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Present Time

It was movie night, and, after completely their homework, all four boys were curled up in the armchairs with strawberry milkshakes, popcorn, and blankets. Damian had curled up on his side facing the movie screen with his head near Dick, who was occasionally petting the child’s hair. Jason was to Dick’s left and Tim slumped to Jason’s left. After much arguing, they had finally agreed on a Pixar film with respect to the fact they had a six year old in the room who had forgotten most of the gore he’d seen as a kid and had never been out as Robin.

Naturally, putting on the Incredibles in a room full of heroes led to a lot of crap-shooting. 

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Lex Luthor’s favourite look/outfit  scenes p.1

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Headed back to the bat cave after s hundred mile ride…for a great cause. Gotta see how the 4 legged kids rearranged the house.
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According to former president of DC Paul Levitz in the documentary Batman Unmasked, when Nolan first met with him to discuss the character of Bruce Wayne, Nolan told Levitz that the best way to understand Wayne’s journey was to understand the 26th President.

The parallels are actually really specific: just like Bruce Wayne’s old man in Gotham, Theodore Roosevelt’s father was both a symbolic leader and financial philanthropist in New York. Like Wayne, Roosevelt suffered immense loss in his family as a young man when both his mother and wife died in the course of a single day.

Teddy Roosevelt also disappeared on adventures in the wilderness and like Wayne, he reinvented himself during his time away, returning to New York as, in Levitz’s words, “this insane police commissioner bicycling through the city in the middle of the night.”

You guys, Roosevelt was Batman on a bike.