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Quand mon samedi se résume à : rester au lit toute la journée, manger mes chocapic à-même la boite, re-recommencer un marathon Friends, boire du café et je m’apprête à commander une pizza

Birthday at Wayne Manor

A/N Happy Birthday again to @imaginethebatboys, this is for you!

Your alarm clock bleeped and you groaned as you rolled over to punch the alarm clock.

Light poured into the room and you sat up and rubbed your eyes as you yawned.

“I didn’t realise how messy your hair got.” A voice calmly stated and you opened your eyes quickly, pulling the alarm clock to use as a projectile.

You relaxed as you saw it was only Damian.

“Jesus Damian, what the hell are you doing here?”

“It’s your birthday. I am surprising you.” Then ten year old said matter of factly.

You looked at him with a small smile, it was still his first year in Gotham and he was still adjusting to being a part of a normal family. You didn’t think you two got along well but here he was making an effort, on your birthday.

“It is today right or is this one of Drake’s pranks?” He looked unsure and angry at the possibility of being duped.

“Thank you Damian, it is today.” You grinned “ Does this mean I can get a birthday hug?”

He glared in response “I’ve acknowledged the day of your birth, don’t ask for more.”

You chuckled as you set the alarm clock back down and heard Stephanie rush into the room.

“We’ve talked about this Damian!”  

“But Y/N’s fine with me here. Plus they’re in clothes and I waited until they woke up.” He argued

“Boun-da-ries!” Stephanie clapped at him

“Which you clearly are in no place of teaching Brown.” He snapped back.

Stephanie went red in the face with either anger or embarrassment from being caught by Damian in a situation earlier, and attempted picked him up to carry him out.

“Sorry Y/N! Happy Birthday!” She yelled as she chased the small boy out of the room.

You chuckled as you watched them and slipped out of bed. Being a part of the Batfamily came with its perks. For instance if you needed help with anything, you had everyone with advice or the ability to tutor you. Full use of the Batcave, vehicles (only within reason), oh and a room in Wayne manor.

Climbing out of bed you looked in the mirror, your hair wasn’t too bad and you checked yourself out in your batman pyjamas.

“You’re aging well Y/N.” You winked at yourself before leaving the room and jogging down the hallway towards the kitchen, where you could smell pancakes and hear tension.

“You told me to surprise them!” Damian argued

“Not while they were sleeping!” Tim rebutted

“Grayson told me he did it to Jason and it was hilarious!”

“That’s different Damian.” Stephanie interjected


“Because-” Tim started

“Why are we complaining about tiny demon trying to do something nice for someone?” Jason asked genuinely

“Because it’s creepy.” Stephanie said

“I’m sure it was a one off, like his ability to do something nice.” Jason said.

You stood in the doorway and smiled at the scene before you, it was a rare opportunity to see everyone at the table.

Barbara smiled at your presence.

“We will deal with it if it happens again.” Bruce said sternly ending it there. “Happy Birthday Y/N.” he said and set off a chain of “Happy Birthdays” around the table.

“Thank you.” You smiled at him and sat down next to Jason.

“I apologise for my actions this morning.” Damian said to you from opposite you.

“It’s fine Damian, it was sweet.” You smiled at him and he turned to Bruce’s wife.

“Does this mean I will be punished?”

She chuckled in response and shook her head “Damian it’s how you learn boundaries in the first place. Everyone has a different line where they draw.”

“Like how Brown and Drake were-” Damian got caught off by Dick’s hand clamping over his mouth, to which he responded by biting.

“OW!” Dick cried as Tim choked on his coffee “That’s my hand I eat my cereal with!”

“Boundaries Grayson!”

You snickered with Jason. You could’ve sworn you heard Bruce give a small chuckle too but his coffee cup was in the way.

“We have got you presents.” Barbara started and Cass nodded next to her. “You’ll have to get them after your patrol today though.”

You nodded and smiled, this was enough of a gift, just everyone being in the same room.

“You’ll get to choose your partner though.” Bruce added

You grinned and as you sat there trying to make your decision, Bruce’s wife walked up next to Alfred.

“This is so exciting!” She gushed quietly

“Yes Ma'am. I presume the presents will be safe guarded.”

“Of course, Oracle’s going to have surveillance and everyone else will be a step ahead.” She nodded

“I never thought I would see the day where Master Bruce would allow a patrol become a scavenger hunt.” Alfred smiled “Dare I ask how you persuaded him?”

“I’m on clean up duty and taking his meetings for the next six months.” She groaned.

It was worth it though she thought, there was nothing she enjoyed more than seeing the family have fun. It was such a rare thing, especially after such a hectic year. Even if it did come at a cost of her newly adopted son trying to strangle Jason across the table for the honor of being Y/N’s partner today.

play dates | aaron carpenter

pairing: aaron carpenter x reader

requested: yep

request: Can you write an Aaron imagine where it’s basically Aaron and the reader hanging out with his nephew Grayson and it’s just super cute and fluff please love you

requested by: @loverofallthings325

summary: reader and aaron get a surprise visitor who somehow puts into perspective their future together

author’s note: slightly longer than my last imagine but hey, what can I say. I love kids and this imagine just gave me all the ideas

warning(s): nada, unless fluff counts (does it???)

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100  Questions Nobody Ever Asks - And Now I Know Why

I was tagged by @simsomedia - thank you, Mel! - and because I was too lazy to do replies I decided to procrastinate and do this instead. Like, wow, this was long… and kind of anticlimactic. Anyway, enjoy… Oh, also, in case I don’t finish the replies today: Blue Moon Update up for tonight! Bye! 

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? What closet? 

2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? Nope. I§m very particular about scents and the hotel ones usually smell bad.

3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Everything on my bed - me included - is a mess so everything just kind of flows around… to end up on the floor in the morning.

4. Have you stolen a street sign before? Yep. Don’t ask. 

5. Do you like to use post-it notes? I wallpaper my walls with them. Great for writing stuff down and forgetting about it later.

6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? I don’t cut out coupons. I only read fiction and there are no coupons there :(.

7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Bear. I just kind of feel it sounds manlier when they say you have been mauled by a bear, rather than killed by a bee. I’m all about being kickass when I go down.

8. Do you have freckles? I wish.

9. Do you always smile for pictures? Nope. I don’t like taking photos so I usually just make stupid faces to hide the fact I’m not photogenic.

10. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Oh, man, so many. I’m super lazy and try to halfarse everything, so probably that.

11. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? Too much effort.

12. Have you peed in the woods? I just returned from a month of trekking so take a wild guess.

13. Have you ever pooped in the woods? Now this is where I draw the line. Viva la gas stations.

14. Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing? There is always something playing in my head, so why not dance to it?

15. Do you chew your pens and pencils? I used to… then I graduated to nails. So much better. 

16. How many people have you slept with this week? Slept like in bed or slept like in Zauglom’s stories? I’m not even sure why I need to specify. 1. 

17. What size is your bed? The usual size. I don’t know bed sizes. I fit in?

18. What is your song of the week? Drain the Blood - The Distillers

19. Is it OK for guys to wear pink? As long as I don’t have to it’s okay for anyone to wear whatever the hell they want to.

20. Do you still watch cartoons? Is there something else to watch? 

21. What is your least favorite movie? Oh, man… touch one. I don’t know. I usually just don’t watch things I don’t like. Maybe the TMNT remake? You know that one with Megan Fox. Like WTH was that even? 

22. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? I’m not telling you my hideout! Piss off! 

23. What do you drink with dinner? Beer or wine for when I’m feeling faaaaaancy. 

24. What do you dip a chicken nugget in? Barbecue sauce. 

25. What is your favorite food? Greek, seafood.

26. What movies could you watch over and over again and still love? Mr Right, Guardians of the Galaxy, Surfs Up - because I do watch these over and over again.

27. Last person you kissed/kissed you? There was already a question like this on here wasn’t it? Anyways still the same 1.

