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As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness. Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland.

Will DC/WB/ZS/Writers Get it Right in JL and onward?

So with evidence and direct confirmation that Superman will be back in Justice League, for how long or in what role in the movie he is to play is unknown, does the community believe that the (team referenced above) will get Superman right this time and onward in films? Or at least better? I feel one of the biggest complaints, brought up again by the Honest Trailers and fans alike, was how Zack and the writers got Supermans character, simply put, wrong (not Henry, he can be a great Superman with better writing and a better director). They must have noticed the overwhelming criticism from fans/viewers/critics right?  

One would think and hope. Henry has not been used well in our opinion because they seem too concerned on “humanizing” him via Lois than his humanity coming from his compassionate heart and idealism and his grounded upbringing. You end up having a guy who seems to put his love interest, who he’s only known for two years,  before anything, even his mother. You can’t do that…this is Superman…a hero who is supposed to be stand up for all. eg The incident in Africa wasn’t cool nor romantic. Superman doesn’t ram men through walls but there was Lois simpering as he did it. And their colleague, Jimmy Olsen got shot and there he and Lois was busy in a bath tub not one thought to their colleague. We won’t even get to his hypocrisy at trying to chase down the Batman as a vigilante when he himself as Superman isn’t  exactly universally loved and also taking the law into his own hands.   It’s just poorly written stuff.  Yes, he should have tossed Wondy the spear Lois tossed in the water and let her do it. He did not need to die.  His death was a vain attempt to garner sympathy, but Batman and Wonder Woman barely knows him, we haven’t been with the character long enough to care he dies and their so called grief felt empty. Then of course making a Batman movie because all that happened to Superman was a plot device basically so Batman could fight him, win and then assemble the league. They dumbed the guy down and instead of capitalizing on Cavill’s natural charisma and charm…they had him look burdened, with not much intelligence  nor humor. We still have a lot of reservations regarding Superman. Him being dead means he’ll prob sit out half or three quarters of the movie. The League gets to bond as a team without Superman. The very idea of no Superman there feels wrong because Superman was always a founding member. Then when he comes back what capacity will it be? Evil so only Lois can define his morality by being the only one to drag him back to his senses? Cause God forbid his mother or his innate goodness could do that too. Or the guy to save the day?  It would be nice if he could be seen the way people consider Superman …someone the rest of the League looks up to, the heart of the team, the moral compass, confident, laid back and good humored, idealistic and a power house.


Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins, 2017)

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Picked up a pretty sweet Michael Keaton Batman from Tim Burton’s “Batman” (1989) film. The detail in the eyes and cowl and iconic suit are all fantastic!

I’m very excited to play with this toy. I go him for pretty cheap too, compared to some of the other DC Collectibles I’ve been purchasing.