Batman vs. The Penguin (with Patton Oswalt) (by collegehumor)


Gotham vs. Reality

Oswald Cobblepot, the villain from Batman, also known as the penguin, is a better candidate than Donald Trump. He pledges to make it safe in his city again, while Donald is out there sexually harassing women. 

THEREFORE, I would like to nominate Oswald Cobblepot as President of the United States 2016

Batman montage commission by John Byrne. 2014.

John included the request by the commissioner:

20" x 30" montage commission featuring Batman, the details are:

Central figure – Adams/Aparo era Batman with oval on chest

5 scenes, each representing a different Batman era, please draw the vignettes in your style, but with a tip of the hat to the original artist’s version like you did in Generations.

1. Batman from Detective 31 fighting the Monk and the giant ape that appear in that story. Please draw Batman as he appears in the 1st vignette (Batman & Dick Grayson) 

2. Dick Sprang era Batman fighting Two Face

3. Carmine Infantino era Batman vs. Penguin from cover of Batman #190 (please include Batman, Robin, and Penguin, but NOT the “shield” Batman is using)

4. Adams/Aparo era Batman fighting Man-Bat

5. Modern Batman with dark cape and no oval – vs. Scarecrow

Orientation is up to you