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Because I got over a 100 notes on my last iPhone lock screen post, I decided to do it again! :)
This time, the theme is…
~drum roll please…~
The one and only… Jerome Valeska<3
Hope y'all like it!
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THE CIRCLE JEROME IMAGE I USED ON THREE OF THE LOCKSCREENS BELONGS TO @remcmbertosmile (I apologize for not giving credit, I was not thinking at all)

Grayson’s Growth

Today (1 December) we got our first impression of Brenton Thwaites as Robin and it is breathtaking – I can’t wait to see the rest of the team! To commemorate this event, I thought I would do a collage of all the live action actors that played Dick Grayson and Robin.

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Actors List:
  • Douglas Croft as Robin in Batman 1943 Serial (Top Left)
  • Johnny Duncan as Robin in Batman and Robin 1949 Serial (Top Right)
  • Burt Ward as Robin in Batman 1966–68 Television Serial (Lower Left)
  • Chris O’Donnell as Robin in Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997) Films (Middle Row)
  • Brenton Thwaites as Robin in Titans (2018) Television Series (Lower Right)
  • Everyone, talking about their sane crush: Oh, my crush is amazing! They are always so positive and happy and make me want to sing! They just always brighten up someone's day. My crush is such a good person and deserves so much more. They just make me want to sing and dance and if they weren't here, the world would be hopeless and criminals would take over but their positivity and personality keeps the world a better place!
  • Me, talking about my own crush *cough* Jerome Valeska *cough*: Yeah, my crush is a serial killer who murdered his mother but he is still pretty cool and chill. He also likes laughing a lot so that makes him positive, sort of.

Tbh, i really love Lewis wilsons bruce wayne in the first 1943 batman serials because he has that classic look and you can see how much he influenced the personality of the character later on, especially in the first season of BTAS:

And it’s honestly just a damn shame that the batman story he’s in was suuuuhhhooooo irredeemably, racist towards east asia, especially japan, which is why no one ever fucking talks about it.