28. Were you ever a boy/girl scout? No. But I was a renegade. Does that count? :D

29. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? Nah. I’m a self conscious skeleton of a girl. Anyway, the only magazine that would want my nude photos would be like The Skeleton and a Bone or something. Or Long Legs and Skinny Arses. 

30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? Last Christmas…. I gave you my heart but the very next daaaaaay, you gave it awaaaaaay… (this escalated quickly…) 

31. Can you change the oil on a car? I can’t even drive one, why would I change oil in one? 

32. Even gotten a speeding ticket? See above. I just don’t drive. I only have a licence to show people at bars if they refuse to serve me booze. 

33. Even ran out of gas? Seriously? -_-

34. What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? grilled chicken or something spicy and mexican

35. Best thing to eat for breakfast? Full English breakfast.

36. What is your usual bedtime? Midnight.

37. Are you lazy? HOW DARE YOU! It’s the Queen of lazy for you, Mr! 

38. When you were a kid, what did you dressed up as for Halloween? We don’t celebrate Halloween in Eastern hellhole where I come from so nothing much. We only started dressing up for Halloween when I was a teenager and we had parties. Usually I went for something superhero, or someone from a horror film. I’m not very creative. :D 

39. What is your Chinese astrological sign? Dog, I believe.

40. How many languages can you speak? English, German, Slovak, Czech (no kidding, I learned the grammar because I was sick of asking my BF for advice every time I had to write a goddamn letter), and a bit of Irish which has gotten much better thanks to this trip! 

41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? Just a fantasy/sci-fi magazine I love. 

42. Which are better: LEGOS or Lincoln Logs? (What are Lincoln Logs?) <–This was actually Mel’s answer but I feel like it fits pretty well. Huh? 


44. Who is better: Leno or Letterman? Who are these people and why should I know them? DO they make ice cream? Or sandwiches? 

45. Ever watch soap operas? I’m a soup opera so… in a way.

46. Are you afraid of heights? No, but I do have great respect of free falling.

47. Do you sing in the car? Nah.

48. Do you sing in the shower? All the time. I think the falling water and weird acoustic make my lack of talent sound better.

49. Do you dance in the car? How is that done? Like in the front seat? Or passenger? Isn’t that dangerous? Now I want to go and do it, thanks, weird questionnaire. 

50. Ever used a gun? Yes and we won’t talk about that because we are not giving my father that satisfaction. 

51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer? My sister is an amateur photographer so… like all the time. 

52. Do you think musicals are cheesy? Of COURSE I DON’T! I love them. I’m the kind of person that thinks that if people could just burst into a song in the tram life would be a brighter, more colourful place!

53. Is Christmas stressful? Nah. Sit back, relax and watch the civilisation fall down behind the window. *Takes a deep breath* That’s the smell of Christmas. 

54. Ever eat pierogi? Huh? There are a lot of things I never heard of in this questionnaire. Does it think it’s smarted than me? WHAT?! YOU THINK YOU’RE SMARTER THAN ME? YEAH, YOU THINK YOU’RE SMARTER THAN ME, QUESTIONNAIRE?! HEEEELL NO! SOMEBODY HOLD MY HOOPS!…

Oh, wait, I googled it. It’s my fucking national food. Now I just feel stupid. But hey, cut me some slack it’s spelled pirohy in Slovak. :D 

55. Favorite type of fruit pie? Chocolate.

56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? Fashion designer. Rocks star. Vet. 

57. Do you believe in ghosts? Sometimes. 

58. Ever have a deja-vu feeling? All the times.

59. Do you take vitamin daily? Nope.

60. Do you wear slippers? Actually, I’m a world renown slipper thief. My sister and BF were always complaining when we lived together that I kept stealing their slippers… to stack them under my bed and never wear. Soooo kind of?

61. Do you wear a bath robe? No. It would steal attention from my sexy black batman pyjamas.

62. What do you wear to be comfortable? My sexy black batman pyjamas.

63. What was your first concert? Heľenine Oči - I’m so glad you people don’t know who that is… otherwise I would have to feel awkward about this :D. (It’s all my cousin. He introduces stupid music to me and then makes me go to concerts with him.) 

64. Walmart, Target or KMART? Sooo, we don’t have wither of those. Lidl I guess? :D 


66. Cheetos or Fritos? Aaaaw, just come on. Lays. 

67. Peanuts or Sunflower Seeds? Peanuts.

68. Ever hear of the group Tres Bien? As per usual, snarky questionnaire, no. I have not. Happy now?

69. Ever take dance lessons? Yes. Sadly. They made me in High School. Worst week of my life. 

70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing? Yep. Bring me food. My future spouse is already perfect.

71. Can you curl your tongue? *tries* Yep.

72. Ever won a spelling bee? We don’t do that. You know, if the word is spelled the same way you pronounce it… spelling bee would be extremely pointless here. 

73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy? No. But I scream a lot when happy. 

74. Own any record albums? Many.

75. Own a record player? No I just stare at my records like an idiot, duh.

76. Do you regularly burn incense? Yep. I’m a new age freak… or maybe I just like liquorice.

77. Even been in love? No. I have been tragically trapped and lied to in order to manipulate me into a deep emotional turmoil and constant worry and pain that I feel for this one idiot who likes free solo climbing… like that one where you don’t use a rope. It’s not love it’s torture. Don’t do it at home kids.

78. Who would you like to see in concert? Brody Dalle? Back in the Distillers times? I have been listening to Distillers a lot lately. 

79. What was the last concert you saw? Hmmm, let me think… Good Charlotte. 

80. Hot Tea or Cold Tea? HOT. 

81. Tea or Coffee? Only tea. Tea forever. Tea is life. 

82. Sugar Cookies or Snickerdoodles? What the hell is that? 

83. Can you swim well? Masterfully. 

84. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose? There are people that can’t? 

85. Are you patient? Hahahaha….no. 

86. DJ or Band at a Wedding? Band! Something punk rock! 

87. Ever won a contest? Yeah. I got to meet TDG backstage once thanks to my contest winning abilities.

88. Have you ever had plastic surgery? No. They said they can’t take out my brain and replace it with Stephen King’s. 

89. Which are better: Black or Green Olives? Definitely black. Sweeter.

90. Can you knit or crochet? Both. My grandma told me that if I ever want to find a good husband I have to know these things. She also told me to never drink beer because a lady does not do that. In retrospect my grandma was wrong about many things. 

91. Best room for a fireplace? Bedroom.

92. Do you want to get married? Never did. Now… thinking about it. 

93. If married, how long have you been married? Like two years. But they did not give me a marriage certificate yet despite slaving away under this pressure of committed relationship. 

94. Who was your high school crush? Hey now! I already told you guys this awkward story. He was a cute jock, let it go!

95. Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way? Ehm… since I only have to have my decisions approved my good old me who would I cry in front of? A mirror? 

96. Do you have kids? A furry one. She likes to lick my face. 

97. Do you want kids? Just furry ones. They like to lick your face. 

98. What is your favorite color? It’s still black. It wil never be anything but black. Give up already. 

99. Do you miss anyone right now? My furry baby. My BF went to Moravia to get her today and soon they will come home! We spend month apart and I can’t wait to see her jump around happily again! 

100. Who are you going to tag to do this tag next?

Hmmm, let’s seee… who do I hate enough to make them go through all this? Who deserves this torture for all they have put me through these last months? Who would… @zauglom @zauglom @zauglom @zauglom aaaaand @zauglom There. I’m done. Now I’m going to reply to everything you threw my way, Daria. I will cry. It’s your fault. 

anonymous asked:

My friend imjustanawkwardgoth is having a hard time and I know for a fact you're their favorite blogger. I was wondering if you could do something sweet for them. I just want them to feel a little better and thought asking you wouldn't hurt ^~^

@imjustanawkwardgoth, this one is for you! I hope it makes your day a little better, but if it doesn’t, know that I am sending you a thousand Sterek hugs and snuggles and wishing all the good things <3 I wrote this quickly, because bad days require instant fluff, but I hope you like it all the same!

