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What we’ve learned from Jason’s dialogue in Injustice 2

Now that I’ve pitted Jason against everyone in Injustice 2 and listened to their dialogue, I’ve found very interesting plot points. Whether the Injustice comics are going to follow them or ignore them completely to create a brand new story, this is what we have about Jason Todd (aka Red Hood) in the Injustice universe. Fanfiction writers, feel free to use this information ;)

  • Jason is a neutral character but leans towards Batman’s side. He tells Dinah that they’re on the same team, but he also states that he goes his own way and that he is his own boss. 
  • He states numerous times that he hates the regime (You’ve gone far enough Superman. There’s wrong and then there’s worse. You still represent the regime? I’m not with the regime). 
  • Even though he agrees that some criminals need to die, he doesn’t want to kill all of them. (Even I have limits. There’s far and then there’s too far. I’m not out to kill every criminal.)
  • It’s implied that he used to be on Superman’s side but betrayed them, as seen with Wonder Woman’s dialogue (You’re a traitor and a criminal.) and Cyborg (Turned on us fast enough.)
  • Strained relationship with Batman. Bruce asks if he plans to disappoint him again, that he’s too reckless and claims that he’s blind to what he became, Jason tells him that he’s the hero Gotham deserves and that Bruce should step aside.
  • It is hinted that Bruce wants him to go to his side, as Dinah chastises him for being a jerk to Bruce and Vixen tells him that he would have welcomed Jason back with open arms. Jason doesn’t believe them.
  • He doesn’t like Kryptonians, probably because of Superman’s tyrannical reign, he doesn’t trust people with so much power. He tells both Supergirl and Power Girl that there aren’t good Kryptonians.
  • Batman trusts him enough to train both Blue Beetle and Firestorm. 
  • He’s on bad terms with Damian and warns him that he used to think like him.
  • It is hinted that he’s looking for redemption from his dialogue with Darkseid (Redemption is hard to find for killers like you.)
  • He considers himself as someone with nothing to lose. 
  • Jason is young. His age was not confirmed, but Superman calls him a kid (same dialogue he uses with Beetle and Firestorm who are both 18 years old), Black Adam calls him a child. Considering his high pitched voice, it is probable that he’s around Damian’s age biologically (who is around 18/19 years old).
  •  Everyone knows that he was the second Robin.
  • He’s a self-proclaimed anti-hero and Outlaw. (Outlaws can be heroes too!)
  • He actually says “You only live twice!”.
  • Mentions that he was dead a lot (I’m a dead man walking. Been dead, done that.)
  • Harley thinks he’s cute. She calls him ‘Robin Hood’. 
  • Catwoman doesn’t seem to like him, she tells him that she always knew he was trouble and calls him a murderer. Jason doesn’t resent her, but he actually sounds sad when he asks her to show him what made her impress Bruce so much (probably longing for Bruce’s approval too, since both he and Selina walk the gray line but Selina got to stay by Batman’s side).
  •  Even though Jason claims to work by himself, when he faces a villain he says that he’s going to bring their head to Batman.

Justice League: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Green Lantern

a hero can be anyone even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know that the world hasn’t ended


A nice little collection of Blue Beetle’s intro dialogue with other characters in the beta, including himself.

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What do their civie outfits usually look like?

Bruce: very clean cut and stylish, suits mainly for business, but also some stereotypical Dad Clothes for more casual endeavours (socks and sandals anyone? Hawaiian shirts at a JLA BBQ?)

Dick: jeans and a tshirt usually, but anything that doesn’t smell too bad or isn’t too obviously wrinkled. Sometimes just wears pjs to the store

Jason: wears a lot of layers, lots of flannel shirts over black tshirts with bleached or dark jeans and his jacket

Tim: lots of geeky tshirts, cargo shorts (even though his legs are blindingly pale), some converse

Damian: has the aesthetic of a 20 year old art student, wears a lot of turtlenecks and slacks, lots of black

Steph: cute rompers, leggings and a cardigan if it’s cold, tries to emulate the look of “I’m pretty but I can and will kick your ass if you challenge me”

Cass: has a badass leather jacket, some combat boots, baggy tshirt and some leggings, looks really cool, Steph got her some killer shades to complete the look

Babs: stylish, looks like she could be a badass archaeologist explorer, lots of button down shirts

Duke: some trusty blue jeans, a good hoodie (like his super comfy Superman one that Dick have him for his birthday that one year), some good running shoes

Give me realistic DC heroes?

I wanna see Bruce Wayne with bags under his eyes, hiding cuts and bruises beneath his tailored suits and who pays high end valets to be his date for fancy parties so he doesn’t have to actually sleep with anyone because he’s exhausted. Batman, who’s knuckles break so often, the nerves are beginning to wear out, and who Alfred sometimes has to force to eat because he’s so focused on everyone else he forgets about himself. 

