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Batfamily NSFW headcanons

Well, here it is. Because of the nature of the questions, IT IS NSFW, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, do not read, I have PLENTY of other work that aren’t NSFW at all that you can check ;-) (right here, my masterlist blog : Anyway, I’m not great at writing headcanons so thought I practice a bit…hope you’ll still like it :


The Goodies-

Bruce Wayne

  • What turns them on?

✶When you touch him inappropriately in public. Especially at charities, galas and other balls. It drives him crazy the way you do it so sneakily so that no one but him notice. It’s a sure way to convince him to go home earlier. 
✶Seeing you putting someone in their place with your wits and sarcasms after they’ve been rude to you…Oh he lives for this, and will have trouble to concentrate on anything else but wanting you. 
✶Your smile. Your laugh. The way you light up his dark World.
✶That man has a thing with lifting your skirt slowly, and putting your panties aside. He couldn’t even tell you why, he just loves it. And obviously, it instantly turns him on when you let him.
✶Knowing that the emotions he feels for you can outlast the orgasm you both had. Oh yes. Knowing he’s loved, and can let go with you. 

  • What turns them off?

There is very few things that turns him off when he’s with you, if not nothing (like literally, even when you’re being annoying, or when he’s being an ass, or if you just woke up and are disheveled and not really attractive…he’d still want you), as everything you do is just…Wow. He can’t get enough of you. Everything you do turns him on really. But He had experiences with other women before… :
✶Women who couldn’t handle a simple conversation. No connection at all with them, just sex. In and out, and then they’d be gone. He hated that. Which makes him love you more when you just spent time in each others arms talking about anything and everything. You’re the only one that makes him want to talk about what he feels and such…It’s a big relief. You’re his big relief. 
✶He use to hate SO MUCH when he took a woman out that had a “fake hollywood accent”, or any fake accent. A lot of fake French one. They thought it made them more interesting, but the only thing it did, was making them super annoying to hear so…Yeah, massive turn off. He cringed more than once because of a high pitched voice, or an annoying one with a stupid fake accent.
✶Narcissism turned him off instantly. Oh the many women Alfred had to escort out because Bruce misjudge them…It happened to him a lot when he was younger, long before meeting you. He thought he’d find a kindred spirit, but turned out, it would just be a woman who wanted him for his money and fame, and who thought she was irresistible. Spoiler : those kind of women were rarely irresistible, to him at least. He could resist them very well. He could resist most women very well…But you. Oh you, it’s impossible. 
✶Lack of passion. He just cannot even think about dating someone who isn’t passionate about anything. 
✶Fake tits. That doesn’t even remotely look (or feel) natural. Fuck them. And oh the women he went out as a younger man had a lot of fake things physically (fake ass, tits, teeth, nose…), every thing was fake in them really, to their personality and smiles. He hated that with a passion, and often wished he could drop the “womanizer” and “playboy” persona, that wasn’t like his real him at all…Everything changed when you came in. You’re the best thing that ever happened to him, nothing fake about you (for real though, if you wanna tell him to fuck off because he’s being an asshole, they you’ll do so, and he loves that!). 

  • Kinks?

Nearly violent sex. Bitey, grabby, pinny, not-holding-back sex. Paired with sweet words of encouragement and gentle forehead/Cheek kisses.
✶Surprise sex. You waking him up because his cock is in your mouth. Him whipping you around while you walk around the Manor, and boom.
✶Sex after an injury. He loves the way you’re careful with him, or how he needs to take care of you because you’re hurt. 
✶He likes giving more than receiving. WITH YOU. Because he feels like he has to thank you to put up with his shit and antics…And you do it so well, oh he just has to please you. Doesn’t mean he’s against a good old blowjob though. Oh, and damn, the good old 69 am I right ? 
✶He can be vanilla and/or rough, and you love it. He would never really hurt you (even if you ask him too, just light biting really), and most of the time you make love, rarely just fucking (unless you haven’t seen each other for a long time and you just need it)…He’s all for the sweet and cuddly aftercare. Cheesy man. 

Richard Grayson

  • What turns them on?

✶You. Your mere presence. A slight touch of your fingers on his arms. And he’s gone. It’s not always great, like, you’d be in public and you’d just touch his thigh softly, as you do, and he’d give you “that look”…
✶Snuggles. Cuddles. Oh yes. 
✶Neck kisses. It drives him beyond wild. 
✶He will get harder inside you by the mere sound of your moans…And hearing you orgasm, clenching around him, is a sure way to send him over the edge too. 

  • What turns them off?

✶Being with someone boring. Glad he found you. 
✶If he’s with a “selfish lover”. He doesn’t mind giving at all, but for him, making love is a way to show mutual respect, to show how much you mean for each other…so if he’s with someone who only think about themselves ? No.
✶When his partner is too forward about wanting sex. “Want to fuck ?” Oh. Nope, he likes when it’s subtle. When you give him sultry looks and such. He likes the building up. 
✶Bad breath. As simple as that. 

  • Kinks?

✶Once, he was arguing with you and in the heat of the moment, you slapped his face. Of course you excused yourself profusely, until you realized he went from being annoyed to argue to being very aroused…You both learned something about him that day. So, light BDSM. Who would’ve thought ?
✶He lives for silly giggly sex. Pleasure, your moans and bad puns, how could it get better than this ? 
✶Women’s mid sections. He loves slight belly and curvy hips. As simple as that.
✶He’s a sucker for romantic evening, that turns hot and steamy. 
✶Rubbing your legs, ass and back during the act. Oh yeah. 

Jason Todd

  • What turns them on?

✶Seeing you punching people. It sounds awful, but the way you don’t let anyone walk on your feet and don’t hesitate to punch people even twice your size…He loves it. 
✶If you wear a dress, your legs will instantly turn him on. He loves your legs. Especially when wrapped around his waist. 
✶You love to dance, and hum songs you like…Big turn on every time, as he can’t get enough of your voice, and you’re damn sexy when you dance. 
✶When you’re trying to contain yourself, but simply cannot. Muscles spasm and contort as you climax.

  • What turns them off?

✶Judgmental people. The kind who decides what you are before knowing you.
✶The daddy kink. Oh God, NO. 
✶It’s something kinda silly, he knows, but he hates long unclipped toe nails. Ew. You laughed the first time he told you. Well, yeah, it’s super gross. 
✶Lacks of enthusiasm and initiative. He can’t be with a woman who lets him do everything, chose everything for her. And who never initiates anything. Basically, the opposite of you. 

  • Kinks?

✶Clothed sex, because it feels like you two are so hungry for each other, that you just can’t bother getting all the clothes off. 
✶Sex games. First one to come loses. 
✶Public and semi-public sex. Hey, he likes danger. When you two are almost caught…Oh the thrill.
✶He’s very creative when it comes to sexual position. As long as your comfortable of course…He’s sure glad you’re flexible by the way.

Timothy Drake

  • What turns them on?

✶Intelligent woman. Intelligence in general. 
✶The way you look at him, with so much love, that makes him feel like he’s really wanted and needed…Sometimes, he just needs validation, as he doesn’t always gets it with his family. Fortunately, you’re here for that. 
✶Nibbling on his ears and neck, while whispering sweet nothing.
✶Eye contact. He just loves it. 

  • What turns them off?

✶Loud people. Oh God can’t they shut up ? He hasn’t slept for the past 36 hours and they’re making his head explode. Instant turn off if there’s too many noises. Though he loves your screams…It’s different ok ? 
✶If you starfish. Making love is a thing he wants to do with you, not to a very passive you. Fortunately, you’re never able to “starfish”…you’d do it as a joke sometimes, because you know he doesn’t like it, and then you wouldn’t be able to resist moving in sync with him.
✶Nothing to talk about but yourself. Someone obsessed with themselves. Oh he hates it. He’s so glad he didn’t find someone who didn’t had any subject else than themselves. He’s so glad he found you. Because with the name “Wayne” comes a plethora of women only interested in money and fame, who loves no one else but themselves. 
✶He hates feigned incompetence. Like a girl who acts like she doesn’t know anything about sex, while she’s clearly experienced. He always feels manipulated when this happens…

  • Kinks?

✶He loves to “discover boundaries”. Like what you like, dislike, what you two are willing to do, the extent you can go etc etc..Knowing just until where both of your boundaries go. 
✶You two nerds invented a secret “sex langage” to be able to talk about it in public. Of course you would.  
✶Nerdy dirty talk. Oh the puns about technologies, and pop culture you two are able to get out while making love : it’s endless. And he loves it. It makes him feel like he found just the perfect person for him. And you really are. 
✶Lazy morning sex. Bath sex. Those private moment with you, where you can just both enjoy each other. Domestic moment sex if that makes sense. 

Damian Wayne (older than his current age of course)

  • What turns them on?

✶Training together, seeing you fight and such. The way your body moves…Gets him every time. 
✶The way you look at him and tell him “I love you”. He’ll never get tired of it. Seeing the love in your eyes for him, knowing you mean it, that there’s at least one person in the world that really love and appreciate his bratty ass. 
✶When you caress his hair, fingers massaging his scalp. Soothing and arousing at the same time. 
✶The way you bite your lips or stick out your tongue when you’re focused. 

  • What turns them off?

✶He tries to be nice about it but…Body odors. If you smell because you two jumped on each other before you could take a shower…Instant turn off. Even his own smell could turn him off. Basically, if it smells bad, he won’t be able to concentrate on sex at all. He’s a living paradox however as he loves the smell of your sweat.
✶Hurting you. 
✶Rude and vulgar people. 
✶Lack of empathy.

  • Kinks?

✶Sensory deprivation. Like blindfolded, so you have to rely on trust and such. Or handcuffed, so you can’t touch and…again trust comes in. Sometimes, he would put headphones on your ears, so you wouldn’t know what his next move is by the sound…Basically, knowing you trust him and letting him do all that. 
✶He likes trying new things.But will never do anything you’re uncomfortable doing of course. Consent is key.  
✶Always the tease though. 
✶Sometimes, he’ll argue with you ON PURPOSE just for the amazing make-up sex afterward…Each time you’ll give him a look meaning : “really Damian ?”, and he’ll just smirk back at you. He knows how to push all your buttons, and oh, he just really like the way you are during make-up sex. 
✶You come first. He loves you, he wants you to be comfortable, but he also like trying new things and he’s so damn glad he found someones like you who’s willing to be adventurous. 

Song Lyric Prompts

Some prompts may be altered slightly to sound better/fit the request (e.g. prompt may be turned into several different phrases, changed wording, etc.) Ye have been warned.

1. “If your gonna be the death of me that’s how I wanna go.” –Collar Full, Panic! At The Disco

2. “Drugs every corner this is Gotham City / Killer Croc came to kidnap you then cut out your kidney.” –Purple Lamborghini, Skrillex ft. Rick Ross

3. “All the boys and I / All the boys and I / Love her madly.” –All The Boys, Panic! At The Disco

4. “Can’t do this to me baby.” –Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

5. “I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out / Cause that’s what young love is all about.” –Bubblegum Bitch, Marina and the Diamonds

6. “Sometimes quiet is violent.” –Car Radio, Twenty Øne Piløts

7. “What a wonderful caricature of intimacy.” –Build God, Then We’ll Talk, Panic! At The Disco

8. “Choke this love till the veins start to shiver.” –River, BISHOP

9. “I’m scared to get close / And I hate being alone.” –Can You Feel My Heart, Bring Me The Horizon

10. “Holy hands / Well they make me a sinner.” –River, BISHOP

11. “And all the kids cry out / Please stop you’re scaring me / I can’t help this awful energy / God damn right you should be scared of me / Who is in control?” –Control, Halsey

12. “Are you insane like me / Been in pain like me?” –Gasoline, Halsey

13. “If crazy equals genius / I’m a fucking arsonist / I’m a rocket scientist.” –Crazy = Genius, Panic! At The Disco

14. “Why don’t you show me a little bit of spine / You’ve been saving for his mattress, love.” –Dance, Dance, Fall Out Boy

15. “I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt / But I make these high heels work.” –Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, Panic! At The Disco

16. “The higher I get the lower I’ll sink / I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim.” –Can You Feel My Heart, Bring Me The Horizon

17. “This just ain’t livin’.” –Cancer, My Chemical Romance

18. “The normals / They make me afraid / The crazies / They make me feel sane.” –Mad Hatter, Melanie Martinez

19. “I’m fairly local / I’ve been around / I’ve seen the streets / You’re walking down.” –Fairly Local, Twenty Øne Piløts

20. “Our brains are sick but that’s okay.” –Fake You Out, Twenty Øne Piløts

21. “I need a gangsta / To love me better / Than all the others do.” –Gangsta, Kehlani

22. “I’m mean it, I’m okay (trust me) / I’m not okay.” –I’m Not Okay, My Chemical Romance

23. “I’m not as think as you drunk I am.” –Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, Panic! At The Disco

24. “Help our souls tonight / We’re losing / Losing this fight.” –Help Our Souls, Nihils

23. “To hang me up now / By my neck / Cause I’m a fate worse than death.” –Sarcasm, Get Scared

24. “I feel like I’m the worst so I always act like I’m the best.” -Oh No!, Marina and the Diamonds

25. “Could you imagine that / If we were gay?” –If We Were Gay, Ninja Sex Party

26. “Glory and gore goes hand in hand / That’s why we’re making headlines.” –Glory and Gore, Lorde

27. “You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.” –Colors, Halsey

28. “You never know the psychopath sitting next to you / You never know the murderer sitting next to you.” –Heathens, Twenty Øne Piløts