Stiles stares.

He’s had to deal with a lot of weird shit in his time, but he’s pretty sure- no, scratch that, he’s absolutely sure- it’s never going to get weirder than…this.

Because Derek- Derek- sourwolf-extraordinary eyebrows- threw Stiles aboard the bisexual train- do not give me sass- Hale is currently huddled up, crying in his arms, wiping his nose on Stiles’ favourite t-shirt, because he lost the bunny plushie Scott bought him this morning.

He’s also four.

“I know, sweetheart, I know,” Stiles tries to soothe him, hoping Derek won’t remember he just called him sweetheart after all this is over, picking him up from the sofa and rubbing a gentle hand up and down his back. It quietens him a little, stopping the hiccups at least, and Stiles takes a moment to breathe.

Lydia is doing her best to figure out how to reverse whatever curse Derek was hit with, and while Stiles has complete faith her, he can’t help but wish he could help- two heads are better than one and all that - but every time he tries to leave the room, Derek immediately latches onto him and gives him such a betrayed look that Stiles has had no option but to stay with him.

They’ve already exhausted five Disney movies, a werewolf friendly retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Stiles found online and exactly eight games of hide and seek (during which time the only person Derek tried to find was Stiles. Probably for the best though, given Scott and Allison spent every single round hiding together doing things no four year old should have to see.)  

Stiles is pretty sure if Lydia doesn’t find a solution by tonight he’s going to have to take Derek to bed with him it’s gotten so bad (and while baby Derek is adorable and would probably be all kinds of cute in Stiles’ old batman pyjamas, it isn’t really how Stiles imagined sleeping in the same bed as him for the first time would go).

Not that he ever really expected to sleep in the same bed as Derek anyway. But still, Stiles would rather not have the whole thing rubbed in his face, thank you very much.  

“Stiles?” Derek whispers, looking up at him with those ridiculous multi-coloured eyes of his. Even as a baby Derek just wasn’t fair, Stiles thinks. He bets he got all the playdates.  

“Yeah, Der?” he replies, making sure not to say Derek. It’s not that Derek doesn’t respond to his own name, he just seems to be happier when Stiles calls him ‘Der’. Scott told him this morning Derek smells like Christmas- whatever that means in the world of Scott- when he says it, although why it should be the case for Stiles and no-one else in the pack, he isn’t sure.

As if to prove a point, Derek grins at the nickname, the promise of bunny teeth already showing a little, before seeming to remember he has something to say, frowning, biting his lip in concentration. Stiles tries not to laugh at the sight, wishing he had his phone to take a picture.

Which again, weird.

“You’re gonna be mad at me,” Derek says, nervously.

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5,000 miles

I really liked the idea of this one :)

“Call me tomorrow?” You’re boyfriend of 2 years, Andy Biersack, asked.

“Course babe. Love you”

“Love you too. Byeee.” You shut the lid on your laptop and sighed. Being in a long distance relationship wasn’t your ideal situation but it was worth it for Andy. With you being in London and him being all the way in LA, adding on to the fact he was on tour for about half the year, you had only seen each other in person twice. You desperately wanted to see him and recently, it had got worse and the want was becoming more of need. Your anxiety had been going crazy and you had begun to feel so alone and like no one cared. It had been 7 months since you’d last seen each other. Of course you had Skyped and called each other almost every night but it wasn’t the same.

You made and ate your dinner and went upstairs to get ready for bed. You washed off your makeup, tied you hair in a messy bun and slipped into some grey pyjama bottoms and Andy’s favourite Batman Pyjama that he had given to you, and smelled just liked him. You lay down in bed and curled into a ball. You squeezed your eyes shut and let a tear trickle down your cheek. You wanted Andy to hold you and tell you everything would be alright but he couldn’t. He was 5000 miles away with his band. You hadn’t told him how you had been feeling as you didn’t want to worry him, so you hadn’t arranged for a time for Andy to visit anytime soon which made you feel even worse.

Your alarm beeped loudly in your ear and you squinted at the sunlight peeping through the curtains. Your eyes were crusty as you had cried yourself to sleep. You rubbed them and checked your phone. A message from your best friend. ‘Meet me in the park 1:00.’You had two hours to get ready. You rolled out of bed and did your hair, makeup, got dressed into tights, black ripped shorts, a Asking Alexandria tank top and some navy converse. You had 10 minutes. The park was only down the road so you grabbed you Vans bag and headed down your street. You got to the bench where you usually meet you friend and took a seat. It was quite there and the only noise was the birds singing and ducks quacking. There were no people around which was unusual, but also quite calming. The sun was shining down on you and the lake reflected the huge oak trees and housed hundreds of tiny fish.

You checked your watch to see the time. 1:20. Where was she. She was never normally this late but you just shrugged it off. A few minutes later you were still waiting. You heard the crunching of leaves behind you but before you could turn around a pair of hands covered your eyes.

“Guess who!” a deep voice said. It certainly wasn’t your best friend but you knew immediately who it was. You gasped and turned around.

“ANDY! OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” You yelled, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He squeezed you closer to him as you began to feel tears falling down your cheeks. The feeling of dripping on your shoulder suggested Andy was also crying.

“I missed you too babe, a lot! I realized how much I wanted to be with you and I had finished my studio time, so bought the first plane ticket I could but decided to surprise you. I only got in a couple of hours ago. Sorry I’m a bit late.” He smiled down at you, holding you in by the waste.

“It’s okay.” You replied, smiling up at him and staring into his blue orbs. “I missed you so damn much Biersack you have no idea. How long are you staying for?”

He tightened his grip on you slightly.                                                                                                  

“Well, I’m staying for about a month, so we have plenty of time, but I have one thing I want to do right now, so we can enjoy it for the full time I’m here, and hopefully after that as well.” He had a shy smirk on his face.

You frowned at him, smiling, “And what’s that.”

He removed his hands from your waste, rummaged around in his jacket pocket and dropped to one knee. Your eyes widened and your hands covered your mouth as he pulled out a beautiful, princes cut ring and presented it to you.

“Y/n. I know that it’s hard for both of us, being so far apart, but we make it work. I always know I’ve got you and you are the reason I make it through the days with a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t imagine a life without you and I love you so much, so, Y/n  Y/l/n, will you make me the happiest man on earth and will you marry me?” He looked up at you hopefully. The tears came rolling back down your cheeks.

“YES! YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!” you wrapped your arms around you and he spun you round, also crying. He placed a huge kiss onto your lips, slipped the ring onto your finger and whispered,

“Without you, I am nothing.”          

I know, another proposal one, but meh, I’m a sucker for romance.


I hope you like it hun!

My World

I sat in the hotel bar waiting for my ride to the airport, I had been on a business trip for over a week but was surprising my husband by coming home early, I was on facetime to him and our son Frankie, it was mid afternoon so he had just finished his very messy lunch.

“Gosh Frankie, how is daddy going to clean up all that ketchup from your face.” I said sweetly, smiling at my phone as I watched my son put his face right in the camera, Brendon’s hair was messy and unstyled, his glasses on and a black tshirt on, he looked so cute like this, gently pulling Frankie onto his lap so I could see them both.

“I think a bath is in order.” He smiled, propping the phone up as he wiped our sons face through his many protests, squealing and wriggling in his arms.

“No baths!” He squealed, bolting off of Brendon’s lap and disappearing to play with his toys, I chuckled down the phone, Brendon leant closer his warm brown eyes and soft smile made my heart melt.

“This will be an interesting evening.” He laughed back, running a hand through his hair, shifting his wedding ring back into its proper position.

“It will indeed, I think you’ll have fun trying to get him to sleep.” We both laughed to each other, smiling, he gave a small sigh, checking over his shoulder to make sure Frankie hadn’t wandered far.