Give me a Diana Prince who will constantly revert back to speaking Greek, especially when she’s angry, and who talks of ancient battles as if they all had been there. Wonder Woman, who’s body is riddled battle scars, not only from training, but from war. A Diana who will often become lost in thoughts about the past, and forget herself.

A Superman who’s eyes sometimes hurt from his heat vision and gets headaches on bad days, able to hear every heart beating on Earth at once. Clark Kent, who sometimes forgets his own strength, and breaks things he doesn’t mean to, like doorknobs, or his own glasses. A Kryptonian that gets violently ill after being exposed to Kryptonite, and will often vomit for several hours after. 

I wanna see a Barry Allen with lighting scars on his palms from the chains he was holding when he was struck, and often shocks people unintentionally. Give me a speedster who, if he doesn’t eat when he needs to, will pass out in the midst of a battle. Flash, who mutters his mother’s name in his sleep and will sometimes overshoot a target zone because he was moving so fast even he lost track of himself. 

A Hal Jordan, who wakes up from nightmares and will subconsciously create a protective shield, often lashing out in his sleep. Who is sometimes so afraid, he will sneak into his best friend’s house just to sleep on his couch, comforted at the thought of another superhero in the house with him. A Green Lantern who is so lonely, he tries to reach out and befriend anything and everything that doesn’t try to kill him because his family won’t speak to him and hates that both Batman and Flash can read him so well. 

Aquaman, who’s lungs hurt from the air and has to pour water into the gills on his neck. A half Atlantian who sometimes forgets that the surface world exists and will scold anyone that dares kill a sea creature without valid reason. Arthur, who will ransack fishing boats because the fish are dying and he can hear them screaming for help. Just a man who experiences intense migraines just being connected to all the sealife on Earth. 

Give me a Cyborg that doesn’t eat or drink, and forgets what its like to breathe on his own. Who touches his face subconsciously, because its the last place he can still feel, and who’s head kills him sometimes, because its half machine. Victor Stone, who thinks in ones and zeroes and will sometimes forget empathy or how to read human emotions because his mechanical mind will take over.

Starfire forgetting that her fiery hair can burn skin.

Green Arrow, who wakes up every night in a cold sweat and has a difficult time learning to trust people. 

Black Canary will cough up blood if she screams too often, and cannot speak for several days to recover. 

Martian Manhunter, speaking in his own tongue and forgetting that his true form frightens people. 

Jason and Dr. Stein, whos’ entire bodies ache after fusing and whom, will sometimes cough smoke. 

Ray Palmer experiencing headaches and backaches if he shrinks or grows too carelessly. 

Kara crying at night because she misses her mother. 

All the Robins waking up from nightmares of the Joker. 

Blue Beetle experiencing overwhelming pain in his spine and just wanting that voice in his head to be quiet.

A Beast Boy who has to eat after every transformation because it takes so much out of him. 

Oracle trying with every fiber of her being to move her legs, and crying herself to sleep every night because she can’t.

Give me superheroes with humanity.

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Signs as.... uhm.... comic book stuff
  • Aries: Hal Jordan's failed relationship
  • Taurus: Bruce Wayne's fear of bats
  • Gemini: Hulk's nipples
  • Cancer: Damian Wayne's pet cow
  • Leo: Aquaman's severed hand
  • Virgo: Ultraman's kryptonite addiction
  • Libra: Dex-starr's hair ball
  • Scorpio: Roy Harper's drug addiction
  • Sagtitstarius: Alfred Pennyworth's paycheck
  • Capricorn: Peter Parker's tears
  • Aquarius: Arkillo and Saint Walker's implied bromance
  • Pisces: John Constantine's punk band
Open when you want to hear a TON of goofy pickup lines!


       Maybe I should have used these at the beginning of the year to let you know that I had a crush on you!

1. Roses are red, violets are blue, lava is hot, and so are you!

2. Are you made out of grapes? Because you are as fine as wine!

3. I usually press “X” to pick up weapons… does that work for picking you up too?

4. I want to ride you harder than Mario rides Yoshi(;

5. You’re the Mario to my Princess Peach!

6. Mario is red, Sonic is blue, why don’t you hit select and be my player two?

7. Do you like Nintendo? Because Wii would look good together!

8. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together!

9. If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber!

10. If you were a flower you’d be a DAMN-delion!

11. Are you my appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that I should take you out!

12. I don’t need Spiderman, Superman, or Batman, as long as you’ll be My Man!

13. Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte!

14. Is your dad a drug dealer? Because you’re pretty dope!

15. What kind of grinder are you using? Because you are extra fine!!!

16. I don’t even need a lighter, you’re already on fire!

17. Do you smoke pot? Cause WEED look good together!

18. If you were a booger I’d pick you first!

19. Are you African? Because you’re a-frican’ babe!

20. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

21. Did you fart?? Cause you blew me away!

22. You’re so sweet you put Hershey’s outta business!

23. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

24. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back!

25. Are your parents bakers? Cause they sure made you a cutie pie!

I love you bunches!


