Bring Her Back

Prompt: Could you do an imagine where batmom dies when barry created flashpoint, but since batboys were in another earth/dimension they still remember her when they come back and try to force barry to bring her back?

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    Normally Richard Grayson would be pulling his youngest brother off his teammate. But right now, he was just as mad, and it was only years of self control that were keeping him from killing the speedster. To be honest, he was more surprised that Jason hadn’t taken a shot yet. Tim was too occupied trying to figure out how to get her back, and then there was Bruce.

    His adoptive father was completely unaware of the change. He’d been on world when, what the League was calling “Flash Point” had happened. Bart Allen had gone back in time to prevent his grandfather’s death, and in the process had erased their adoptive mother from existence.

    The realization of what had happened had hit them all swiftly. He imagined, that the only reason they were holding it together this well, was because they had yet to see Bruce. The man’s world had risen and set with their adoptive mother. She was the one who softened him, and could get him to relax. He didn’t want to imagine what Bruce was like without her.


    Dick winced, apparently they were about to find out. Dick’s eyes followed his father as he walked across the room, Barry Allen right behind him. Jason had drawn his gun and taken the shot before any of them could stop him.

    Of course, the Flash dodged it. The stunned look on Bruce’s face, nearly made it worth it. As Damian slid off Bart, the situation truly seemed to dawn on him. Shoving Bart away Damian simply said, “You don’t remember her either.”

    Bruce’s voice was gruff and stern, “Who? Who don’t I remember?”

    Damian just shakes his head, “None of your concern. We’ll take care of it ourselves. Todd, Grayson you’re with me.”

    Without a word, both Dick and Jason followed after him. They were going to get their mother back, even if it killed them.

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Batfam babysitting Mar'i headcannons? Pretty please

-I can imagine Jason being really good with small kids, like he knows exactly how to get a kid to stop crying when everyone else had failed to stop the incessant wailing, so he’d be really good with Mar’i when she’s a baby

-Bruce would always take Mar’i to the park when he had to babysit her and so there are tons of tabloid photos of Bruce pushing a stroller with a content little Mar’i all bundled up inside

-Tim would be better with Mar’i once she could talk and he would make up all sorts of stories to tell her. He would do all of the silly voices and tell of the brave knight princess Mar’i who saved King Richard from the clutches of the dreaded bat-dragon that was mad at him for breaking (another) vase

-Damian wouldn’t be left around Mar’i alone; it’s not that Dick didn’t trust him to watch Mar’i, he just didn’t want her to learn how to throw knives before she could speak on the off chance that she could accidentally kill herself 

-Steph and Cass would have tea parties with Mar’i once she gets into the typical princess stage where they would make cookies (and wreck the kitchen to the dismay of poor Alfred) and set up a table and drag the boys into joining them. Then they would paint nails, the boys’ nails to be specific. Dick totally rocked the bright fuchsia Mar’i chose for him, though Jason was a bit grumbly about the sparkly yellow Steph chose for him (”couldn’t it have been red at least, to stick with the whole “RED hood” thing” “shut up and let me paint your nails”)

-Duke and Damian would teach her how to play video games like Cheese Vikings and the classics. She would eventually become a master at Mortal Kombat under the tutelage of Duke

-basically everyone would have an activity that would keep her occupied and stationary so they could have a rest but still make sure Mar’i is having fun

the greater good

pairing: Jason Todd x reader

prompt: based off of Lucius and his wife from The Incredibles; “honey, where’s my uniform?”

warnings: none that I can find:)

word count: 890

Just a short lil drabble to ease myself into writing and hopefully get rid of my writers block. This started out great and I was really confident in it but I have no idea what happened at the end lmao.

You hum quietly to yourself as you put on your earrings and move on to apply the last touch ups to your look. Tonight was date night for the first time in two months. It seems that between your day job and Jason’s night job you never got any time for yourselves, so you were quite excited for tonight.

From your spot by your makeup table in the bedroom you can hear Jason pacing the flor in your living room and speaking to someone—probably Roy or one of his brothers—on the phone. You can vaguely make out some of his words but you decide to pay no mind to it and focus on perfecting your lipstick instead. Suddenly the pacing stops and you hear him make his way down the hall to your room instead. “Yeah, Roy, just…just give me sec.” He appears at the doorway to your room, looking as dashing as ever in his suit and tie get up. He gives you cheeky little smile and you raise your brow at him in questioning manor.