“Baby I wish you didn’t have to be gone another week. I miss you, and so does Frank, he gets all restless at night.” I felt a little guilty keeping it secret that I would actually be home in a few hours but I knew it would feel better if he didn’t expect to see me.

“I know, but I will be back before you know it, just a few more days. I have to go soon though baby, I’ve got some meetings to go to.” I said softly, knowing my taxi to the airport would arrive any minute.

“Ok Y/N, I love you.” He said sweetly. “Frankie! Mommy’s going now, come say goodbye.” Frankie came running over at his fathers words, hopping onto his lap and smiling widely.

“I love you mommy!” He shouted, a massive, adorable grin taking over his whole face.

“I love you too, be good for daddy ok?” I smiled, kissing the camera.

“Ok mommy.”

“I love you baby, speak later.” I smiled, waving at the camera as we hung up, I smiled, getting the confirmation message that my taxi was outside, I grabbed my bags and headed to it. I only had to fly about 2 hours to get home so by the time I got back Frankie should just be going to bed. I put my headphones in and listened to music on the way to the airport, I smiled as mine and Brendon’s first dance song came on, Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra, hence why our son was named Frankie. As I got to the airport I paid my taxi driver and set about checking myself in, Brendon thought I was in meetings all day so it would cover my back when I didn’t reply on the flight. After checking in and finally getting through security I sat at the airport gate, finally getting the opportunity to look at my phone, seeing a message from Brendon.

Bogart and Frankie’s new favourite game. I read as I opened I opened it, finding a picture of him and Frankie in the garden with the dogs, Frankie was playing with the hose, I could help but smiled as I scrolled through the pictures he had sent me. As they called for my flight I quickly text back.

Adorable, why did you let our son find out what the hose does? ;) I smiled as I tucked my phone into my pocked, getting onto my flight and getting comfortable, I turned my phone onto aeroplane mode and put my headphones back in, listening to more music on shuffle, including Brendon’s music, I loved Panic! And I found it so sweet that Brendon still supported me doing my own thing with my business even though he was successful. He was always happy to stay home when I had to go away for business, I always missed him so much though, it sucked being away from the two most important people in my life.

I managed to doze off for one of the two hours I was on the plane, waking up just before landing, my feeling a little groggy, I looked down at my watch, it was 6pm, if Brendon had managed it Frankie should be bathed and getting ready for bed now. I got off the plane and travelled through the airport, getting my luggage and going through border control it was 6:30 by the time I was through and in a taxi. I checked my phone, finding another few messages and pictures from Brendon.

Well it was hot and he wanted something fun to do :p. That one was clearly in response to my other message about the hoze, but I scrolled down further to find a really sweet selfie.

Bedtime in the Urie household. I smiled as looked at the picture of Frankie on Brendon’s lap all wrapped up in his batman pyjamas, hair damp, the picture was so cute I couldn’t resist saving it and putting it as my background on my phone.

Wow, you actually got him bathed and ready for bed by 6:30… I’m impressed… I sent the teasing message as I hopped into a taxi home, telling the driver where to go as I tucked my headphone away in my bag, I didn’t live far from the airport so it was only about a 40 minute drive, I got a few more messages from Brendon, specifically one as I was about 10 minutes away from the house.

And now… to put him to bed… I love you x I blushed, still getting butterflies every time that man told me he loved me, once again I paid my taxi driver, slowly creeping up to the house and unlocking the door as quietly as I could. I managed to get myself and my bags in without making a single sound, the house was quiet, Brendon had clearly turned the TV off to get Frankie to go to bed, I heard the faint sound of singing from upstairs, deciding to follow it to investigate. As I did I found Brendon singing in Frankie’s room, leaning over his bed and gently stroking his floppy brown hair, he was sing ‘Nine In The Afternoon’ our personal favourite song of his, he sung the lyrics softly. I felt my heart fill up, I felt so happy to see my two boys like this, Frankie was asleep, he loved being sung to above all else, no stories, no games, he always asked for daddy to sing to him at night. I slowly crept through the room, sneaking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist from behind, he jumped but stayed quiet when he saw me, despite the wide grin taking over his face, the exact same one his son gave me on a regular basis.

“Shhh.” I cooed, cuddling my husband close, a week was a long time for us to be apart, he hugged me back, both of us shuffling out of Frankie’s room and into our own.

“I’m so damn happy to see you!” He gushed, sweeping me up into his arms and placing a sizeable kiss on my lips, he hands stroking through my hair in gentle movements.

“I missed you too baby.” I grinned back at my gorgeous husband, my thoughts flitting to what an amazing dad he was, he made me so proud, he made me the happiest woman alive every day of my life.

“What is it?” He asked, his head tilted to one side like an adorable little puppy dog cocking its head, one hand resting on my thigh as we sat on the bed, I shuffled closer, placing a small kiss to his lips.

“You… you are the most amazing father you know that?” I told him, kissing his lips again, gently fiddling with his floppy hair.

“Well… I don’t know about that.” He looked down, sighing slightly, he hated it when he struggled looking after Frankie, he always felt like a bad parent when his anxiety took over and made him over think things.

“You are! Your son thinks the world of you. And so do I baby.” I smiled, snuggling up to him, kissing him again, our lips lingering for longer this time, moving slowly in time with each other, passionate and gentle hands finding my waist.

“I really am glad you’re back.” He whispered, cradling me against him, strong tattooed arm pulling me onto his lap.

“Me too.” I whispered back, holding his shoulders lightly in my fingers as our lips began to move in time again, tongues beginning to touch tentatively, he held me close as if this was the first time we’d ever done this, like a precious doll in his arms. He slid me down onto the bed, tugging my tshirt over my head, reaching behind me to unclip my bra, I pulled his tshirt off too, marvelling at the gorgeous man that had, for some reason, wanted to marry me. He kicked off his jeans and boxers before getting to work on my bottom half, tearing my clothes off of me and staring down at my naked form. Without speaking another word he began kissing down my chest, taking my nipple into his mouth briefly before carrying on downwards, kissing down my stomach, pressing kisses to my thighs, then placing one quick kiss on my clit. My back arched almost instantly at the contact, he smiled devilishly, licking one long strip over my clit, it felt amazing, I gasped, moaning out as my back arched up. Before I could say another word his tongue was working against my clit, circling it slowly, teasing me, he was far too good at this. His fingers found my heat, two sliding in and curling upwards, rubbing that sweet spot inside as his tongue worked my clit, flicking it, pulling it between his lips to suck, my body was already going into overdrive, he knew how to make me cum in minutes when he did this. He sped up, fingers pumping into me, tongue rapidly moving moaning when he heard me whimper out his name, the moan sending vibrations through my clit, I was so close already I could hardly move.

“You taste so good baby.” He moaned, I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt my walls contract around his fingers.

“Brendon!” I whimpered out in pleasure, gripping at our bedsheets as his tongue moved, his free hand moving to keep me still had my hips bucked up from the sensitivity. He chuckled slightly as the involuntary movements took over me, my body quivering in pleasure. After he was satisfied with his efforts he climbed back up my body, kissing my stomach on the way up, I could feel him rock hard against my leg.

“I want you so bad baby.” He groaned, his fingers held my hip in his hand as he pushed in slowly, I was already so worked up from everything else it felt like heaven, his warm hands cradling my body as his hips working into a slow, passionate rhythm. I felt the warmth of his chest against mine as he held me close, his thrusts so slow and gentle, I felt every bit of passion escaping him as he moaned out in pleasure, his head lulling into the crook of my neck, placing slow kisses there. I gripped lightly onto his shoulder blades, feeling his sexy muscles tensing under my fingers, rippling as I touched his body, ghosting my hands up and down his toned body.