Pieces || Part 3: Happy Memories

Part 3! Oh my lord I didn’t expect to get farther than the first part! Thank you so much for liking the parts before this one and I really hope you guys like this story!

Gist: You had a past relationship with Damian, but due to unfortunate events, it came to a halt after taking two different sides and five years since have passed and now both sides have to come together to help save Earth from Brainiac.



1. Really crappy. I’m not following the comics, mostly the second game because there’s a clear plot line I can use. But parts of the comic do show up and are mentioned.

2. Really short chapter

3. Since Damian Wayne wins the “Colossal Asswipe With Daddy Issues Award” in the game, I’ll give him more feelings just for you guys. So OOC Damian comin’ at ya.


PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3

There had been a time when everyone was happy. Bruce and Clark were best friends, almost brothers even. Diana never manipulated anyone. Hal didn’t think even once about turning to the yellow ring. [Name] hadn’t been around long enough, but she still witnessed it. When she met the Justice League, she had been taken in only because Batman had caught her causing trouble with her powers.

“Why make his pants catch on fire?“ The Flash asked as he leaned against the table, staring at the guilty looking child who sat across from him. [Name] turned her head away from him, as if embarrassed what to say. The whole Justice League had come together when Batman had called all of them in, telling them about another anomaly he saw while in Gotham. They had expected him to bring the arm of an alien or another overly experimented drug that was being created in the alleyways of the brooding city.

They didn’t expect to see him with a little girl with her bands being clamped down by a container like handcuff. Her head leaned against the cold metal as she looked at the Flash and everybody in the room with her, who were expecting an answer from her. An embarrassed look crossed her face as she smiled sheepishly at them. “He was lying about taking my mom’s purse the other day, so I set it on fire.” The League stared at her. Was she being serious? “Get it? Liar, liar, pants on fire?”

Bruce looked down at her, not acknowledging her comical way of punishing the robber and [Name] shrunk into her seat a little deeper, the cuffs weighing into her stomach. The Flash snorted not a minute later and he put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. “Hey, if you’re not looking to keep her as your ward, I’ll take care of her.” He said to him jokingly.

Wonder Woman, who walked up to [Name], put a hand on her shoulder. “It is funny, yes, but you need to know the difference between subduing someone and injuring them like that.” She gave her a smile, to try and ease her unnerved emotions from being touched by a hero. A snicker erupted behind her and she was shocked to see a giggling Superman, who kept saying “Pants on fire.”

[Name] knew she was never going to forget that memory and for the past few years she kept that memory as a means of remembering that the Justice League had, indeed, existed with the members getting along. Sometimes she second guessed that memory as she watched the team, dividing itself already after Batman dismissed them all. She can see both teams watching each other carefully before going into the groups they were assigned to.

[Name] had looked at the blonde and Wonder Woman, not necessarily happy to be paired with them. She felt someone nudge her back and she glared at Bruce, who looked at her expectantly. “Why can’t I just go with you? Diana is as bad as a tyrant as laser eyes over there.” She whispered to him, annoyed. Clark, who had been talking to Damian and Adam, stopped mid-sentence as he watched [Name] cross her arms and tap her foot impatiently.

“I can hear you, [Name].” He told her threateningly. His eyes beamed red and he felt a whip of fire fly toward him. He didn’t flinch, but he felt something different coming off of her from the last time they met–something more dangerous.

“Go suck on your ego, Clark.” The youngest member snapped back as the flames subsided into her hand until it climbed up and disappeared into her weather resistant suit. Her head turned to Bruce again, “Are you sure I can’t do this on my own?”

Damian was the one to speak up this time. “Those Betas can kill you, [Name]. It doesn’t matter how much power you hold; you can die.” He sounded more informative, but as she turned her head to look at him, she could see there was something else he wanted to say to her. His mouth moved slightly, like he was ready to talk, but decided not to. His eyes focused on her body language, rigid and shifty as he spoke the whole time, causing an uncomfortable seizing in his chest.

Looking away from him, [Name] walked past him, whispering something only he and the Super Cousins were able to hear. “That’s still safer than being with them.” His eyes never left her form, analyzing the possible ways that he could say to convince her to think otherwise on being alone, but he knew she wouldn’t listen to him. Despite what she thought, he knew she was just as stubborn as him. He grabbed her arm before she went past him, making her stop. They both examined each other, thinking if this was really the person they once knew–who spent most of their nights together on a rooftop as teenagers, holding hands and talking about school.

What went wrong?

“Damian?” [Name] whispered as she heard the loud knocking on her window, Robin, without a doubt hanging from the ledge. His lips edged to a small smile at the sight of his girlfriend and her’s gave a sigh of relief as she opened the window. Her arms reached around his neck and his around her waist. His lips pressed against the side of her head. “What happened to you yesterday night? Bruce hasn’t spoken about you and I can’t get anything out of hi–”

“I left with Clark.” Damian admitted, watching the girl in front of him quirk her eyebrows into a heavy frown. He settled a hand on her cheek. “Father doesn’t understand. Locking up those criminals–those monsters–won’t do anything. We have to eradicate them, immediately. Come with me, beloved. We can protect you.”

