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Thinking that incognito mode will save your from hackers is akin to thinking that wearing blindfolds during sex will save you from STD’s. Just because no one can see what’s happening doesn’t mean it isn’t, and it sure doesn’t mean you won’t come down with a burning sensation later. When it comes to safety, having the right tools can make all the difference. That’s why the Cracked Dispensary and the Cracked Store are busting out everything you need to keep yourself safe online.

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If there’s one person who knows a little something about infiltration and thievery, it’s Catwoman. How many times has she snuck into Wayne manor and hacked into Bruce Wayne’s digital mainframe with only a few keystrokes? Countless times. And yes, that’s partly due to the fact that Bruce can’t make a password that isn’t a bat pun, but that doesn’t diminish Selina Kyle’s superb hacking ability. Wear this shirt as a reminder that if the world’s greatest detective can be hacked, then your silly behind certainly can too.

6 Items To Keep Hackers Off Your Back

Batman's other Robin (part 3!!)

After a few more intensely personal and difficult questions, Batman had decided he could trust Phantom. Mostly. Now, that didn’t mean he didn’t have more questions, there were definitely more. But it was nearing the 2 hour deadline Bruce had before a CEO meeting. One more he decided, one more question. “How old are you Phantom? I would like to know how long you’ve been dead and how old you were when you died. ” To Batman’s shock, Phantom started blushing an icy blue rather than looking defensive or surprised, like he had expected. “Uh, well I’ve been dead for almost- wow, almost- 3 years. And I was about 14 I think, memories from then are a bit fuzzy.” Phantom meant the initial electrocution in the Portal, but Batman had taken it as when he was living. (Not that Phantom was surprised by this) “You’re 16??”, Robin shouted-his voice cracked- oh the perks of puberty. 

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“That’s all small talk is - a quick way to connect on a human level - which is why it is by no means as irrelevant as the people who are bad at it insist. In short, it’s worth making the effort.”

–Lynn Coady
'Justice League,' 'Aquaman' Coming to Virtual Reality Via Imax, Warner Bros. Deal
Imax and Warners have inked a three VR-title agreement.

                       Phenomenal Cyborg Batman by Mark Chang

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Introducing The Cowboy, A vigilante superhero who uses his steel balls and special technique to stop crime! He regularly patrols the streets with his Scan ball looking for evildoers and supervillains

A costume ref of Gyro in the superhero AU

frostbite883  asked:

DC Question: Which two versions of Batman do you want to see duke it out?

Had to think about this for a sec and then I had my answer.

It had to be a fight between the two of the best Batmen (Besides, Bruce of the DCAU who is pretty much numero uno unless I’m given others), but they had to be just different enough to make it interesting.

Which is why the other two best Batmen who should duke it out are Terry McGinnis of Batman Beyond, and Adam West’s ‘66 Batman.

Because this would be the most fun and the most batspit insane.

Moody snarky teenage high tech Batman of the Future against Batman Classic who may seemingly be outmatched but is well-prepared for every situation with his large collection of obsessively labelled tools and gadgets and supplies.

It would be the fight of the century and so much fun. There is no way it would not be a glorious event.