batman's bike

According to former president of DC Paul Levitz in the documentary Batman Unmasked, when Nolan first met with him to discuss the character of Bruce Wayne, Nolan told Levitz that the best way to understand Wayne’s journey was to understand the 26th President.

The parallels are actually really specific: just like Bruce Wayne’s old man in Gotham, Theodore Roosevelt’s father was both a symbolic leader and financial philanthropist in New York. Like Wayne, Roosevelt suffered immense loss in his family as a young man when both his mother and wife died in the course of a single day.

Teddy Roosevelt also disappeared on adventures in the wilderness and like Wayne, he reinvented himself during his time away, returning to New York as, in Levitz’s words, “this insane police commissioner bicycling through the city in the middle of the night.”

You guys, Roosevelt was Batman on a bike.

So I was going to spend the evening watching the extra features on my shiny new SGA blu-ray box set but I started reading the fic ‘Sheppard’s Law’ instead as I’d seen it recc’d a few times and HOLY CRAP ON A BIKE BATMAN it was excellent, EXCELLENT.

One good thing about coming into the McShep fandom hella late is all the quality fanfic, just out waiting to be read like a bunch of juicy, ripe, smut-filled cherries. Like, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of things to read? Just when I think I’ve done all the real fandom classics I find another ten 20k fics I must read and its, idk I feel like a kid in a goddamn candy store.

Plus there’s always new fic being written, like daily?!? The last fandom I was really in was so tiny I’m just not used to having so much choice in my reading. There’s a fic for every kink! Got a weird trope? There’s a fic for it! Want an au? We’ve got all of ‘em!

The only negative is I never actually write my (10k! It’s 10k now like wtf) McShep fic because it’s so much more fun to read the amazing things that already exist. It’s taken me a year. A YEAR. I gotta though; I gotta give back to this incredible fandom and keep the shelves stocked with new McShep for the next 10 years.

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