“Damian–I–I can’t. You shouldn’t be doing this. I thought you gave up killing–” Her voice wavered as she watched Damian’s green eyes darken significantly at her answer.

He looked at her with grief. “Killing those monsters is the only thing to get rid of this madness, [Name]. Don’t tell me you’re with Batman on this.” [Name] kept quiet, her eyes focusing on her blanket as the heartbreaking realization hit her. Damian moved his hand to her chin, forcing her to look at his eyes. “You’re with… Father on this?”

[Name] replied, her tears slipping. “Damian, I don’t want to do this, but–”

“–but what, [Name]?” He snapped at her, making the younger girl fall silent and watch as his lips were set into a straight line. “Those criminals do not deserve a chance to live! They need to pay for what they’ve done by taking a sword to their throat! Bruce is letting them live and escape from Arkham! And you’re siding with him?”

He kept silent as he watched [Name] bite her lip. Then, in the whole silence, she whispered, “You’re just as much of a monster as them if you kill them, Damian. They might be murderers, thieves–the whole leap, but they do not deserve to die in such a humiliating way.” Her eyes sparked as she met his emerald ones. “They’re awful, but they don’t deserve an execution if it wasn’t ordered.”

His eyes turned to stone the minute he learned of her allegiance to his father. “I think I should go. Clearly I can see what side you go on, beloved.” He sneered as he moved away from her and quickly made his way to the window.

“Damian.” She whispered. “Damian, please! We can’t leave it like this. Please.” Her voice sounded desperate as she watched her boyfriend step out into the night again. He looked at her for a minute, taking her appearance in. A hand gripped her chest, as if she were trying to hold something from falling, water falling down her cheeks. He turned his head away from her, jumping from roof to roof. Before he was out of earshot, he heard a loud, breaking voice echoing in the silent streets of Gotham City. “DAMIAN!”

Oh, right. That’s what happened. They didn’t speak often after that. It broke them both. It had to. They couldn’t be together for such a long time to have nothing come out of it. [Name] did everything to try and contact him behind Bruce’s back in the beginning until their second encounter, where he told her to stop trying to talk to him. He was pelted with large rocks and angry fire almost a minute after. [Name] had promised herself to never speak or come near Damian after he had been apprehended, but now here they were. He was touching her and looking at her at close proximity. And she was letting him do it.

I hate you. She seethed as she narrowed her eyes at the man. And at herself. Damian looked back without a problem, keeping his gaze steady on her as they had their stare off. “If you won’t listen to me, then listen to Bruce. You can’t get hurt. You’re too valuable of a teammate.”

“We’re not teammates.” [Name] snapped violently, pulling her arm away harshly. “We never will be so you have no absolute right to tell me what to do.” They glared at each other, their tension, for a minute, almost comparing between Bruce and Clark’s. A hand was set on [Name]’s shoulder and she didn’t need to turn around to know who had artificial claws.

“Pandemonium. For once I’ll need to agree with the demonic brat on this. Go with Wonder Woman. It’ll only be a few hours.” Selina said to her. [Name] met her eyes which, for once, had lost the teasing gleam behind them turning serious and grim. A sense of warning had been sent to the younger woman and she spun to the Amazonian and the Kryptonian, only giving Damian a small glance.

Bruce, after letting [Name] walk to her selected group in pure annoyance, nodded before turning and saying, “Split up.”

[Name] and Diana gave each other wary eyed looks before the princess had decided to walk ahead, where Superman’s team was walking to head to. The [hair color] colored hero fumed, seeing she had to be stuck with everybody she most definitely did not want to be paired with. Barry and Hal had already disappeared before she had the chance to try and stay with them and Bruce was most likely heading to anywhere but the location where citizens were present. Not to mention the way to the Bat Cave was probably infested with parasites with weapons, then [Name] stopped and examined the people in front of her, her temporary “kill-or-be-killed” team, and thought What’s the difference?

“You don’t like my cousin.” A feminine voice said to her, breaking her away from her evaluation. The blonde with the “S” was staring at her. “I don’t understand why you hate him so much.”

If you know what he’s been doing for almost a whole decade, then you’d know.

“Don’t do this, Clark!” [Name] said as she watched him hold the man by the neck. He was young, almost eighteen, only a year older than her. [Name] gripped her sprained ankle as she watched him struggle under the Kryptonian’s hold. “Clark, please!”

The older man gave her a disappointed look. “He’s a criminal, [Name]. He doesn’t deserve to live. You saw him; he had a gun pointed at innocent people. You’re willing to let him shoot civilians instead of letting him die?”

