batman sr

Okay I was listening to the Lego Batman soundtrack and

There is a line during the song “Friends are Family”

when Batman takes the mic

and you can very clearly hear him refer to Robin as

“adorably intruding”


Continued From Here 

Smirk softens to smile and he slips his arms at Akutagawa’s waist, leaning him back against him. Ever being the taller, Fitzgerald rests his chin on thin shoulders, obnoxiously pressing his cheek to pale one.

“That’s a compliment if I ever heard one from you, Aku-kun. Your tolerance of me versus everyone else is quite… heartwarming. I’ll take it as i please, as always.”

He presses his lips, a light barely there brush of slightly rough lifts to soft, giving skin on porcelain throat.

“What are you reading?” Whisper dancing against the column of flesh.

A sigh. 

It’s somewhere between exasperation and… perhaps contentment. He won’t cop to it, least of all to Fitzgerald himself. Still. It says something to the fact he doesn’t move Fitzgerald from his place at his neck. Lips are too warm there, too familiar. Too good when they shouldn’t be. 

Page turn. 

“I tolerate plenty of people. Chuuya-san, Kouyou-san… You’re not so special; I tolerate them more than you.” He continues to read, eyes scanning, absorbing. It’s not kanji on the pages, however, and it takes him more time and care to read them properly. 

“Anatole France,” he answers finally. “Poet. Novelist.” His eyes slide from the letters on the page over to the curtain of blonde beside his face. “Have you read him?” 


Drawing Superheroes (Part 1 of 3).

John Romita Sr. draws Spider-Man and Joe Kubert draws Just Imagine Stan Lee’s Batman.

The lack of narration and just the sound of drawing is awesome :)