“Oh Brendon…” I moaned out, arching my back up into him, he pulled my hips up slightly to change the angle, only needing to increase the speed ever so slightly with the new angle to hit into my sweet spot with perfect timing. He knew he didn’t need to go super fast or hard to have me squirming and writhing in pleasure under him, all he needed was the right angle and a the slightest bit of speed and he knew I’d be a quivering mess under him within minutes and it was working, he was already cultivating that knot in my stomach, causing it to start to grow at a steady pace, he loved to make it slow, letting it build and build and build until the very last minute, then that moment of release felt like the best thing ever, my mind always turned to mush during sex. One thing was for sure, marriage had definitely not affected our sex life.

“Y/N, you feel so good.” He purred in my ear, moving his head from my neck to he could look in my eyes, his lips parted as he panted above me, hands caressing my skin all over, one snaking down to my already sensitive clit, rubbing it in slow, gentle circles, barely touching it really, but from his earlier assault on it I felt super sensitive, quivering at his touch. “I missed you so much… I missed your laugh, your smile in the morning…” His fingers worked some more against me. “I missed your body, how it feels when you’re shaking under me.” His words were so sexy and silky, turning me on even more, my back arched up as he picked up his speed just a little more, one hand moving to the headboard above us as the other held onto my hip, his moans growing louder, hair flopping everywhere as he began to more regularly hit into my spot.

“Jesus Brendon… I’m close.” I whimpered in pleasure, gripping onto my husband’s back, my body arching into him, responding to him just the way he wanted, he moaned in response to my words, speeding up again, this was always when his control slipped up, right before it all happened, before both our worlds came crashing down and we both got lost in the passion and the heat of the moment.

“Me too baby me too.” He almost whimpered, desperately thrusting into me, gripping me as he did, the bed beginning to rock, my legs swinging up to his hips and wrapping around them, his hands gripping my hips tightly to keep me where he wanted me. He gave one last, slightly faster burst of thursts, hitting my spot repeatedly this time, driving me over the edge, the coil in my stomach snapping as I lost control.

“Brendon!” I yelled, this was the second time I had had a mind blowing orgasm, my body shook under him as I came, gripping his back as I tight as I could manage, desperately trying to compose myself to no avail.

“Jesus Y/N!” He groaned, low as I felt him throb, pleasure overtaking him too, he cradled me in his arms, continuing to thrust slowly, coming down from that moment of white hot passion.

“I missed you.” I cooed through my shaky voice, cuddling him close as he rolled off of me, I snuggled onto his chest, looking up at him.

“I missed you too. More than you’ll ever know.” He whispered back, pulling me close, I cuddled him tightly, pulling the blankets over us, it felt so good to be back home with him. “I love you.” I whispered, already feeling sleepy.

“I love you Y/N.” He mumbled back, clearly sleepy himself, that was the last thing I remember before drifting into the first good sleep I’d had all week.

I really really hope you liked it and it was worth the wait! <3 <3 <3

protagonistically  asked:

I'm sure you're getting so many of these but, if you'd like, Bruce and Tim and number 17. <3 Love you, Neatohkins!

17: Hugs from behind



It’s late at night and Batman is in the shadows. 

This is not an uncommon occurrence.

He’d bypassed the high-tech security easily; less than a minute. Not good enough. He’ll make improvements to the system. Especially since even now, there’s no registering an intruder. 

The silhouetted figure types on, his back to the dark room. Batman wonders how long–

“I can see your reflection in the screen,” the boy says flatly, without turning from his computer.


“Good evening,” Batman says.

He can literally sense the moment where Tim rolls his eyes. “Yeah, hi.” He peeps over his shoulder then, raising one eyebrow, and he says, “You couldn’t have called ahead?”

“I’m Batman,” he says. “Calling ahead isn’t really my M.O.”

“Yeah, sure,” Tim snorts, turning back to his screen. And he’s typing again when he says, absently, “I was just going to scan and send the plans. You didn’t have to drop in.”

“Hnn,” Batman walks closer to the pool of blue-light. The bunker is dark, otherwise, and smells clean. There’s no hint of the usual popcorn. 

He tugs off the cowl, ruffling his hair where it’s been flattened against his head, and Tim peeps back over his shoulder again. Surprised. Catching Bruce’s gaze, he quickly returns to his work, mumbles half-joking,

“I didn’t figure you’d take off the cowl!” And, “Haven’t seen your face in person for a couple weeks, ya know?”

Bruce says, “Hnn,” again, but in truth his mind is elsewhere. Twice now– three times, if you counted when he’d entered, Tim’s had the opportunity to turn around. And he hasn’t. He’s glanced back, over his shoulder and the chair-back, but. It’s a swivel-chair. Ergonomically designed, on wheels. Fully rotational. And. Does it mean Tim’s injured, or is he hiding something? 

“No patrol tonight?” Bruce hedges, and Tim ducks his shoulders.

“I had– have– a lot to catch up on, and I’ve been monitoring my regular route though in case something springs up, and I’ve been listening to the comms–“

“Not a criticism, Tim.” No injury, then. “And this doesn’t count as a night off. Alfred would agree.”

He moves closer, while Tim mumbles, “Pot, kettle,” and keeps trying to work. But his fingers stutter a little over the keys. There’s a cup of… tea, not coffee, beside him. A few nectarine pits. A bottle of water three quarters of the way to empty. 

“You want to walk me through those plans?” Bruce says, and Tim jerks in his chair.

He stands quickly, nodding, moving over to the workbench. And oh. Hiding something is right.

“They were a gift,” Tim says, archly, because Bruce’s smile is, admittedly, a little smug. 

But seeing his kid dressed head-to-toe in honest-to-God Batman pyjamas will do that to him. It’ll also do funny things to his chest, warm and heavy things. And he doesn’t say, A gift to Tim, from Tim? because there’s some things he doesn’t have to know. For Tim’s sake.

In any case, he’s doing an admirable job at ignoring Bruce now, facing away and hunched over the sketches.

And Bruce can’t help it, the wave of fondness that overtakes him. So he takes a step forward, cape brushing the floor, and he wraps his arms around Tim in a hug.

The teenager stiffens in his arms, all gangly limbs and discomfort, but then he says, “Oh,” on an exhale and relaxes all at once. And Bruce can feel the pressure of Tim’s fingers against the forearms of his gloves. 

They stay that way for a few long moments, until Bruce eventually starts to pull away, giving one last squeeze (a gentle one, because he is in the Batsuit). Before he steps away, though, he ducks his head forward. Pressing a quick kiss to Tim’s temple. Then he frowns, says, “Are you getting sick, Tim? You feel a little warm to me.” 



Summary: Reader left the hunting life for a normal one when the man she loved would go into the arms of another. She waited for the day Dean Winchester would see her as she saw him. Unable to take it anymore she finds a man and starts a normal life with him. What happens when the Winchesters show up again?

Words: 4162

Author: Caitsy

Characters: Reader x Dean, Sam

Warnings: Possible swearing, mention of death, little bit of angst and fluff.

A/N Wow. It’s actually not entirely angst. That’s a first.


Originally posted by dark-dagger

You were beyond tired. You had just finished your shift only to get a call that your four year old son had thrown paint at the teacher again. Not only did you have to go to school but you had go pick up your daughter from the middle aged female babysitter. Being a single mom was tiring but worth it. You had been on your own for so long that you would never regret having the kids.

“Mrs. Bowman.” The petite ginger female smiled despite still having a spot of blue paint near her hairline, “I wish we didn’t meet like this each time.”

“I am so sorry!” You exclaimed, “I already talked to him once but I’m sure the lack of a father figure is getting to him. I watched him stare at man asking his son if he wanted to play catch, I’ve never seen such a heartbreaking expression on a kid.”

“I’ve talked to the principle and we’ve agreed that the amount of fights Max has gotten into along with the disrespect. We think it would be wise to suspend him until further notice.” Ms. Andrews patted your hand. It took a lot to make Max’s teacher upset with a heart of gold she had and the positivity she took everywhere with her.

You felt embarrassed, there wasn’t a doubt in your mind that the other parents would be talking smack about your child. You would walk into the parent teacher interviews feeling the pitiful looks you would have sent after the ending of your marriage. Out of thirty-five parents to the students and you were only one of three of the singles.