29. “Can you save my heavy, dirty, soul?” –HeavyDirtySoul, Twenty Øne Piløts

30. “Those thoughts of past lovers / They’ll always haunt me.” –House of Memories, Panic! At The Disco

31. “When the city goes silent / The ringing in my ears gets violent.” –Jet Pack Blues, Fall Out Boy

32. “You got two black eyes from loving too hard / And a black heart that matches your blackest soul.” –LA Devotee, Panic! At The Disco

33. “I wanna make you shiver / Make your backbone quiver.” –Mercenary, Panic! At The Disco

34. “I do not have writers block / My writer just hates the clock.” –Migraine, Twenty Øne Piløts

35. “Don’t do love / Don’t do friends / I’m only after success.” –Oh No!, Marina and the Diamonds

36. “Make me / Make me impressed / Make me / Make me obsessed.” Pretty Little Psycho, Porcelain Black

37. “I’ve been thinking too much / Help me.” –Ride, Twenty Øne Piløts

38. “My shadow’s the only one who walks beside me.” –Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day

39. “You don’t love me / Big fucking deal.” –Starring Role, Marina and the Diamonds

40. “Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?” –Tennis Court, Lorde

41. “Whether near or far / I am always yours.” –The End of All Things, Panic! At The Disco

42. “Am I more than you bargained for yet?” –Sugar We’re Going Down, Fall Out Boy

43. “And I could just die laughing on your spiral of shame.” –Twin Skeletons, Fall Out Boy

44. “If wanna start a fight you better throw the first punch.” –The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty, Panic! At The Disco

45. “You’ll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away / But tonight I need you to stay.” -The Run and Go, Twenty Øne Piløts

46. “Drinking white wine in the blushing light.” –LA Devotee, Panic! At The Disco

47. “That shit is my jam.” –Samurai Abstinence Patrol, Ninja Sex Party

48. “Build a palace out in Paris just to fill with bitches.” –Purple Lamborghini, Skrillex ft. Rick Ross

49. “Your lips / They got me goin’.” –Lips, Marian Hill

50. “You don’t know the half of the abuse.” –Heathens, Twenty Øne Piløts

51. “God, I wish I never spoke.” –Soap, Melanie Martinez

52. “So what are you waiting for / Cause someone could love you more.” –LOST BOY, Troye Sivan

53. “In the Vegas lights / Where feelings spend the weekend.” –Vegas Lights, Panic! At The Disco

54. “Wow, I probably should’ve stayed inside my house.” –The Judge, Twenty Øne Piløts

55. “The windowsill looks really nice, right? / You think twice about your life / It probably happens at night, right?” –Holding Onto You, Twenty Øne Piløts

Feel free to add more or request your own lyrics!

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Requested: “can you do an imagine where bruce gets jealous?”

Bruce gets Jealous when you’re talking to another man. Ft Jason (Bruce POV)

He huffed in the corner of the ball room, his mind on no particular conversation that was buzzing around him, but rather on you. You stood there, laughing and smiling whilst sipping your wine, content in the conversation you were having with that man.

Bruce watched on silently, only thinking about how he was making  you laugh and smile.

But he could make you laugh without even trying like he was.

But he could make you smile with a simple caress of your hand.

But he could-

“Well i’ll be damned, Bruce Wayne you are jealous.”

Bruce spun around in a flash, and jumped at Jason’s sudden presence.

“What are you doing here?” Bruce asked in a noticeable stutter.

Jason sighed and placed his hand on Bruce’s shoulder,  “Bruce, you drove me here.”

Bruce stood staring at Jason.

“Oh.” Is all Bruce could muster up.

“I think jealously is messing with your head.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Yes you are.”

“No i’m not.”

“Then what do you think of the guy kissing (y/n) right now?”

“Wh-?!” Bruce spun around in a beat, his heart racing; only to be disappointed. You weren’t kissing anyone, merely talking to the same man.

Behind him, Bruce could hear Jason laugh.

Turning around he was met with a Jason who was holding his stomach in a fit of amusement.

“Jesus Christ Bruce.”

“I’m not jealous.” Bruce tried to convince Jason. He took at swig of his scotch, wanting every last drop of the substance.

“Why weren’t you that attentive when i was about to fall off the kitchen counter.”

“Because i know you’d make it.”

Jason scoffed, “Tell that to my broken arm.”

Bruce’s attention was back on you, and for some reason, he couldn’t take it away. Every time you laughed, or the man went to touch your arm, his stomach squeezed into a ball.

“Look,” Jason placed a hand on his shoulder, and looked over to watch you. “(y/n) wouldn’t do anything, you know that, i know that, heck, even Damian knows that and he’s the stupidest of them all.”

“Hey.” Damian said, as he walked past.

“Where did you come from?” Jason whispered to himself as he watched Damian walk away, “…anyways, Bruce,” Jason continued, “Just go over. You’ve got nothing to lose. She’s your girl after all.”

And with a muster of courage, Bruce began to stride over with a wave of confidence.

The man placed his hand on your arm, and you laughed awkwardly, trying to undo his touch.

“So, do you wanna’ get outta’ here?” The man said.

You then felt the familiar touch of Bruce, as his hand slid behind your waist and to the small of your back.

“Unfortunately, later duties call. We must be off.” Bruce said with a smile. The man caught his tongue in his throat, and watched, with an awkward stance, the two of you leave. He nodded and watched as Bruce led you away towards a watching Jason.

“Jeez, why do they always mistake being polite and nice with wanting to get in their pants?” You ranted.

Bruce smiled softly,

“You okay?”

You hugged his arm, “Even better now.”

It wasn’t long until you reached Jason, who had a cheeky smirk playing on his lips as he blurted out;

“Did you know that Bruce has the ability to conjure up such emotions as jeal-?!?“ Bruce put a hand to Jason’s mouth quickly, and smiled at you,

“I think it’s time to go.” Bruce stated, “Bye Jason.”

You looked around confused, but followed as Bruce led you outside. But before Bruce left, he lent back, and whispered in Jason’s ear, “Don’t make me re-break that arm.”

Jason smirked,

“Try me old man.”

And then Bruce chuckled, with a warm and grateful heart.

“Thank’s Jason.”

Jason stood straight and smiled kindly, “You’re welcome Bats.”

-Hoped you like it!xox

What Did You Say

(Bruce Wayne x Reader x Damian Wayne)

Summary: Damian swears in front of you and Bruce for the first time

Requested: yes, by the incredible @carryonmy-assbutt again

Request: Can I request prompt 13 “fuck, my tooth” as the first time damian swears in front of Bruce and Batmom? :3

Prompt: 13. “Fuck, my tooth!”

Warning/s: swearing

Authors note: PROMPT LIST! Request an imagine or a headcanon (x reader, personal one or OTP, whatever you want :D)

All of your kids have already swore in front of you and every one of them had an earful from you about it. You never expected your youngest bird to do it too, even though he was thirteen now he was still your babybird and nothing will change that.

It was a quiet morning, eating the breakfast Alfred and you put together, waiting for Bruce to come downstairs. As Bruce walked into the kitchen he was followed by his younger version a.k.a. Dami. You’ve seen pictures of Bruce in his age and you swear the two look exactly the same except for the eye colour and of course Damian’s beautiful bronze skin.

“Good morning love.” Bruce said and kissed you lovingly on the lips. “Good morning Ummi.” Damian said taking a seat and getting a piece of toast.

“Good morning Bruce, good morning Ibni.” You said to them both. You didn’t know Arabic much but you knew some of the words and phrases like mom, dad, son, daughter, family, ‘I love you’, ‘be safe’, and other. Of course learned from Damian. You and Bruce chatted about the date you planed for the weekend as the three of you ate breakfast.

“Fuck, my tooth!” You heard a cry coming from next to you. You snapped your head so quickly towards Damian that you could be faster than the speed of light. Your eyes were wide and your mouth hang a little. “Bruce?” He responded with a slight hum, “Please leave Damian and me alone for a while.” 

The Bat knew not to interfere with your wish, he knew Damian was in trouble since you hardly used his name, it was either ‘baby’ or ‘Ibni’ when you talked about or to Damian. Bruce left the kitchen but was preparing his own speech for Damian and swearing.

“What did you say Damian?” You asked him slowly and moving closer to him. Damian was unlikely afraid of anything but he was sure afraid of you in this moment.

“I-I am so sorry Ummi, I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying.”

“Damian I realise you’re a teenager now and you’re growing up but I do not wish to hear that kind of language from my baby.”

“I am still very sorry about that mom. It’s just the stupid toast messed up my tooth and it hurt like a bit- a lot.” Damian said with an innocent smile on his face at almost saying another bad word.

“Well don’t worry about that baby, once you go to your father and get your lesson from him we will take you to the dentist,” you smiled at him, “Also you’re grounded for a week. No Robin.”

Damian looked at you in disbelief, “But Ummi!”

“No but’s and if you think it’s not fair just know that you’re not the only one who gets punished, you should see what I do to Jaybird.” You smirked.

“Something tells me I do not wish to know.” Damian said as he got up to go and look for his father.

“Smart boy.” Was all you could say to yourself.

Keeping it Quiet - Bruce Wayne x Reader

 Request:  Hi, do you think you can do a soulmate au with Bruce Wayne with an s/o that’s younger than he is? (About Dick or Jay’s age)

- I’m going to admit I wasn’t that sure about this request at first since I was trying to work my head around the age difference - adult life is a big difference in teen life. If the batfamily aged slightly normally (I made my own timeline ages ago) I have Bruce around 42-45 and Dick around 29. I had ideas though so *shrug* sorry if this is a bit of a mess.

Warning - 13 Year Age Gap (nothing illegal)

Soulmate AU - There’s a tattoo on everyone’s body somewhere that matches up to someone else’s. 

Bruce was a little confused. He didn’t like being confused. He was Bruce Wayne, Batman, greatest detective alive (when Tim was sleeping). He was supposed to understand the universe. He decided to ignore his lack of a soulmate as the universe giving him one - he didn’t have to worry about someone else getting dragged into the fight. But he also had to live with the fact all of his friends had soulmates and were settling down to a degree. Hell, Clark had a ten-year-old kid.

He had hidden his soulmate tattoo from Tim, he didn’t trust him not to somehow locate the person. Bruce wasn’t sure if he wanted to find you or not, he could create some kind of finder just to keep tabs on you, but he also thought that would be incredibly creepy and he wasn’t fond of you finding out he’d known about you for years. He’d been watching. It was all too creepy for him. 

He’d also hidden the tattoo from Damian. His poor angry son was bad enough at adapting to new crime-fighting members of the family. He viewed himself as Bruce’s only true family, and sadly Bruce didn’t trust Damian to react well to a new part of the family that would be permanent and completely connected to Bruce. He feared replacement. Bruce knew that. He didn’t want to make the same mistake with Damian that he had made with his other sons. 

He didn’t expect to find his soulmate, but that was okay because he’d found a family anyway. 

He didn’t expect to walk into the Batcave and find Dick sitting with a woman his age, that Bruce didn’t know. Especially since Dick was in costume but without his mask on.

“Oh hey, Bruce,” Dick said lifting his head slightly. He did a double take and started to panic. “Bruce! So, I know you have the no identities rules and everything, but I really needed some help with the case you gave me and I didn’t actually tell her.”

“Shhh!” you held her hand up to stop Dick talking, tapping at the keyboard for another minute before pushing it forward in annoyance. You groaned before turning the chair round to look at Bruce. “Too little too late, I already know, there’s no point being angry, he didn’t tell me actually, you were messy.” you had a gleam in your eye and seemed quite confident for someone facing his batglare.

“Messy?” he raised an eyebrow

“Messy.” you smiled and brushed your hair behind both of her ears. “Forensic’s Unit in Central City, you vigilantes are so lucky no one but myself seems to check all the blood at a crime scene. I mean, I knew Barry Allen couldn’t have been fighting Killer Frost, but his blood was where the Flash had been, same with Oliver Queen when I went to Starling - that man bleeds a lot, there is no way he’s okay. Same with your family. I was sent here to help Officer Grayson with a case that was similar to one in Central. Seriously, you guys need to stop leaving so many clues.” she looked pointedly at Dick

“Who are you?” Bruce felt himself smiling as he started to look at what you’d been doing on the Batcomputer.

“(Y/N), hi, nice to meet you Bruce Wayne, Batman,” she mimicked Dick’s awful Dark Knight voice when she said Batman and Dick started laughing. Bruce pulled his son aside as you returned to tapping on the keyboard.

“She’s obviously smart, but how long have you known her?”

“She’s been working with Barry for ages, quiz him if you want her life story. Wally introduced her to me a few months back, and she arrived in Bludhaven two days ago to help me in real life. I dragged her to Gotham with me since I needed a fresh pair of eyes. She figured out my identity, and I needed help, I should have given you a head’s up, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, yeah…” Bruce started to watch you type.

“Got it.” you yelled, jumping up and pumping your fist in the air to grab Dick’s attention, “Your criminal is here!” you pointed to the map on the batcomputer screen.

“You’re the best,” Dick said, placing his mask on and jumping into action, leaving her in the cave

“Don’t forget it,” you yelled after him.

After meeting Dick Grayson, you felt your life shift into a new era. Sure, you’d helped the Flash guys out when they needed you, and you had been working with the Police for a while now, but Batman and Gotham was a whole other thing. More hardcore, more frequent, and a lot darker. You didn’t like to think about how many dead children and ruined bodies you’d helped find. It was taking all your energy to just keep your positive vibes aesthetic. You were twenty-nine, that was still quite young in your mind, and you were determined to stay bubbly and smiling till the day you died - no adult responsibilities would crush your spirit. 

