30 Day Challenge: Day 29

Prompt: “I wanna fuck you so hard right now, sweetheart….sorry was that too soon?”

AN: Jason won. big shock! Obviously this hints at stuff. With that prompt how could it not? Still it should be SFW.One day left guys!

Words: 411

           He has you pressed up against the wall. His tongue is in your mouth, and his hands are starting to roam to places that society frowns against seeing in public. But to be completely honest you don’t care.

“I wanna fuck you so hard right now sweetheart … sorry was that too soon?”

You’re a bit out of breath when you talk “Considering the fact that we’ve only been here for half an hour, I would say yes. Then there’s that whole thing about public indecency.”

Jason just kisses you again “We’re in a two-hundred-year old house, with thirty bedrooms.”

You giggle “I’m sure I could be tempted.”


You can’t help but wince at the voice. Jason on the other hand doesn’t move. His hands stay exactly where they are, on your thighs, as he turns his head to face your older brother. Oli’s face is red. And you’re fairly certain that if he’d had access to his bow and arrows, Jason would already be on the floor. Jason just gives his most charming smile and says “Hi Roy.”        Roy takes a step forward “Take your hands off my sister now.”

You smirk “I actually like where his hands are.”

Roy looks like he’s about to gag for a moment before finally saying “You’re joining a convent tomorrow.”

Jason scoffs “She wouldn’t last a week.”

You nod “He’s got a point, and you’re being very hypocritical right now.”


“Two weeks ago I walked in on you and Jade doing it in the kitchen, when I was dropping Lian off.”

Roy waves his hand, as if brushing the subject to the side “That was different. We were in our home.”

Jason smirks “Alfred says that this will always be my home.”

Right as Roy’s eye starts to twitch Jade appears out of nowhere. She smirks at you, looks Jason up and down once, before grabbing Roy, and dragging him away. All she says as she goes is “Have fun.”

Once they’re out of sight, Jason slowly straightens up, and allows your dress to fall back in place. You go about straightening your dress, and once you’re done you ask “How do I look?”

He smiles “Perfect. I especially like the hickey I left on your neck.”

You gasp “Jason. I can go out there with a hickey.”

He winks at you “Then my diabolical plan succeeds.”

You smile “Which way to your room again?”

Part 1 Here!

“He’s really good to me.” You tell the girl in front of you, Claire. She’s leaning forward, her elbows pressed against the table, as she looks at you with wide eyes. After hearing your response to what your soulmate is like so far, her lips curl into a smile.

“That’s good, has he been taking you out on any dates?” She asks, and you shrug. 

“He makes me dinner at least once a weak, he has a place in the city.” You leave out the part where he lives in a relatively dangerous area in the city. Claire nods, her bright blond hair brushing against her shoulders. Her hand curling around her can of pink lemonade before taking a sip.

Honestly, you don’t really think anyone would have pictured the two of you being friends.  You can’t blame them, you don’t really have much in common. Well except for that of course. You take glance at her forearm, there are six zeros there, grouped by two’s and separated by two colons. 

Same as yours.

Claire’s in the grade above yours, she’s a good enough student, she qualified for an academic Letterman for the third time this semester. She’s fairly popular, and pretty outgoing. You saw her once or twice before your timer went off, mostly at parties. But your acquaintanceship from back then doesn’t really rival your friendship now. 

After all, she’s the only other person you know that see’s the same things you do.

“How are things with your guy?” You ask, the question catches her off guard. Her cheeks blossom with color, she tugs on her hair pushing it behind her ear, before clearing her throat.

“He’s okay, he’s in London right now, he said he would call tonight whenever his meeting ends.” You crack a smile at that, nudging her elbow with yours. Her blush only deepens when your lips crack open into a grin. “Shut up.” She mumbles, hiding her face in her arms. You just laugh, you never thought even someone like Claire could act so love struck.

A warm smile spreads across your lips, because you’re almost exactly the same.

He’s already there when you get out from school, an arm propped up onto the handlebars, fingers swiping along the sensitive screen on his phone. A leg popped out on the side for balance, jet black hair falling into his eyes.

He’s even more beautiful like this.

He’s wearing a smooth leather jacket, faded blue jeans covering his thick legs. Crystal clear blue eyes peaking out from behind a sea of black, a single white streak falling just over his right eye. A narrow, straight slope makes his nose. A light splatter of freckles just barley visible on his snow white skin. 

His head turns to where you’re rooted to the ground on top of a set of stairs, his red lips curling into a smile. 

You practically fly to him in the next minute, hesitating a moment before climbing onto the back of his motorcycle. He wordlessly hands you his helmet, which you silently take. Pulling it on before lightly placing you hands on either side of him.