You were the only single parent with two children and a a label spelling widow in Max large grade. God you hated the entire situation and seeing how Max and Elliot got when a family walked by. It was one reason why when you got home you had Max close his eyes with a map of America in front of him and press a spot. His finger landed on Kansas.

Elliot, only be three months old at this point, was gurgling as she gnawed on her soft block toy. Not wanting her to feel left out you lifted her over the map and watched where her toe touched, it landed on Lebanon. You smiled knowing that a fresh start was a great idea instead of living in the house that the children had come to live in when Jackson was still alive.

You could have a new start and so could the kids. You would have to stop being lenient on parenting Max as the problem was now out of hand and there was probably a good paying job. Maybe even a lake was nearby to teach the kids how to swim when they are older.


The truck had pulled up to the cute little cottage in the country just outside of the city for the calmness and area for the kids to run around. Yet close enough that it would be easy to walk to town during the summer. The cottage needed a little fixing up but it would be therapeutic and give it a more homey feeling. What you weren’t expecting is the man that ran into you.

“Holy shit! Sorry!” The deep voice exclaimed catching you before you could fall next to the carrier that held your daughter, “Is the baby okay?”

“She’s fine.” You sighed holding where your heart. You took in a deep breathe before searching Ellie over for any bruising but she wasn’t crying so she was fine. You turned surprised to see Sam Winchester in front of you. Of course she would run into a Winchester.

“Wait Y/N?” Sam asked shocked, “What the hell? What happened? Who’s the kid?”

“Sam? Wow. It’s been quite some time hasn’t it?” You cleared your throat, “Job brought you here?”

“Actually no. Dean and I don’t hunt anymore.”

Your jaw dropped stunned when he stated it. The one thing you had never expected out of the Winchester brothers was to hear they no longer were in the family business. It was the Winchester way of life. Dean had attempted to get a normal life with…what was her name? Linda…no…Lisa! It backfired and he was brought back into the life and Lisa and her kid had their memory wiped of Dean.

“Your shitting me.” You said completely shocked.

“No. I’m not, actually we…Dean…lives about a mile or two from here. I run in the mornings.” Sam said rubbing hand through his slightly sweat dampened hair.

“How is he?”

“Uh. He’s good. A little broken about life right now.”

“What do you mean?” You asked concerned about the way Sam was talking, Dean had been a large part of your life since he took a bullet for you. You were curious but the children would be getting rather grumpy, “Actually I should be getting the kids down for their nap.”

“Kids?” Sam’s eyes grew completely forgetting about the children near you, “Since when?”

“Five years I found out I was pregnant.” You cleared your throat not exactly comfortable. It seemed weird talking about a life you had envisioned with his brother before you fell in love with Jackson.

“Come to the bunker with me. Dean would love to see that you’re alive at least.”

“I don’t think that’s wise for everyone.” You sighed not wanting to see the man that utterly destroyed your heart without knowing, “It was nice to see you Sam but I really need to get Max and Elliot to sleep.”

Sam watched as you placed the baby into carrier and walked around the car before you expertly picked a sleeping boy out of the car. Both arms holding human children that had come from you. Sam was stunned at the prospect of you having a normal life out of hunting. You had definitely stopped hunting the way you were acting.

“Come on Sweetie.” You whispered. Max whined starting to fall out of your arms before Sam swooped him into his arms. You were shocked as he brought the boy up the drive way, “Uh. Thanks.”


A week later a rapid knocking on your front door was happening at only six in the morning interrupting your morning coffee. Peeking out the eye hole you saw that it was Sam along with an annoyed brother of his. You winced when the feet of Max stumbled into the room wearing his batman pyjamas.


“Sh. Elliot is still sleeping.” You knelt beside him and picked the sleepy child into your arms as you opened the door. Max’s head turned into your neck when the door opened two people he didn’t know. Maybe he knew the taller one but he wasn’t sure.

Sam grinned at the sight of your son nodding off on your shoulder while Dean’s comically grew at the domestic sight. He had missed you since you moment you walked out of the motel you had been staying at and never returned. He and Sam searched up until last year when they finally accepted you had been killed or had sold your soul. No demon gave up your location and neither did Crowley. Castiel had been MIA for a long time with much work to do in Heaven.

“Y/N.” Dean breathed before he pulled you into one hell of an awkward hug.

“Hello Dean. I see Sam couldn’t resist bringing you here.” You stonily said looking at the younger Winchester. He sheepishly shrugged his shoulders, “Come in. I have to feed Ellie anyway.”

“Ellie?” Dean asked as they were led into the spacious living room that had a few toys strewn throughout, “You’re husband home?”

You gave his a look for the question even after you had said you needed to feed Elliot. Placing Max onto the loveseat to continue his slumber you left the men to talk while you grabbed Ellie from her crib along with her bottle of milk. Her face was turning red before she let one loud scream of annoyance out.

“Hey darling.” You whispered in the chair you had claimed for feeding her. You could feeling the burning stare on you as the baby girl gurgled happily, “Start the questions before they get worked up. They are small attention spans and are cranky when they wake up before seven.”

“Why the hell did you up and leave?” Dean exclaimed. Immediately his hands were in the air in exasperation.

“Didn’t want the life anymore. I wanted to settle down and watching you screw everything wasn’t helping.” You stated to the green eyed male, “I had the hots for you and you kept neglecting to think about how I felt.”

“I thought you had a thing for Sam!” He retorted remembering to how you had acted around his brother.

“Maybe you should have considered that you were in the room too!” You yelled startling Max awake.


Dean stared as you were called something he had never thought he would hear being said to you, hell he never thought he would yearn to have helped in the creation of the child calling you his mother. It made him yearn to have a family even with how fucked up the world was. He missed the life sometimes but he was more than glad to be living a normal life.

“I’m hungry.”

“Let me finish feeding your sister.”


Carefully you burped your daughter as she fell back asleep after curiously looking to the guests.

“I remember you always saying you loved the name Elliot.” Dean mumbled, “Why did you name her Elliot?”

“Her father and I agreed he would choose the name. We were told it would be a boy and picked Elliot. We loved it.”

“Where is he?” Sam softly asked.

You clenched your jaw remembering the pain you felt when you got the news. He wasn’t coming home and he would never get to kiss his daughter’s head or throw the ball around with his son.

“It was a rainy Thursday night. I was only four months along in my pregnancy when I found out he wasn’t coming home ever again. His plane was shot down when he was on his way to their base.”

“He was a soldier.” Dean realized.

“Elliot was born and when she was revealed to being a girl instead of the gender from the sonogram well I couldn’t just take that right away from Jackson. I stuck with Elliot.”

“Tell about it all?” Sam asked, “After breakfast we can come back.”

“NO!” Max yelled not wanting the cool males to leave them never return like his Daddy did.  Ever since the death of his Dad he was more rebellious and just plain rude no matter what you did.

When breakfast was served to everyone the topic of leaving the hunting life came about with caution not to give anything away to the four year old. You learnt that Dean had been paralyzed two years previous and left the life. He only recently had been miraculously healed and decided to stay out of the life permanently and officially. Sam followed, not hunting to hunt without Dean and found a college to finish getting his degree in law. Dean was a shop teacher at a local school part time teaching the high school kids as part of a program started by a local mechanic’s shop.

“What about you?” Dean leaned forward content at the family picture of you, Sam and two kids.

“Mommy’s a superhero!” Max squealed.

“I work as a nurse a the hospital.”

“You were always good patching us up.” Sam ruefully smiled.

You saw Dean lower his head to watch as the little boy pushed his toy car around the carpet in the doorway of the kitchen. He was quite taken with the new house more so than the one he was brought home to from the hospital. He was curious about everything but he was troubled and that caused Dean to empathize with the kid.

“How old is he?” Dean finally asked.