You’d removed yourself from the Batcave pretty quickly after being recruited to help the entire family. It felt weird, like Bruce was always analysing you or looking for a reason to kick you out. Instead, you removed yourself from the equation and worked from your fire escape. Getting a job with the GCPD was easy enough when you’d spent your life making connections in Police Departments. A few of the boys would swing around each night and you’d give them a location or run some tests to help them save time. You and Tim had started exchanging technology to see who could give the biggest upgrade. You never saw Bruce, he’d speak to you over the network they had - exchanging a few things, but you didn’t expect him to land on your fire escape.

“I need your help,” he muttered, the Batman voice making you jump slightly. 

“What can I do?”

“Quick analysis of this,” he handed over a bag of what appeared to be dirt. 

That was precisely what it was. Plain old dirt you’d find in any park. It turned out he’d grabbed the wrong thing off the ground in his hurry, and now the Batman was freaking out in your apartment. 

“Okay, relax!” you yelled. Instead of just going to get the correct sample he wanted you to analyse, he’d started pacing, rambling and shaking slightly. “You are not in the right mindset to be punching anyone right now so sit down!”

“Damian!” he protested.

“What about Damian? You haven’t said a complete sentence in the past fine minutes!”

“Damian was taken, I don’t know who by or where, I just know his comm is down and we can’t track him. The park was his last location.”

“Then let’s go!” you shouldered a bag filled with stuff you’d need and shoved your keys into your jacket pocket.


“Come on, man, get your head on straight. Take me to the park so I can see if I can help.” you opened the door, took out your phone and used an app Tim had given you to start flicking through Gotham security.

“You can’t go.”

“Stop me then.” you rolled your eyes. “Or at least get on your own way and do something to save your kid instead of freaking out here.” He didn’t respond, just pulled you back into the apartment, grumbling, and took you out of the window with him. 

Dick had talked to you about flying before. He’d said how exhilarating jumping out of a window or off a roof was. You’d called him crazy despite the fact you had been a parkour enthusiast in college. You knew what it was like to jump stupid heights and run on the edge of a roof. Travelling through Gotham via grappling hook was something else though. You were clapping, reaching out your hands, very tempted to whoop - the only reason that you didn’t, was because you didn’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. 

Bruce didn’t want to admit how pretty you were. Landing in the park, looking at your face after he’d dropped you to the ground. Your hair had been tangled slightly by the wind, your ears were red, but you were smiling so perfectly. You didn’t care about being in the park in your pyjama’s, only a shirt for a jacket. You were smiling, laughing to yourself, youth radiating off you. He felt awful. You definitely weren’t a kid, but everything about you seemed new and refreshing, untouchable to someone as damaged as him. Admitting you were pretty, intelligent, into similar things as him, would make him want to get to know you and drag you further into danger. But he couldn’t stop himself from following you as you worked. 

You quickly scanned security footage again, watching what he’d already seen, before moving to examine the spot Damian had been standing before the camera’s went out. You dropped to the floor, carefully picked things up with tweezers, examined an area of the tree where there were dents he hadn’t noticed before. You twirled round to wink at him, using a travel analysis kit you owned to run a substance from the dent and cross-check it against locations Damian had already been. 

“Hey, you young ones!” you yelled to a group of high schoolers nearby. “How long have you been here?”

“Why?” one of the boys scrunched up his face

“This is Gotham, I’m looking for someone.”

Bruce didn’t like the sympathy on each kids face. Everyone knew how difficult Gotham could be, and even with everyone he saved, people still died - vanished - too often. 

“A few hours?” one of the girls shrugged

“You see Robin pass through?”


“You see anything strange going on?”

“That van’s been here for awhile,” a different girl said without hesitation, pointing to an unlicensed van parked outside the gates

“How’d you know?” one of her male friends asked.

“Girls notice those things,” you answered for her. “Stay safe guys, don’t want any of you to get hurt and it is late.”

They nodded and you turned back to face Batman. Bruce had stayed out of sight in a tree. You held up one finger to communicate wait and walked towards the van. He wanted to tell you off for being so risky. You weren’t trained, you could get hurt if this van was dangerous. But Damian was the one taken. And you were just trying to help. He was only metres away. He then became confused when you just walked past the van and reentered the park, doing something on your phone.

“Give me a second.” you pursed your lips.

“Why do you do this, you could be doing almost anything, your bright, you learn quickly, why work for the police?” he couldn’t help himself from asking.

“My mum was an officer. She balanced being a single mother of two and trying to save Central City. She was my inspiration, my biggest fan, the best person I will ever meet. She decided the police wasn’t enough for her, as much as she loved it, joined the army, rose the ranks. Shot in action, paralyzed from the waist down.” You tapped away at your screen, “I went into police work to continue the work she loved the best I could. My brother was an adult when she went to fight so raised me from then on and went off to fight when she couldn’t. He saved a tonne of lives, came home for a visit and was killed by a meta who then escaped the police. I caught him and got hired instantly by Central CPD. It’s a way to be connected to both of them when I was always more of a science than a fighter.” you finally looked at him. You didn’t look heartbroken or distraught, you seemed at peace with the loss. Maybe that was what happened to people who dealt with their grief. He could learn from you. 

“He’s there, no clue who those goons work for, but it’s the same person, same residue on the tires as the tree.” you transferred the map on your phone to his and smiled. “I’ll head to the cave to see if I can get you anything else, keep me updated.” you waved him off, and surprisingly enough, his crazy mindset from earlier was gone. He was going to rescue his son, and you were working from the cave to help him. Knowing you were there had made him relax, and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of that.

The rest of the night didn’t go smoothly. No one was relaxed, and everything was a bit of a panic. Bruce crashed into the Batcave with Damian in his arms, bleeding from four huge gashes across his chest and chocking on some black mush he didn’t seem able to cough out. His limbs were hanging off him like he was a doll, his eyes glassy and unmoving. You clicked that he must have been paralyzed then and summoned Alfred down. You didn’t wait for the butler to arrive before trying to help. You weren’t a doctor, but you’d been trained enough time through the years and you needed to work out what the black much was.

You shoved Bruce back from the body, tied your hair up and threw your overshirt off. You started working, analysing the goo on Damian’s cuts and the mush in his mouth as Alfred arrived, proceeding to help him stitch the boy up. You had full access to the Batcave’s supplies meaning you could easily make a cure up once Damian could breathe. First, you had to tip his head tot he floor so the mush could fall out, second, you needed to inject the cure, third, you needed to watch his vitals, fourth, you needed him to wake up from the paralysis and be okay. You broke the evening down into those four steps. Alfred had blood on hand if Damian needed it, but you were sure whatever was stopping him from waking up could be cured.

After three hours, thirteen minutes and twenty-six seconds, Damian gasped through his mouth (his nose had been working the entire time, but it still hadn’t been fun). His fingers were riggling slightly, feeling slowly returning to his body. He panted, muttering the words sorry father over and over before finally thanking you and Alfred. You felt honoured, you knew Damian didn’t thank many people, but maybe nearly dying had made him re-evaluate a few things. 

Bruce took Damian to his bed before returning to you in the cave. It was about four in the morning, and you had to be working in two hours time. 

“Is he okay, shaken up from a run in so close with death?” you asked, leaning against the table you had been cleaning before Bruce came back. With the cowl mask gone, and him just standing in human clothes, you finally put two and two together. Sure you’d known that Bruce was Batman, but you’d never properly seen the two as one person until then. He was tired, hunched slightly, scarred. Human. Bruce Wayne.

“Damian’s already died before. Running close to death is part of the job…”

“Do you want to talk about it?” you offered, not sure what else you were supposed to say to that. He started laughing and you regretted saying anything at all. “You don’t need to laugh at me!” part of you glowed inside. Even if you regretted speaking, seeing him smile made you go all warm and fuzzy. You had made the Dark Knight laugh!

“I’m not laughing at you, not at all.” he shook his head quickly, “But people have been telling me to talk to them for years while being hypocritical. The number of times Clark tries to tell me to talk to him when he refuses to talk about things just as much…hearing it from you is different.”

“Surely Alfred’s said it to you.”

“But Alfred’s my guardian, I can’t do what he wants me to do.”

“God! Playboy, billionaire, superhero, angsty rebellious teen.” you held up your hands like you were conducting an orchestra with the new title. 

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be? How come you could just move to Gotham so easily?” He was still smiling, and now he was curious about you.

“I’ve never been much of a settler. All my school friends met their soulmate’s early on and it just feels odd to be the one single person in a room of couples. My mum finally died a few years back, wow, I should not have used the word finally then but like you know what I mean. She survived a lot and her time finally came. I’ve been looking for a place that felt right and Gotham did. But I should probably be heading home. Gordon’s expecting me at work in two hours and I need some sleep.”

You turned away from him and carried on packing up your stuff. The overshirt was gone, and the pyjama tank top meant your shoulders where bare. He almost jumped when he saw the soulmate mark just inside the right tank sleeve. His soulmate mark. You were his soulmate. But you were so much younger than him, so much happier than him.

He’d only tried to know you that night and felt such a strong connection, and you were his soulmate, so of course, he would have felt a connection. You settled in Gotham because it had felt right, because he was here. You had met Barry, Wally, and Dick, before finally meeting him - like the universe had been trying to get you two to connect through other people but never actually succeeded until now. He was screwed.

His soulmate would cause the press to have a field day. Especially since you were younger than him. He could only imagine all the awful things they’d say. She faked the mark and is a gold digger. Only using soulmark to get money off him. Secretly cheating on him with Dick. The press could get awful creative when they wanted people to read their articles. He couldn’t put you through that. 

“Why don’t you just crash here tonight, there’s spare room, and we might as well get you one, who knows how often you’ll end up crashing here.” he felt himself saying anyway. 

“Realy?” you raised an eyebrow at his tense body. He didn’t want you to think he was just saying it out of obligation so relaxed and nodded. 

“I’ll also send Jim a message, he owes me a few, so I’ll tell him you’ll be off work for a day or two.”

“Thanks!” rubbed your eyes. “I need the break, to be honest, and a mansion is a very nice break. Lead the way,”

This dilemma was his to deal with, for now, his secret to keep quiet, but dipping you into the Wayne family life wouldn’t hurt anyone.

The Rise of Justice - Requested

Requested by anon:  Could you do a Bruce Wayne x reader but the reader is Clark Kents little sister? She’s not kryptonion, just a normal human that Ma and Pa Kent had after Clark showed up. And Clark is super protective of her, and Bruce is head over overly priced shoes for her! And can this take place in BVS and the boys are still, all like, you need to be stopped, No YOU need to be stopped! Reader knows about their secret identities and is trying to hint that maybe they’re over reacting. Plus a little smut…Thx!

Pairing: Bruce x reader

Word count: 3,492

Warnings: Language, smut - unprotected - and I changed the whoooooole story line.

A/N: Wow, BvS was so much time ago…


Originally posted by kryptoniteclois

Sunday morning after spending time at home felt both sad and lazy. (Y/N) would visit her parents and brother at Metropolis every weekend, arriving there during Saturday mornings and leaving at Sunday’s afternoon.

She loved visiting her family, and she surely missed home, but her job at Gotham was better than anything her older brother Clark could get her on Metropolis. Therefore, she moved out and agreed to visit every weekend.

“I have a friend that is looking for a…”

“Clark.” (Y/N) interrupted his brother. “Enough, we’ve talked about this.”

“I don’t like you to live in a place where a psycho killer can’t be controlled.” Clark hissed.

“Don’t worry about Joker; I’m sure I don’t fit in the victim-profile.” She joked.

“You are dating Joker’s favourite millionaire. I’m sure you’re on top of the list.” Clark fumed, “Also, I was talking about Batman.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

If her older brother only knew what kind of relationship she held with Batman…

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“Talk to my son like that again, and I will end you” - Damian Wayne x Batmom

Summary : Damian is the victim of racism, Batmom steps in to kick some asses.

Just something that popped into my mind one night, after a day of heated argument defending some of my “people of color” friends, like some things get me instantly mad…so I had to write about it and hum…hope you’ll like it

My masterlist blog :


You didn’t mean to say it on live TV like that…but…The nerves of those people ! 

It was common knowledge that you didn’t particularly held journalists in your heart. 

Some would say it was because any form of media in Gotham was OBSESSED with your family, and you hated the attention you all constantly got. 

If you cut your hair, it’d be in the paper, if your sons were spotted hanging out in town, it’d be in the paper, if you and Bruce did something, it’d be in the paper…with ridiculous titles too : “The heir of the Wayne fortune are turning into delinquents !” when all they did was skateboarding around town. “Bruce Wayne and (Y/N) Wayne about to divorce ?” just because Bruce arrived later than you at a gala…So stupid. 

Yes, some would say it was because they constantly tried to find a scandal about your family but others…like your husband, would say it was because he used to date a few of those journalists women. And yeah, it was true he did “date” some of those women but, this wasn’t why you disliked journalists. 

And Bruce knew it, he’d just tease you with it sometimes to try and relax you because some douchebag wrote lies in the papers about your family…

You knew by marrying Bruce that it would be like that, that you’d always be the center of attention and honestly, when it was just about you ? Or even Bruce ? It was alright. Both of you could handle it. 

But when it touched your children ? Oh no. No. And no. 

And so, tonight, as someone made a comment about your youngest kinda lost it. And you could already see the title of every articles and such that’ll come out the next day : 

“(Y/N) Wayne loses it on live TV”

But this was too much. Your boy already struggled with this at school, he didn’t need it everywhere else…How did they even hear about it anyway ? 

