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You knew a rubber suit was going to make an appearance. Or you should’ve known. Don’t play. You knew.

Batman & Robin. Like Batman Forever, seeing this was a family affair.  Say what you will about it – and most people do, which is fair – it made for a great babysitting tool years after its release. If you’ve ever watched multiple young children when they’re watching movies, especially superhero/action movies, they often each want to pick which character in it they are.  Despite the de-Gordonization of Batgirl, a couple little girls I watched did enjoy pretending to be her while their brothers either picked Batman or Robin. Also? We got to run around with blankets around our necks pretending they were capes. Yes. We.  (I was usually whichever of Batman or Robin they didn’t pick. Or Poison Ivy. So, my role changed, but – FYI – I was always amazing.) 


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