Batman: Hush (Not really Jay centric but a good read)
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood (Batman #635-641, 645-650 and Annual #25): Deals with his resurrection
  • Red Hood: The Lost Years: Deals with his return in more detail
  • Teen Titans (2003) #29 (collected in Teen Titans: Life and Death): Jay meets and confronts Tim.
  • Nightwing: Brothers in Blood (Nightwing #118-122): Jason in the Nightwing costume and some scuffle between Jay and Dick. ***
  • ***Green Arrow: Road to Jericho (Green Arrow #69-72): Jay fights against Green Arrow.
  • +Countdown to Final Crisis: Loads of DC characters, has Donna Troy, Jay and Kyle Rayner team up.
  • ***Robin #177-183: A better written interaction between Jay and Tim…this is Tim Centric.
  • ***Batman: Battle for the cowl
  • ***Batman and Robin: Revenge of the Red Hood (Batman and Robin #4-6): I don’t personally like this…not much to say, Jay tries to unmask Dickbats and Damian Robin.
  • *** Redhood and the Outlaws
  • ***Redhood/Arsenal: There are some nice moments (Jason meeting Amnesiac Bruce)
  • ***Robin War: Some okay moments between the robins (not Jay Centric)
  • ***Batman and Robin Eternal: A let down in general but some nice moments between Tim and Jason.
  • ***Redhood and the Outlaws Rebirth: I don’t trust Lobdell with Jason.

  • +Tiny Titans: Loads of DC characters as kids, mosly Dick but has the whole batfam. It’s very cute.
  • +Li’l Gotham: Damian centric but has Jason popping in some issues. Very cute and worth a read

I’ve tried to put it in a chronological order as much as possible.

***This just means, from my personal view, you can live without reading these titles. Tbh Jason is a hard character to recc for because his character as you will see has not been written reliably. His characterisation moves from spectrum to another depending on who is handling him (also after he was first introduced, he was written badly so the audience would vote for his death when it turned out, some people didn’t want the Robin mantle to be passed down.

If anyone has more to add, please do.

HMU if you don’t know where to find some of these titles.

+italics: these are the updated titles that I forgot to add in the first post

anonymous asked:

hey! so im new to the fandom and i really wanna read up on stuff for batman + the batfam! and anything else that you might rec. have any comics in mind?

yeah, of course! I would really recommend reading them in this order, start out with the Nightwing comics, not New52 or the rebirth, start with the older ones, here is a link to where I like to read my comics online, its the first issue of the nighting ones

I would really not recommend reading any of the New52 series that are Dick centric, Nightwing or Grayson, I feel they really screwed him up.

For Jason you should first read death in the family,, which will lead up to Red Hood the lost days,, that tells the whole story arc of how Jason becomes Red Hood. After that, you should read Batman Hush,, and again I wouldn’t recommend the New52 Red Hood and the outlaws, I wasn’t a big fan of those. I would however recommend you read the Rebirth Red Hood, that was quite good. 

Unfortunately, Tim is kind of widely ignored by most writers, so he doesn’t have lots of attention. however the his solo series, Red Robin, was some of the best i’ve ever read so definitely go and check that out,, I really haven’t been getting around to reading any Teen Titans comics so I’m not sure how well characterized he is in that. There are some comics where he is robin that are simply called “Robin” but they are not available on the site I use. 

For Damian, and bear in mind this will probably be the only New52 I will recommend to you, I would advise reading the Batman and Robin New52 story arc. I feel it is quite informative about Damian’s origins, robin or otherwise and contains lots of character development. There are some other non-New52 comics called Batman and Robin as well, where Dick Grayson is Batman, however I cannot vouch for those. 

If you want you can read the whole New52 death in the family story arc, its not the best but it would suffice as it does have some batfam action in it, 

And this may be the best advice I will give you, but please heed this advice, AVOID FRANK MILLER’S ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, AND ALSO THE BATTLE FOR THE COWL LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

I hope this was helpful!

anonymous asked:

Do you prefer preboot Jason to reboot Jason? Why or why not? I think you organize your thoughts extremely well, by the way! I appreciate your headcanons and opinions!!!