“Hold on tight.” You hear him say, your hands rest on the sides of his torso, before they gently glide all around the curve of his body, finally resting on his hard chest. You can’t help the squeal that erupts from your mouth when he starts driving, wind whipping you hair back. He only laughs.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve given you a ride you know.” Despite the ice cold wind whipping against your face, you feel like you’re on fire. A deep warmth only beginning to bubble inside you.

“I know, it’s just-” You swallow the words in your throat, he probably won’t hear them anyway, you tell yourself. Instead your arms squeeze, just a bit, tighter around him.

You always make me so nervous.

Jason waits patiently to hear the rest of the words, but they never come. At first he thinks maybe they were carried away by the wind. But then your arms wrap just a bit tighter around him.

He get’s the message loud and clear.

Because he’s the same way. 

Perfectly intertwined, his bike rushes forward, until it becomes only a small dot along the horizon. 

A Different Name

Prompt: Jason and Reader get a puppy

AN: Dogs are apparently the theme of the week!

Words: 529

           You’re mid make out session. Jason is still in his suit, and his hand is sliding up under your shirt, when the first yip sounds. Jason goes stock still under you. His hands tighten at your hips as he pulls back. “What was that?”

           You look at him “What was what?”

           He stares at you “The noise.”

           You lean in and kiss him. You’ve nearly got him back in the mood, when another yip sounds. Jason pulls away “That noise.”

           You smile “I didn’t hear anything.”

           He gently slides you off his hips, and stands up. You sigh, and get up to follow him. “You’re going crazy.” You say as he peaks into the bathroom.

           He scoffs “That train left the station years ago. Crazy I might be, but I can still hear perfectly fine.”  

           You tug on the back of his jacket, “Are you sure about that? You use guns as your main weapon, and they’re loud.”

           He stops and turns to you “The helmet muffles the sound.”


           He turns from you and moves into the guest room. You grimace, before you get a running start, and jump. You land on his back, but instead of stumbling, or trying to get you off, he just grabs your thighs, and walks further into the room.

           He stops suddenly, and you sigh, as you rest your chin on his shoulder. His head turns to you, and he goes “Seriously? You got a puppy?”

           You slide off his back, and move forward to pick up you little ball of fluff. He squirms in your arms, before letting out another yip. “He’s a Shiba Inu. My friend Mary’s Shiba had puppies, and she asked if I wanted one, and well she showed me a picture, and I was a goner.”

           Jason groans “Y/N.”

           You step forward so that the puppy can lick his face “He’s a baby Jason. He needs a home, and you’re gone so often, I need some company.”

           He stares at you as the puppy licks his face “That’s a low blow.”

           Your grin “I always wanted a puppy, and he won’t get too big. Neither of his parents are big, and sure he’s mischievous, but that means he takes after you. He’s also really smart. Also like you.”

           Jason rolls his eyes, and takes the puppy from you. He holds him at arm’s length, before his eyes shift to you. “You’re smart too.”

           You squeal “Does that mean we can keep him.”

           “Sure. Maybe we can teach him to pee in Tim’s shoes when he comes over.”


           He shrugs “I need an ally. It’s me against those three.” You just laugh, and Jason smiles, as he cuddles the puppy closer. “Does he have a name?”

           You shake your head “Not yet. I figured we could decide together.”

           He nods, and starts moving back towards the living room with you on his heels “Excellent, what about Roy? He’s got red fur, and it kind of reminds me of his hair.”

           You laugh “Wouldn’t that get confusing?”

           “Nope, I’ll just call Roy, Harper from now on.”

           “Or we could pick another name?”

           He just shrugs “That’s an idea.”

anonymous asked:

Everyone talks about how they went to karaoke with Nightwing or how Batman ate dinner with them, BUT I GOT MUGGED TODAY AND RED HOOD ACCIDENTALLY KICKED ME IN THE SHIN AND PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE. He apologized and got me a taco tho so we all good. #OnlyInGotham

stayevildollface  asked:

I feel like deathstroke has to be JL because why would they hype up a movie that comes out AFTER JL? You would promote the movie closest, plus the script isn't even done yet. I feel like an arkham setting would be the best plot. Have you thought of something maybe with Jason/red hood? That way they could have joker Harley batman and also introduce the batman and explain the "dead robin" hints they've been dropping the past two movies?

I’ve heard a few people mention the Red Hood story line. Deathstroke is actually involved in that story. I’ve heard that Geoff Johns altered the JL script to lead into solo Batman, so it would be interesting if that’s where the connection is. Maybe Deathstroke has a minor part in JL then his story continues with the solo Batman movie which could go for a Red Hood story line.

Overall, I obviously want an Arkham story, but another thing I’ve read about is a story where there’s a crime war between Black Mask and Joker or Joker hiring Deathstroke to kill Batman would be interesting to me as long as Joker isn’t pushed into some tiny cameo again.