“I was going to stop him!” [Name] yelled back as she tried to retain the small amount of power she had on her. “Just let him go! He’s a bad person but we can take him away to authorities and–”


The crunching of the teenager’s neck caused the youngest hero to stop, her voice squeaking. Clark let him go from his stance in the sky and [Name], finally able to muster up much of her abilities, pulled wind from the sky, making the dead body hover down slowly instead of crashing. Her feet moved as quickly as it could to the body, dropping to her knees to the man.

Peaking out from his jacket, a wallet fell out, opening to a picture. Her eyes zeroed in on a young woman, his girlfriend probably, with a child who resembled him. A grocery list was followed behind it and a set of bills, not enough to pay for those groceries, looked up from its pocket.

A teenage father. He killed a teenage father.

[Name] felt something–a heavy emotion–weigh into her chest, dropping to her stomach as she watched Clark hover over her. He glowered at her, but she didn’t flinch as she narrowed her tear struck eyes at him. “I am authority.” Clark snapped.

[Name] picked up the wallet and walked away. “You’re a demon who needs to be stopped.”

[Name] vaguely remembered the body being taken away by Clark somewhere and her attempting to find the murdered man’s family. When she did, the teenage mother had burst into tears, clutching onto the hero’s stiffened state. Her mind had gone blank after that, resulting in her to not speak to anybody about it, not even Alfred. That snap of the neck–it had pulled her down into what seemed like a never ending black hole of insanity.

“I don’t just hate him. I hate all of them.” [Name] answered in confidence, hoping everyone in front of her heard her. From the dirty looks she received, she was happy to say it was mission success. “Superman just takes the gold.”

Kara raised a brow at her before looking at the back of Damian’s head. “I don’t think you hate everyone here. I see the way you look at Nightwing.” She whispered to her ear. [Name] looked at her, disbelief evident on her face. Did she not witness the amount of malice she shot at her ex? Kara’s lips turned upward slightly. “You love him.”

“I do not love him.” [Name] whispered angrily, her face heating up drastically. “He’s a pompous ass who I dated for a brief moment.”

“Three years isn’t brief.” Kara answered back. “Wonder Woman told me you two worry about each other, even during fights, but are too prideful to show any of it.” They had reached the ledge by the time Kara finished that sentence and [Name] rolled her eyes, pulling herself over the metallic balcony. Kara and Wonder Woman had already flown up, but [Name] felt a hand grab her arm tightly. She turned to see a set of green eyes again.

“What?” She asked Damian. He looked at her, concern sheeting his appearance this time, nothing like his stoic persona back when everyone was still gathered. A rolling in her stomach turned around and around, feeling like a teenager. She never felt like this before except when she was with Damian at times like this. She had dated between those five years, but never lasted too long, none of them satisfying her in certain perspectives–too nice or too loud to her personal opinions. Maybe she was just selective.

Or maybe you still love Damian, her old self said in the back of her head. You don’t actually hate him. You’re only convincing yourself that you hate him.

No shut up. [Name] chastised herself, but from the way Damian was staring her–like he was thirteen and she was twelve after they had gone on their first date and he was afraid he would mess it all up if he insulted her in any way, shape or form–the small, Pre-Superman Crisis part of her couldn’t help but speak up for her logically.

“Can we talk?” He asked her after a minute of staring at each other. “After… All of this ends.” He made motions around him, as if trying to address the gigantic alien problem they were trying to stop. A hopeful look glinted behind his eyes at the question and [Name] tried to suppress the same feeling. She bit her lip, thinking. Maybe they can at least try to make amends, put a Band Aid over their wounds.

But would a Band Aid fix that big of a wound?

Pondering, [Name] gave a cautious nod. “Fine.” She confirmed before jumping off the balcony. A jet of air flowed under her feet and she gave her ex-boyfriend a stiff nod. “Good luck.” She muttered before flying off next to Kara.

“Don’t love him yet?”

“Put a sock in it, Kara.”


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What really happened during the latest Justice League Trailer?

Definitely the trailer was missing a key member… you know wears red and blue– the one with not an S on his chest…So here’s the missing part of that trailer😂😂

The Batmobile almost careenes off the pavement because of the speed. Bruce opens the roof and Arthur with his trident launches himself off the speeding Batmobile onto the oncoming parademons. Bruce sees the Atlantean make short work of the parademons, suddenly a another gang of parademons swoop in and carries Arthur off high up to the dark sky. Bruce swears violently under his breath—non of his long range weapons can hit the parademons without hitting Arthur. He sees Arthur struggle and stab the parademon. The creature jerks in pain and releases him …. and he falls….


None of the others are around. Bruce guns the engine and speeds to Arthur’s location, watching him helplessly as he freefalls more than a thousand feet in the air…..

A blur of red and blue catches up to Arthur …..Arthur stops falling… he is safe.

( Wide shot of the edge of a fluttering cape–focus on Batman’s shocked expression)


Ok I feel better now…

Film as Lit class:
Had to go up and write what makes a good movie.