Max’s head shot up to the eldest male in the house with a grin that tore at Dean’s heart strings. Raising his hands he showed Dean he was three before you pushed another finger up. He frowned before nodding his approval.

“He’s still a little fuzzy about numbers and ages.” You explained taking the dirty dishes to the sink, “He prefers watching shows that fix up cars. He’s fascinated with them.”

“So you think he would like Baby?”

“Impala’s still kicking?” You questioned rinsing the dishes before placing them into the dishwasher, “Still a beauty?”

“Of course! I had to make up for the time I had to neglect her.” Dean replied. Sam opened his mouth to answer before Dean finished, “Sam wouldn’t understand the process and absolute care that goes into keeping her beautiful. Plus Baby doesn’t need to feel like she’s cheating.”

“Baby?” Max frowned, “Like Ellie?”

“Similar.” Dean nodded.

You leant against the sink watching the exchanges happening between everyone before softly smiling when Ellie raised her arms towards Sam. Her mouth open in a gummy grin leading to everyone mirroring her happiness.

“Aw! She loves Uncle Sam. Yes you do.” Sam cooed as he picked her out of her high chair. Ellie began to babble to the giant in front of her with long hair.

Dean was highly amused at the sight of his oversized brother holding a baby that was more like a doll than a real child. It was also very domestic seeing his younger brother treat a human with the upmost care and he saw how Sammy would be one hell of a good father. Years before you had fawned over the sight of Dean playing with a child but seeing Sam playing with Ellie made you see that the Winchesters were naturals.

Dean watched smiling as he thought maybe he didn’t miss his chance, maybe in a few years you would like to try with him.


Ellie was now a joyful nine month old baby girl that loved to laugh and clap at everything. She recently begun to crawl everywhere she could whether she was supposed to be sitting quietly playing with you. This led to Dean and Sam setting up a play pen while you were giving Max his bath when he had trailed inside covered in mud.

A smile broke through as you heard Dean. Despite the love you felt for Jackson the feelings for Dean had grown again.You had recently gone on a few dates with Dean. Nothing too bad other than you were two steps away from falling in love with the man. Okay so maybe you had actually been ‘going steady’ as your mother would have said to the point where he mostly did live here.

“Dude! It goes there!” Dean yelled. You could hear grumbling before it stopped with a victorious yell.

“Momma?” Max asked once he was lifted out of the bath and wrapped in a towel.

“Yes sweetheart?”

“Is Dean gonna be my daddy?”

Your heart stopped beating at that point when the words fell from his lips. You know by now the image of Jackson was fading from your son’s memory, while you liked how it would become less painful you also didn’t want the memory of Jackson to be pushed away. He deserved to be remembered.

“No. Dean and I are friends just like Mommy is with Sam.” You sadly smiled as you placed the kids shampoo and toys in their respected places. Picking him up you brought him to his room that was light blue and brown.


“Oh. I wish Dean was my Dad. He’d be a really cool Dad. We could throw the ball around! Oh and we could slay dragons together!” Max clapped his hands. In his naive state of mind he didn’t know that he was tearing your heart up.

“Sweetheart. He could be Uncle Dean.” You knelt in down in front of him as you helped him get into his clothing. Simple kid sweats and t-shirt for the rest of the day.

Max grabbed a stuff animal as he leant his head up against your shoulder. He was slowly falling asleep from the calming bath water that you appreciated that Sam and Dean had put together the play pen successfully with Ellie in it gnawing on her own stuffed animal.

“Thanks.” You whispered hitching the dead weight boy on your hip higher. Dean quietly swept Max into his arms as he placed him on the loveseat.

“It’s no problem. If we can give you a break.” Dean shrugged only slightly uncomfortable with the minors unable to defend themselves.

“I appreciate it. Believe me, the house would still be a mess of packed boxes and toy littering every nook and cranny.” You smiled brushing the brunette hair off Max’s face.

Dean studied your face seeing the way your face had aged from the exhaustion of handling two children by yourself. You were emotionally drained almost from his point of view but you couldn’t be anymore beautiful than that moment. You were in your comfort zone with your hair up in a messy bun, great sweats with the legs rolled up and a long sleeve shirt.

“Dude. You’re staring.” Sam pushed his arm. He snapped out of it gratefully looking towards his younger brother.

“Anyway. Ellie is content.” Sam rubbed his hands together, “Want to make lunch?”

Dean slightly smiled seeing for the first time how Sam and his lives should have been. A woman by his side, an equal with two children in the home quietly resting. A job to help support his wife and kids. It was a sight that broke his heart seeing how Y/N would prolong the innocence Max and Ellie still held despite the tragedy of losing their father.

“You make the salad?”

“I can get some burgers going?” Dean placed his input, “I still make damn food burgers.”

The adults smiled before Sam left to the living room for the baby. It was almost natural to scoop Ellie into his arms to place her into the high chair in the kitchen, Ellie loved her uncle very much. He opened a cabinet where her crackers were to keep her occupied.

He didn’t notice both Dean and Y/N’s surprised expressions at the instinct that Sam had just shown.

“Okay let’s get cooking.” Dean grinned, “I turned the TV onto a kid show at low volume and put a blanket on Max.”

“Thanks.” You grinned happily. Surprisingly you weren’t upset about how family oriented the situation was, hell you felt okay seeing Sam take on the role of a father. He wouldn’t replace Jackson but he could be a father figure.


A sleepy eyed Max padded into the room just as the table was set and Ellie had her own breakfast that had made both Dean and Sam cringe. They had slept in the living room to babysit, Sam mostly, when you had a meeting to attend in a town other.

“Y/N.” Dean whispered. You nodded in response that you had heard, “Um…so last night…uh.”

“Spit it out Dean.” You commanded as you wiped Ellie’s face clean.


“Come on!” Sam exclaimed, “Max called him dad last night.”

You froze. You thought you wouldn’t be able to move after that statement. Max had bonded so close with Dean that the role of a father was being filled. It meant that you had the heartbreaking role of explaining to Max that it wasn’t okay to randomly call someone that.

“Oh. Wow.” You stated finally going back to Ellie’s needs before passing her off to a still hesitant Dean.

“Dad?” Max grumbled as he latched onto Dean’s leg. Everyone froze.

Nothing broke the tense silence until a happy gurgle from Ellie was heard and Dean grinned. He was falling back into his role from when he looked after a young Sam, it was easier with Ellie than it was all those months previous. It wasn’t odd to find Ellie playing with Dean or sleeping on Sam at this point.

You closed your eyes before breathing deep and finally replying to the surprise of the Winchesters.

“Dad and I are talking.”

Dean let a smile go as he looked up towards the woman he had fallen for and he couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy being able to hear those words fall from your lips. He knew it was a slightly wrong to take the place of Max’s real father but he didn’t want the kid to not have a father figure in his life.


“Hey champ? How about we take Ellie out to the backyard, see if she likes her swing.” Sam replied swiftly picking up Max and racing out the backdoor.

“Is it alright?” Dean questioned sitting down at the table. He didn’t want to overstep his boundaries.

“You’re the only person I would ever consider this with Dean.” You sighed sitting across from him wrapping your hands around the mug of coffee you had originally abandoned, “Max loves you and I know you would never let him forget about Jackson.”

Dean sighed leaning back against the chair only to start chuckling at your next words.

“Just no teaching him how to shoot a gun.”



Sam watched from the porch as Dean threw a baseball towards the smaller male in the yard also holding a mitt. Ellie was sleeping on his chest while you sat in the rocker reading a novel you had neglected in the months that had past. It was summer now in Lebanon and Max was making the most of it before he went into second grade.

“Ellie’s out like a light.” He chuckled looking down at the small girl that had only recently celebrated her second birthday in the comfort of her family.

“Well she had been running after Max this morning.” You grinned putting your book down, “Guess her uncle’s chest is comfy?”