Uh…Who were you kidding ? They were journalists, of course they would have heard about your little outburst at Gotham Academy…

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You Can Call Me Bruce...(Part V)

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x reader

Warnings: Age gap, mild swearing (? I think?)

Previous Parts: I, II, III, IV

Dedicated to: everyone who stuck by this story. I apologize for this much delayed update, things had been hectic up until a few days ago, but I’m back now. 

I haven’t tagged anyone in particular because I’ve gone too long to even remember those who requested (please don’t throw rocks), but feel free to inbox and remind me for the next installment–which, most likely, will be the last.


“You wanted to see me?” Bruce asks.

He’s standing in the kitchen doorway, using his best Batman impression to try and ward off all thoughts that he’s scared. He isn’t scared. He could never be scared. By even harboring such feelings from the start, Bruce knew that it would come to this, and he’s not scared at all because he’s prepared.

He’s prepared to hear Alfred’s disdain.

He’s prepared for judgmental stares and disguised accusations; for wrathful scolding, for raised voices. He’s even ready for things to get physical, worst comes to worst, and Bruce promises he’ll let Alfred win, for he truly deserves all of it what shall be thrown at him.

“Take a seat.” The older man finally speaks, back to the door as he stands at the sink. Water drips from the faucet, drop after drop. It echoes into the otherwise silent room. Bruce moves.

He seats himself at the counter, steepling his hands on top, and with a deep breath, the butler finally turns. Their gazes meet.

“Master Wayne.” He says; to Bruce, it always sounds like a hello or a good morning . Familiar. Routine. Hearing it uttered now with such venom is almost painful.

“You’re quite punctual for things like these.”He says

“Things like what, Alfred?”

“As if you don’t know.”

A silence.

The two friends stare at each other. Neither speaks. Wind whistles through the room, and they sit, reading the lines and wrinkles and creases carved in their faces from all the battles they’ve faced together.

So many.  And saying Bruce doesn’t feel his heart wrench even a little would be a lie.

Alfred is his best-friend. Alfred has always been his best friend. More than anything, he’s almost been like a father to him, and facing him in such a rancorous environment is sickening.

He wants to get up and run away, he now realizes. He wants to elude this conflict. Avoid it. Bury it. If you asked him a second ago if he was afraid, Bruce would have said no, would’ve scoffed at the mere preposition. If you asked him now, he’d say the same thing…

Because he wasn’t afraid.

He was mournful.

Mournful that it had come to this; mournful that he was sitting here, in this kitchen, about to be forced to pick a fight with his best-friend.

“You say you don’t know,” Alfred begins. “…and yet here you sit, wearing that very same scowl of intimidation you give the joker.”

“Is that supposed to make me mad.” Bruce retorts. His voice is harsh,stoic.

He watches the older man’s eyes. And then they soften.

And then Bruce feels a vein in his neck twitch, but he can’t do anything about that, not now. Instead he focuses on Alfred, who just as much is trying to shutter his emotions. This is hard for him too. How can it not be? The two of them are family. To Bruce, Alfred is his only family, and knowing that only makes it harder to pull through.

“Master Wayne…”Alfred says, raising himself to his feet as he saunters over to the sink. The faucet drips and drips in the hanging silence, taunting Bruce.  “I’ve known you all your life. I’ve known you since you were just a boy and I’ve seen you grow. Seen you through all your trials and tribulations, your successes, your failures. I’ve watched become batman and save Gotham and in all that time, I’ve never asked for much.” He pauses, eyes searching, searching desperately for any form of surrender in Bruce’s feature’s.

But he won’t let him have it.

Bruce clenches his jaw. It feels like his teeth just might shatter from the pressure.

“But I ask you now.” He continues.  “Please. Let this one go.”

“Don’t beat around the bush, Alfred.”

“I don’t want to see you going Y/N again, you hear me? I don’t want to even see the two of you in the same room.” He’s straight to the point, not sparing Bruce of the bluntness, and it cuts him like a knife. He tries not show it, clenching his jaw further.

“She’ll be leaving soon.” Alfred continues. “A week. A week and she’ll be gone, and until then I want you to put an end to whatever is going on.”

“Nothing is going on.” Bruce’s voice is leveled and yet firm. Authoritative, like he is a captain ordering his cadet. He can see the scorn, evident and dripping from his features, in Alfred’s face as he scowls.

“Don’t be daft, boy..” he grits. “I saw you, I saw the two of you in your room—“

“We weren’t doing anything!”

“So you mean you were just talking as you said?”

“Yes, Alfred.”

“You mean she was just telling you about her work?”


“You mean you didn’t try to kiss her?” He bellows, angry, exasperated.

All the blood drains from Bruce’s face.

His skin goes white, as white as snow, as white as the age painting Alfred’s hair. He can feel it: the embarrassment, as now the unspoken is vocalized, the other shoe has dropped. Bruce gulps thickly, and then averts his gaze, breaking his poker face.

“You mean I’m making this up?” Alfred continues. “You mean I didn’t walk in on you ready to soil her innocence.”

“Stop talking like she’s a child.” A vein in Bruce’s neck pops angrily as his fists clench. He knew this was coming right from the start, but hearing it out loud makes him freeze, makes his stomach feel like molten tar. God, how embarrassing. How incriminating.

“Compared to you she is. Compared to you she might as well be in diapers. Age regardless, sir, you’re older. You’re older in soul and you’re older in mind. You’ve seen things….terrible things. That in itself would mark you as ancient, even if you were clocking thirty.”

“You think I don’t know this, Alfred? I do. Goddamn it, I do.” He does. This is why Bruce never wanted this—this is why he kept it hidden away, locked up like a vile and sinful thing that it was; but now it’s out in the open and he feels exposed, vulnerable. They’re telling him things he already knows.

They’re telling him things he doesn’t want to know because knowing them makes him feel even worse. He doesn’t want that and God, he doesn’t want this to be happening but it is and…

“Act like it. You’re not a child.”

Bruce lifts his gaze. “What do you think I plan on doing Alfred? Hmm? Do you think I want to get in her pants?”

“What other motive do—“

“What do you mean what other motive—“

“What is going on?” A voice cuts through their bickering, confused and harried.

Both of them freeze. Bruce feels his heart, formerly rampant and rapidly beating in his chest, still, and he doesn’t want to look, but at the same time it’s tempting because it’s her.


Y/N, standing in the doorway.

Y/N, estranged and weary.

Finally, he gives in and Bruce’s eyes dart to her, raking over her face.  She looks to him. “What’re you two doing?” The young girl asks. “Why are you arguing like this?”

Aflred, standing by the sink, lets his hands slowly lower and unclenches his fist. He swallows. “Y/N….” He admonishes. “Stay out of this.”

“Like I hell I will, Uncle Fred. I just walked in on the two of you nearly tearing each other’s fucking throats out and you think I’m going to let this go?”

He clenches his jaw. “It’s none of your business.”

“Except it is.”

“Y/N.” Bruce cuts through the growing argument, earning the pair’s attention. Y/N’s eyes flare with irritation and the next thing he knows she’s up in his face, but a few inches away.

“You…”The young girl sneers. “What the hell are you doing arguing with him? He’s your family—you’re both each other’s family! You’re not supposed to be spewing hate at each other like this, for Christ sake.”

“You have no right to interrupt like this.” Says Alfred.

Y/N scoffs and rolls her eyes, about to speak, but she’s cut off.

“Go to your room!” He commands, voice dressed in sternness, authoritativeness that Bruce hasn’t heard in so long. He used to use that tone with Bruce when he was just a child, when they’d get into an argument about him disrespecting Alfred or when there needed to be some disciplinary ground rules. It had once been frightening. Hearing it now, however, Bruce feels nothing but scorn well up within him.

His fists clench at his sides as a protectiveness takes over him, and the next thing he knows, he’s standing in front of Y/N, shielding her from her livid uncle. Just to keep from things getting ugly, but he hears something sift behind him. When he turns around, Y/N is glaring at him bitterly, stepping out from behind his burly form with an offended expression marring her features.

“I don’t need you protecting me.” She says, like she’s angry, like him trying to help her is almost as bad as Alfred’s rage. “I’m not a baby anymore. I don’t need you trying to treat me one, Uncle Fred—and I don’t need you trying to stick up for me when I can do it perfectly fine on my own.”

“I didn’t say that you couldn’t.”

“This is outrageous! Both of you,” Alfred cuts in, and then all hell breaks loose, because Y/N starts to argue with him.

Bruce watches from the sidelines, amazed and frightened. It’s a vicious battle. Words fly from person to person, pure venom, bitter, angry. Y/N brings up their family and how everybody still sees her as a baby, and Alfred retaliates by reminding her off all the bad decisions she’s made that have caused that. He’s yelling, going red in the face. It isn’t until he hears a small sniffle that Bruce realizes Y/N is crying.

“Huh, see that—grown girls don’t cry when you tell them the truth!” Alfred yells.

“Shut up! J-just…just shut up.” Y/N drags her hand across her face, trying to dry her eyes but instead smearing her makeup. The entire image is terribly morbid. Her face is red and blotchy, and there are dark trails of mascara running down her cheeks. She’s crying, sobbing, hiccupping and grappling for air to feel her lungs.

Bruce can’t take it.

“Enough, Alfred!” He cuts in, stepping in front of the young girl. This time Y/N doesn’t shove him out of the way; instead, she cowers behind him, accepts his protection, like a weak dog.

He’s shielding her like a large building, sturdy and strong and trying his ebst not to throw a fist into the elder-man’s jaw. “Jesus, Alfred, you didn’t have to be so harsh. What’s wrong with you?”

“I can’t do this master Wayne!” Alfred’s voice is leveled, dangerously low. He has calmed. The vein in his neck has gone back into hiding, but even then, his face is still the color of blood.

“I’m going to make it easy for all of us; either I go, or she does.”

“What?” Both Bruce and Y/N say in unison, before he cans art to feel it. It takes moment. A second. Then it sets in, the realization of what he’s saying.

A pang of pain shooting through him like an arrow, Bruce feels his body go cold.

Alfred’s eyes hold a pain similar to his that say that this isn’t easy for him either. This isn’t what he wants. But what other choice does he have?

“You heard, master Wayne.” The elder man tries to coat his voice with a strength that betrays him when it almost cracks. “It’s either I stay, or she does.”


“This entire situation has gone too out of hand. For Christ-sake, Bruce—“ Bruce. Alfred rarely—never—calls him Bruce. He has always been Master, to him. Master Wayne. Sir. Variants of a formality that have never hurt him as much as hearing his own name has now.

Memories of his boyhood flood Bruce, a time when Alfred called him that, the only time. It was so brief. He became Sir at the tender age of thirteen. Years later, and the title has been revoked.


“—I can’t let this happen. Do you realize how much is at stake here? Do you realize how badly the two of you would be together? Y/N, you still have your studies to tend to.”

“I know.”

“Then bloody act like it.”

“Alfred…” Bruce cuts in, and all eyes turn to him.

The room quiets momentarily.

Alfred’s eyes glaze over as he looks at him. Their gazes lock—both pained, both not wanting this to fall through. Why is he letting it, then? Why won’t Bruce just do something, he wonders, until he realizes there’s little to do.

“You have until tomorrow to choose. If you don’t have answer by dawn—” Alfred’s eyes go to Y/N. There are tears staining the apples of her cheeks. “—then I make the final decision. Y/N leaves. You own up to your mistake, and clean up this bloody mess you’ve made.” He says and then, before Bruce, or Y/n or the wind that howls through the hallway, can get anything in, he turns and leaves.

Hiss jaw clenches, and he gulps thickly. The room is silent. Footsteps are heard padding away, further and further, until the only sound left is that of Bruce’s heart wrenching in his chest. 


Her heart hammers in her chest.

Her breath feels hot and shallow and not enough, and her skin is drained of all its blood and colorless. She’s standing outside his bedroom door. Outside she can hear the hoot of an owl and the whisper of the wind. It’s two in the morning. It’s cold and she’s scared and Y/N immediately regrets having gotten out of bed to come and do this, because nothing good can come of it.

Turn back now, her mind says. Go back to bed. Go back to silence. Don’t tell him how you feel.

But she doesn’t listen.

She knocks gingerly, but it’s feint and barely audible, so she tries once more, curling her fist tighter this time. She watches Bruce, laying in bed with his back to her, stir and then slowly sit up.

“Yeah..?” He groggily asks, rubbing his eyes.

The young girl bites her lip and wrings her hands harder together, her stomach knotting further.

She’s standing in the doorway, one hand up on the wooden frame and the other rested tenderly on the crook of her neck. Her eyes, wet and red, search the darkness for Bruce’s silhouette. He’s sitting at the edge of his bed, sleepy-eyed and dazed as he looks at her.

And y/n feels a chill run down her spine when her gaze locks onto his.

He knows.

Uncle Fred told him. Uncle Fred told him everything. Now, even just standing before him feels so shameful and embarrassing,  like she’s clad in nothing but her skin suit, like she’s exposed. Because she is. Because Bruce knows. Because….

“I thought you were asleep.” He says, pulling her from her reverie.

Y/N gulps as sweat beads at the nape of her neck. He’s awake. At least, she thinks, that spares her the task of waking him up.

“Not yet. I’m…” she stumbles. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”


“I wish.” A sardonic laugh escapes the elder man. Y/N clinches her hands tighter together. The room is dark and hot and she can feel her clothes clinging to her body like flesh to her bones.

Bruce cards a hand through his hair, tired, worn out. Even if she wanted to, Y/N wouldn’t be able to dismiss his claims of insomnia—he looks exhausted. Rings of grey brim his eyes and the light once glinting fiercely and vivacious in them has dulled down.