Mr. Ray approved

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May I request a fic where the JL meets the Batfam b/c Bruce had to bring them to work and then they meet Terry and are like who are you and he's like I'm Batman but they're like nah and then the batfam and Bruce are like no he is. He's Batman in the future and they test him and it's true and the league doesn't know what to do with this information at all

*hug* sorry this took me so long sorry sorry! 


“So remind me again why am I here?” Kid Flash said looking around the vast entry hall of the League’s space station. “Well KF, a lot of us have partners and-” 

“if you said sidekicks I swear” Flash awkwardly coughed “any ways, we thought it’d be good to have us all get together, get to know each other.” 

“So far it’s me and a 10 year old” Wally said motioning toward Superman and the boy standing as close to him as he could get, all but hiding under his cape. “Well Batman isn’t here yet I think he’ll be bring-” With that 9 of the 10 teleporters in the fair end of the hall lit up and came to life throwing blue lighting around. When the blinding light cleared a towering figure in black a cape covering him lead a small group of people toward the League. Superman was the first to speak “Batman! you made it!” The boy who’d been clinging to Superman’s leg bolted out from behind him and charged forward toward the group of darkly dressed heroes.

With his cape streaming out behind him Superboy crossed the distance in a few seconds and ducked behind Batman grabbing a short black haired boy in Red and Green. “Dami- ROBIN! you made it!” Superboy lifted the other boy in a bear hug. “-Tt of course I made it Superboy, it’s an official League event, now put me down” 

“sorry” Superboy blushed and set his friend on his feet and the walked together heads together whispering back and forth. Wonder Woman smiled “Greetings Batman” He grunted back at her “Nightwing” he bowed with a big smile “Red Hood” he blushed a waved “Princess” he said, “Red Robin” a nod of the head. “Robin” he didn’t look up from something Superboy was showing him on his phone, “Batgirl” a blonde girl in a purple uniform smiled, “and Batgirl” a shadow all black with the mouth of her costume sowed up didn’t react, “Lark” a black boy in a yellow costume raised the stick he was holding “s’up” Wonder Woman’s eyes landed on the last figure hanging in the back and looked confused. “I do not know this one” She said looked at the skinny figure all in back. He was shorter than almost all the other’s though the pointed ears of his costume added half a head to his height. 

“Um” he cleared his throat “I’m Batm-An” the effect was somewhat spoiled by his voice cracking in the middle. Green Lantern was the first to laugh, soon they all were, even Wonder Woman did her best to cover a smile with her hand. “Sorry son but there already is a Batman, and you’re um a little young” Superman said. The kid Batman visibly wilted scuffing his feet and looking down “um well, you see, sir-” the other Batman cut him off without a hint of amusement in his voice. “Terry is The Batman”. The League looked confused but no one wanted to question Batman as to what he meant. Red Robin broke the silence but stepping up next to Batman. “It’s true, Terry here, Is the Batman in the year 2059, he’s here hopefully temporarily because of some Timey-Wimey stuff” 

“Doctor Who? really Red?” Red Hood scuffed and Red Robin looked embarrassed. The League looked from one to the other before Flash stepped forward “Sorry about our reaction Batman, welcome to the League I hope you enjoy your time in the past” they shook hands. 

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Hello!! How about 99?

I did something that’s probably just crack. Here’s #99: “You got a cute but.”

“You should be Superman for Halloween.”

“Why? To fulfill your superhero kink?”

“Well yes…but also your ass is out of this world.”

That had been a conversation between him and Derek a while ago, and it had been in good fun. Derek is notorious for not doing Halloween, the closest he gets is buying a bag of candy and watching something on Netflix because nobody comes to the loft. Meanwhile; Stiles knows he notorious for going all out for his Halloween costume, in the seventh grade he pulled off an epic costume….Chuckie…from Rugrats.

Yeah, with the hair and everything.

His neighbors gave him extra candy that year.

Now? Now he’s an adult with an extra sexy boyfriend, Halloween is the prime time to show off the goods and show off his man. This year he’s doing what he’s wanted to do for so long but never done. He’s Batman.

Contrary to belief he’s never done it. Joker? Yes. Penguin? Yes. Even Harley Quinn? Yes, fifth grade, it was awesome. Never Batman, he’s needed to earn that title and be sure he could pull it off. This year is the year, and he looks amazing. He didn’t cheap out either, he spent a shit ton of money on this costume to make sure he looked legit and not like a dollar store knock off.

So here he is, stopping at the loft before he goes to Lydia’s annual party to show it off to Derek. He can hear footsteps on the other side of the door, approaching and Stiles readies his voice to do that gravely “I’m Batman”. Then the door opens and Derek is in front of him…

….in the most realistic Superman suit Stiles’ has ever seen.

Instead of the badassery he’d been planning a small squeak left his mouth, eyes taking Derek in all his glory.

“Holy God…you…and the suit…ohmy–” Stiles stuttered, flailing his hands to motion to the skin tight blue and red that molded to Derek’s adonis-like physique.