Ignoring your gesture, Jason moves to your walk in closet and starts rummaging through the drawers. You sigh to yourself as you realize what he’s doing. “Baby—no not you Roy—Y/N where’s my uniform?” You put down your lipstick with a huff and place your elbow on the table with your chin in your palm. “What?” You ask.

“My uniform, I need it it’s an emergency.”

“I put it away,” you drawl back. Outside you hear shouting and the sound of sirens in the distance. Just another night in Gotham, you think bitterly to yourself as you lean back in your seat with crossed arms.

“You did what?” Jason shrieks before emerging just outside the walk in closet. His hair is tousled, with his jacket off and his shirt halfway unbuttoned. “Well where did you put it away?” He enquirers as he continues to work on the buttons of his shirt. “Why do you wanna know?” Outside, the side of sirens is getting more clear and Jason runs over to your window and glances out. “I need it, Y/N, it’s for the greater good,”

You feel your face heat up in anger. “The greater good? I’m your girlfriend, Jason Todd, I’m the greatest good you’ll ever have!” You shriek in anger.

Jason glances outside the window once more before signing and walking towards you. He kneels down text you and unfolds your arms and takes hold of your hands, rubbing small comforting circles on the back of them. “Alright, what’s this about?”

“It’s about how you’re always running off, doing the daring-do and we never get any time for ourselves! We’ve been planning this dinner for two months, Jason, two entire months!” You’re blinking back tears by the end of your rant and Jason gives you small sympathetic smile. He squeezes your hands and urges you to continue. “It’s just…I feel like I never see you anymore.” You mumble.

“I know it’s been hard baby and I’m so, so sorry.” He murmurs against your hands before pressing a small kiss to them. “I’ve been a terrible boyfriend haven’t I?” He jokingly says.

You let out a small giggle and Jason’s heart swells. “Not terrible, just busy,”

You both jump at was sounds like a faint gunshot, ringing from the distance and Jason immediately stands to cover your body. He looks down at you and sigh. You guess that the city and the people in it is actually more important than your date anyway. “Your uniform is in the bottom drawer in the bathroom, I’ll get the helmet,” Jason smiles apologetically at you and kisses your forehead before running off to the bathroom. You sit up and walk over to your disheveled walk in closet. Kneeling down you grab one of the shoeboxes stacked in the corner and open it. In it lies Jason’s helmet.

You stare at it for a while with furrowed brows and lips squeezed in a tight line. Last night when he came home from patrol and when he thought you were asleep, you had sneaked out to hide it. You knew that something like this would come up or that he’d see it and be tempted to put it on and go out to fight crime. In hindsight, you probably were a little selfish but you couldn’t really help yourself. After all, it did feel like your relationship was falling apart.

“Babe, do you have it?” Jason’s voice snaps you out of your train of thoughts and you hurriedly grab it and walk out of your room to the hall where Jason stands, fitted in his vigilante getup. You walk up to stand in front of him and extend your hands shakily with the helmet in your hands. Jason, noticing your discomfort, places his hands on top of your and looks into your eyes. “I’ll be fine, love,” he says and you search his eyes for any sign of nervousness or dishonesty but you find only love and reassurance. Your lips quirk up into a weak smile. “I know.”

Jason smiles, tangles a hand in your hair and presses a firm kiss to your forehead before grabbing the helmet out of your hands. “I’ll make sure to be home for dinner.”

Not Letting Go - Part 3

Here’s part 3 of the Jason x Reader Soulmate AU!
So I know I am dragging this out stupidly long, but I think we’ve reached the halfway point! Major plot stuff will start happening soon! Hope you guys like it~