Bruce looks tired. Bruce is tired.

Bruce knows.

“Let’s just say I have a lot to think about.” He explains after a silence.  “That kind of things keeps you up at night, you know?”

“ I know.” She nods curtly, biting her lip. She wants to say something in response—anything—but all coherence escapes her. She’s at loss for words, because what can she say?

The bomb dropped a few hours ago still lingers in the air of the house. It’s been two hours since Uncle Fred left the house; he was emotional and angry when she went to talk to him and he ended up storming out and driving off for a drink (or twenty). Y/N doesn’t mention this to Bruce.

Instead, she tries to gather her thoughts and courage and say something, because who will if not her.

“I….” She starts. His head lifts, attention befalling the young girl.

His brow then furrows softly. “Are…you feeling okay?”

“Uh—yeah…I…I am.”

“You don’t seem like it.”

“Well, not getting any sleep will do that to you.” She quips.

He nods slowly. “Right….”

A silence hangs between them. Neither party says anything for a while, and it’s painful because she came here to speak, to tell him how she felt, to vocalize all this rampant emotion that won’t cease within her, and so Y/N forces the words out of her mouth.

“I have something to tell you.” She says.  She swallows, trying to mollify her nerves. You can do this, Y/N tells herself. You will do this.

“I…Uncle Fred told you already, didn’t he?”

Bruce is quiet.

She waits for a response, one that doesn’t come, until she has top force herself to speak up once more.

“I said Uncl—“

“I heard what you said.” He says curtly, cutting her off.

Y/N closes her mouth, and then mutters a quiet oh. Her heart is racing—God, is it racing—and her lungs constrict and the blood drains from her fingertips and from her face and from her, and Bruce is looking at her with inquisitive eyes that egg her on.

“I know that he told you—obviously. It’s uhm….it’s okay, if you know” Y/N explains, trying (and failing) to not let the desperation seep into her voice. “I wanted to tell you myself, of course, but, having somebody else do it is okay, because the outcome is still the same. You still know.”

“You don’t have to say it.”

“And if I want to?”

“Then you have to stop. Just,…” Bruce sighs, eyes sliding over her face from a few inches away. The room is dim and quiet and her heart is in her throat, but it doesn’t matter, because Bruce is so close, and he knows.

“Just…”.” His voice is different, baring an edge and uncertainty that she has never witnessed before that makes things seem even more eerie. His eyes, a rich grey, bore into hers.

“Stop this, Y/N. Please. Don’t make it harder than it already is.”

“I’m not trying to.” Her eyes water and she shakes her head softly. “Bruce, I…”


They’re less than inches apart. Neither of them dare to break eye contact, only leaning closer in, and closer in, and Y/N’s eyes begin to flutter shut, and Bruce doesn’t pull away, and it feels as though the world is fragmented on a cosmic level when their lips meet.

Their mouths are pressed together, and they kiss.

They kiss.

His tongue is warm and wet as runs along her lips. Y/N gladly lets it, lifting her hand to his head to real him closer in. She presses herself flush to his form. Bruce reciprocates, cupping her face in both his hands and maneuvering his lips against hers, and—

“Bruce—“ Y/N tries to speak.

“Just stop.” His breath fans against her skin, against her nose. She lets out a breathy moan as he captures her lips once more, feeling her heart flutter like a cage of untamed birds.

Her hands slide through Bruce’s hair like water when she feels his hands leave her face and go to her waist. He hoists her up, and she jumps, wrapping her legs around him, not caring what they’re doing or what they’re about to do because, god, this feels too good.

They make their way to his bed. Fall onto it. Kiss, touch. Y/N swears that she can feel her soul floating higher and higher until it’s of her body and into the astral plane, watching their two bodies mould together upon the covers. Bruce’s hand slides beneath the fabric of her shirt and she feels a jolt of pleasure at the contact.

“Bruce…” She pants, chest rising and falling rapidly.

He dips his head and slides his lips down to her jaw, to her neck until they’re peppering desperate, wet kisses along her collarbone.  The young girl moans at the contact; her mind is fogging up like a car window on a misty evening. Fear clutches her heart in its icy talons and gives it a firm squeeze. This is wrong—God, this is all so wrong, that she’s certain of as much as she is that the sky is blue…

But Y/N doesn’t want it to stop.

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Are You Sure

(Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Requested: no 

Summary: The reader is pregnant and Bruce is freaking out over every little thing

Warning/s: none 

It was definitely a shock when you found out you were pregnant with Bruce’s child, but a good kind of shock nonetheless. 

 When you told Bruce about it he, in a word, glowed. He glowed with happiness, picked you up and kissed you passionately. The boys on the other hand had a little different reaction to the pregnancy.

Dick actually started jumping up and down screaming how he’s going to be a big brother again.

Jason was really chill about it but you swear you saw him shed a tear whilst saying, “I’m going to be a big bro.”

Tim was also excited but not as much as Dick. You also heard him say, “I’m going to teach this kid everything I know.”

Damian. Now, Damian had a little different reaction to the pregnancy news. Even tough he couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive and for him to teach his brother/sister defense tactics, he was skeptical about the baby.

Even if Damian won’t admit it, and would get mad at anyone for saying stuff like that, he was still a kid that needed love and attention but the new addition to the family would take everyone’s. Of course he slowly came around but only after you had reassured him that the baby won’t make you and Bruce love Damian any less.

About four months into your pregnancy Bruce was freaking out over every little thing. Like seriously, you couldn’t even go to the bathroom without Bruce asking if you needed help.  

It was actually kinda cute of him for caring so much. But it slowly started to piss you off. Like really started to piss you off.

“Honey, stop, that’s too heavy for you to lift.”

“Bruce, it’s a jar of cookies.”

The thing that seriously pissed you off was the fact that every little kick from the baby was Bruce’s alarm for you going into labor. He started doing that once you were eight months in. 

One day the baby kept kicking and you were getting tired of that and it actually hurt a little. Your big mistake was saying, “Ow,” in front of Bruce. Him running around screaming was actually amusing to you and you started to laugh. Bruce stopped once he heard your laugh that he loved so much.

“Why are you laughing (y/n)? This is serious!”

“I’m laughing at you dummy. I’m not going into labor, it was one of those kicks that hurt a little.”

Bruce seemed to calm down at your words but his shoulders were still a little tense. “C’mon honey, let’s go watch something.” You said taking his hand and leading him to the living room. 

“Are you sure you’re not going into labor (y/n)?” He asked as you two got comfortable on the sofa. “Yes Bruce, I’m sure. Now watch the damn movie.” He mumbled in agreement and started watching.

“But are you sure?” 

You sighed and ignored him, choosing to watch the film that was displaying on the TV than listen to your loving husband.

Being Bruce Wayne’s Long Term Girlfriend

- You two definitely dated in secret for a very long time first

- Dick was the first to notice something was up, He had grown up with playboy Bruce.

- Bruce was showing all the signs of someone in a relationship

- When Dick went to Tim, Tim already had your information on file and a timeline of Bruce’s relationship. Tim was a detective after all.

- They both decided to keep quiet for a bit, but they wanted to know what was going on.

- “Happy Anniversary. Have anything special planned?” Tim asked casually at breakfast.

- “What?” Bruce asked, looking at Damian very quickly.

- “He’s a big boy, Bruce,” Tim rolled his eyes.

- “I would act surprised, but I’m not. About time one of you put it together.” Bruce smiled.

- “What’s going on, father?” Damian asked

- “Today’s his one year anniversary with Y/N.” Bruce glared at Tim “Band-Aid, easier to just rip it off.” Tim walked off with his coffee.

- After then, you two started to be a bit more public with your relationship.

- You met Dick and Tim first, they’d called dibs. Damian didn’t want to meet you.

-  All the kids had betting pools on how long you’d last now the relationship involved them.

- Dick, being a hopeless romantic, said you’d marry and live happily ever after.

- It was only after your two year anniversary that Damian finally gave up and let himself meet you. He didn’t care for his father’s companions and had assumed you would be gone by now.

- People in the media were waiting for you to confirm the relationship before they said anything. Messing with teenagers lives was one thing, but Wayne Enterprises literally owned everything.

- You had met Clark earlier on in your relationship, when he and Bruce were having breakfast together and Bruce had forgotten some papers at your apartment.

- Your dates had always been kind of low-key at first.

- It was a private relationship so you both had chosen more private locations.

- On your second date, you had gone to a pub and played pool. You were actually really good but pretended you didn’t know how to play.

- That meant Bruce would wrap his arms around you to show you how.

- When he found out he made you play him properly, surprised when you won.

- Stephanie and Cass both really like you, Steph isn’t sure why you’re with someone like Bruce.

- You weren’t supposed to meet Jason when you did, Bruce wasn’t sure he wanted you to meet his gun-wielding son.

- You had run into him in the Wayne Enterprises Lobby. He had been talking to Tim

- “You’re Bruce’s new girl then?” he narrowed his eyes at you

- “I’d hardly call it new.” you’d laughed and held out your hand. “Y/N.”

- “Jason.” he said whilst slowly taking your hand.

- “Oh, you’re Jason.” you smiled, determined to make a good impression.

- Bruce started running when he saw you talking to Jason.

- “Y/N.” he skidded next to you, putting a protective arm around your waist.

- “Hey, I was just having a lovely conversation with Jason about his love of literature.”

- “Really?”

- “At least pretend like you paid attention during my childhood.” Jason jabbed

- You knew Bruce loved his kids so rolled your eyes at the comment. Jason had been lovely until Bruce arrived.

- Once Damian finally accepted you as part of Bruce’s life, you started hanging out at the manor more often.

- You were practically living there the second it was okayed by the kids.

- You figured out the Batman thing.

- “You’re Batman, aren’t you?” you said when he appeared in bed extremely earlier in the morning. He’d thought you’d been asleep.

- “What?”

- “You disappear almost every evening, after you think I’m asleep. You always have new bruises or cuts someone. Plus, most nights I notice you gone for an extremely long time, someone usually ends up in Arkum. That’s either the biggest coincidence and you’re cheating on me, or you’re Batman. I know you aren’t cheating on me.”

- “Are you angry?” he would have to explain things in the morning.

- “Just keep coming back each night and I’ll be fine.” you snuggled into his chest and held him very tight.

- You and Alfred worked together to make every meal, he was happy to have help.

- You learnt how to do stitches and help with injuries to help ease your mind each night

- You accidentally overheard Damian and Bruce arguing.

- “I’m happy with her living here, isn’t that enough.” Damian snapped.

- “You could at least pretend not to hate her. You would like her if you actually tried.”

- “Why is my opinion so important. You two will settle down whether I agree to it or not and probably have kids of your own. I’ll have nothing to do with you two.”

- “Damian, you are my son. My true son.”

- “Not for much longer. My mother isn’t apart of this perfect family you want. Neither am I.”

- “He’s allowed to be upset Bruce.” you said from the door. “He’s scared of being replaced.”

- “I’m not.” Damian hissed.

- “That’s not something you have to worry about, Damian.” Bruce assured him.

- “You say that now.” he huffed.

- “No, we say that forever.” you looked at your shoes. “Since I can’t have kids.”

- “What?” Bruce and Damian said at the same time.

- “I found out when I was in my early twenties, I never mentioned it because we haven’t even talked about marriage, let alone kids. Plus, you already have so many that I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

- Bruce rushed to your side to hug you tight.

- “So, yeah, Damian.” you had always told yourself that you were fine with it. You’d had years to accept you’d been without a blood child. “You aren’t ever going to be replaced.”

- Damian and Duke were the youngest two, so you always saw them a lot more than all the other kids.

- You felt like you’d finally made a break through with Damian when you’d found some tarot card art he’d done.

- There was one for each of his family, painted on the front on back - one for their superhero identity and one for their normal lives.

- He was working on one for you.

- You had hugged when you’d next seen him, after a second he’d hugged back.

- The media still hadn’t had any confirmation on whether you and Bruce where together, but when a picture of you wearing a wedding ring was found, they went crazy.

Long Nights || Dick Grayson x Reader ||

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Requested: yup

Word Count: 4073

Summary: Dick’s drunk, you’re his designated person.

Warnings: drunk behavior (not violent), abuse of alcohol, language.

A/N: It’s a long one-shot (sorry not sorry). In case you’re wondering why the hell Jason’s in this one shot, lemme tell you: I’m super pumped about Prelude to the Wedding, and it’s one of the few comics where Jason and the Batfam actually get along (by that I mean they’re no trying to kill each other, if you feel me), so this one takes place in that comic. Yes, thank you, please enjoy (and read Batman: Prelude to the Wedding in case you haven’t because it’s going amazing so far, kinda hoping no one dies).

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Originally posted by mybirdboys

    The Wayne Manor was, to say the least, a very, very – and please focus on the very – big house. The first time you saw it, you mistook it for a castle – huge walls that rose up to twenty meters, floor-to-ceiling windows, chandeliers swinging from up high. You’d have to be either blind or stupidly rich to believe that mansion was a regular house. It took all your willpower to keep yourself form gaping whenever Dick showed you another room even bigger than the previous one.

    For a person who grew up in that house it didn’t seem like such a big deal, but for you, it was like a dream you didn’t even have the imagination to come up with. You didn’t grow up in a terrible place, but certainly not one you missed. Your two-room apartment growing up couldn’t compare to Dick’s room, which happened to be slightly bigger than your whole living room. Even the bathroom looked like something straight out of a magazine.

