batman riding a unicorn


Imagine Matthew Murdoch aka Daredevil finding you on a bench crying out loud, in a deserted park.

Note: It’s not because I have ideas of my own that I don’t need yours 😊. Please give me the craziest sh*t you’ve ever imagined (like Batman riding a freaking unicorn for example). I will write it.
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Warnings: Anxiety and loneliness.

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It was not a custom for Matthew to be walking back to his place. Neither was it for him to be out this late without his daredevil outfit. You had been living in Hell’s Kitchen for three years now, seeing the rise and fall of the vigilante everyone knew but no one had ever encountered.

It was a bad habit you had, walking in the park at night when you were not able to sleep. Taking pills never did you any good, and a bit of fresh air, more often than not, helped you to clear your mind.

Tonight though, the day had been hard on you. A lot of data to process, little time to do so. You were exhausted. Then, coming home your parents had phoned to tell you about how much you should do and how much you should not.

After midnight stroke, you put on a simple jumper and your earplugs, before going out.

The thing was that you found yourself sitting down on a bench observing the silence of the city, the beauty of the small pool of water nearby, when it struck you. The loneliness of it all.

And, most importantly it reminded you of your own.

You struggled for a few minutes, pinching the bridge of your nose so as to not cry, but it was impossible. The droplets were falling down your nose and onto your open mouth. Even the cries were silent, except for the hard intakes of air in between the earthquakes shaking your body. It was strange, how the pain would just stick to your stomach then spread from there towards your back, catching your bloodstream there and making crumble from the inside-out.

That’s how Matt found you. By the sounds you were making. He could hear it from across the noise of the streets he was about to step in, and followed them right back to that overused bench.

“Good evening.”

He startled you. Like most people your eyes went for the white cane first, then his eyes covered with glasses glowing red in the dark.

“G-good evening… I-I’m sorry I’ll just be…
- Oh no, don’t bother leaving for me. I was just passing by and heard you.”

You swallowed down hard. You knew he was not capable to actually look at you but the fact that he had heard you made your skin crawl in shame.

He continued

“I thought I would ask you how come someone comes here for relief, at this hour of the night.”

The man had a smile dancing on his lips, as if he knew something you did not.

You did not know why you should trust him. But you did all the same.

“A hard day I guess.”

The crying had stopped but you were still sniffing. Cleaning your face with the sleeves of your clothes you did not notice how quickly he moved to sit next to you and give you a tissue.

“Thank you.
- You’re welcome.”

As you gave a blow in the piece of paper, trying not to pry assuming he would probably know that you were looking at him from head to toe several times in a row. Even with the blindness.

Again, he seemed to smile all for himself. He had the strangest kind of smile, the kind that makes you think he is planning something more than just small talk. Or it was just your imagination.

“Would you mind if a total stranger offered you a coffee and a good talk in a warm place?”

How he managed to say these things without offending anyone was beyond you.

The man had package and it was heavy on his heart otherwise he would not offer a hand to someone like that for no reason.

Only the people with the deepest and roughest secret truly know how to be kind. To help the helpless and carry the sins you are not supposed to.

And that’s why you did not say no.