Top 5 Fridays: DC Comics Titles We're Going To Miss In June

I was looking at the solicits for March today and I kept coming across FINAL ISSUE as I scanned through the titles and it really made me depressed.  Yeah, June might be fun with it’s new titles and it’s new “damn the continuity” attitude……….. which I think is a big mistake but that’s just me.  I’m just one of those awful people that fear change….. or possibly hate change and knowing that some of my favorite books are coming to an end next month really bums me out.  I’m going to keep this short and sweet so we can just get into the list but I just want to reflect a little bit about how June is going to be a brave new world for DC Comics and maybe it’s just me but I think we’ll yearn for when we had the books we liked and continuity wasn’t a dirty word.  Let’s check out with week’s Top 5 Fridays and the DC Comics Titles We’re Going to Miss In June.

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(if you’re a fan of Damian Wayne play the audio)