Derek’s face heated up and a small shy smile crossed his face, “you look good too Stiles.”

Stiles paused his fangirling, eyes narrowing as he put his hands on his hip, “what you mean I look good? I look fucking hot, awesome, spectacular even.”

“Oh my God, Stiles, you look so fucking hot, awesome, and spectacular,” Derek mimicked and Stiles is taking what he could get, stepping forward to give his boyfriend a kiss.

It was then, when he felt the lack of facial hair, that he realized Derek’s shaved. Shaved it all. He pulled back and grabbed at the older man’s cheeks in shock. “What did you do??” Stiles demanded, fingers playing with the oddly smooth skin.

“Superman doesn’t have facial hair…I thought it would be more accurate if I shaved,” Derek answered.

“I expect you to have a full on beard by tomorrow night or you’ll be getting none of this ass,” Stiles huffed, “because this ass loves the feeling of stubble which you currently have none of.”

Derek took that as a cue to turn around  back into the loft, his cape fluttering as he spun. Except it was the flash of under the cape that really had Stiles rethinking his whole “none of this ass” clause he’d added because holy fuck….Derek’s ass.

He ran over to catch up, grabbing Derek’s cape and shoving it to the side. The belt on the costume was right on the small of his back, framing his already out of this world ass and making it even more amazing.

Derek looked at him with an arched look and Stiles grinned.

“You got a cute butt,” he said.

“You’re the worst,” Derek laughed.

“I’m calling it as I see it. Now let’s go to the party, I think we’re gonna win best costume,” Stiles said.

They end up winning best costume, however the real win is later that night when their costumes are off.


A Soulmate to Remember chap 19

Hey guys! Here’s the chapter. I’m going out of town for a few days, but I’ll be back to post the demigod!au. Please enjoy! We only have about 4-5 chapters left you guys!!!!

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Word Count: 609

TW: cursing


You screamed,“NO!” You didn’t even hesitate, you ran for him, but Ben simply grabbed your hair and you screamed in pain again and twisted away, trying to keep your hair in your scalp,“No! No! Hood! Hood! Someone help!


   There was a swooping noise, Ben’s hand was wretched free of your hair and he was down on the ground, You turned and ran to Hood,“Hood!” Jason sat up, rubbing his chest,“Oww…” A single bullet was caused in his armor,“Son of a bitch that hurt!”

  Ben screamed in anger and bucked off Batman, who had been holding him down. Jason leapt to his feet and cocked his gun,“Give me a reason you son of a bitch! Give me one fucking reason!”

   Ben froze and Batman grabbed him again, knocked him out, and slapping on a pair of hand cuffs after he had hit the ground.

  The police were called, but the Bats and you were already far away from the scene of the crime. You watched the police lights from the rooftop. Superman made a beeline for it and landed,“So,” You asked,“What now?”

 Batman sighed,”We have to act fast if we want to save those other kidnapped women in Russia. We should probably leave tonight.“

    "I’ll take-,” Red Hood started but I cut him off.

 "I want to come,“ You said, squaring your shoulders.

  "No,” Batman, Superman and Red Hood all said at the same time.

 "You don’t know what you’re walking into,“ You argued, "And if we can somehow convince either Ben or his uncle to play along, and get me inside, I can relay the information to you.”

  Superman crossed his arms over his chest,“It’s a nice thought but I have X-Ray vision and Batman has thermal technology. Y/N, you should go home. See your mother.”

  “Hold on,” Batgirl said, she’d been typing away at her computer for awhile now. Ever since we landed, you guessed getting more evidence for the Metropolis PD,“No.. No! No! They’ve got Y/N’s info, we can’t pass me off as her!”

 "So we break in,“ Nightwing shrugged,"We’ve done it before.”

   "True,“ Batgirl commented,"But, Nicolas sent his men the all clear. They’re expecting Y/N and the others in three weeks. If we can keep this case on the down low… Then… We can gather more Intel on their operations…”

   Superman nodded,"I don’t think we can risk sending either Ben or Nicolas into the fold. Too unstable.”

  Nightwing smiled,“Good thing we know a shapeshifter and some magicians!”

  Batman gazed across the river,“Okay. We’ll call up J'onn, but I think Y/N should go in.”  

   You all stared at him in complete and utter shock.

  “Bruce,” Superman said a bit slack-jawed,“Is that… Is that a good idea?”

   Bruce looked to you,“Those women will need to see a friendly face, if they’ve been brainwashed Y/N can help us lure them out and keep them safe if things get hairy. We’ll train you, for the next three weeks, and if you still want to go. You’ll go.” It didn’t seem up for debate, because he turned to Batgirl,“Work on keeping any mention of Nicolas and Ben from hitting the web, mainstream or no. Superman, contact your police department, get them to keep a tight lid on things.”

  You smiled, Jason looked pissed, but Superman sighed,“This should be fun,” and the blue and red caped man retreated to the other side of the river.