    You didn’t grow up in Gotham like Dick or his siblings but in Blüdhaven. Born and raised, you never stepped out of the city until you met him. He was a police officer, you lived in a not-so-safe zone – the rest is easy to figure out. Every time he showed you a new place, you felt like a little girl all over again. Eventually, you saw more the insides of the Wayne Manor than your own apartment, whether it was because Bruce organized a party or Dick wanted to visit Gotham. You had your own room, one Alfred had prepared weeks after your first visit, filled with everything you enjoyed. Needless to say, you hardly ever used it. You had way more clothes in Dick’s closet than in yours.

    After multiple visits and many late-night chats with Bruce or Tim, you began to understand the manor, to memorize it; the hallways were no longer foreign, and you knew where everything was without having to ask. Alfred became a good friend to you, close enough for him to drop the “Miss Y/L/N” and change it to a “Miss Y/N”. Bruce didn’t treat you like a distant family friend – he treated you like his own kid. Tim talked to you about school and computers, both stuff you didn’t particularly enjoy, but listened to him intently all the time he spent talking. Damian insulted you as well, something you weren’t sure how to take. Was it bad to be called “imbecile” by someone who only insulted people he cared for, if only slightly?

    Then there was Jason, whom you had seen only a couple of times. Despite the few moments you had interacted with him, you were certain Jason was a nice guy. Dick had told you many stories he had lived with the man when they were young, including the whole dying business. You had talked to him about shows you had both binge-watched at some point in your lives, and it was one of the funniest conversations you’d had with anyone.

    You had a solid opinion: Jason could turn something lame into something enjoyable. Now, for instance, he was the only reason you weren’t jumping off the nearest window.

    “Lame ass parties,” he grimaced at the rest of the people in the room, dancing and chatting. With the windows open, no one minded the smoke coming from his cigarette, or the litanies coming out of his mouth. “Charities are stupid, I’m telling you. Look at them dance, they don’t even know how to.”

    You chuckled. “So you do?”

    He smirked your way, giving you a funny look. He wasn’t wearing something you’d describe as formal, but to see him out of jeans and his jacket was something. He took another puff, looking out as he did so. He didn’t look like he was enjoying the party. “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, doll.”

    “Mh. I don’t think you can dance as good as you can shoot, Jay,” you looked at him as he stepped on his cigarette, disposing of the rest in the trashcan. His hair was done sideways so it fell on his face. He had to get it out of the way multiple times with a smirk on his lips before giving you a mocking look. He had such an ability for making anyone feel genuinely happy or down-right miserable.

    “I can do many things well,” he winked at you. To anyone else, you two might’ve looked like you were flirting, but both of you knew you were only fooling around. Jason could be a douchebag sometimes but he’d never mess with Dick’s girlfriend, and you’d never do that to Dick. “I assume your boyfriend’s taking care of all the chatty-chat business?”

    “Yeah, you know him, always being correct and polite. Blagh,” you rolled your eyes, earning a laugh from the man in front of you. He gave you one of his perfect smiles and placed his hand on your shoulder.

    “I am so sorry you had to come to this boring party, Y/N.”

    You place your hand over his. “And I am deeply sorry you’re here, with me, when you look like you really need to pee.”

    A laugh escaped his lips, and you joined him. A few people surrounding you threw daggers your way, muttering in low voices about how impolite of them to laugh at such an event; who thought about inviting them. He looked like he wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by the big man coming your way. Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s most wealthy citizens, had wine all over his suit.

    Jason stiffened a laugh. As much as you wanted to laugh with him, something in Bruce’s angry face wouldn’t let you. You had been all evening talking to Jason or eating fancy meals from the snack bar, yet you felt like all that anger bottled inside the billionaire was directed specifically towards you. Selina Kyle walked beside him, cocking a brow at the man every step he gave. It seemed to you the only reason he hadn’t exploded already was because of her. After all, you knew something was going on between them – something big.

    Could you have cared less about Batman’s wedding at that moment? Definitely. Why, others might ask. Because Bruce Wayne stood in front of you, gritting his teeth, and placing a hand – a very pissed hand – on your shoulder.

    “H-Hey Bruce,” you gave the man a wave, trying your hard to look at his eyes instead of his feet. “Everything alright?”

    “Yeah, Bruce,” Jason smirked, pointing his chin at the red-colored shirt. You wanted to hit him with your shoes. Pissing off this man was not something you’d write on your bucket list. “What’s up with the new look?”

    “Jason,” you had a hard time trying to figure out whether that Jason was a greeting or a warning. Probably both. “You look nice, Y/N.”

    Your brain didn’t process the comment fast enough. He looked like he wanted to murder you with an ice-cube and then he complimented you? You raised your eyebrows, trying to come up with a reply when Bruce squeezed your shoulder. He didn’t do it roughly or rudely, but with urgency. You looked at Selina behind him, holding in a gasp.

    You knew little about the woman – apart from her secret identity, that is –, but you couldn’t help yourself when you stared. She looked amazing. You felt slightly embarrassed about the lack of formality in your clothes, yet didn’t push it too much. She gave you a foxy smile and then patted Bruce on the back.

    “I’m sorry to bother you,” the man went on, trying to get himself together. “But I need your help.”

    “I– yeah, sure. What is it?”

    Bruce looked like he wanted to punch a wall. You were getting more nervous every second, and wanted a way out of having a conversation with this Bruce, one you’d seen on few occasions, but one you’d never talked to. “I don’t know what happened, but Richard’s throwing up in the bathroom. I would appreciate if you made sure he doesn’t cause any more trouble. He’s done enough already.”

    You were too scared to ask about the stain. Even an idiot could’ve guessed it: Dick did that to Bruce, and he was pissed. You were really glad he wasn’t mad at you but started worrying about what would happen to your boyfriend once he sobered up.

    Bruce didn’t wait for an answer, rather choosing to walk away, probably headed for his room. Selina winked at you and walked towards the snack bar. You watched as her skin-tight dress moved every time she walked. Her hair was not carefully done, yet made her look ten times prettier than her usual self. You were jealous of how badly she could pull that look off.

    You had forgotten about Jason besides you until he patted your shoulder. “Sorry, kid. You’re gonna have to take care of that drunk idiot by yourself.”

    Jason made his way out the window – even when the door was a couple of meters away from him – before you could complain about him calling you “kid”.

    “I’m a year older than you,” you whispered, watching the man as he climbed a building. The last you saw of him was how he waved at you before he disappeared.

    The first thing you noticed when you walked inside Dick’s room was how much it smelled like vodka (and puke). As you made your way through shoes and Dick’s clothes, you wondered if you’d find him naked, covered in barf, or both. Unlike many other times, he had his blinds shut. You had to use your phone’s flashlight so you could see where you were walking. Dick, being the neatest of you two, always made sure the room was tidy and clean; seeing all that mess, you were shocked he had caused all of that. You smiled to yourself when you thought about Dick seeing how much he had wrecked the room.

    Upon walking into the bathroom, you crashed into Tim, who was covered in puke (probably not his) and gave him a funny look. He looked like he wanted to throw up himself. His hair, usually done and neat, made him look like he had just woke up. He didn’t smell as nice as he usually did, and had a disgusting grimace plastered on his face. He didn’t have his coat one anymore, instead used it to clean the rest of the puke from his pants.

    “I’ve been covered in stranger’s blood,” he said frantically. His face was paler than usual, making him look like he was sick. As he moved his hands in the air, he started breathing through his mouth. “I’ve kept guts from coming out of people’s bodies; I’ve seen my bones sticking out of my leg,” he took in a shaky breath. “Dick’s vomit shouldn't–” he heaved, drying his sweaty hands on his suit. "I don’t know how he did it, but Damian got Dick drunk. Really, really drunk. I’ve never seen him like this.”

    “Man up, Drake,” Damian spoke from behind him, hands behind his back. “Pleased to see you, Y/N. I must say,” he eyed you up and down, reminding you of high school and girls who enjoyed annoying people. “You look better than all the currently present in this room. I trust you’ll look after Grayson. Try to not get covered in barf.”

    You smirked at him. You placed a hand on his shoulder as he was about to leave the room. “Vodka?”

    Damian threw a wicked smile your way. “Tequila.”

    Despite knowing you would regret Dick’s drunkness, you laughed. Tim, unlike you, looked anything but pleased with the boy’s actions. He gagged again, leaning on the wall. “You’re a terrible person.”

    “I’m flattered,” he smiled, a genuine smile you hardly ever saw, and cocked a brow at Tim. “You are pathetic, and you stink. You need to have a shower before joining us again.”

    Tim walked towards the door, side-to-side with Damian. “You’re insane if you think I’m going downstairs. I want to sleep.”

    “You’re weak, Drake. You’re not leaving me alone at such an event…” you heard them disappear behind the door. They didn’t act the way brothers would act, but to see Damian actually getting along with Tim, treating him as an equal – they’d come a long way since the day you first met them. You couldn’t believe that boy, the one who wouldn’t have had a problem with trading Tim’s life for the greater goal, now considered Tim – even if he called him imbecile – a friend.

    Even if you never meant to, you fell for those kids, you loved them the way a sister would. You talked with Tim about college and what he wanted to do. Damian constantly teased you about everything he could think of, but you still watched documentaries with him – he had a thing for sharks you could not fully understand – and ate so much junk food he had to push you out of the couch.

    Caugh in your daydream, you didn’t remember Dick – your boyfriend, also worth mentioning – until you heard him slip behind you.

    "Shit,” you muttered under your breath, hearing his butt slam against the tiles. When you turned around, the image of Dick leaning on the toilet wearing only his pants and a tie – where was his shirt, anyway? – you had to hold in a giggle. He looked like a character straight out of Magic Mike. His eyes weren’t focused on you, but rather on what was above your head. You moved towards him, instantly hit by the terrible smell. “What did you eat?”

    He smiled goofily. Under the LED light of the bathroom, his eyes looked bluer than ever. You stood there for a second, admiring him, even drunk. He looked terrible. “There you are!” he smiled in your direction, throwing his fist in the air. “I’ve been asking for you all night.”

    “Yeah?” you approached him with a towel you picked from the floor, probably one already used by Tim or Damian. When you got to him you wiped his face, getting rid of all the vomit on his face. You flushed the toilet, not eager to see the left-overs of his meals. “You don’t look so good, Dick.”

    “But you do,” he winked at you but made it look like he had blinked slower. “You are hot,” he giggled – someone should’ve seen that: Dick Grayson giggling like a high-schooler, everyone. “And really amazing. Have I told you how pretty your face is? ‘Cause it’s true, you’re fucking beautiful.”

    Hidden behind your chuckle and roll of eyes, you could feel a blush expanding through your face. Dick had told you many times you were pretty, but never like that, never so truthful. You kept wiping his face and chest, realizing it would not work out as you had planned. “Didn’t know you could swear, Dickie.”

    “And you’re a really good kisser,” he went on and on, mostly talking to himself. Your blush, against all attempts of ignoring it, made its apparition again. Your face was on fire. Deep down, you didn’t want him to stop, however embarrassing that might feel. It was nice to see such a careless side of Dick, one you had never seen. It wasn’t the complimenting, it was the truthful words he was saying. “And I know,” hiccup. “I know we’ve had arguments because you’re always stealing my clothes,” hiccup. “But you look really cute when you’re in my hoodies.”

    “C'mon, you need to shower,” you urged him to move. The moment you got closer to his face, he made a move, as if he wanted to kiss you. You quickly moved away, laughing to yourself. “Oh, no, no, you smell like a dead rat. Not kissing a dead rat.”

    “You’re mean,” he pouted.

    “And you’re drunk,” you retorted, giving him a cynic smile. “Now, up you go. You need to shower, then go to sleep.”

    He shook his head, frowning. “I don’t want to shower. I want to kiss you. I want to kiss you, Y/N, I miss your kisses.”

    You blushed, yet again. “Stop it, Dick. Help me out here, man.”

    Lifting people who weighed twice as you was not something you could easily pull off, especially not when that someone was covered in body fluids you would’ve rather not touch in your whole life. Dick wasn’t as light as he seemed, you could tell the moment you wrapped your arm under his. Instead of lifting him as you had planned, you ended up pushing him like a rock until you got him inside your confined shower.

    Taking off his pants was like undressing a toddler, mainly because he wouldn’t stop kicking and whining. It took you around twenty minutes to wiggle him off his pants, let alone taking off the tie with an impossible knot. “I don’t want to shower. I hate showers. I want to kiss you, please.”

    “We’re not kissing, Dick. You smell terrible, and you need to shower.”

    The moment water started falling over both of you – because there was no way you could’ve showered him without being with him, taking a shower as well. You didn’t take off your clothes, but you did try to take off Dick’s underwear.

    “Whoa!” he grabbed your hand. You raised your eyebrows. “If I can’t kiss you, you can’t take off my boxers.”

    If his compliments before had been enough to make you blush, that comment alone almost made you choke with your tongue. You felt your head heat up and your hands clenching. “I hate you.”

    With water falling on his face, his hair covering most of his eyes, your heart tightened. Everything about him was beautiful, in every possible way. His hair, his chin, his lips, his stomach. Dick Grayson, all in all, was a beautiful human being. You regretted it a second later, mainly because of how bad his mouth tasted, but your lips joined his own before you could have any second thoughts about kissing a drunk guy who had recently threw up.

    He didn’t have to think twice; he had his hands on the side of your face in no time and kissed you with all the tenderness he had in his system. He had mentioned several times how badly he wanted to kiss you, but when he did kiss you he acted like you two had all the time in the world. Your hands rested on your lap, closing your eyes as you felt your heart beating faster than ever. You’d had many kisses with Dick – c'mon, three years? It was expected – but this one had to be, by far, the best one in weeks.  