Part 1Part 2

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The first thing that registered in your brain when you woke up the next morning was that you felt extremely warm. Also, your pillow seemed to be rising up and down ever so slightly. You grumbled irritably, nuzzling into it in an attempt to get back to sleep. A low resounding chuckle jolted you into wakefulness and your eyes shot open, only to find Jason looking down at you, his expression fond. “Goodmorning to you too,” he greeted, tone bemused. You realised belatedly that you were laying across his chest, apparently doing a very good impression of an octopus judging by the way your limbs were entangled with his. You gasped, feeling your face heat up as you attempted to scramble away.
“Jay I’m so sorry! I didn’t” “Shhhhh,” he hushed you, strong arms wrapping around your waist in a vice like grip to keep you from wriggling away. “Calm down doll, it’s alright,” His tone was soothing; you were sure you were red as a tomato right now. Nonetheless you halted your frantic attempt to escape, instead choosing to hide your face against his chest with an embarrassed groan. Jason removed a hand from your waist to stroke your hair; you could hear the amusement in his voice when he spoke. “See? No harm done.” “I’m sorry I sleep like an octopus,” Your voice was muffled against his skin, but you knew he had heard you when he laughed, the sound vibrating in his chest beneath your ear. For some reason hearing it made you feel all warm and tingly. You groaned internally at your own mushiness. “Naw, you’re the best blanket I’ve ever had. I usually toss them off when I sleep. This morning I got to wake up warm for once,” You knew he was only trying to make you feel better, but it still worked. Unconsciously you started to relax against him. Then a thought struck horror into you. “Wait.. how long have you been awake?” Jason paused, and you already had your answer. “Oh god,” You moaned, defeated. He’d been awake before you and seen you attempting to entwine around him in your sleep. “Don’t be embarrassed doll, it’s adorable,” You just shook your head, deciding to let the subject drop before you died of mortification. “What time is it?” You turned your head to try and catch a glimpse of the alarm clock on your bedside table. “Eight thirty. Do you have to be somewhere?” His hold on you tightened fractionally, and you smiled at the reluctance in his words. “Yeah, I have class at ten,” You apologised, then paused. “You want to stay for breakfast?” Hope was like a living thing in your chest. You struggled to ignore it, glancing up at Jason. He grinned. “Doll I’d love to,”

You went to grab a quick shower, leaving Jason to sprawl across your bed and snuggle into your covers. The sight of him like that made it extremely difficult not to just climb back into bed and cuddle up with him, but somehow you managed not to. Once you were in the shower you took a moment to freak out, hopping up and down under the spray of hot water and hugging yourself tightly. The mix of excitement and nervousness was making you feel wired, and you had to take a few deep breaths to calm down, resting your head against the cold tile. You had never felt this way about anyone before Jason, had never allowed yourself to, and not just because he was your soulmate. It wasn’t uncommon for people to date others who weren’t their soulmate, you never knew when you would meet them so it wasn’t always practical to wait around. Your father hadn’t been your mum’s soulmate, they had been fifteen when they started dating in middle school. No, you had just been scared. Honestly you still were. Scared that Jason would leave, and even more scared of what would happen if he didn’t. His potential to change your future was almost terrifying. Your plan in life had never been very detailed, but a couple of things had always been concrete. You would go to college, graduate, get a stable job and make things better for both yourself and your mum. Now everything seemed uncertain. You still wanted to do all those things, but you didn’t know what impact Jason would have on that yet. And you knew already that you would give up so much to keep him with you.

When you had finished with your shower and gotten dressed, you checked that Jason’s clothes were dry and directed him towards the bathroom so he could clean up. Then you headed downstairs to start on breakfast. Your mum had already left for work so you didn’t have to worry about explaining why Jason was here. The night you had come downstairs wearing his jacket you had told her that it belonged to one of your friends. At the time you weren’t sure where things were going between the two of you and you didn’t want to get your mum’s hopes up. You knew she hoped you would meet your soulmate sooner rather than later, and you didn’t want to tell her that you weren’t sold on the concept. Now though… You figured you should probably tell her soon.
You mused over how you would go about breaking the news while you set about preparing breakfast, putting bacon and eggs to fry on the stove while you set the table. Jason emerged just as you were plating up the food, fresh and damp from the shower. He leaned in the doorway grinning at you, jacket drapped over his shoulder. You grinned back, unable to help yourself. His smile was infectious. “Smells delicious,” He commented, coming up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, lowering his head to nuzzle into your neck. He sniffed, growling playfully. You let out a surprised laugh when you got the joke, swatting at him with the teatowel you were using to handle the hot plates. He chuckled, releasing you, and went to sit in the chair you shooed him towards. “Sorry, I didn’t know how you like your eggs,” you apologised, setting his plate down and taking your own seat across from him. He shook his head. “It looks great, thank you,” He hummed appreciatively when he took a bite and you smiled, tucking into your own food. “So what classes do you have today doll?” You chatted casually about your plan for the day, Jason interjecting occasionally to ask questions. He always seemed genuinely interested in what you had to say, and you found that you loved that about him. “How about you? Any plans?” You asked curiously. He grimaced. “Just helping Bruce out with some W.E work probably,” You had been genuinely confounded when Jason told you that he was the supposedly dead son of the billionare Bruce Wayne. All he had told you about the issue was that it had been a kidnapping gone wrong, and Bruce had genuinely thought him dead. He had decided afterwards that announcing that Jason was alive after so long would cause an uproar; it wasn’t the kind of story Wayne Enterprises would want to be associated with. You hadn’t questioned it any further than that. You could sense that it was a sore subject, and you knew that Jason would tell you more when he was ready.