   Batman turned,“Let’s go home,"he said and lead you all to the plane. Jason stood by your side and running his thumb over your hand. You shied away and crossed my arms, remembering Ben’s bruising touch.

        Jason sighed through his nose,"Bruce, there isn’t enough space…”

   Batgirl shrugged her shoulders,“No worries! I’ll go and take the direct train.”

 Nightwing nodded,“I’ll go too! See you all later.”

  Jason helped you into the plane, and as soon as the plane took off, You leaned into him and fell asleep.

Thus, end the threat of Ben the Bitch, and all is well with Jason the Jackass! If you like this story please check out this one (x)!

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The Top 10 Prettiest Characters in DC Animated

(This was a request and I am NOT complaining)

  1. Mekt Ranzz/Lightning Lord (Legion of Super-Heroes): As featured, he is, in fact, the definite poster-boy for the family black sheep and fuck-up sibling, but frankly, he if perfect and I will fight people on this.
  2. La’gaan/Lagoon Boy (Young Justice): He is one of the most gloriously detailed dorks in the history of the show and DC Animated in general and I do not care what anyone else says. His facial detailing, omg~
  3. Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel (BTAS/Assault on Arkham): One of the entire reasons I got into comics and the like; she is both simple and so complicated and I will defend her in most things…except her video game models made me mad.
  4. Mercy Graves (Superman TAS/JLU): She is a model who can kick anyone’s ass and dropkicked Luthor where it hurts (his ego) in JLU; what is there not to love about her?
  5. Razer (Green Lantern TAS): He has a configuration of rabbit similar ears for a helmet and is a weirdly affectionate person with no social skills. 
  6. Ghoul (Batman Beyond: RotJ): I don’t NEED a reason to think he’s pretty–he has a fake Christopher Walken accent.
  7. Garth/Tempest (Young Justice): He got less then twenty minutes of screen time, but he is a dainty, precious angel and has a top-knot. 
  8. Jason Todd/Red Hood (Under the Red Hood/Young Justice): His entire figure is perfect, but it’s the fact that he has Jensen Eckles voice makes him even prettier.
  9. Edward Nigma/The Riddler (THE Batman): He is a geek/goth/techie who wears eyeliner and has long black hair and might, possibly, wear heels. Also, he’s voiced by Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund.
  10. Klarion the Witch-Boy (Young Justice): He is a snide, plotting, snotty, faux British Lord of Chaos with the voice of Lexington from Gargoyles. And he’s blue, so he is perfect.

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What are your opinions on design and aesthetic in regard to superheroes? We all know that Superman has one "correct" costume, but what about the rest of The JLA? Particularly, Batman. He's a real fashionista.

For the most part I think Chris Sims hit the nail on the head with his old article on the subject, but obviously I have some thoughts of my own. I don’t think simplicity is itself the key; Spider-Man’s pretty overdetailed, and Spider-Man’s costume is Spider-Man’s costume. If I had to set down a rule in that regard, it’d be more along the lines of try and keep it sleek, unless you have a good reason not to.

This would be a reason suits tend to work pretty well as superhero uniforms, while other ‘normal’ clothes don’t tend to as much. Same with tights. With someone like Doctor Strange on the other hand, you’ve got the elaborate design and cape, but that’s because he’s supposed to be weird and arcane.

For Superman and Batman, since you mentioned them specifically, I think that - aside from Batman getting the ‘60s New Look revamp shortly before his first huge mass-media exposure, building in the idea that he could change his look on occasion - it’s that the color balance isn’t quite as delicate with him. Superman struck a really nice balance between the red yellow and blue, whereas with Batman he’s always a sea of gray and either blue or black; a little more or less yellow in one or two spots doesn’t alter it nearly as much. And both come down to simple shapes without too many extraneous details, with just a handful of major defining elements - cape (straight or scalopped), logo, trunks/belt, boots, and for Batman the mask and gloves.

And of course there’s the cardinal rule of superhero costumes, that they’re supposed to say something about the character. For Superman, he has circus and strongman iconography, but it also looks sturdy and with the cape slightly regal; he looks like a bizarre, larger-than-life protector with nothing to hide. With Moon Knight above, the suit denotes class and a certain degree of authority, as well as his nature as a detective, but the creepy featureless mask makes him a ghoul, with whatever law he enforces not being something mortal men would quite understand. Spider-Man’s flashy and gaudy as a guy who draws attention to himself, but while the expressive eyes let a lot of emotion show through, they’re also distinctly inhuman as a reminder that he has the power of something that creeps people out. And then there’s the gold standard:

Flash has the best superhero outfit flat-out, and it isn’t even a contest. Not only is it sleek and simple while remaining distinctive, everything about it communicates that this is a guy who moves fast; the treads on the boots, the lightning bolts, the Hermes wing ears, and the yellow of the lightning mixed with the red-hot bodysuit that screams heat and velocity. He’s where all the principles come together in the best possible way, and for over 50 years the rest of the genre has had to settle for no more than second best.