batman pin on my leather jacket

Title: We’re Going Undercover

Rating: super G with minimal swearing (jyn’s trying she really is)

A/N: for @therebelcaptainnetwork appreciation week day 3: trope and @rebelcaptainprompts undercover. Turned out waaaaay longer than expected, also I little late, so sorry 

Trope: friends to lovers

part of the little rebels verse

It was a good day for a birthday party.

In fact, it was a great day in general, one of those November days where it’s mostly sunny, and a little nippy, but nothing a jacket couldn’t fix, but Rosa’s eighth birthday party made it even better.

It was superhero-themed, because Rosa was absolutely obsessed with Black Widow and Wonder Woman, and Galen was thrilled, because he got to wear his Captain America costume, complete with a painted shield made from a trash can lid the Baze had made for him.

Bodhi, Galen, Cassian, and Rosa had neatly jostled her into wearing a “costume” as well, and how could she say no to her four favorite people.

Anyway, that was how she found herself standing in front of her mirror, applying eyeliner and wondering why she was wearing black jeans, combat boots, a black leather jacket, and cat ears.

Honestly, she felt like she was going undercover.

Well, Galen insisted she be Catwoman for some reason mumbled under his breath, and, again, she just couldn’t say no.

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