    He was gentle and soft, yet desperate at the same time, like he couldn’t get enough of it. His hands traveled from your face to your back, and before you knew it he was holding you in his arms, running his hands through your hair. When you got tired of the taste of vomit, you stayed like that, staring at him through the cascade of water falling over you. His blue eyes stared at your own, making you smile.

    “I will now hand you your toothbrush,” you said in a slow voice, as if you were explaining that to a toddler. In a way, you were. “I’ll wash your hair, and you’ll wash your mouth, alright?”

    As you passed him the toothbrush and you reached for the shampoo, he kissed your lips in a swift move. He gave you a shy smile. “I love you very much, Y/N. Thank you for being in my life.”

    “God, Dick, how are you so heavy?” you asked the man, groaning in the process. You two made your way through the room until you reached the bed. With your arm under his, wrapping his back, you had some trouble putting him under the covers. The moment you did, however, you could finally breathe.

   “You are the best,” he winked, yet again failing. Before his head hit the pillow, he stretched his neck so he could be face-to-face with you. “I am in love with you.”

   When you kissed for the second time, he no longer smelled like barf, not did his mouth tasted bad. His kiss was slower than the first and, if possible, even gentler. For a second you forgot how drunk he was, or that he was wearing the most ridiculous shirt he owned. For thta second, Dick Drayson was the only thing that mattered to you. His hand rested on the back of your neck, while the other kept him from falling off the bed.

   Once Dick couldn’t keep his balance anymore, he kissed your lips once more, quickly, before closing his eyes. “G’night.”

   You smiled at the man, looking at him surprise. You never saw Dick as the cheesy type, but that night had been more thane nough to prove you wrong. After such a long night, you were ready to disappear for a couple of hours.

    The knock on the door was what kept you from going to sleep at that moment. Dick was much too sleepy to care about the knock (or about you, seeing as he cuddled with his pillow) but you had to answer. Of course you couldn’t do it naked, so you squirmed in one of Dick’s shirts and a short of your own. It wasn’t in your plans to flash the whole Wayne family.

    You weren’t expecting to see Bruce when you opened the door, much less seeing him in actual pijamas. The few times you had seen Bruce late at night had been during parties, but never in pijamas. He wore sweatpants and a black shirt, more than what could be said about you.

   “I’m sorry I didn’t come dowstairs again,” you chuckled, getting some hair out of your face. “Dick took a lot of time.”

   Bruce smiled, really smiled, and you thanked Selina for taking some of his grumpiness away. “You look happy,” he smiled at you. You were happy, really happy. Seeing Dick so drunk was not something you had enjoyed, but you had never been with a drunk so in love before, and Dick had definetely been the first.

   “I could say the same, Bruce.”

   He smirked at you, making his way in the room. You wondered if he’d ever been to Dick’s room before, or at least in the past five years. He eyed everything carefully, as if absorbing every detail of the room. It was weird watching Bruce so relaxed, especially after such a party. His hair was a mess – a mess, mess –, which made you wonder how late it was.

   Dick’s room wasn’t as big as the other rooms in the Manor, but was spacious enough to have all your books and belongings. You were slightly concerned about what Bruce might’ve thought about you living in Dick’s room instead of your own, the one Alfred had prepared for you. You had clothes on the floor and you couldn’t escape the smell of vomit once you passed the bathroom door.

   “He loves you,” Bruce pointed at Dick. He had no trouble turning on the lights (not like Dick cared) and stared at the mess you had in the room. Once again, you blushed. What was it with men that night? You hardly ever got compliments from Bruce. “Thank you, Y/N.”

   You shrugged it off. “It’s fine. It was fun taking care of him for once.”

   He shook his head, frowning. “No, not about this. This,” he looked at Dick. “Is not the only thing you’ve done to take care of him. He’s become more careful than he ever was, both as Richard, a police officer, and as Nightwing. You’re family now, Y/N, and thank you for earning that place.”

   You were used to being speechless around Bruce, but never in such an emotional way. Did you doubt your mental faculties when you did what you had never done? Highly. Did you doubt Bruce’s when he didn’t push you away? Definitely. Nonetheless, when you pushed yourself to hug the man, you felt happier than you had felt in years. His hug wasn’t particularly warm or long, but it was more than enough to keep you smiling for hours.

   “Sleep. You deserve it.”

   “Good night, Bruce.”

   “Good night, Y/N.”

“Your wife is hot” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

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Part two

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The league discovered that Batman made files on all of them. Files in which were their secret identities, the way they could be defeated, and a all lot of personal details. And so they were…pretty mad at him. They felt like he betrayed their trust, while all he wanted to do was to make sure the World was safe. So the bat had to amend himself. He told all of them he was Bruce Wayne. And that’s the story of how a bunch of superheroes invaded your home. 

They first went to see the Batcave, which left you enough time to try and relax. It wasn’t everyday that you met the biggest superheroes of the World. You already encountered Superman, who was in real life Clark Kent, your husband’s best friend. You also were friend with Wonder Woman, having actually quite a lot in common with Diana Price. And your eldest son was friend with The Flash sidekick, Kid Flash, even though you never actually met Barry Allen, you felt like Wally told you enough things about him that you knew you’d probably get along. But the rest…Well, you were just super stressed. 

Of course, you knew all of them, extensively actually. You knew what they liked and didn’t like, their personality…Hum, you might have, MIGHT, read Bruce’s files on them. Curiosity. It was your biggest flaw. 

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Broken Skeleton Man || Jason Todd x Reader

BASED OFF PROMPT 62: “If you can’t sleep, we could have sex?“

Groaning, you shifted on the bed to lay on your side, in an attempt to find a position that would allow you to get some sleep. Jason shifted next to you as he turned around to face you, his head resting on the pillow next to yours .

“Sorry to bother you, Jay. I just can’t sleep on another bed you know.”

“Then why did you insist on staying here?”

“Because, my little​ tough nugget, Black Mask literally put you through a meat grinder, and you couldn’t go home.“

“Yes I could have. You were driving either way.”

“Jason I literally CANNOT haul your ass up all the way to our place okay? Besides, a chance to have some of Alfred’s famous breakfast, was not one I would let go off so easily.“

“So you sacrificed your sleep for some breakfast eggs?”


Jason laughed at that as he shook his head at you. His arm reached out to rest on your side which would have been a sweet gesture if he didn’t try and sneak it up your shirt.

“Soooo, if you can’t sleep,” he started, smirking at you, “How about we have sex?”

“Not happening,“ you stated, slapping his hand away.

“But wwhyyyyy?”

“Literally everything in you is broken, you have a shattered collar bone, broken ribs and a broken ankle.“

“You can be on top?”

“Did I mention the dislocated jaw?“

“Well geez, can’t you go one day without oral, woman?”

“Jason, no.“

“Oh c'mon, it’s not that bad.”

“You literally want to have sex in the same house as Bruce and like your 10 brothers?“

“It’s a mansion, they won’t hear shit. Besides as much as a task it will prove to be, you can like keep it quite.”

“Jason. Peter. Todd. I am not having sex with you right now,“ you deadpanned, glaring at him.

“What a cock block, geez,” he huffed. “How about some cuddles?“

“I’m not cuddling a sack of brocken bones,” you replied smirking at him as he narrowed his eyes at you.

“You’re being awfully rude today.“

“Settle for hand holding till you are no longer a broken skeleton man,” you said as you reached out to grab his arm, hugging it and interlacing your fingers.

“So, no sex tomorrow either huh?“



Bruce Wayne Imagine

Request: “Could you do a coffee shop scenario? where the reader bumps into bruce or something?”

When you forget your wallet, Bruce being the kind gentleman that he is, pays for your coffee.

“No no no, crap…” You muttered to yourself. 

Your fingers rummaged through the rubbish in your hand bag, the objects colliding with each other, making a soft clattering sound as you tried to find your wallet, which was so obviously not there. 

But you still had hope. That maybe, hopefully, it was there. Somewhere. But no. You awkwardly, and slowly, looked up, and briefly turned around to peer at the ever growing line behind you. You smiled politely and in defeat towards the cashier.

“I’m really, really, sorry, but i’ve forgotten my card.” You slowly stepped out of the way, “Don’t worry about the coffee.”

With your head down, you made your way to the corner of the coffee shop, sitting yourself down. You leaned back, and closed your eyes. You breathed in, and out, with no particular reason, maybe it was to keep your already stressed body somewhat calm. You leaned your elbows on the table, your hands rubbing your temples. 

Why today, did everything just seem to not work for you?

And then, a soft aroma of roasting coffee beans hit your nostrils. It didn’t surprise you, this was a coffee shop after all. But it was when you could feel the steam brush your face, that you opened your eyes. Your eyes were met with a coffee cup. Surprised, you looked up slowly, mouth slowly agape at the person sitting in front of you across the wooden table. You sat up straight, clearing your throat as the man before you smiled kindly.

You looked back at your cup, and at his in his hand. Your brows crossed, ‘Is this for me?’ You thought to yourself.

“Flat white with one sugar?” The man asked. You continued to focus on him, as if he was some sort of alien.

“I hope i got it right. My memory isn’t that reliable, but it’s what i remember hearing you order, before…you know…”

“I couldn’t pay?” You finished. The man lifted his coffee in agreement before taking a sip.


“Coffee, like water, is an essential part of my day, and seeing a lady like yourself without it-“ He shook his head, “I simply couldn’t let it happen.”

“How heroic.” You smiled,

“Nice, or kind would have been another word to use, but ‘heroic’ is fine too.” He smirked.

And you laughed quietly, smiling wide at the charming man.

“How much was it? I’d like to pay you back when i can-“

“No need.” He interrupted, holding up his hand.

“No really, i can’t let you-“

“Honestly,” He interrupted again, with a soft deep voice, “ You don’t have to.”

You sat back, in disbelief.

“But…” He picked up, and you smirked to yourself. “If you would like to pay me back with another coffee,” he stood up, his chair dragging along the wood as did. He took out a card from his pocket and placed it on the table, but you had yet to look at it, as his eyes captivated yours, “Feel free to drop by my office down the road.” And then with a smile and a quick nod, he walked off.

Down the Road? That’s- You sat up, and reached for his business card in a flash.

‘Wayne Enterprises’

“You’re kidding me…” You then let out a breath and dropped in your seat. You ran your hands through your hair, and laughed.

You’d just met, the one and only, Bruce Wayne.

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Missing what you Cherish Chapter 1 Bruce Wayne x Reader


You smiled at the some of the people in the gala as you walked over to one of your sons. Wayne Enterprises was holding a charity gala, and being Bruce’s wife you had to attend them with him. You stood next to Damian who looked just as done as you were.

“We can do it, we can take them all out before they knew what hit them.” Damian told you and you chuckled

“I’m afraid you’re missing one detail, Damian.” You looked at him and pointed to Bruce “He’d stop us before we could even lay a finger on anyone.” You told him and he glared at Bruce

“I could beat him.” He mumbled and you patted his head

“Maybe we can test that someday, but not on real people.” You smiled and took a drink from a passing waiter.

You didn’t get many breaks at galas so you took advantage of them whenever you could. It’s not like you didn’t enjoy them, it’s just that they could go on for hours on end. Surveying the room you saw Jason at one end of the room with Tim talking about whatever to pass the time, and Dick flirting with a young lady who was a blushing mess. 

Your eyes landed on Bruce who was surrounded by some of his fangirls and some whores if we’re being honest. You tapped Damian’s shoulder and pointed at Bruce. 

“Wanna make a bet?” You whispered to him and a smirk formed on his face.

“I say he makes up some excuse and walks over here. And if I win, I get away with pranking Grayson for a week.” Damian says and you nod

“And I say he’ll look over here and signal me over, and if I win you have to patrol with Jason for a week.” You smirk and he glared at you.

“Deal.” He nodded and you both shook hands. 

You and Damian watched as Bruce became increasingly uncomfortable. Ever since Bruce had married you he had dropped his playboy title and never even looked at another woman in that way.  You shook your head and chuckled as Bruce backed away from the woman and started heading in your direction. 

“Looks like I win.” Damian said with a taunting smirk on his face and you slapped him playfully on the back of his head.

Just as you were about to reply to him the lights went out. The only light source was the moonlight coming through the windows. It was completely silent, no one even muttered. Probably to terrified to. Bruce walked over to you and Damian, along with Dick, Jason, and Tim. 

“Well seems like we might have a party crasher.” You whispered and they nodded in agreement.

“But who?” Bruce said in a low voice

You heard laughter throughout the room and knew exactly who it was. That psychotic laugh you heard many times before. That laugh belonged to one man and one man only.

“Joker.” You heard Bruce growl and you dropped to the floor as the ceiling came crashing down.

You looked to see Joker standing in the middle of the room and glared at him. Joker smile as he looked around the room and his sight landed on you.

“Ahh Mrs. Wayne, how lovely to see you again.” He chuckled and you didn’t say anything.

The boys stood protectively in front of you and you stood back up. Bruce placed a hand on your back and placed you behind him. You figured Joker would do this eventually, but you hoped to be ready when he did.

“Now don’t be like that boys. I was just talking to a friend!” Joker laughed and you felt Bruce tense up.

“What do you want Joker?” You asked and his smile got wider

“To join the party of course! And to play a game of course!” Joker clapped his hands together and you looked at him confused.

“Game? What game?” You asked confused 

“Wack a Wayne.” Joker answered with a devilish grin.

Before you could move you heard a girlish laughter. An arm wrapped around your waist and you heard series of thunks. You watched as Bruce hit the floor along with your sons. You turned around to see Harley with her mallet and pulled yourself away from her.

“Joker!” You yelled hit him and moved toward him only to be grabbed by his goons. 

