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“Patty Jenkins worked really hard with her team to design a style of fighting that was incredibly badass, and believable. Where Batman will punch somebody in the face, and that’s effective, that’s not how the Amazons and Diana fight. They have a disciplined specialized, collaborative fighting style. They work together as a team, and leverage each other’s strengths. They are mighty, they are beautiful. And as the Germans learn, this new breed of badass warrior women are deadly.”


“Female empowerment is a thing I’ve gone after in all my films. They all have strong female representation. It’s about time Wonder Woman was represented correctly.” - Zack Snyder

Hey remember that DC/Marvel crossover where Red Skull literally straight-up told the Joker he was a Nazi and the Joker immediately decided to break up their partnership and beat him to death? (He didn’t succeed but he did end up sacrificing his life to make sure Skull also died, so partial credit at least.)

I just think it’s interesting that DC in 1996 managed to do what @marvelentertainment in 2017 hasn’t even got the imagination to do, let alone the courage.

Just a little post in honor of Free Comic Books Day. 

[From Batman & Captain America, 1996.]

I think the main reason why Joss Whedon is famous as a “feminist” and Zack Snyder is not is because the differences when it comes to how they’re promoting their ideals both in movies and in real life. in Joss Whedon’s movies women are the same troubled side characters with little distinction included in few minutes of badass fight scenes to make them noticeable & appealing to the general audience. In Zack Snyder films, women have real personalities; they can be vulnerable but fight ferociously to protect their loved ones, they can be feeble on the outside but strong on the inside, and most importantly they have proper character development. Lois Lane in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman is more than a great example.

In real life, too; Joss Whedon is really outspoken about how he thinks he empowers women in his films. On the other hand, Zack Snyder doesn’t lash out at critics even when they get the message he’s trying to send completely wrong, like about how women fight back against their abusers in Sucker Punch. He quietly but boldly and properly depicts women equally in his films and it’s understandable how sometimes people misinterpret his intentions.

People: Batman doesn’t care about reforming the villains or helping them in any way

Me: he’s offered help to JOKER countless time and has even protected him against jason todd and others wanting to kill him, selina kyle used to be a villain and now look at her, harley quinn was given an entire day with batman helping her so that she could take it easy and get reformed, when an arkham employee was treating the patients badly he stepped in and fired their ass and got them what they deserved, still has an i believe in harvey dent button, gives new criminals advice and if they have starving children will give them money, tries to find a cure for waylon jones and clayface + tells him he can still be the man he once was, lets deadshot see his kid and have an opportunity to tell them goodbye, offered riddler a detective job, is constantly trying to help hush/tommy elliot, tries to convince talia to abandon her father and show ras the wrong of his ways, found those behind mr. freeze’s wifes incasement in ice and helped to get them on trail, should i continue?


Welp, I doodled a few more. I’m so sorry for the influx of Riddlers this past week. Tried with the hoodie up this time and I think he looks a little too cute. Oh, and have a transparent one while I’m at it. Thanks everyone who’s been liking my silly art of this silly puzzle gramps. Have a pleasant day folks. ;)

bruce, sipping coffee: …hello?

tim, running from the red hood: batman!! the red hood is back and he’s killing criminals!! and also trying to kill me rn, so you know

bruce, spits out coffee: WHAT?? no, he can’t do that… dick? can he do that?

dick, no clue what’s going on: mmmm no pretty sure it’s illegal

bruce, back to drinking coffee: see, kiddo i’m sure it’s nothing, just try not to get caught up in it and have a nice day

Honestly though the Lego movies’ version of the Batman universe is the straight-up best and I will not hear otherwise