Dean and you were the definition of a married couple without the official paper stating that but you were more than mere boyfriend and girlfriend at this point. You two had finally been okay letting the kids call him Dad and Sam their uncle. Jackson was brought up along with photos for Max to never forget nor would Ellie never hear about the man that created her.

“I’ll never get tired of this. Seeing Dean so happy and getting to be an uncle to two amazing kids.” Sam softly smoothed her curly hair away from her face.

“I know.” You chuckle as you watched the tender moment no longer feeling guilty of letting Dean take on Jackson’s role, “You’ve been there when she first walked and when she said her first word and you love her a lot.”

Ellie had been eleven months old when she had said her first word in the cutest way. She had reached out to her older brother and simply called his name in a rather bossy fashion.

“Daddy.” Ellie grumbled waking up from her nap at the movement caused by laughter. Her eyes seeking out her Dad playing with her brother. Her attention shifted to who she was sitting on, “Unca Sam?”

“Sh.” Sam whispered kissing her head, “So back to sleep baby.”

Dean had been roped into playing outside with Max where the motorized car would be cruising in the grass. You and Jackson had gotten it way before Max could even walk and just put it into storage until Max would be able to use it. It wasn’t until Max asked about the Impala that it lit up the memory of that toy car.

“Thank you Sam.” You smiled looking down at the image of Ellie on Sam’s chest, “For giving Max and Ellie a real family.”

“I hope the family grows more.” Sam smiled back at you, “Maybe Ellie will be a big sister in the future? Dean would be amusing to see protecting his baby.”

You closed your eyes and imagined the life you would have with the Winchesters beside your side as you become a Winchester yourself along with the children. It was a picture you couldn’t wait to come true. Soon it was getting cold making you, Ellie and Sam retreat into the warm living room. Ellie now in your arms on couch while Sam took the closet chair.

“Daddy! Come on!” Max yelled racing into the room with a tired Dean behind him. He launched himself onto the couch, giving Ellie a kiss before cuddling into you. Dean sat in the next to you and turned the tv on to a movie. This was the life Sam and Dean deserved instead of the hunting one they had only known. They’d be damned before they lost family again.

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Date Night - Klaine [PG-13]

McKinley High’s resident skank Kurt Hummel decides to take his nerdy boyfriend out on a special date. (~3k / AO3 link)

Thanks to livwholikestv for betaing and everyone else who gave me their input and ideas on twitter. klainesupremist I hope this makes you smile because you deserve to smile always and at all times.

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a disturbance in the force

It’s Sterek Week! And the prompt for day two was Kids, so why not go all out and go for some accidental child acquisition!

I hereby present 2k of complete and utter fluff!

Thursday night there’s a disturbance in the force.

Or rather, Derek has a feeling, and Stiles delights in claiming that he’s force sensitive. Particularly because Derek hates that. Vocally.

So Derek has a feeling that something is happening in the preserve and obviously decides to investigate it himself without calling in the cavalry. Stiles had really thought they’d fixed that particular problem. Derek had more or less patiently sat through Stiles’ presentation - including powerpoint slides and handouts, this was important after all! - and agreed that he’d call them if something was wrong from now on. He certainly hadn’t disagreed when Stiles had said that!

Oh well, at least he’s calling Stiles now. Better late than never, right?

“So walk me through this again,” Stiles says while trying to get dressed without dropping his phone. “You felt a disturbance in the force and went to check it out. It obviously wasn’t a deadly threat - which yay, that makes it 55 consecutive days now! - or you wouldn’t be calling me right now. But it must be something, otherwise you wouldn’t be calling me right now either. Tell me the truth: have you been kidnapped by a bunch of wererabbits? Who have no concept of technology and thus made the mistake of letting you keep your phone?”

“What?!” Derek sounds completely baffled, which Stiles is slightly disappointed about. He’d thought Derek had gotten used to his brand of special by now - that wasn’t the worst thing he’d ever said by far! And werebunnies were a genuine concern! Oops, Derek’s still talking: “What are you - no, you know what, I’m not even going to ask. And stop calling it the force, Stiles! I’m calling because -”

A pitiful wail interrupts him and Stiles actually lets his phone drop this time.

By the time he has it pressed against his ear again the wail has only gotten louder - and polyphonic? Derek is desperately trying to shush the wailers, but with only moderate success.

“What, no, who did you find, Derek?” he asks slowly and gets a growl as a reply.

“Just bring the Jeep, will you? The Camaro isn’t big enough. And if you’ve got any booster seats, bring them.”

And with that he hangs up.

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The Light in my Life

Another sad imagine :c Forgive me~ 

Just tell me when you want another part of this c:

You could exactly remember how it happened. It had meant to be a normal date with your boyfriend. Just going to a small restaurant and then go home again to watch some movies together while cuddling on the sofa, but everything changed as you were on your way home.

Andy was driving the car, telling you some jokes and old stories of his childhood. It didn’t matter that you have been a couple for 3 years already, you always enjoyed him talking about when he was a kid. You had been talking and laughing together, until suddenly a bright light flashed in front of you. A truck was about to hit you in full speed! Your screams of terror was the last thing you heard as the giant truck made contact with the small car you were driving in.

Both of you landed in the hospital and of course it took only a few minutes for the media to find out that Andy Biersack and his girlfriend were in the hospital because of a car accident. Doctors and nurses rushed to help you quickly and luckily, you only had a few cuts and minor injurys, but Andy was much worse.

The media was going crazy, a lot of fans were shocked or even crying about what happened. No one wanted to hear it, no one wanted to accept it, but for Andy, it was even worse.

He lost his eyesight.

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realityruinedmylifeandstuff  asked:


Lashes fluttering in the light of dawn, Zayn tugs on the covers and rolls over, instinctively reaching out beside him. After a minute of haphazard searching, he opens his eyes to find Liam’s side of the bed is empty. Zayn smiles to himself at the sight of the small candy cane Liam left there instead.

He’s puzzled by the silence but realizes it must be early and everyone is still sleeping. Zayn grabs his phone off the nightstand and squints at the ungodly hour. He spots texts from Harry, and Jawaad. He debates sleeping a bit more when suddenly the bedroom door crashes open and three little blurs appear, leaping forth as if on springs.

“ABBA!! ABBA!!!! ABBAAAA!!!!! It’s Christmaaaas!!!!!!”

He’s suddenly engulfed by children, a tangle of pyjamas and dark hair. Zayn is laughing trying to catch his breath and keep them all from toppling off the mattress. Their eldest Wally, leans forward, with a serious expression and whispers:

“Abba, guess what? I think Santa came.”

Suddenly Ari’s head pops up from the covers shouting excitedly over the clamor.

“He did come!! He did! I peeked and saw all the presents but Daddy said I can’t open anything until everyone is up, so let’s GO. COME ON..”

Ari was always the most rambunctious of their children, taking after his Godfather Louis in far too many ways.

Finally Zayn waves his hands in mock surrender

Alright, alright I’m coming, let’s go see then!”

The two boys jettisoned off the bed and bounded down the stairs while Zayn pulled on a tshirt. It’s one of Liam’s, it smells woodsy with the faintest hint of mint soap. He breathes deeply and smiles.

He turns to the door to find Ameera waiting with wide eyes clutching her stuffed tiger.

“Y’ready princess?’ Zayn coos.

She nods, grinning and he scoops her up planting little kisses all over her cheeks and makes his way downstairs.

He finds Liam in the kitchen with his Mum. He sets Ameera down and she tears off after her brothers. 

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Can you do a lilo!daddies with baby!zayn toddler!Niall and older toddler!Harry where Louis is kind of the stay at home mommy and all he does is stay with the baby all day while Liam works. Maybe Louis gets called into the school because Harry is in trouble? At the end of the day, Louis is all tense and stressed so Liam gives him a massage etc.

I slightly changed the ages. Harry-8 Niall-6 Zayn-6 months. I really hope you all like it, it’s pretty long and I had so much fun writing it aha! 

Word count- 2k

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