People screamed and back up closer to the walls. Since the doors were locked they couldn’t go anywhere. You struggled against the goons hold but he was to strong for you. Joker walked up to you and grabbed your face with his hand. 

“Come now (Y/n), that’s not how you play the game. Harley!” Joker shouted and let go of your face.

“You got it Mr. J! Nighty night!” Harley said and hit you with her mallet and everything went black.

~A few minutes later~ 

You groaned as you woke up. Light blinded you as you slowly sat up with the help of someone. Your eyes adjusted to the light and you looked to see Commissioner Jim Gordon in front of you.

“Jim? God what happen?” You asked as you placed a hand to your head.

You felt a sticky substance on your forehead and pulled your head back to see blood. You groaned and looked around to see Tim, Dick, Jason, and Damian all sitting on the floor next to you getting checked out by some medics. But there was no Bruce in sight. Only a pool of blood from where he was laying.

“Joker and Harley came in here and knocked you all out.” Jim told you and you sighed remembering what happened

“Where’s Bruce?” You asked Jim 

“He’s been taken to the hospital, he was hit worse than the rest of you.” Jim answered you

You looked over at the boys to see that they were okay, besides maybe a mild concussion. One of the medics came over and cleaned up your forehead and to see if you had a concussion or not. Luckily she didn’t hit you hard enough to give you one, by some stroke of luck. You stood up and walked over to the boys who all jumped up when you came over.

“Are you alright?!” Dick asked as he cupped your face and turned your head to looked at you. You swatted his hands away and shook your head.

“I’m fine, what about you guys?” You asked as you looked them over

“Were fine, where’s Bruce?” Tim asked and you sighed

“Seems like Harley hit him hard enough to put him in the hospital.” You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose

“Is he alright?” Dick asked and you shook your head

“I have no idea I was going to go see him.” You told him and ran a hand through your hair. 

“I’ll come with you to see how father is.” Damian announced and stood next to you.

“Alright, is anyone else going to tag along?” You looked at them with a small smile 

“I’m going to look at the security cameras to see this they caught anything.” Tim told you and you nodded your head.

“I’ll look around Gotham and see if anyone knows of Jokers activities.” Dick said 

“I’ll make sure everyone here is safe and ask about what happened after we were knocked out.” Jason said and all of the boys went to work.

You walked over to Jim with Damian following close by you. He wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to you. Even if he didn’t show it, he was worried about his father and you getting attacked again.

“Jim, can you give us a lift to the hospital?” You asked him and he gave you a warm smile.

“Anything for you (Y/n).” He replied and the three of you left the building.

~At the hospital~

You sat in Bruce’s hospital room and waited for him to wake up. Harley had hit him hard enough to crack his skull open so they had to rush him to the hospital to get it closed back up. Damian had stepped out of the room to get you some food, even though you told him you were fine. Bless that child.

Bruce mumbled something out and you sprung up and went over to his bedside. You grabbed his hand as he woke up and gave him a smile.

“Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?” You asked him as you placed a hand on his forehead

Bruce grabbed your hand and took it off his forehead and moved his hand out of yours. You scrunched your brow in confusion and you started to worry. Bruce stared at you for a long time before opening his mouth and spoke the three words you never wanted to hear from him.

“Who are you?”

“How we met...?”

Bruce Wayne x Reader Headcanons 

- Years after you started dating Bruce Wayne, the press had always like to ask how you met.

- Both of you liked to come up with different scenarios during interviews, sending everyone a little bit crazy when they weren’t sure which version was true. 

- It wasn’t like how the pair of you met was that crazy, you just found it personally embarrassing. 

- He liked the story but respected your wish to keep it private. 

- A joke for the two of you to enjoy. 

- You had both been nearly eighteen, and it had been the week leading up to Bruce unlocking his trust fund.

- The press had been all over him the entire month leading up to his birthday, and his face was all over the Gotham media

- You had just moved to town, from France. 

- You had been born in Gotham, and spent the first seven years of your life there, before moving to England, then France. 

- It was your first week back in Gotham, and your childhood friend had offered to introduce you to some of her friends before you would have to start school. 

- What your friend had meant was, she wanted to take part in the Gotham Mall Scavenger hunt, and her parents had grounded her. 

- you were her ticket out of the house, she was helping someone adjust!

- The Scavenger hunt list was filled with items from all around the mall, some more normal than others.

- The hot dog costume from the food court had been hard to acquire, but one of the other girls had flirted with the guy wearing it till he’d just handed it over. 

- Bruce had been at the mall with a group of his ‘friends’

- When Bruce was younger, he hadn’t been very good at separating who was friends with him because they were genuinely nice people, and who was friends with him because he was Bruce Wayne. 

- He was aware the group of people he was with that day weren’t real friends, he could tell in the way they spoke to him.

- The way they held their smiles.

- The Mall Scavenger Hunt was a charity competition, you paid to enter a team and got discount on all the mall movie tickets if you won. So many people had entered that the mall was definitely raising money.

- Since Bruce’s face was all over the news, everyone knew he was at the mall today. Including the Hunt Runners. 

- That’s why item number 40, the final item on the list, was Bruce Wayne himself.

- You had no idea who he was because back then, Wayne Enterprises wasn’t hugely international. 

- The group you were with had all been hiding behind some tables, watching him and his friends very closely. 

- They were all stuttering like mad at the idea of talking to him

- You had no idea who Bruce was, but you did take note of the really hot guy in the center of the group

- Whoever Bruce was, he was supposedly super rick, and some of the other girls were very interested in his cash, and you were very much judging them.

- You didn’t really like these girls and wanted this hunt to end quickly, and your competitive nature quicked in a little bit. 

- You guys were in the lead, so close to winning, and you weren’t going to let their obsession with some boy ruin your chances of cheaper movie tickets. 

- They all tried to grab you as you marched towards Bruce’s table. 

- “Hey, so Bruce Wayne is the final thing I need to find before I can leave this god awful mall, so which one of you is he?” 

- You spoke bluntly, looking over each of the faces, a few of them laughing like you’d made some big joke.

- “You don’t like the mall?” the boy you’d thought was hot asked.

- “Just come here from Paris, the fashion capital of the world, nothing here compares.” you shrugged. “So who’s Bruce?”

- “That would be me.” the hot one spoke again and you inwardly cringed.

- You suddenly understood the other girl’s obsession with him.

- That boy was blessed

- “Good to know,” you nodded, trying to think about what to say. “You have two options right now, one, fall in love with my blunt charm and come with me of your own free will, or two, be my first ever kidnapping. I reckon I’d be pretty good at it.” 

- He smiled and stood up, some of his friends grumbling about how they could have won the scavenger hunt so easily.

- “Option two, I’d like to see you attempt to kidnap me,”

- “Don’t test me.” you weren’t sure what was going on, but there was definitely a flirtatious tone in both of your voices. “Wouldn’t want to get you hurt.”

- “I could take it.”

- “Sure, pretty boy, whatever you say.” you winked and some of his friends started going ‘oooo’ 

- “Can I see the scavenger hunt list?” he asked and you handed the sheet to him. 

- He couldn’t understand what it was about you that kept catching his eye. 

- Your smile? Your eyes? The way you spoke to him?

- He knew he liked you the second you joked about kidnapping him, but he also knew his reputation could scare you away.

- He’s never really been interested in anyone before, but Alfred had been telling him to make more friends.

- “What do you win, if I did happen to go with you?”

- He felt himself being flirtier than usual, he swore he wasn’t usually this forward with people, but he could feel the same energy coming off of you and that encouraged him to put himself out there a bit. 

- “Discounts to the movie’s here, a year of cheap popcorn and movies whenever.”

- “Interesting, I’ll let you ‘kidnap’ me if I can use the discount.”

- “From what I’ve heard, you don’t need the discount.” you were a little confused on what he was trying to say.

- “How about I rephrase the offer, you can take me to the finish point, and I’ll take you out to dinner and maybe we see a movie you like. Like a date of sorts.” he flashed a perfect smile at. 

- “Seriously?” 

- “You’re really pretty, just moved here from Paris, you intrigue me. You seem genuine.”

- “Okay then, I’d like to see what Gotham has to offer.” you grabbed his hand and returned to your group with a smile plastered on your face.

“BATMAN IS NEVER JEALOUS” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

#5. “Who the fuck is this guy!? “My brother….” “Sure! Sure he is!”

Here we go for jealous Bruce Wayne, because that’s what this prompt inspired me to write. Boom, hope you’ll like it I’m a bit unsure about this one, feedbacks are welcome : 

(My masterlist blog here :


Damian was a bit confused. Usually, on patrol, they would like…do things. Catch criminals. Stop bank robberies. Save widows and orphans.

Yes, Damian was utterly confused as to why tonight, his father and him were following…his mom. Not Talia. You. He never considered Talia his mother, he came to that realization the first time you made him hot cocoa and cookies after he had a rough day, and just…talked to him. Asked him how he was feeling. Just genuinely cared for him, something Talia Al’Ghul never did. 

She was his mother, but you were his mommy. 

And so, tonight, as he was jumping from a building to another, following you through the dark street of Gotham, he wasn’t really sure what was going on. 

Oh my God…Were you a criminal ? Was he going to loose you because his father was going to put you behind bars ? But he loves you ! How could he ? 

If it came to that, Damian decided that he would fight his dad, giving you enough time to escape. Yes. He would save you. There was no way he was letting his mommy go in prison, no matter what she did…

His father was talking to Dick about something happening in North Gotham. He then proceeded to call Tim to ask him to go to the docks join Jason because some big drug deal was going on…And once again, Damian wondered why they were tracking you instead of taking care of the real issues. 

He looked down in the street, you were at a small cafe, ordering a huge cup of coffee, that he knew was probably the blackest beverage ever. You liked it that way. But that’s it. You were getting coffee. Sure it was 10:30 pm but like, you couldn’t always just stay at the Manor right ? You’d be bored ! 

Besides, you were a writer, you often came to get coffee at night with your notebook, you always said it brought you lots of inspiration (he loved your stories, and was your number one beta reader). 

It wasn’t an unusual thing for you to be out, getting coffee (even if Gotham was dangerous at night, you knew how to defend yourself thanks to your Husband’s training, and besides, one of your sons kinda always had an eye on you anyway…just to be sure), so again, why were they here ? Why weren’t they on the docks, with Tim and Jason, to fight some real criminals ? 

Bruce refused to let Damian patrol alone so far, which is why he was with him, but usually, he’d explain what was going on you know ? Not able to contain himself anymore, Damian asked : 

-Father…why are we spying on mom ? 

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Lock The Door

(Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: After being kidnapped from your apartment, Jason and the Batfam go to rescue you

Requested: yes, by a loving anon

Request: 31&41 from your prompt list please

Prompt: 31. Rescue Mission; 41. “Please lock the door”

Warning/s: swearing

It’s not the smartest idea to leave your apartment unlocked in Gotham but after a hard day at work you didn’t even know left from right because you were so tired. And that resolved you into getting kidnapped by the Riddler.

“Fucking leprechaun green guy with his ass dumb riddles and shit.” You mumbled to yourself whilst trying to get the ropes off of your hands and legs.

“Well riddle me this, who will get killed faster if they don’t shut their mouth? YOU!” He screamed in your face. You rolled your eyes, oh if only you had your gun with you then this dude would be so fucked. You hoped Jay and the others are on their way.

In the Batcave Robin, Red Robin and Nightwing watched their brother pace all over the cave as they waited for Batman’s plan on how to get Jayson’s lover back. “What the fuck is taking him so long, (y/n) could be dead by now.”

tt, I doubt (l/n) is dead. But they do know how to provoke a person.” 

“Shut it Demon Spawn.” Jason said still pacing, “Now Jaybird I’m sure Damian didn’t mean it like that so there’s no need to get angry.” Dick said trying to not start a deadly fight between the two. “Exactly, plus they’re dating you so they already know how to handle psychopaths.”

“Tim I swear if you say anything else I will shoot you between your stupid eyes right now.” Jason threatened to Tim and pointed his gun to his head. “Jason put the gun down.” They heard the unmistakable voice of Batman. “Well I have my suspects that (y/n) was kidnapped from their apartment after forgetting to lock the door.”

“That idiot.” Jay said quietly while putting his hand on his forehead in disbelief. 

“So Bruce what’s the plan?” Dick asked his adoptive father. “Okay everyone gather around and listen carefully.” Bruce said to the vigilantes.

“Ugh, I’m hungry.” 

“I heard you the first five times.” The Riddler responded to your cry of complain, “Well aren’t you going to do something about it?” You asked snarky. “No! What do you think this is? Batburger’s?” His face got red with anger. “I wish.” You said more to yourself than to him.

“Agghh! You are by far the worst captive I’ve ever had.”

“Well nobody told you to kidnap me now did they?”

“I hate you.”

“Same here buddy!” You screamed at him as he left the room once again and locked it, “Fucking asshole.” 

After an hour you got suspicious as the Riddler hasn’t came back yet. You heard someone banging on the door in frustration to get it open.

“Come on you dumbass door.” You heard the voice of Red Hood the same one you fell for. “Jay I’m in here!”

“I know babe just hold on a little longer.” He said and shoot at the door, finally getting it to open, “(y/n)!” He screamed in glee and ran to you to untie you.

As you got untied from the uncomfortable ropes you hugged Jason hard, him hugging back just as hard. “I thought I lost you.” He mumbled in your hair. “You will never lose me Jay, I’ll always be here.”

“Can you just promise me one thing (y/n)?” He asked.

“Anything Jay.” You replied looking at him. 

“Next time please lock the damn door.”