Jason stayed to help you wash up after breakfast, a little voice in the back of your mind noting with satisfaction how well you worked together. Once you were finished you hugged him goodbye at the door, promising to text him later once you got home. You had admitted to him a while back that you often waited up in case he decided to come over, and after that he had taken your phone number, promising to message you in the evening if he was going to drop by. He had seemed pleased by your admission, jokingly adding a heart next to his name in your phone.
Once he was gone you sat at the counter with your school work, deciding to review your notes before class. Not even five minutes later your mum popped her head around the kitchen door, nearly giving you a heart attack. “Ohmygod mum! I thought you had work this morning!” You gasped, cluthing a hand to your chest. “I thought you were an intruder!” You accused, and then realised that if she was home it meant that she knew Jason had been here. You were so screwed. Your mum just smiled knowingly. “I switched shifts. Is that boy gone? I must say he’s very handsome,” She breezed in, filling the kettle to make herself a cup of tea. “Of course I knew when I saw the jacket that he probably would be, he has very good taste,” She turned to give you a wink and you groaned, letting your head fall into your hands. Of course she knew. When had you ever been able to hide anything from her?

Your mum called your name and you looked up, finding her leaning against the counter looking at you, arms folded. “Is he your soulmate?” She wasn’t angry that you’d had a boy over and hadn’t told her, you knew that she trusted you. Still, you found that you were surprised nonetheless. You had been expecting more of a reaction. Instead she seemed happy, you suspected maybe even excited. You nodded hesitantly. “Yeah.. His name’s Jason,” She smiled. “Jason,” She repeated, mulling the name over. “How did you meet him?” You groaned internally. You knew this wouldn’t be the only time you would be asked this question, and quite frankly the answer was kind of embarrassing. “I kind of ran into him in town.. literally. He offered to help me up and I uh, I ran away,” you admitted, and she laughed, shaking her head fondly. “Of course you did. At least he had the sense to follow you. God knows I’ve been waiting for this long enough.” You hesitated. “Would you, um. Would you like to meet him?” You weren’t quite sure why you were asking. You knew you should probably clear it with Jason first, but you knew he was secretly dying to bring you home himself. You didn’t think he would mind. “I would love to. Why don’t you invite him over for dinner tonight?” “Okay,” you mumbled, and your mum smiled warmly, coming over to hug you tightly. You squeezed back, glad to finally be able to talk about Jason to her.
Once you were outside and on your way to class you decided to send Jason a text. ‘Mum found out about you. She wants to know if you’d like to come for dinner tonight? x’ You hesitated a little before adding the x, feeling childish, before deciding to hell with it and sending the message. Jason texted back almost immediately. ‘What time? I’ll be there. (: x’ You smiled to yourself, nervous excitement taking root in the pit of your stomach. It was going to be a long day.

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Hey, do u have any dc or marvel comic book recommendations (no new 52 pls)

(I’m not sure why you don’t want New 52 recs but whatever floats your boat. Also I don’t read Marvel so I’m no help there.)

  • Superman: Red Son
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood
  • Batman: The Killing Joke
  • Batman: Hush
  • Superman: American Alien
  • Superman (Rebirth)
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth)
Amazing things about the last issue of Batman


Jason, Dick, Damian, Bruce and Duke having lunch at a Bat-burguer place (where they have red hood action figures and jokerized ships, that Jason wants to try). 


the way Bruce eats a hamburger and the fact that the boys make fun of him for it (plus Damian trying to kill Jason with food).


the way they talk about their deaths as it was nothing, and Duke being the only one who realizes thats not normal. 

this hole issue was just like a big fanfic and I love DC for it.