If one of the Batkids had a child.“, what type of aunt/uncle would each of the family members be.

Dick: He would be the fun uncle that spoils the kid rotten. He takes them everywhere: amusement parks, go-carting, the circus. He would totally show the kid cool acrobatic tricks and the kid would take gymnastics and show him what they learned and he’d be excited and supportive ————————————————- Jason: He would be the mysterious uncle who has crazy stories that the kid would tell their school friends like “oh your uncle caught a fish? Mine jumped off a burning bridge in a motorcycle and landed on a boat going under the bridge.” He would obviously keep telling the stories and the kid’s parent would have to keep their kid from trying anything like this. He’d also be the uncle who says “you need me to beat anyone up at school?” ——————————–—–————- Tim: He would be the nerdy uncle. He would introduce the kid to all of the basics: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, you name it. He would have marathons with the kid and they would geek out together. The kid’s parent would have to ask for their child back because “Tim you two have been watching tv for three days.” ——————————–—————- Steph: She would be the crazy wine aunt who tells the kid to do whatever they want and basically just gives really bad advice that the kid follows and somehow it ends up okay??? And the kid tells their parent that “Aunt Steph gives great advice!” And the parent just kind of gives them a look like ‘umm… What.’ ——————————–————— Damian: He would be the one that on the surface looks really stern and serious but he would totally brag about this kid constantly. He would be the one who the kid gives pictures to so he can frame them (the fridge is too temporary so only framing is suitable). He would have so many pictures in his wallet. ——————————–—————- Cass: She would be the one who could keep the kid calm. After hanging around all of the family, this kid can get wound up but all it takes is Cass to have it suddenly be calm. She would teach the kid magic tricks and card games too (poker is now the child’s specialty and their parent is severely concerned) ———————————————— Barbara: She would be the mature wine aunt that the kid goes to for serious issues. When the kid has relationship troubles, they definitely go to Babs for help because she knows how people work and is the best option. She would also teach the kid computer skills (read, hacking ———————————————— Duke: He would be the one to try to inspire the kid. He would help teach them whatever they wanted to know. He’s also surprisingly good at baking so he and the kid will try to make crazy desserts for the whole family. ————————————————- Bonus: Grandpa Bruce After having so many kids, Bruce would be the grandpa that is moon eyed over this kid. He would give them literally anything they asked for and when his own kids complained because “you never let me use the car until I could legally drive!” He would just shrug and give his grandkid that grandpa smile that every grandpa has ————————————————- Extra Bonus: Greatgrandad Alfred Alfred would be the Greatgrandad to beat all others. He would sneak the kid all sorts of snacks and give them all of the secret knowledge he has about the manor that would let the kid win at tag or hide and go seek or whatever. He would also give the kid candies

Day 22

Imagine Being Harley Quinn And The Jokers Lover

For My Followers

“Babydoll,” Joker calls making you turn around. You’d been watching Harley dance on stage. “Come tell Mr White here about yourself.” Grinning you slink to Jokers side and wink at the man sitting across from him.

“I’m (Y/N) Mistah White, it’s nice to meet you,” you greet and offer a dainty hand. The buff man takes it and shakes gently. He seems a lil scared of you. “Mr J keeps me around cause I gotta knack for getting people to tell the truth.”

“I ain’t no liar,” Mr White snaps and you frown. Leaning across the table you get right up on his face and smirk.

“Baby tell me is Mr White tellin the truth about those shipments for me,” Joker requests and slaps your butt. You squeak but grab the mans face.

With perfect efficiency you delve into his kind and pull the information you want.

“J he is! Oh and he thinks Harls and I are quite pretty,” you exclaim and leap into Jokers lap. “Isn’t he nice?” Joker chuckles and kisses your neck possessively.

“For sure babydoll. Now how bout you go dance with Harley for awhile while I finish my business,” Joker suggests and you nod excitedly. He gives you a quick but rough kiss before shooing you away. Getting to your feet you skip up to the stage making Harley giggle.

“Cupcake! Come up and dance!” Harley cheers and you hold up your hands. Harley swings you up and pulls you in for a fierce kiss. Upon breaking for air she twirls and dips you while you cackle.

A gunshot rings out in the club but you barely notice. Not long after Joker strolls out and holds his arms out for you and Harley.

You and Harley jump down and into his arms each of you kissing his cheeks.

“How do my girls feel about a midnight drive?”

“Sounds fun puddin!” Harley agrees.

“Vroom vroom!” you sound and Joker laughs.

“Lets go then dolls!”


That was the last night you saw your Harls and your Mr J for a long time.