Thank you! I think the utter lack of writing classes in Nursing school has forced me to channel my essay skills into meta instead.

I strongly prefer preboot Jason to the point that I wish Jason had just stayed dead in the reboot.

It’s not that FabNic or Morrison or Daniel wrote Jason better than Lobdell and the assortment of writers on the Eternal series, because that’s just false. FabNic wrote Jason as a fucking idiot who gives zero fucks about kids and clings to Timmy like a pathetic whiner. Morrison wrote him as someone who would coerce a traumatized teenage girl to become a vigilante without any training, and who’s obsessed with social media of all things. Daniel wrote him as evil (no, literally, he wanted Jason to be evil henceforth), someone who would shoot a child in the chest and go on a random bloody rampage. I hate all those characterizations just as much as I hate the worst of his New52 portrayal.

However, when Winick’s Jason was still canon, I could cling to that and selectively ignore anything that contradicted it. Even after Battle for the Cowl, Winick returned to write Batman and Robin volume 1 #23-25 and salvaged his characterization. Now, Winick’s Jason may as well have not existed. At best, I have a few issues of the Batman Eternal series that don’t irritate me, and that’s all that any newcomers are likely to read.

Who is Jason Todd, according to Winick? He’s not a typical hero, but he’s not not a hero either. He denies caring for the world, right after saving London from a terrorist attack and making sure that those who would be falsely accused (for Islamophobic reasons) would be safe, at the risk of having Bruce notice him on the news. He tortures people and laughs it off. He took care of his sick mother for a year. He will stop at nothing to keep kids safe. He will not stand for dehumanization of vulnerable people and he will kill you for it. He’s so jealous of Tim that he doesn’t hesitate to beat him unconscious and use his blood to write on the walls, but he makes sure to knock out Raven peacefully on his way in because he doesn’t want her to suffer any more than she already has. He’s pissed off enough at Bruce for letting others intervene in their little argument that he decides to take it to Star City, but takes the time to force a confrontation between himself and Mia Dearden, someone whom he relates to. He absolutely loved being Robin and was heartbroken to have it taken away. He really likes Damian, but he drives the kid nuts when they team-up just because he can. He jumped in front of the bomb in a desperate last attempt to save Sheila, the woman who had sold him out to the Joker without a moment’s hesitation. He still hasn’t gotten over Bruce not killing the Joker. He didn’t care about Dick at all when he wanted Bruce to pay attention to him, but then he trusted Dick enough to tell him that Black Lightning had been falsely accused of murder, something he had no obligation to do, and he clarified that he didn’t actually want to hurt Dick. He wanted so desperately to be adequate in Bruce’s eyes, and even now, he vies for Bruce’s attention. And so much more.

Winick’s Jason is complicated and human.

The fact that New52 Jason is now the Jason just makes me want to scream in frustration because Jason fans and newcomers deserve so much better. I’d rather new fans not know of the Red Hood at all than know him as the edgy, casually sexist badboy who spends his spare time in bars and is too hotheaded to be competent, a watered down (suddenly friendly with the Batfam, doesn’t argue when they tell him not to kill anyone) and pathetic (forgiving Bruce for that stunt in Ethiopia over Damian and rolling over for him, going all heart eyes over Babs treating him like garbage) version of his former self. It’s just an insult and it genuinely depresses me sometimes.

Basically, Jason Peter Todd didn’t die for this.

Where to start Kate Kane?

Let’s start with her first appearance in 52 #7 then continue on with

  • 52 #9, 11, 28, 30, 33, 34, 36, 45, 47, 52
  • Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood #3
  • Final Crisis #4-7
  • Final Crisis: Revelations #2-3
  • Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1, 3
  • Cry for Justice #1, 3-6
  • Detective Comics v1 #854-857, 858-860, 861-863
  • Batman and Robin #7-9
  • Batwoman nu52
  • Batman Incorporated #4-5
  • Wonder Woman #600