Outside of the incredibly intense emotions, one of my favorite aspects of Tomasi & Gleason’s run on Batman&Robin is their use of parallelism and repetition. 

I also really enjoy how this scene specifically shifted, that it was never perfect repetition, but close enough that the symbolism of the moment could easily be understood and felt.

I will never be able to thank nor convey to patrickgleason and the crew how much this title meant to me. So I guess I’ll just be forever stuck talking about it to anyone who will listen, sporadically making analytic comparison posts about my favorite moments and potentially getting a firefly or quote tattoo and excitedly anticipating Robin: Son of Batman instead.

Thanks a million times over Pete, Pat, Mick and John! For everything!

[left, #1; center, #17; right, #40]


no TRESPASSING - more vines


(if you’re a fan of Damian Wayne play the audio)